Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 578

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Yun Yuan was suddenly startled.

“You just defuse Elder Xin’s attack?” He blurted out.

“Of course.” Xiao Qingshan replied, “If it wasn’t for Big Brother Tang’s strength, the palm just now could kill all of us.”


With the three words “impossible”, Yun Yuan reached his lips and forcibly stopped.

Because this kind of thing cannot be concealed.

He and Xue An and the others are one step late, but the others on the scene are that many and impossible.

If Xiao Qingshan lied, he would pierce his mouth.

However, at this moment, when Xiao Qingshan finished speaking, no one else refuted, all with curiosity in shock.

Obviously, they also met for the first time.

A junior who just broke through Innate, resolve the angry blow of Destiny Peak…

This ability is really surprising.

Yun Yuan breathed deeply, suppressing the surprise in his heart, said solemnly, “Don’t worry, Alliance Lord Tang, we will give you an explanation. But before that, we must first find out the murderer everywhere! Otherwise, someone will be killed in the follow-up! “

“I want him to die! I want him to die!” Xin Liang stood in the air, roaring with fire-breathing eyes.

I did not express or apologize for being angry at Tang Mubai just now.


Tang Mubai endured it temporarily.

Xin Liang is the destiny Peak. If he really wants to fight, he can’t survive ten moves, so he has to run away.

The power of the previous punch is indeed very strong, and the simple ordinary punch can offset the heavy attack.

But the burst of blood has 200,000 cards!

Regardless of the power of “Jinri King Fist” and “Dari Divine Physique”, the Qi and blood alone consumes 200,000 cards.

Tang Mubai 500,000 cards of vitality and blood, 3 punches can not be used.

Even if you count spirit strength, there are more than 3 punches.

Therefore, He Xin Liang’s positive meet force with force is completely looking for abuse.

Tang Mubai took this palm.


There was Lin Xuanzhang before and Xin Zhaolang now.

The murderer’s unscrupulousness caused Yaowang Gu to be angry and jealous.

The anger is that the murderer is too arrogant.

Yaowanggu dispatched everyone to look for it, but no clue was found.

This made everyone nervous inexplicably.

Although the two dead, Lin Xuanzhang and Xin Zhaolang, were of average strength.

But no one can be sure that the murderer is not strong.

For this reason, teams of more than 3 people are used for searching.

Tang Mubai is with Xiao Qingshan, Xiao Qinglan, and Duan Xie.

Along the way, Xiao Qingshan was foul-mouthed and held the injustice for Tang Mubai.

In his words, Xin Liang, Wu Zhicai, and Xin Zhaolang are all broken.

“If it wasn’t for Tang…”


Tang Mubai suddenly stretched out his hand and made a silent gesture, signaling Xiao Qingshan to stop.

The latter quickly covered his mouth, looked towards Tang Mubai, and asked.

Xiao Qinglan and Duan Xie also stopped and looked at Tang Mubai with doubts.

Tang Mubai did not explain, standing still, listening all around.

Just a moment ago, he “heared” someone passing on the road up ahead.

The speed is incredible, even more ghostly than ghosts.

Because it was too fast, Tang Mubai could not immediately lock the opponent’s position.

At this time, calm down, and slowly confirm through the “Sacred Heart Pass” carefully.


Tang Mubai beckoned, and his figure quickly swept forward to the right.

“Come on.”

Duan Xie motioned to Xiao Qingshan and Xiao Qinglan to follow behind.

A group of 4 people galloped on the mountain road.

Tang Mubai is at the forefront, and the Divine Ability of “Sacred Heart Tong” and “Ear Orifice” are running together, chasing the silhouette that it senses.

Over one hill, two hills, it seems to be far away from the residential area.


A bunch of dazzling sword light suddenly bloomed from the front mountain col and rose into the sky.

The night was torn apart at this moment and divided into two halves.

Sword light, grandiose, dignified emperor with 100 meters lifted off, lasing 4 squares.

Wherever it passes, the airflow dissipates, energy shatters, and ripples appear in the space.

Under this beam of sword light, like any dark side in the world, disappear without a trace.

Sweeping with one sword, the world is shocked.

“Matchless in the world?”

On the mountain path, Duan Xie stopped subconsciously, looking at the dazzling sword light tearing through the night, and raised his eyebrows.

“Is this Ye Jingxiao’s shot, or Ye Chengdao?”

The voice fell–

“Hello ~”

A depressed roar sounded from the col with the sword light.

“No matter who it is, the murderer has been found!”

Tang Mubai accelerated and rose into the air.

“Hey, hey, wait for me.” Xiao Qingshan chased on the ground.

Xiao Qinglan accompanied him.

Duan Xie slowed down and flew in the air.

The four people arrived at the col, and saw Ye Jingxiao holding a long sword with blue light, standing in the air.

嗖 ~ 嗖 ~ 嗖 ~

all around, there is a sky-splitting sound constantly.

The moment the brilliant sword light rose, the crowd scattered in every corner of the Medicine King Valley rushed past.

At this moment, they gathered around Ye Jingxiao and spoke.

“Ye Young Master, did you find the murderer?”

“Where? Where is the murderer?”

“There are traces there, eh, not human blood?”


The crowd exclaimed.

In the grass on the ground, a lot of blood was sprinkled.

But these bloodstains are not red.

“It’s the blood of people in Demon Race!” Xue An looked ugly.

The others were hearing this, suddenly in an uproar.

“The murderer was from Demon Race?”

“That’s right, if you are a member of Demon Race, it is really difficult to find them.”

“Why do people from Demon Race appear here?”


Everyone said something to me, Yun Yuan, Xue An and other Yaowanggu high-level officials, their faces were more ugly than the other.

No one didn’t expect that the murderer would be someone in Demon Race!

In the Valley of the King of Medicine, people from Demon Race actually got in.

The key is that they didn’t know, until they were smashed by Ye Jingxiao a moment ago.

The previous dazzling and unparalleled sword came from the “Baiyun Sword Manual”.

When Duan Xie called out, Tang Mubai also recognized it.

“Baiyun Sword Manual” wants cultivation success, you must first understand the sword intent.

Obviously, Ye Jingxiao did it.

Because of this, he was able to wound Kun’s comrades with a single sword!


“Master Ye Young, where did the people in that Demon Race go?” Yun Yuan asked in a deep voice.

“I don’t know.” Ye Jingxiao shook his head, “It’s too fast, its body is too ghostly, it can’t be locked at all. If it weren’t for it you think you can kill me, I wouldn’t notice its existence at all.”

“Then what to do?” Xiao Qingshan couldn’t help but interject.

“To deal with Demonic Creature and Demon Race, the first choice is to restrain Demonic Creature 4 Divine Items, such as Demon Mirror, Demon Halberd, Sealing Demon Seal, and Demon Orb. However, these 4 Divine Items, except Demon Mirror, are known to be in the Federation. Three things are not clear whereabouts.” Meng 3 Tong pondered then said.

“Without the four Divine Items, you can find the other party.” Xue An dipped, “In the Valley of the King of Medicine, there happens to be a piece of Magic Metal!”


“If there is Demon Metal, you can indeed find this damn murderer.”


Others hearing this, one after another spoke.

Only Tang Mubai’s attention was focused on Ye Jingxiao.

To be precise, it is his calf!

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