Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 575

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“Putting it that way, he ran away?”

Tang Mubai is very interested to follow up.

“I ran away, but I was caught back.” Ye Tiansheng also smiled, “No surprise, I will be able to drink his wedding wine next month.”

“Hey, that guy doesn’t get used to it anymore. It’s not bad for someone to take care of him.” Tang Mubai held back his laugh.

“Yes.” Ye Tiansheng agreed deeply. “It’s better to make a small one, so he won’t have time to run around.”

“haha ……”

2 people talked about Yuan not talking.

Ye Tiansheng got the news that Yuan Bu said that after going back to Hero Island last time, he was arranged for a marriage contract.

Yuan did not say that Laozi came out in person, discussed with the woman’s parents, and booked a marriage for Yuan Doozi.

As for the woman, Yuan didn’t even know her, even the relationship between childhood sweethearts.

But this “green plum” is a female tyrannosaurus, not only has a big temper, but also strong.

Yuan didn’t say it was not her opponent at all.

If you really want to become a relative, Yuan said that he will only be suppressed to death.

For this reason, he ran away overnight. However, he was caught before Hero Island, locked in the house, and waited for the marriage day.

Ye Tiansheng knew about this news because he received an invitation to attend the wedding.

Go the Scarlet Cloud Sect channel faster.

Tang Mubai’s invitation letter is still on the way, and I can almost receive it when I go back.

“Hero Island” Tang Mubai has never been to, these large overseas islands have been inherited for 1000 years, and the martial artists living on them are not weaker than those on land.

After getting the invitation, Tang Mubai didn’t mind going shopping.

Stop by and check out the Demon Immortal vine branch left in the Sea Territory, how far it has grown!


at night.

Tang Mubai invited Ye Tiansheng, Xiao Qingshan, Xiao Qinglan and the others to eat together.

The representatives of all parties who arrived at Yaowang Valley were basically treated separately.

To gather together, you have to wait until the day of the 200-year birthday of the owner of the valley.

To this end, everyone ate and drank separately, and Tang Mubai got together because of a better relationship.

We talked while eating and didn’t leave until late at night.

Back at the place of residence, when Tang Mubai was about to lie down–

【Vitality +157】

【Vitality +182】

【Vitality +163】


A series of recovery prompts suddenly flashed through my mind.

Tang Mubai was taken aback and sensed all around. He did not “hear” the death of anyone around, nor did he “saw” the death of animals.

“Is it from the stone giant?”

The stone giant Avatar can also recover vitality.

But this time, in the mountain forest where the stone giant Avatar was located, no Inhuman creature died either.

During this period of time, the stone giant Avatar has been following the bone demon, recovering the vitality of Inhuman creatures such as Half-Beastman, ominous beast, Giant Insect and so on that were destroyed by the bone demon.

That’s why Tang Mubai’s 30-plus 10,000 years lifespan was obtained.

However, at this moment, all the bone demons not at all were dispatched, they dug a hole in the ground again and fell into a deep sleep.

The Bone Demon didn’t start the killing, but the reminder of recovery kept on.

Is there a bug in the system?

Tang Mubai frowned in thought.

It’s not him or the Avatar, but the system responds.

“Is it possible that … is it retinue?”

Tang Mubai thought that after the system was upgraded this time, the new ability was not displayed, and the heartbeat accelerated sharply.

The vitality recovered by retinue?

If it is true, that would be great!

Verification must be verified immediately!

Thinking of this, Tang Mubai controls the stone giant Avatar and senses the red sky outside the domain.

The reason why Hong Xiao was chosen is that she is most likely to be killing at this time.

Xu Dalu, Fang Shuixian, Yang Kai, Mi Li, Jiang Xiaoyan, Gu Yuer in the city are impossible to recycle that many, a single vitality exceeding 100.

Only Hongxiao has the greatest probability.

“Sacred Heart Pass” sensed the position, and the stone giant Avatar quickly flew past the air.

Ten minutes later, the stone giant Avatar heard the sound of fighting and the roar of the beast.

It was a group of barren people surrounding and suppressing a group of glazed wolves, taking advantage of the night to slaughter the wolves and snatching their wolf skins.

The leading deserter is Hongxiao!

Huangren’s eyes are more adaptable in the dark than in the day.

Although there are more than 500 glazed wolves in number, among them there are also king-level existences, but under the leadership of Hongxiao, the glazed wolf king fell first, and then the other glazed wolves fell to the ground head-to-head, wailing endlessly.

The vitality of Liulilang is as low as 100 5, plus the number that many, which is in line with Tang Mubai’s guess.

Through Hongxiao, vitality can also be recovered!

Well, to be precise, not only Hongxiao, Yang Kai, Fang Lin, Xu Dalu and the others, if vitality is passing by, they can be recycled!

Thinking of this, Tang Mubai couldn’t help but quicken his breathing.

