Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 579

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The powerful sensing power of “Shengxintong” made Tang Mubai notice that there was something hiding behind Ye Jingxiao’s calf!

This thing is still alive…

But naked eye looked at it, there was nothing.

But “Shengxintong” clearly sensed it.

Naked eye can’t see, try Divine Ability?

Do what you want, Tang Mubai displays Divine Ability and looks again.

In the micro-perspective field of vision, behind Ye Jingxiao’s calf, something hiding was swaying from side to side, and the outline came into view. The specific appearance is not clear, only a cloud of light.

This group of light is still very bright, like a light bulb in the micro-perspective field of view, illuminating the surroundings.

The magic is that no one can see except Tang Mubai.

“What is this?”

Tang Mubai hesitated.

Perhaps the staring time was too long, this thing hiding behind Ye Jingxiao’s calf suddenly looked towards Tang Mubai.

Although the whole appearance is light, Tang Mubai can sense that the other party is “looking” at him.

After “watching”, he seemed to be taken aback, falling from the air behind Ye Jingxiao’s calves to the ground and flying towards the forest.

The speed was very fast, and he fell into the forest in the blink of an eye.

Regarding this, Tang Mubai didn’t move. Right now, he was surrounded by experts, who were either psychic or destiny.

Whether he uses blood, spirit strength, or mental power, it will cause fluctuations.

It is a good thing for this shiny thing to escape.

Tang Mubai only needs to keep track of it and wait for it to fly far away before he can do it.

Whether it is “Star Plucking Hand” or system space extraction, it can be captured.

The same is true.

Seeing this little thing far away from the crowd and hiding behind the mountain, Tang Mubai made a decisive decision, concentrated one’s mind, and locked the other side.

Then, with a violent force, the mind was locked and wrapped, and pulled into the system space!

Living things cannot stay in the system space for a long time.

For this reason, Tang Mubai found an excuse to leave the crowd.

At this time, many people have dispersed.

Although the murderer hadn’t caught it, he knew what it was, and Yaowanggu had the magic metal. With a countermeasure, things were much easier.

Gathering the power of all people, searching for action, and disbanding since then.

Yun Yuan, Xue An, and other high-level members of the Medicine King Valley, some went to get the magic metal, some prepared materials, and began to deploy.

This person in the Demon Race who killed Lin Xuanzhang and Xin Zhaolang has a ghostly body and a good way of hiding.

The usual method can’t help it, but the array can be arranged through the magic metal, which is different.

As long as it is Demonic Creature, the person in Demon Race will be forced out after Formation is turned on.

Even if the other party forcibly endured it, the silhouette would be exposed under the interference of Formation power.

This is like the confrontation between astral energy and demonic energy, and the two cancel each other out.

If the astral energy is less, the demonic energy will have the upper hand. With less demonic energy, astral energy has the upper hand.

And Yaowanggu has no shortage of energy stones, and Formation can keep running.

Where is the person in the hidden Demon Race? How long can it last?

One hour? 2 hours?

Even if it is one or two days, Yaowanggu can continue!

Can someone in Demon Race last so long?

The answer is obvious, no!

Therefore, everyone is very excited.

Tang Mubai left at this time, no one cared.

The Wu Zhi who wanted to cheat him just glanced at him, then withdrew his gaze.

Xin Liang went from beginning to end without looking at him.

Xiao Qingshan wanted to keep up, but Tang Mubai interrupted with a wave, indicating that he wanted to be quiet.

In this way, one person gets away, avoiding other people, and after quickly coming to the mountain, transfers what he grabs from the system space to the demon space.

The entire process takes less than 3 minutes. The things transferred to the demon space can still move.

Falling on the top of a barren mountain, Tang Mubai could clearly hear a sound similar to breathing.

Uncontrollably, divine sense penetrates into the demon space and looks at the opponent.


“A fruit?”

Tang Mubai squinted.

The little thing he caught and grabbed it was actually a green fruit the size of a table tennis ball.

The magic is that this fruit has hands and feet. Although it is very compact, it has hands, feet, and a face.

At this moment, I seemed to perceive that Tang Mubai was “looking” at it. Guoguo’s hands and feet “xiu” got into the body at once, and the five officials also disappeared.

And in the next second, with a sound of “xiu”, he flew away from the top of the barren mountain and swept towards the dark area.

Tang Mubai didn’t stop it, watching it fly away and disappear into the darkness.

He had already refining the Zhenzhuzhu, no matter where it flew, the little thing could not escape his palm.

