Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 573

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“Enchanted?” Tang Mubai wondered.

“Yes. Staring at the’Cyan Jade Cold Flame’ for a long time, there will be a certain chance that it will lead to enchantment.” The old man smiled strangely, “Of course, you don’t have to worry. If you have signs of enchantment, the old man should be aware of it immediately. Wake you back.”

Tang Mubai, “…”

Old Guy is uneasy and kind!

Staring at “Cyan Jade Cold Flame” for a long time will lead to intoxication, so he didn’t say it earlier, and waited for him to tell it.

How does it look like it was intentional.

A bit of warning, and a bit of a test.

Yes, test!

Tang Mubai thought about it, and thought of Fu old man’s intention.

Regarding Tang Mubai’s identity, he has long been understood.

There is no doubt about this.

The place where “Qingyu Lengyan” is located is not accessible to ordinary people.

This is one of the secrets of Yaowanggu.

Before this, ordinary Yaowanggu recipes were not allowed to enter, let alone outsiders.

Fu old man brought him over to see “Cyan Jade Cold Flame”.

Obviously, Old Guy was inspired!

The Lord of the Valley of Medicine King, other Elders, instructed!

The purpose has two points. One is to tell Tang Mubai of the sincerity of Yaowanggu.

Even ground fires such as “Cyan Jade Cold Flame” told Tang Mubai of the specific location, indicating that Yaowanggu is a sincere friendship.

Second, let Tang Mubai stare at the “Green Jade Cold Flame” for a long time. Failure to tell in advance will lead to enchantment. I want to see Tang Mubai’s true innate talent.

Tang Mubai 20 is less than Innate, there are various reasons.

The innate talent among them will definitely not run.

But what is the innate talent, no one else knows.

This time, with the opportunity of “Sapphire Cold Flame”, it was possible to detect a 2. If the innate talent is prominent, you can see a little bit of the mysterious pattern inside the “Sapphire Cold Flame”.

Even if you can’t see it, it doesn’t matter, as long as you don’t get caught up in it.

The two-point unification, Tang Mubai and Luo Qing’er’s good deeds, Yaowanggu senior management really accepted.

Thinking about this, Tang Mubai couldn’t help but amused.

The rumors that dare to love him and Luo Qing’er were made by the senior officials of Yaowanggu.

Before that, Pill Pavilion and “Green Jade Cold Flame” belong to the killing move.

Tang Mubai was completely automatically sent to the door to test.

Thinking of this, Tang Mubai wouldn’t even tell the map he saw in “Cyan Jade Cold Flame”.

This mysterious map that exists in the ground fire has text and graphics on it.

But it is a pity that the text is very weird and old, and Tang Mubai doesn’t know one.

I haven’t seen or heard the location marked by the pattern and line.

It can be said that the origin of this map is by no means ordinary.

Tang Mubai subconsciously did not want to tell other people its existence.

This is why he deliberately concealed it just now.

At this moment, I figured out the intention of the old man, and I didn’t want to say it.

With the help of “Sacred Heart Link”, we can predict good and bad luck and sense that once we say it, there will only be danger.

Big murder!

So, in summary, Tang Mubai chose to conceal.

Fu old man didn’t know this. After he laughed, he discussed Luo Qing’er with Tang Mubai in a trivial way, just like everyone else.

Talking about Luo Qing’er’s goodness, and marrying Luo Qing’er will never lose.

Tang Mubai decisively withdrew immediately.

He admits that Luo Qing’er is indeed good, but if you don’t call on things like feelings, you can’t force it.

Yaowanggu’s senior management was so keen to match them up, and it would only embarrass him and Luo Qinger.

During these two days, Tang Mubai was annoying, Luo Qinger also hid, afraid to walk outside, for fear of encountering Tang Mubai.

The Pill Pavilion couldn’t wait. After Tang Mubai returned to his residence, he simply let out the words that he was going to retreat and practice the exercises without seeing anyone and dispelling others from coming.

I stayed in the house for 2 days and waited until the opening time of the “medicine divine pond” was up, then ended the retreat and came out of the house.

Outside the door, 10000 Shutong was already waiting.

“It’s 10000 girl, will you take me to the’medicine divine pond’?” Tang Mubai asked curiously as he walked out of the room.

“Yes, let’s go.” Without looking at Tang Mubai, 10000 Shutong turned and left.


Tang Mubai blinked. He was slightly puzzled by 10000 Shutong’s indifference, but he didn’t think too much.

The two of them walked out of the residential area in silence and headed to the west of Medicine King Valley.

The Independent Space where Yaowanggu is located has a large area, and most of the areas are planted with spiritual grass spiritual medicine.

It is not an exaggeration to say that it is a mountain of spiritual medicine and there are spiritual grass everywhere.

