Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 576

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Accompanied by the deliberately louder voice, it resounded through the small courtyard.

Xin Zhaolang stretched out his hand, pointed finger towards Tang Mubai, and said with dignity, “He is the one who killed!”

“you sure?”

Without waiting for Tang Mubai to speak, Ye Tiansheng at the side shouted coldly, “Said Brother Tang killed someone, do you have any evidence?”

“Or did you see it with your own eyes?” Xia Hua then asked, “If there is no evidence, it is slander!”

“Of course I have evidence!” Xin Zhaolang bit his neck, loudly said, “I saw it with my own eyes, I am the evidence!”

“Heh~” Xiang Yuanyoung smiled, “Did you see it with your own eyes? You are the evidence? According to your statement, I also saw it with my own eyes, even the one you killed! Is it possible to count?”

“I saw it too.” Xiao Qinglan echoed, “Just after early morning, you came here secretly, killed someone and ran away.”


Xin Zhaolang complexion greatly changed, angry and angry, and somewhat guilty looking around all around.

Yes, he deliberately planted and framed him, trying to put the murderer hat on Tang Mubai’s head.

He wished Tang Mubai to die, he had no other care.

In the Xin Zhaolang plan, he came forward to identify that even if Tang Mubai would not be killed by Lin Zhangyan on the spot, he would be treated as a suspect and put under temporary supervision.

At that time, he secretly used poison to kill Tang Mubai in the cave where he was being held.

It was time for Lin Xuanzhang to die. With this plan, he was 80% sure to kill Tang Mubai.


Xin Zhaolang didn’t expect it. Tang Mubai himself hadn’t even spoken yet. Ye Tiansheng, Xiang Yuannian, Xia Hua and Xiao Qinglan first questioned his identification.

In turn, he acted as a witness, identifying him as the murderer.

This is so pissed that Xin Zhaolang was so angry that he couldn’t figure out what Ye Tiansheng did. Is his head flooded?

Otherwise, how could you help Tang Mubai so bluntly?

Xin Zhaolang didn’t believe it, they really knew that Tang Mubai’s innocence would not be the murderer.

But he stood up directly, standing on Tang Mubai’s side with a clear-cut stand.

What for?



Ye Tiansheng and Xiao Qinglan clearly believe that Tang Mubai will not kill.

At least in the Valley of the King of Medicine, the representatives of Great Influence gathered together, and Yun Yuan killed other people on the day of his birthday.

Even if Tang Mubai has enemies with each other, he will not do anything.

This is the way they and Tang Mubai came down from Hanging Mountain and returned to the 38th Territory together. They realized that Tang Mubai’s character is simply not an impulsive person.

Therefore, they immediately chose to believe.

Xiahua and Xiangyuan are different.

They stepped up because Tang Mubai saved their lives and was forced to stand in line.

This team has nothing to do with right or wrong, even if Tang Mubai is really the murderer, they will speak out!

Afterwards, it is not too late to withdraw after the investigation is clear.

In this way, no one said they requite kindness with enmity after the incident spread.

In a short time, each other’s plot against each other is at a glance.

Others may not be able to see it, but Tang Mubai can clearly perceive the difference between Ye Tiansheng, Xiao Qinglan, Xia Hua, and Xiang Yuannian.

Of course, to be clear, Tang Mubai would not say such things.

Seeing Xin Zhaolang being questioned and speechless, other people around had expressions of inexplicable expression with different eyes.

It was Lin Zhangyan, who also squinted a pair of bloodshot eyes, constantly scanning back and forth on Tang Mubai and Xin Zhaolang.

Tang Mubai immediately lightly coughed, stepped forward a little, and said indifferently, “Say I am the murderer, please come up with specific evidence, you can’t do it yourself.”

Xin Zhaolang didn’t speak, but stared at Tang Mubai with his fire-breathing eyes.


Wu Zhicai chuckled and broke the silence, “No matter who the murderer is, you all have suspicions. From my point of view, you will be imprisoned first and kept temporarily. I don’t know what Elder Lin and Valley Lord Yun intend?”

“Not so.” Duan Xie retorted, “Wu Elder is too full of words. When did they become suspects?”

“Yes, it’s a fictional thing, but it just makes it look like the real thing.”

Qian Shisheng agreed, “Wu Elder, you don’t have the final say, or you say they are suspects, they are suspects!”

“Wu Zhicai, do you have any clues or evidence?” Meng 8tong asked.

“If there is no useful clue, it is better to say a few words less.” Xia Li said calmly.

Wu Zhicai’s face was the same as Xin Zhaolang’s, as the voices of the four people fell, it became difficult to look.

Qian Shisheng and Duan Xie made it clear to stand on the Tang Mubai side.