The breath released by the other party, the rich life fluctuation, was stronger than that of the Innate martial artist, which made Tang Mubai almost instantly think of what it was.

nine revolutions divine medicine!

Before coming to Yaowanggu, Tang Mubai got the information about Yaowanggu.

nine revolutions divine medicine, an associate of Demon Race and Kun.

At this moment, no accidents, all verified.

Kun’s accomplices have been determined and were injured by Ye Jingxiao’s sword.

The remaining nine revolutions divine medicine, 99% is this green fruit with hands and feet.

Not to mention nine revolutions, even seven revolutions, divine medicine is also alive and free to move around.

The growth of five officials, hands and feet, is not the essence, but its Innate Ability.

In a way, nine revolutions divine medicine is already a high-level life with a mind-opened and self-awareness.

Kun’s accomplices killed Lin Xuanzhang and Xin Zhaolang just to catch it.

Staring at Ye Jingxiao, the same is true.

Tang Mubai could imagine that after Green Fruit discovered Kun’s accomplices, discovered its existence, and wanted to catch it, he immediately chose to escape.

It is smart, knowing that if it hides in a corner, it will be found by Kun’s accomplices.

Therefore, I chose to find someone, cling to the martial artist, and let Kun’s associate refrain from shooting at the rat for fear of breaking the vases.

The realm of the chosen person cannot be too high.

Power of God, destiny, strong mental power, strong divine sense.

If one is not good, it may be discovered and exposed.

Under Innate, this problem is rare.

Lin Xuanzhang and Xin Zhaolang, either lucky or unfortunate, were chosen by the green fruit as a temporary windbreak.

Unexpectedly, Kun’s accomplices didn’t care at all and killed Lin Xuanzhang and Xin Zhaolang directly.

This shocked the green fruit and ran away again.

Ye Jingxiao was selected because he just met on the way to escape.

Ye Jingxiao didn’t let it down either. After discovering Kun’s accomplice, he directly suppressed it with a sword and severely inflicted Kun’s accomplice.

Connected in series, this time things will become clear.

The murderer was Kun’s accomplice, but the cause was green fruit.

This nine revolutions divine medicine has a high IQ.

Tang Mubai divine sense exited the demon space, no longer staring at it.

nine revolutions divine medicine is now his.

Tang Mubai does not know the people of Yaowanggu, whether they know the existence of green fruit.

Even if he knew, he wouldn’t tell the story.

On the surface, only Kun’s associates knew the green fruit.

If a person in this Demon Race dies, the green fruit will belong to him in the future.

For this, Kun’s accomplice must die!

Tang Mubai didn’t care about the green fruit, just to find the person in this Demon Race quickly.

Yaowanggu’s people are dispatched as a whole, and the efficiency is not so fast.

In less than 2 hours, the materials and energy stones needed for the formation have been prepared.

The location of Formation was also selected on a square.

The person presiding over the hands-on is a Taishang Formation from Yaowanggu, who is familiar with Formation and knows how to arrange it.

Under his command, a huge array quickly formed. Join the energy stone, after activation.


A dazzling brilliance suddenly shot from the Formation, spreading across the entire Medicine King Valley.

When the three were unable to breathe, they enveloped the Medicine King Valley, covering every corner.

The power of the demon metal was released, and under the urge of Formation, it turned into a ray of naked eye visible breath, and each and everyone drifted past.

“I will soon know where the people in the Demon Race are hiding.” On the mountain path, Xiao Qingshan rubbed his hands, watching with some excitement as the breath floats in the air.

“I just want to know, why did the other party kill?” Ye Tiansheng raised his eyebrows. “The killing Lin Xuanzhang, Xin Zhaolang and the others, do they want to stir up conflicts between Yaowanggu and Heiji City and create conflict?”

“You have to ask it in person.” Xia Hua said with a smile, “I believe it must have a purpose.”

“What is the purpose of the problem, no one knows.” Ye Jingxiao couldn’t help but interject.

“Yes, even if we find the other party and catch it, we can’t ask.” Ye Tiansheng nodded, “There are not many people who know the language of Demon Race. I think at this time, they are not in Yaowanggu. .”

“Okay.” Ye Jingxiao sighed.

Tang Mubai stood by the side, without speaking.

Demon Race language, he knows it!

Not only can read, but also write and speak.

It’s just not very comprehensive. At that time, Kun’s idea of ​​Sea of ​​Consciousness collapsed too fast.

Tang Mubai has only learned half of it, and there is no chance.

If Kun’s comrades confided anything, only Tang Mubai would know about the entire Yaowang Valley.

