Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 577

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Divine might !

The terrifying divine might landed suddenly, blasting the air, and locked Tang Mubai and even the entire 100 meters range.

Ye Tiansheng, Xiao Qingshan, and Xiao Qinglan were all stiff and pale.

Others are almost the same, all under Tongshen are unable to move.

It is Wu Zhicai, and his face is not good.

Because the divine might that descended was at least twice as powerful as the divine might he controlled.

However, before he could fight back—

“Huh boom~”

The void suddenly exploded, and a burst of air swept the air.

A fiery red palm print almost identical to the real palm, but magnified ten times, appeared above Tang Mubai’s head with the advent of divine might, and landed swiftly in an imposing manner of a meteor falling to the ground.

call! ! !


The squally wind swept, howling Heaven and Earth.

A round of rays of light comparable to the scorching sun, bright and dazzling rays of light, rose from Tang Mubai’s body, facing the falling red palm prints, straight up.

“Zhenri King Boxing”!

hu ~ hu ~ hu ~

The strength is like a dragon, sweeping the entire Yaowang Valley.

The golden light bursts out, dazzling like a big day outside the sky.

In the flickering lasing, the derivation of the dazzling band of light, wrapped around Tang Mubai’s body all around, hovering all the way up.

Divine Physique!

The power of Two Revolutions is urged to the extreme, and the released power is blessed into the fist mark.

2 2 is superimposed and exceeds 4.


The deafening sound, like thunder suddenly blooming.

The light and heat burst out at that moment, and a clear outline appeared in the impact void. Then, all the surrounding space was distorted and frantically surging.

The hot and dazzling golden fist prints, like the red palm prints of heaven punishment, cancel each other out under the aftermath of the sky and the impact of the tsunami.


The void trembles, shakes.



“You dare to wait!”

Medicine King Valley all around, there was a series of angry shouts.

And at the next moment, all around there was a breaking wind of “swish~wish~wish”.

Less than 2 seconds.

In the sky of Tang Mubai and the others, there are more than a dozen more auras, imposing manner terrifying silhouettes.

“Who is moving?”

Yun Yuan’s face was green, his eyes spitting fire and scanning the crowd, “When I am Yaowanggu a park? If you say you do it, do it? Whatever you want?”

No one cares about him.

At this moment, everyone at the scene looked at Tang Mubai with different expressions on their faces.

Some shocked, some surprised, some stunned, some jealous…


Tang Mubai’s punch actually offset the red palm print?

You know that the latter is a powerhouse of Destiny Peak, released in anger.

The destructive power and lethality contained therein are beyond the imagination of the Innate martial artist.

Even if Tang Mubai is a realm, it’s not easy to take that palm. He doesn’t vomit a few mouthfuls of blood, rests for several years, and doesn’t even want to recover.

Because the shots were Xin Zhaolang grandfather, Yaowanggu Supreme Elder, and Xin Liang.

Although Xin Liang has not advanced to Nirvana, the realm of Destiny Peak is enough to crush everyone in the audience.

Tang Mubai was able to hold his angry palm and get rid of it.

This… this is incredible! It’s incredible!

What realm is Tang Mubai?

But just breakthrough Innate!

Use the cultivation base of Innate to fight against the blow of Destiny Peak.

Not to mention that this kind of thing happened in the past, even I dare not even think about it.

It’s better now, it’s happening right now!

In the presence of everyone, clearly and perfectly clear contribution in the air.

Rao is the identity of everyone at the scene, and there are countless major events experienced. At this moment, I still can’t help being suppressed by such a big gap, speechless for a long time.

Even Xin Liang himself was taken aback for a while, obviously he didn’t expect his attack to be easily resolved by Tang Mubai.

Later, when I heard Yun Yuan’s angry shout, I suddenly realized, breathing fire in his eyes, and shouted again, “No matter who you are, if you dare to kill my grandson, you have to die!”


The air blew up.

Xin Liang’s second palm has not yet been launched, the whole person was first wrapped in an invisible force, and then flew backwards several hundred meters away.

“Elder Xin, didn’t you hear me say stop!”

Yun Yuan looked cold, glanced at Xin Zhaolang’s body on the ground, glaring at Xin Liang, who had stagnated and was about to pounce back again, shouted, “Your grandson is dead, who told you Tang Mubai was the murderer?”


Xin Liang pointed to Wu Zhi.

“Cough cough.” Wu Zhicai coughed slightly and explained, “I didn’t say that Tang Mubai was the murderer. I said Tang Mubai was the most suspicious! After all, Tang Mubai had a conflict with the deceased before, and the two sides have already settled. Enmity!”


The divine might dissipated and restored Xiao Qingshan, with a flushed face, pointing at Wu Zhicai and cursing, “You lied! Deliberately planted and framed! I have already said, Big Brother Tang has been with you all day today. We are together, and we have never seen Xin Zhaolang! It’s good for you, there is nothing at all. Just point Big Brother Tang to frame the suspect and ask me to say that you are the suspect!”

“Xiao Qingshan! Shut up! Wu Elder is the pure Yang Sword Palace Elder, with a lofty status and a noble status. Can you a young official point to it casually? Not knowing the immensity of Heaven and Earth kid, give it to I apologize immediately!”

Duan Xie stared at Xiao Qingshan and reprimanded him. Then he looked towards the Wu Zhicai of complexion ashen and apologized, “Sorry, the little child is ignorant and offends Wu Elder. I also hope that Sir Elder is a lot, don’t care about him.”

Wu Zhicai, “…”

He clenched his fists, his eyes full of anger, and tried his best to control himself not to get angry.

This remark of Duan Xie seems to be reprimanding Xiao Qingshan, but in fact it points to Sang cursing and telling him.

There is only one meaning, bully the weak!

As an Elder of Pure Yang Sword Palace, he bullied a youngster who was under 20 years old just after breakthrough Innate.

To have no shame?

Most people at the scene could hear the hidden meaning.

Because of the large number of people, Wu Zhicai’s angry flames rushed to his brain.

However, Yun Yuan, Xue An, and many Supreme Elders of Yaowanggu were drawn out by the movement just now, no matter how angry he was, he had to endure it!

He didn’t speak, Xiao Qingshan and Ye Tiansheng naturally couldn’t target them anymore.

Like Tang Mubai, he endured it for a while, glanced at it, and then looked back, looked towards Yun Yuan and Xue An, and asked, “Valley Lord Yun and Elder Xue, is it true that Yaowanggu has always been doing things like this? I don’t know anything. , Just shoot at will and kill the innocent?”

“This is a misunderstanding.”

Xue An was embarrassed and laughed, “Elder Xin didn’t mean it, he was only stimulated because of Xin Zhaolang’s death…”

“Oh, can you kill people if you are too stimulated?” Tang Mubai interrupted coldly, “If the stimulation is too much, is it an excuse for killing?”

“No…Is this a misunderstanding if I didn’t say it.” Xue An was a little embarrassed.

Yun Yuan’s face was not good, but he did not speak.

Indiscriminately, he shot Tang Mubai.

The fault is on their side, Tang Mubai is angry, reasonable…

Hmm, wait!

Xin Liang shot Tang Mubai, is Tang Mubai okay?

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