The energy of Heaven and Earth in the air is more than 3 times higher than the outside world.

The cultivation here is several times higher than the outside world.

The “medicine divine pond” was born under this environment.

It is located in the center of a mountain forest, surrounded by tall ancient wood.

When Tang Mubai followed 10000 Shutong into the forest, he was keenly aware that all around had arranged several Formations.

These Formations have some defenses, some attacks, some confusions, and some teleportation.

Along the way, Formation appeared uninterrupted.

When he came to the forest center, Tang Mubai found that there were more than ten arrays.

A lake the size of a basketball court appeared in time.

The lake is blue, calm and without waves, there is no vitality inside, there is no Life Aura.

There is a thatched cottage by the lake with a deck chair at the door.

At this moment, a dozing old man was lying on the recliner, and his snoring continued.


10000 Shutong walked to the front of the hut and stopped, moved towards the sleeping old man, bowed and said, “Wen Elder, the man has been brought.”

“Huh huh?” The old man eyes opened in a daze, glanced at 10000 Shutong, glanced at Tang Mubai again, and waved, “I understood, let him go.”

After speaking, he continued to snore sideways.

“Okay, Wen Elder.” 10000 Shutong stepped back respectfully, greeted Tang Mubai, and walked towards the lake.

“This is the’medicine divine pond’, you can do it yourself, how to enter it.”

10000 Shutong pointed to the lake road.

“Good.” Tang Mubai nodded, no nonsense, took off his shirt and walked into the “medicine divine pond”.

The old man on the recliner gave him a feeling of extreme danger.

This shows that his realm is at least destiny!

Being able to guard the “medicine divine pond” here, so realm is also reasonable.

For this reason, Tang Mubai tries not to arouse the other’s vigilance.

The time to enter the “medicine divine pond” has already been agreed, but don’t worry.

As he walked into the “medicine divine pond” step by step, a large mass of strong energy soon enveloped Tang Mubai’s body.

Immediately, Tang Mubai took out all the Celestial Stones, smashed and condensed them, and collected that aura within the body, next moment ——


The energy enveloping Tang Mubai suddenly exploded, like a roaring flood, rushing into Tang Mubai within the body frantically. The power at that moment, the energy released like a rising tide, exploded in a blast within the body of Tang Mubai Drill everywhere.

If it’s someone else, just the impact of this wave of terrifying energy will no longer be able to withstand it and will explode and die.

Tang Mubai didn’t. With the powerful Willpower, he quickly mobilized the mental method of “Zhenriwangquan”, which promoted surging energy. After the transformation and transformation of this eight revolutions martial arts, it was quickly absorbed by large shares.

The water in the “medicine pond” is the residue of countless Spiritual Pill spiritual medicine. It has evolved and condensed. It is more heavenly materials, earthly treasures than heavenly materials and earthly treasures. The Tang Mubai cultivation used to rely on the “3 Yang Yi Qi Jue”. Now it is faster and more convenient to absorb this surging excellent resource through “Jianri Wangquan”.

Therefore, Tang Mubai was full of joy while doing his best.

“gu gu ……gu gu ……”

“Zhenri King Fist” started, and the water energy of the “medicine pond” swarmed into Tang Mubai within the body. Wherever it passed, blood vessels flowed and even made excitement sounds.

Rays of light soon appeared in Tang Mubai’s body, it was golden light flickering.

If it was before, the energy was too surging and spilled out all of a sudden, the effect of washing the film.

But at this moment, the energy is not overflowing, but Tang Mubai’s body is glowing!

Tang Mubai doesn’t know whether this situation is good or bad, anyway, he feels that there are countless hot currents within the body, and he is constantly charging and running.

The surging pool water, transformed into energy, is absorbed and transformed by “Zhenriwangquan”, condensed into blood, while surging everywhere, like the waves on the sea, one after another, washing, moisturizing and changing Tang Mubai’s Skin, membranes, muscles, bones, blood, and even every cell has changed in the process of growth!

“ka ka ka ……”

The skeleton rubs, as if the sound of moving is ringing.

“Bang ~ Bang ~ Bang ~”

The strong heartbeat and powerful sound echoed in the ears.

Tang Mubai felt the changes in his body. “Zhenri Wangquan” kept on closing his eyes and immersed himself in the process of condensing qi and blood and changing the body’s baptism.

I don’t know how long, his four limbs skeleton and internal organs seem to have become Steel Muscles Iron Bones. The more tenacious, the better the skeleton grows more and stronger. Between squirming and rubbing, there was a muffled thunderous sound.

With the ebbing of time, the golden light on the body is getting more and more brighter.

This is not a simple body refinement, but the whole person is changing!