He wanted to get sick of Tang Mubai, but he couldn’t do it.

I had to hold back the breath coming out of my heart.


Yun Yuan’s voice raised it, loudly said, “Who is the murderer, it is temporarily impossible to judge, it may be one of the people on the scene, or it may be something else. Before finding him, I hope everyone will not act blindly without thinking, so as not to cause unnecessary harm. This kind of harm is not worth it, nor is it advocated, let alone aggravate the situation.”

“Brother Wu said the suspect, I think everyone at the scene is suspected, including me!”

“So…” Lin Zhangyan turned and looked towards him.

“So, please let Elder Lin go so that we can inspect the body.” Xue An shouted, “Don’t forget, everyone is suspected, including you!”


“You want to say that you are impossible?” Before Lin Zhangyan could speak, Xue An immediately interrupted, “If I remember correctly, Lin Xuanzhang’s father had a conflict with you decades ago, and you have a grudge. Keep it in mind until now. With this calculation, you are more suspect than all of us!”

“I…you…” Lin Zhangyan’s face flushed, and his body soared in an imposing manner.

“Why, fly into a rage out of humiliation, do you want to kill?” Xue An continued to persecute, “If you are not suspicious, why stop us from checking the corpse? Or, you are afraid that we will find clues on the corpse, Exposed your existence?”

Lin Zhangyan, “…”

He was angry, angry and surprised, and the high mood swing made him almost fainted.

I want to kill Xue An, death ends all one’s troubles.

But the only reason tells him that he can’t be angry, let alone do it!

Once he did it, he was really suspicious, for fear of exposure.

Thinking of this, Lin Zhangyan gasped and suppressed himself, unable to do anything.

“……it is good!”

After spitting out a word, Lin Zhangyan stepped aside, not daring to stand still, blocking the door.

“now it’s right.”

Xue An squeezed a smile, “Hurry up and find the clues so that you can find the murderer!”

After the conversation, he was the first to walk into the room to see Lin Xuanzhang’s body.

The second in Yunyuan, the third in Duan Xie, and the fourth in Xia Li…

The entire group quickly entered the house one by one and inspected the corpse.

Xin Zhaolang didn’t move, staying outside, complexion ashen, clenched his fists, creak creak with his head down and teeth biting.

“Idiot.” Xia Hua cast a sneer at him.

“Brother Tang, how did you provoke him?” Ye Tiansheng looked at Xin Zhaolang and asked curiously.

“I don’t know.” Tang Mubai responded softly, “This guy, since I came to Medicine King Valley, he has been staring at me.”

I can’t tell Ye Tiansheng and Xia Hua that Xin Zhaolang is for Luo Qing’er. He became jealous and became jealous!

In that way, I will not be laughed to death.

“Is that so.” Ye Tiansheng glanced at Xin Zhaolang, then at Tang Mubai, the corner of his mouth slightly raised, knowing that Tang Mubai hadn’t said everything, but didn’t ask any more, and walked into the room greeting.

The representative of Heiji Wangcheng lived in a very large house.

After a group of people came in, although it was a bit crowded, Lin Xuanzhang’s body could still be seen with his own eyes.

After all, to the people in the city, everyone here is the expert in the expert, and the Grandmaster outside the expert is the lowest cultivation base here.

He is powerful and experienced a lot. When the body is examined, it is naturally very detailed.

However, after checking, nothing was found.

No clue!

There is no trace of the murderer on Lin Xuanzhang’s body.

There are no toxins, or broken internal organs and head damage.

Lin Xuanzhang just lay down, unemotional on his face, as if he was asleep.

A group of powerhouses of powerhouse, destiny and destiny, after checking, they clenched fists unwillingly.

Yun Yuan and Xue An have even more ugly faces, and browse tightly frowns.

Without any clues, things are tricky!

Can’t find the murderer, how can Yaowanggu give an explanation to Heijiwangcheng?

Don’t look at Xue An’s annoyance at Lin Zhangyan, the persecutor dared not say anything and had to hold back temporarily.

If the rest of the Heiji King City were to come, Medicine King Valley would be the side that bowed his head.

Because people died in the Valley of King Medicine.

Yun Yuan, the master of the Valley of Medicine King Valley, and Xue An of the Great Elder, must give an explanation.

The question is how to give it?

No clue, no idea who the murderer is.

Of course, one thing is certain, that is, the murderer is still in the Valley of King Medicine!

As long as he is still there, the exit of Yaowanggu can be closed.

When this happened, Yun Yuan was not in the mood to celebrate his birthday. Now he, including the others in Yaowanggu, has only a single thought.

Find the murderer!

