Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 574

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It takes 24 hours to complete the upgrade.

During this time, Tang Mubai just continued to absorb the water from the “medicine divine pond”.

Tang Mubai didn’t want to waste 3 days and 3 nights of absorbing time.

At the moment, maintain the operation of “Zhenri King Boxing”, absorb the water in the pool, and tempering the body.

With the continuous injection of energy, every part and every cell of the body is transformed.

Tang Mubai quickly sensed that his body was undergoing a certain transformation.

That is a bigger change than shedding body and exchanging bones. Tang Mubai can’t tell what is going on.

He only knows that changes in his body will only benefit him.

The deeper the change, the stronger the body, and a force from the heart also erupts, first a little bit, then a trace, a strand, one after another, and finally one after another, flowing continuously within the body.

With this power swept through, Tang Mubai seemed to be in a warm bath, surrounded by bright rays of light.

The rays of light can be as soft as silk or as hot as lava.

No matter what Tang Mubai likes, do as one pleases control.

With this power, Tang Mubai can collapse mountains and seas without consuming a little bit of energy or spirit strength, destroying heaven extinguishing earth!

Special constitution?

Tang Mubai, who was immersed in the absorption pool, suddenly had such a thought in his mind.

“My constitution has changed and become a special entity?”

Tang Mubai heartbeat accelerates slightly.

If it wasn’t for the absorbing process and it was not easy to disconnect, Tang Mubai would really like to see what his physique had changed.

During the system upgrade, the system panel cannot be opened either.

Tang Mubai for the time being tolerated it.


Bubbles in the pool water.

The energy of the big group is absorbed into the within the body and turned into that powerful force, flowing through the whole body, filling every cell.

Night fell, and soon the sun rose again.

With the passage of time, Tang Mubai in the “medicine divine pond” is completely wrapped in the golden light, and no one outside can see.

10000 Shutong, Wen old man, never left, always standing by the lake, watching Tang Mubai’s breath, getting stronger and stronger.

Finally, 3 days and 3 nights were used up.

Tang Mubai, surrounded by golden light, jumped up from the “medicine divine pond” and suspended in midair.

At this time, he had stopped the performance of “Jingri King Fist”, looked down at his hands, chest, and eyes, his skin was delicate and super beautiful, and the golden-bright and dazzling halo remained entangled.

“Inextinguishable Golden Body? Still undefeated golden body?”

Tang Mubai faintly muttered to oneself.

Immediately open the system panel——

[Name]: Tang Mubai

[Body]: Divine Physique (Two Revolutions)

[Will]: Perfect

[Qi and Blood]: 500935k (+)

[Martial arts]: “Into the Dream Heart Sutra” (Perfection), “Taiji Heart Sutra” (Perfection), “Taiji Xuan Gong” (Perfection), “Taiji Qiankun Jue” (7th floor +), “Ling Rhinoceros” (Perfection), “Perfection” (Perfection), “Zhenri King Boxing” (6th floor), … “Reincarnation Collection” (6th floor), “White Cloud Sword Manual” (Not Initiated)

[Thaumaturgy]: Yin and Yang Sword Energy (0), Blood God Finger (15)

[Secret Collection]: “6 Pan Zhen Jing” (9-Layer)

[Divine Ability]: Pressure Control (High Level), Poison Control (High Level), Temperature Control (High Level), Divine Ability (High Level), Shengxintong (High Level)

[Lifespan]: 821436

[Retinue]: 9

[Artistic conception]: Great Perfection (Great Perfection), Great Perfection (Great Perfection)

[Avatar]: Stone Giant (4 sharp changes)

[Spiritual object]: Demon Immortal vine (growth period)

[Tao species]: White bone Dao species

[Battle companion]: Winged Tiger, Abyssal Bull, Fantasy World Demon Dragon, Earthquake Storm Ape, Star Devouring Beast

[Space]: Flame Bone Blade, Xuanbing Bow, Dragon Head Bow, Taiji Sword, Hell Sword, Black Underworld Sword, Burning Sun Sword, Ice Phoenix Sword, Fire Dragon Thorns, Power Stone, Demon Orb, extinguishing soul bone stick , Ecstasy bracelet…


Divine Physique!

The physique really changed, and it became a “Dainichi Divine Physique”!

I thought that the special constitution after the transformation was a kind of Spirit Physique.

didn’t expect Divine Physique!

“Dahi Divine Physique, the constitution of Yang Attribute?”

Tang Mubai’s eyes flickered.

This physical change didn’t happen suddenly.

The tempering Tang Mubai of the body has not fallen.

Even when shedding body, exchanging bones became the body of heaven and human, it did not stop.

Among them, there are the body refinement of “3 Yang Yiqi Jue”, the perfect body refinement in free time, the special body refinement of “Jianri Wangquan”, the weird energy in the holy pond absorbed in Secret Realm, and this Secondly, with the help of Tianlun stone, it will absorb the water of the “divine pond” which is integrated more quickly.