Tang Mubai didn’t feel it himself, but his eyes widened when he looked at 10000 books by the lake.

“This… how is this possible!”

10000 Shutong exclaimed in a low voice.

“How impossible?” The old man on the recliner, who had come to her side at some unknown time, looked at Tang Mubai in the lake, with rays of light flashing in his eyes, “This kid’s physique is not ordinary. Now he is passing by the pool. Baptism, well, this cultivation technique of his cultivation is not bad, the martial arts is at least six revolutions, even seven revolutions!”

“Through the condensing of martial arts, absorbing the pool water and growing his body, he made a lot of money this time.”

“No.” 10000 Shutong took a deep breath and said quickly, “I mean, his physique is changing! I know that he can absorb pool water and be tempering, but I have never heard of it before, let alone I have seen that absorbing the pool water here can change a person’s constitution!”

“This has to ask him himself.” The old man squinted and said calmly, “He has a physical problem. The water in the’medicine divine pond’ is just the last stimulus that’s all.”

“Well, what Elder does mean, Tang Mubai itself is undergoing constitutional transformation?” 10000 Shutong exclaimed.

“Of course.” The rays of light flickered in the old man’s eyes. “This kid’s body is very weird, with both the breath of Extreme Yang and the breath of Extreme Yin. Through a strange position, Dao Rhyme fluctuates and controls them perfectly. Live and reach a wonderful balance.”

“This…” 10000 Shutong’s eyes widened, “Dao Rhyme fluctuates? Tang Mubai actually comprehended Dao Rhyme?”

“Yes, this kid comprehended Dao Rhyme, I just don’t know what Dao Rhyme is.” The rays of light in the eyes of the old man are getting brighter and brighter, “Let’s talk about this kid’s origin. He has achieved this at a young age. It’s a bit powerful. what.”

“He…he…” 10000 Shutong hearing this, hesitated for a while, said with a bitter smile, “sorry, Wen Elder, I am not very clear about Tang Mubai, I only know that his rise time is very short, last year It’s the Grandmaster realm, I entered Innate some time ago. His Sect is the Sacred Heart Gate, not the outer Sect, but the Sacred Heart Gate Inner Sect.”

“Oh, yes, the previous Secret Realm trial of Heaven’s Mystery Sect was because of him, Luo Qing’er and more than 70 people were able to escape the collapsed Secret Realm through Hanging Mountain and return to this world.”

“It turned out to be him.” The old man listened, looking thoughtful nodded.


Medicine in the divine pond.

Tang Mubai’s absorption speed has accelerated.

With the passage of time, the vitality of the whole person continues to flourish, a lot of streamer, covering the whole body, flashing on the body surface.

Under this kind of energy stimulation, the condensed blood, 1000 calories, and 1000 calories continue to increase!

The terrifying energy washes away the rare impurities and dirt in the body, and changes the physique, so that the whole person can achieve the magical effect of shedding body, exchanging bones, One with Heaven and Earth.

Even if Tang Mubai’s eyes are closed at the moment, it is difficult to conceal the special breath he releases.

That kind of breath, like a sun, gradually raised!

Of course, this kind of shedding body and exchanging bones does not last for a short period of time, but continues to change. It is not only as simple as body refinement, but the effect is also much stronger than that of body quenching.


The blood is growing, the constitution continues to change, and the rays of light on Tang Mubai’s body are getting worse.

Finally more than 3 hours later…


Tang Mubai’s body trembled suddenly, and his golden light rose suddenly, like a sun, with dazzling light and heat, covering the entire “medicine divine pond”.

10000 Shutong, old man, have to close their eyes at this moment.

at the same time–

[The number of vitality and blood is 500000 cards, and the upgrade conditions are met, the system starts to upgrade]

[Upgrade time, 24 hours]



“System Upgrade?”

Tang Mubai with a sober brain “looked” at the familiar countdown that popped out of his mind. After being slightly surprised, he couldn’t help but be delighted.

Great, the system has been upgraded again!

It’s just a little weird.

“The first time you level up, the blood count is 100 cards.”

“When you level up for the second time, the number of Qi and HP is 2 cards.”

“At the third level, the number of vitality and blood is 3 cards!”

“I thought that for the 4th upgrade, 1,000,000 cards of vitality and blood were needed, and didn’t expect 500,000 cards to be enough!”

Tang Mubai exhilarated, and at the same time he muttered.

The condition for system upgrade depends on the number of Qi and blood.

When the blood count reaches a certain limit, you can start to upgrade.

It’s just that the further you go, the greater the amount of Qi and blood needed.

Each upgrade requires the same time, 24 hours a day.

During the system upgrade, it is in a “strike” state.

The upgraded system will have new features every time.

This is the most anticipated!

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