With an order, Yaowanggu closed.

The people from Yaowang Valley, representatives of Great Influence, immediately walked around 4 places in the valley, looking for the murderer.

Tang Mubai did not participate in finding the team.

Lin Xuanzhang’s death reminded him of some important news about Yaowanggu before coming to Yaowanggu.

One of them is about Demon Race!

Tianni’s Demon Race and Kun’s accomplices got into the Medicine King Valley.

Because of the Great Elder of the Bliss Palace, after Tang Mubai came to Medicine King Valley, he was either busy absorbing the water in the “medicine divine pond” or hiding from other people.

Caused him to temporarily forget this Demon Race.

Now Lin Xuanzhang died, and there was no clue on the body.

Tang Mubai immediately thought of each other!

Only Demon Race can have this method to kill people invisible.

Tang Mubai has a deep understanding of Kun’s strength and ability.

As his kin, naturally it is not too bad.

Killing a Lin Xuanzhang is not a matter.

The point is, why did this Demon Race hidden in the Valley of Medicine King kill Lin Xuanzhang?

Originally, he is at risk, once his identity is exposed, it is the end of body dies soul extinguished.

In the past few days, I have been calm and tranquil without any abnormalities.

Now that Lin Xuanzhang is killed suddenly, what does he want to do?

Tang Mubai is curious.

Others looked everywhere, Tang Mubai simply opened the “eye orifice” Divine Ability to see the entire Valley of Medicine King.

As a result, like everyone else, nothing was discovered.

It seems that Tang Mubai’s guess is wrong, that Kun’s family is not the murderer, he is not even in the Valley of Medicine King?


The sky over the Medicine King Valley was filled with doubts.

If the murderer is not found, the problem cannot be solved, and the big mountain that is pressing on the hearts of all Yaowang Valley sect members and disciple will not let go.

How to do?

Up to Yunyuan, down to common disciple, all the people in Yaowanggu had headaches, irritability, and anxiety.

All influence represents, and is not in the mood.

The entire Medicine King Valley was shrouded in an atmosphere of depression and silence.

At the end of the day, I didn’t eat any food.

Until night…

“It’s dead again!”

A scream suddenly broke the silence and spread throughout the valley under the night.

Whoosh! Whoosh~ whoo~

The crowds scattered around the Medicine King Valley flew in the air for a while, rushing to the place where the sound came from at the fastest speed.

“Who is dead? Who is dead?”

“Hi~ How could it be him!”

“It’s even trickier now!”


All the people who rushed to see who the dead were clearly changed.

When Tang Mubai came over, each and everyone turned their heads and looked towards Tang Mubai.

“What’s wrong?” Ye Tiansheng, who was with Tang Mubai, asked in confusion when he saw this scene.

“Xin Zhaolang is dead.” Shen Lin replied with a strange face.

“Xin Zhaolang?” Ye Tiansheng was slightly surprised, and immediately said disapprovingly, “He died when he died, nothing…”

Halfway through the conversation, I suddenly remembered something and turned to look towards Tang Mubai.

But next moment, he patted his head again and shook his head funny.

“You guys think too much. I’m with Brother Tang all day today.”

“There is still me, and me!” Xiao Qingshan who followed, raised his hand and shouted, “I have been with Big Brother Tang too!”

Xiao Qinglan didn’t speak, but after walking over, she stood beside Tang Mubai.

Obviously, she is also one of them.

Xin Zhaolang died, and everyone looked towards Tang Mubai weirdly because Xin Zhaolang had previously identified Tang Mubai.

Now that he is dead, Tang Mubai is most suspected.

However, after Ye Tiansheng, Xiao Qingshan, and Xiao Qinglan made such statements, most of Tang Mubai’s suspicion immediately disappeared.

The reason why it is not all is because killing people does not necessarily have to do it yourself.

Want to get sick of Tang Mubai’s black talent, so he caught this.

After Xiao Qingshan finished speaking, he immediately followed, said with a sneer, “What about you being with him? As far as I know, Tang Mubai has more abilities, such as his Archery,”


After Xiao Qingshan finished speaking, he immediately followed, said with a sneer, “What about you being with him? As far as I know, Tang Mubai has more abilities, such as his Archery,” Xiao Qingshan said. , He immediately followed, said with a sneer, “What about you being with him? As far as I know, Tang Mubai has more abilities, such as his Archery,”

After Xiao Qingshan finished speaking, he immediately followed, said with a sneer, “What about you being with him? As far as I know, Tang Mubai has more abilities, such as his Archery,” Xiao Qingshan said. , He immediately followed, said with a sneer, “What about you being with him? As far as I know, Tang Mubai has more abilities, such as his Archery,”

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