All aspects are combined to create the birth of “Dainichi Divine Physique”!

Tang Mubai didn’t know how much of the “medicine divine pond” pool water accounted for.

But it must be indispensable!

If I remember correctly, the water line of the “medicine divine pond” has dropped by at least 50 cm compared to the time before Tang Mubai entered it and absorbed it.

In other words, Tang Mubai absorbed nearly one third “medicine divine pond” during these 3 days and 3 nights.

That’s right, the depth of the entire “medicine divine pond” is only a little over 160 cm.

Tang Mubai learned nearly one third at one time, which shows how difficult the transformation of “Dari Divine Physique” is successful.

Without that many pool water, 10000 books, old man, no interruption.

I have to say, very trustworthy.



After shaking his body, Tang Mubai returned to the shore, facing the 10000 Shutong and the old man, cup one fist in the other hand and said, “Sorry, I didn’t notice it for a while, and he absorbed more water in the pool.”

“Don’t worry.”

The old man beamed his eyes, looked up and down Tang Mubai, and said with interest, “The water in the’medicine divine pond’ is not so easy to absorb. If you can do it, you can only say that it is what you deserve. And the ultimate The result is also unexpected. The pool water has transformed your body!”

“This is the first time an old man has seen it. The water in the’medicine divine pond’ can be transformed into Spirit Physique!”

“…Yes, it’s the first time I have encountered this kind of thing.” Tang Mubai laughed.

Old fox !

The birth of “Dari Divine Physique” is not all due to the “medicine divine pond”.

Tang Mubai does not believe the old man to see this point.

But he didn’t mention this point, and deliberately increased the credit of the “medicine divine pond”, and clearly told Tang Mubai that Yaowanggu treated him well.

Not only is there no loss, but also all kinds of waiting!

Although I entered the “medicine divine pond” for 3 days and 3 nights, it was Tang Mubai’s deal with Yaowanggu.

But the birth of “Dari Divine Physique”, the “medicine divine pond” pool water, no credit can escape.

No matter how Tang Mubai counts, this favor cannot be avoided.

Tang Mubai knew this well, so he didn’t refute the old man, but followed his words.

After listening, the old man smiled deeper.

“You Spirit Physique is no surprise, it should be the’Extreme Yang body’, which matches the’Pure Yin Body’ of Xiao 10000 very well.”

“Tang Xiaozi, you can consider, marry Xiao 10000, and do Dual Cultivation with her, I promise…”


I haven’t spoken, staring at Tang Mubai’s 10000 Shutongs. When he heard this, his face flushed, and he screamed, interrupting the old man’s speech.

“Wen Elder, I still have something to do, go ahead, Tang Mubai, you take him out!”

After leaving a sentence, 10000 Shutong fled to the outside of the forest, and flew away.

The speed is increased to the fastest and disappeared in a few clicks.


The old man laughed, “The little girl is thin-skinned and shy. Tang Xiaozi, you have to think about it. If you miss this village, there will be no shop.”

“This, let’s talk about it.” Tang Mubai laughed dryly.

In my heart, I was slightly surprised.

10000 Shutong is a pure vagina?

No wonder I felt weird the first time I saw her.

The original reason was here. Tang Mubai at that time had a physical change.

It’s just that it will not be very prominent, and there is no specific presentation.

Now it’s different. “Dari Divine Physique” was born, and thanks to the “medicine divine pond”, it reached the second Revolutions.

Tang Mubai didn’t know how to divide this first few turns.

It has to be tested.

But no matter what, it is always a good thing.

Well, and 10000 Shutong Dual Cultivation will be exempted.

10000 Shutong is beautiful and beautiful, Tang Mubai also has a sexual interest in her.

But that is purely a physical impulse, there is no other male and female affection.

If 10000 Shutong doesn’t mind and just come to a few Dual Cultivation games, then Tang Mubai is happy to cooperate.

It’s a pity that Shutong basically won’t agree to this kind of thing.

Shook the head, Tang Mubai put this matter behind.

Under the leadership of Wen Old Man, he left the forests all over the Formation and returned to his residence.

Tang Mubai opened the system panel again to check the changes.

Every time the system is upgraded, there are new functions.

What is the new ability this time?

Tang Mubai looks at the past carefully from top to bottom.


“No new ability?”

Tang Mubai frowned. After the system upgrade, there was no additional column.

Nothing new!

“What’s the situation, is it possible that this time the new ability is’Dari Divine Physique’?”

Not sure.

Tang Mubai was a little confused about the reaction of the system.

There is no change on the system panel, and other aspects will not be noticed for a while.

Tang Mubai couldn’t help being disappointed.

The higher the expectations, the greater the disappointment.