For the green fruit, Tang Mubai will naturally not tell others.

“Regardless of whether nine revolutions divine medicine is cultivated by Yaowanggu or not, this is a compensation.”

Tang Mubai murmured in his heart.

Xin Liang hit him cruelly, if it wasn’t for Tang Mubai’s strength, the skeleton doesn’t exist anymore.

If there is no way to get it back, nine revolutions divine medicine will act as compensation.

If you have a chance in the future, it’s not too late to find Xin to calculate the ledger!


“Hello ~”

A roar of anger, frustration, and unwillingness suddenly sounded.

“Found it! Over there!”

Xiao Qingshan heard the roar, quickly found the direction, pointed to the medicine field on the right, and exclaimed excitedly, “Go, let’s go over and take a look.”

shua! Brush~! Brush~

The wind broke.

Including Tang Mubai, everyone immediately rose into the air and flew towards the medicine field quickly.

In a few moments, he came to the top of the roar and saw the target.

A tall silhouette of a sparkling body.

The face is exactly the same as the Kun that Tang Mubai had met.

It is also Tianni Demon Race!

At this time, under the cover of Formation rays of light, this guy seemed to have flames falling on his body, and he kept shooting sparks. It dodges and releases demonic energy to disperse it, but it can’t make all the sparks go out.

Instead, there are more and more sparks on its body, brighter and brighter.

“Roar~” “roar!”

The roar of this Tianni Demon Race was crazy and unwilling.

The appearance of the Tang Mubai entire group made it panic and angry.

The appearance of Yun Yuan, Xue An, Xin Liang and the others made it desperate.

With multiple emotions under him, it yelled like venting.

“Damn humans, despicable humans, you wait, you wait, we will soon occupy this World, enslave you, and eat you! Ahhh!”

It roared like crazy.

The language used is the Demon Race language.

Therefore, in the eyes of other people around, I only feel that the people in this Demon Race are very angry, and the flames in their eyes want to burn them.

No one knows the specific meaning.

Only Tang Mubai heard clearly.

This Kun’s accomplice, he happened to have learned the Demon Race language.

“You wait, we are already setting up…”


The void shuddered suddenly.

A horrible Via suddenly descended from the sky, covering the roaring Demon Race members.

When it was suppressed, the roar stopped immediately, and the tall silhouette stiffened in place.

“Dare to kill my grandson, the old man wants your life!”

Work hard!

In the surprised and angry roar of Kun’s accomplices, his figure flickered and came into the air, standing tall and covered with a palm.

huhuhu ~

The hot rays of light sweep the air.

It is still the same as before dealing with Tang Mubai, condensed into a huge red palm print, this palm print can even see the lines on it, very clear.

In the process of falling, the air was completely repelled, and water waves appeared in the void.

“roar! !!”

Kun’s accomplices felt the crisis and tried to break free with all their strength.

However, it disappointed. It was imprisoned, and half of the power in the body was used. I could only watch the fire red palm print fall, hit its body, drove it into the ground, and made a large pit more than 3 meters deep in the ground. The edges of the potholes are full of cracks, like a spider web, extending more than ten meters away.

At the bottom of the pit, Kun’s comrades, the body turned into a pile of mud, mixed in the mud.

【Vitality +1673】

The recovery prompt flashed.

Tang Mubai shook the head somewhat unfortunately.

In the desperation of this Demon Race, in the process of venting, there was a clear tendency to reveal other news just now.

As a result, he was incomprehensible and beat him to death with a palm of anger.

Although Tang Mubai knew it, there was no excuse to stop it.

Can’t say, wait for it to roar before killing it?

Xin Liang was so angry that he wanted to vent Tang Mubai before he found it.

Now I found it, how could I let it go.

Not only him, but also Lin Zhangyan.


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Xin Liang was so angry that he wanted to vent Tang Mubai before he found it. Now I found it, how could I let it go.

Not only him, but also Lin Zhangyan. Xin Liang was so angry that he wanted to vent Tang Mubai before he found it. Now I found it, how could I let it go.

Not only him, but also Lin Zhangyan. Xin Liang was so angry that he wanted to vent Tang Mubai before he found it. Now I found it, how could I let it go.

Not only him, but also Lin Zhangyan. Xin Liang was so angry that he wanted to vent Tang Mubai before he found it. Now I found it, how could I let it go.

Not only him, but also Lin Zhangyan. Xin Liang was so angry that he wanted to vent Tang Mubai before he found it. Now I found it, how could I let it go.

Not only him, but also Lin Zhangyan.

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