“The new ability after the system upgrade is actually this, it’s incredible!”

Before this, only Tang Mubai itself was able to reclaim vitality.

Later, I got the Stone Giant Avatar by accident and can also be recycled.

Now retinue can also be recycled, which is really cool.

At this rate, Tang Mubai doesn’t need to do it himself in the future. When he stays at home all day, he will receive a large amount of vitality and exchange it into lifespan.

Although among the retinue, Gu Yuer, Jiang Xiaoyan, Mi Li, Fang Shuixian, and Yang Kai, they rarely encounter lost vitality.

But Mi Wu, Fang Lin, Hong Xiao, and Xu Dalu can get in touch with a lot.

Especially Hongxiao, all day long conquests outside the territory, either to kill this, or kill that, every day all have recovery.

For similar people, if you take a few more, then Tang Mubai can really lie down and watch the lifespan go up!

With such progressive changes in the system, if you upgrade next time, maybe even the Inhuman creature killed by the battle companion can recover the lost vitality.

“Well, maybe it’s already possible?”

Tang Mubai looks at one revolution and begins to stir in my heart.

Anyway, it’s been verified, so it’s okay to go to Miracle 1 Base.

5 battle companions, winged fire tiger, abyssal ox, fantasy world demon dragon, earth-shaking violent ape, star swallowing beast.

Fat Tiger followed his little cousin, Abyss Minniu sat in the Miracle Mercenary Group resident, A Bao also stayed in the resident, Great Saint went to the mountains, temporarily did not pay attention, I do not know the specific location.

Only the Fantasy World Demon Dragon stays at the Miracle No. 1 base. After passing, it can be tested immediately.

In this way, after flying fast all the way to the Miracle No. 1 base, Tang Mubai asked the magical dragon to take action more then 500 meters away from him, killing a few ominous beasts that were active at night.


【Vitality +154】

【Vitality +161】



It really can!

The vitality can also be recovered through the battle companion.

The new ability after the system upgrade is not absent, but invisible assistance.

It’s so cool!

With the help of retinue and battle companion, vitality can be recovered.

Tang Mubai will only have more vitality from now on.


Yes, it is longevity!

The vitality is continuously recovered, and his lifespan will keep increasing, increasing, increasing…

At that time, if you want to exchange blood, you can exchange blood, and if you want to upgrade martial arts, you can upgrade martial arts.

This feeling……

“Catch the murderer!”

“Who is the murderer?”

“What’s the matter? Murderer? Who died?”


Outside the room, a loud noise suddenly sounded, interrupting Tang Mubai’s contemplation.

Controlling the stone giant Avatar returned to the dormant place of the bone demon, opened the door and walked out.

At this time, a grey dawn has appeared on the horizon, and a new day has begun.

The Yaowanggu residential area is surrounded by silhouettes and noisy.

Tang Mubai listened attentively, only to realize that people had been killed and some people had died!

“Someone died, why didn’t I recover my life…”

“No, it should happen to overlap!”

If someone died in the attachment, vitality must be lost.

The system is automatically recycled again, Tang Mubai will definitely notice it.

The reason why I didn’t feel it was that Hongxiao was killing the Liuli wolves last night.

This dead person, the lost vitality, was recovered by the system, and mixed with those recovered through Hongxiao.

Tang Mubai didn’t feel it, it was normal.


With his body flickering, Tang Mubai flew out quickly and went straight to the noisy center.

Where the bodies of the dead were found.

The place where Yaowanggu’s representatives live is each and everyone’s independent small courtyard, distributed on two hills.

When Tang Mubai heard the sound, other people naturally heard it.

At this moment, every small courtyard opens the courtyard door, one after another silhouette fast as lightning, flying over the mountain road, flying in midair.

When Tang Mubai arrived at the accident site, Ye Tiansheng, Xiao Qinglan, Xiang Yuannian, Xia Hua, Ye Jingxiao and the others had arrived early.

Including the representatives they followed, all influence Elder, or sect master, Vice Sect Master, all appeared on the scene.

Naturally, people from Yaowanggu, Great Elder Xue An, Gu Zhu Yunyuan, and other Elders and disciplines were indispensable. A large group of people surrounded the corpse, talking and arguing.

“Who is the dead person?”

Tang Mubai walked to the side of Ye Tiansheng and stood still, glanced at the corpses in the crowd, and asked doubtfully.

The corpse placed on the ground was so young that Tang Mubai had never seen it.

Obviously he is not on the Thang Long list.

“It’s Lin Xuanzhang.”

Ye Tiansheng replied, “Hei Jiwangcheng, a member of the Lin Family. The reason for the Rising Dragon list just off this year is that he is more than 30 years old. The realm is half-step Innate, and he would be able to set foot in Innate soon. Didn’t expect to die. Here.”