The 4th system upgrade did not increase the capacity?

Tang Mubai lay on the bed, his brain slowly emptied.

Perhaps he is greedy.

The birth of “Dari Divine Physique” is not weaker than the previous ability.

Thinking of this, Tang Mubai took a deep breath to stabilize his mind.

2nd day At dawn, I went out and lay in the sun, soaking up the sun.

With the arrival of the birthday of the Lord of the Valley of Medicine King, all influence representatives appear one by one.

Tang Mubai saw several from a distance, and many of them were familiar with each other.

Including Xiao Qingshan and Xiao Qinglan!

The siblings did not wait for others, and took the lead to come to Tang Mubai’s residence.

“Big Brother Tang, it’s really you, haha, didn’t expect, you are also in Medicine King Valley, really very good!”

As soon as Xiao Qingshan appeared, he jumped to Tang Mubai’s side, shouting excitedly.

“Brother Tang.” Xiao Qinglan came in behind and looked towards Tang Mubai, with rays of light flashing in his eyes.

When we separated last time, Tang Mubai was still a Grandmaster realm.

When we meet again this time, it is actually Innate.

Such a promotion speed is simply unheard-of.

Anyway, none of the geniuses Xiao Qinglan has seen is the same as Tang Mubai.

“Young Lady Xiao.” Tang Mubai nodded, glanced at Xiao Qingshan, said with a slight smile, “You came by yourself?”

“No, we followed Elder Duan.” Xiao Qingshan turned around and pointed to a middle-aged man who came from the mountain path, introduced, “That is Elder Duan, the fourth Elder of our Beastmaster.”

“Haha, I have heard about the name of Alliance Lord Tang for a long time. When I saw it today, I really showed a talent, Heaven’s Chosen!” Middle-aged man, Duan Xie, and Tang Mubai cup one fist in the other hand, said with a smile .

“I have seen Elder Duan.” Tang Mubai replied, “Elder Duan is overpraised, Qingshan Little Brother is also very good. There is also Young Lady Xiao, not far from Innate.”

People are polite, Tang Mubai will naturally not put on airs.

Those who can serve as Elder at the Beastmaster’s Gate are all realm with God.

Tang Mubai is an Innate, no matter how genius he is, he can’t show pride on the surface.

“I don’t praise it, but I really admire it.” Duan Xie walked over and waved his hand. “Alliance Lord Tang may not know that anyone who can be promoted to Innate realm before 20 years old will basically be able to set foot in Nirvana. This is several thousand years old. The summary of the record is not me or some kind of random speculation.”

“Hey, it seems that Big Brother Tang breakthrough Nirvana is just a matter of time.” Xiao Qingshan said with a grin and said with a smile.

“Yes, it’s really a matter of time.” Tang Mubai also laughed, “For countless years, I don’t know how many people have broken through Innate, but how many have been able to advance to Nirvana?”

“For most of the Innate realm experts, the lifespan was exhausted in the end, and they did not touch the threshold of Nirvana!”

“That’s different.” Xiao Qinglan shook her head.

“Yes, the other people are too old, and you can’t compare with Alliance Lord Tang.” Duan Xie echoed, “True geniuses are always outstanding.”

“We have to live!”

Tang Mubai added a word in his heart.

There are geniuses every year, but only those who grow up are the real geniuses.

Those who died midway were no different from the others.

Xiao Qingshan and Xiao Qinglan admired, but Tang Mubai didn’t take it to heart.

Turning off the subject, a few people chatted in the yard.

At noon, Tang Mubai met several acquaintances again.

They are not others, they are the pure Yang Jian Gongmen led by Wuzhi and Shen Lin.


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Xiao Qingshan and Xiao Qinglan admired, but Tang Mubai didn’t take it to heart. Turning off the subject, a few people chatted in the yard.

At noon, Tang Mubai met several acquaintances again.

They are not others, they are the pure Yang Jian Gongmen led by Wu Zhi and Shen Lin. Xiao Qingshan and Xiao Qinglan admired, but Tang Mubai didn’t take it to heart. Turning off the subject, a few people chatted in the yard.

At noon, Tang Mubai met several acquaintances again.

They are not others, they are the pure Yang Jian Gongmen led by Wu Zhi and Shen Lin. Xiao Qingshan and Xiao Qinglan admired, but Tang Mubai didn’t take it to heart. Turning off the subject, a few people chatted in the yard.

At noon, Tang Mubai met several acquaintances again.

They are not others, they are the pure Yang Jian Gongmen led by Wu Zhi and Shen Lin. Xiao Qingshan and Xiao Qinglan admired, but Tang Mubai didn’t take it to heart. Turning off the subject, a few people chatted in the yard.

At noon, Tang Mubai met several acquaintances again.

They are not others, they are the pure Yang Jian Gongmen led by Wuzhi and Shen Lin.

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