“Yaowanggu is in big trouble.” Xia Hua said smoothly from the side, “Lin Xuanzhang died here, no matter who the murderer is, Yaowanggu will get blood.”

“The day after tomorrow is the 200-year birthday of Valley Lord Yun, but today people died. I am afraid this birthday banquet will be difficult to handle.” Xiang Yuannian interjected.

“You two young ones, be careful when you speak.” A middle-aged man cursed at the edge of Xiang Yuannian.

“Brother Meng is right. At this time, you don’t want to add fuel to the fire.” Next to Ye Tiansheng, an old man with his hair tied into a bunch of braids, said solemnly, said, “With this time, I might as well find a way to kill the murderer. find out.”

“Did the murderer leave any clues?” On Xia Lace, an old man with red hair took the opportunity.

“No.” Middle-aged man, Meng 8tong, Scarlet Cloud Sect Elder, the leader of Scarlet Cloud Sect who came to Yaowang Valley this time, shook his head and replied, “The murderer did not leave any traces on the scene.”

“It won’t be easy.” The red-haired old man sighed.

“Xia old man, why didn’t someone with the surname Chun come? If they were there, they should have found some clues.” Braid old man and Qian Shisheng asked.

“Elder Qian joked. Our Xia Family can’t control the Chun family. Whether they come or not has nothing to do with us.” Xia Hua grinned.

“Go while you.” The red-haired old man named Xia Li glared at Xia Hua and shouted, “If you have nothing to say, just shut up!”

“Okay.” Meng 8 shook his head. “The murderer didn’t leave a clue, so he can only start and start from the corpse.”

“The problem is that Lin Zhangyan doesn’t let him touch the body.” Duan Xie sighed.

“This old man!” Qian Shisheng hearing this, bitterly staring at an old man with white beard and hair facing Xue An and Yun Yuan.

This old man named Lin Zhangyan was trembling at this time, his eyes were red, and he roared at Xue An, Yun Yuan and other people in the Medicine King Valley, “I don’t care. If you don’t hand over the murderer, you just wait for us in Heiji City. Get revenge!”

“…Elder Lin, we also want to find the murderer, but the problem is that there are no clues left at the scene.” Xue An resisted his anger and explained patiently, “If you want to find the murderer, start with the victim’s body. The quick way.”

“If you really want to avenge Lin Xuanzhang, then don’t stop us, let alone waste time.” Yun Yuan said with a cold face, “Lin Xuanzhang’s corpse is examined now, it is still too late. If time passes, the clues will disappear. That is your fault!”

“If something like that is really going to happen, Heiji King City will come to retaliate. You will be the first one to find!”

“Surnamed Yun, what are you talking about…” Lin Zhangyan’s eyes widened, and his anger became more and more high, “Xuanzhang died with you, do you want to shirk responsibility? Did you guys from Yaowanggu kill? You know the murderer was Who, but because of this, deliberately not…”

“Hmph, you can’t talk nonsense about this!”

A voice suddenly sounded loudly, overwhelming the others.

It was Xin Zhaolang who walked out of the crowd, revealed his identity, and scanned the crowd.

Next moment, my eyes fell on Tang Mubai, loudly said, “Elder Lin, I know that you are very heartbroken and angry. I understand the feeling of your loved ones passing away. I understand you, but this does not mean that you are You can talk nonsense.”

“Little Defiant 3, let me go!” Lin Zhangyan didn’t even look at him, and continued to roar at Yunyuan and Xue An.

Xin Zhaolang’s face instantly flushed, and he was full of shame and anger.

took a deep breath, he gritted his teeth loudly shouted again, “I know who the murderer is!”


Everyone on the scene turned their heads and looked at Xin Zhaolang.

Lin Zhangyan stopped roaring, turned stiffly, and stared at him with bloodshot eyes.

“Xin Zhaolang, what nonsense are you talking about?” Yun Yuan was coldly shouted and reprimanded, “Things that don’t understand, give me aside!”

Xue An even walked over to Xin Zhaolang and stretched out his hand to greet him, “You brat, I guess I haven’t woken up from the wine last night, go, go, and rest with me.”

“No, I didn’t talk nonsense!” Xin Zhaolang stepped back hurriedly when he saw this.

Lin Zhangyan yelled, “Don’t move, Xue An, if you go one step further, I’ll do it!”


Xue An stopped, looked towards Xin Zhaolang in irritation, and shouted, “You’d better think clearly before you talk!”

“Don’t be afraid of him!” Lin Zhangyan shouted immediately, “Boy, don’t be afraid of them, don’t be afraid of them, just say what you want to say! Tell me who the murderer is!”

“Good.” Xin Zhaolang looked towards Tang Mubai again, and the corners of his mouth rose.

Tang Mubai frowned, a trace of anger flashed in his eyes.

From the moment Xin Zhaolang looked towards him, Tang Mubai guessed his intention.


“The murderer is him!”

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