Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 580

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If it is a good Demon Race.

To force it out, Formation will last at least half an hour.


“In case of 10000, Formation will restart immediately.” A Supreme Elder from Yaowanggu, said solemnly.

“Understood.” Yunyuan took a deep breath, notified Formation who arranged the points, and started Formation again.

This array of properties has a wide range of effects and consumes a lot of energy stones.

The longer the duration, the more consumed.

Fortunately, Yaowanggu has a 1000-year-old power that has enough energy stone reserves.

It’s almost impossible to change to Sect in the domain.

The energy stone uses one piece less than one piece, and most people simply cannot bear it.

Yaowanggu made this big blood in order to find out other Demon Races that may exist.

People stood on the ground in the sky.

With the second start of Formation, everyone did not speak, just pay attention to all around and listen to the movement.

Half an hour passed, one hour passed, 2 hours passed…

After 3 hours, Yunyuan notified to stop the operation of Formation.

If the natural phenomenon hasn’t reappeared for a long time, it is basically certain that there is only one Demon Race insider in Yaowang Valley.

The person in this Demon Race is dead, and the Formation naturally does not need to continue.

At this point, a turmoil that was meant to cause a big wave is over.

The murderer was the person in the Demon Race, and Yaowanggu speaking of which was also the victim.

It’s just that, after all, people died in the Medicine King Valley. Lin Xuanzhang’s death was compensated by Wang Gu for this medicine. Tang Mubai does not know what it is.

Xin Liang shot him and Tang Mubai received the explanation given by Yaowanggu.

Ten bottles of High Level medicine pill, including healing, auxiliary cultivation, qi and blood cohesion, growth of mental power and many other aspects.

In terms of value, more than 1 billion federation money.

Tang Mubai has already taken away the nine revolutions divine medicine, these compensations didn’t say much about it, and they accepted it directly.

But after this battle, the friendship between Tang Mubai and Yaowanggu ended here.

Before Yaowanggu’s good news, all were even.

The people from Yaowanggu did not look for him again, nor did Tang Mubai look for them.

Including 10000 Shutong and Luo Qing’er, the two sides avoided each other tacitly.


The murderer found out and successfully killed.

Yunyuan’s 200-year longevity was restored immediately.

It is almost the same for the birthday itself, and a delay of a day does not affect.

After a while, it became lively again.

The closed entrance to Medicine King Valley was also reopened.

I was invited to participate in the birthday banquet. When the representatives of other forces outside entered the Medicine King Valley, they were all curious about what happened to the Medicine King Valley and the entrance was actually closed.

When it was known that someone from Demon Race had mixed into the Valley of the King of Medicine and killed Lin Xuanzhang and Xin Zhaolang, each and everyone was surprised and puzzled.

What was shocking was that the people in this Demon Race were so courageous that they dared to enter the Valley of Medicine Kings by themselves.

What is wondering is how the other party entered the Medicine King Valley?

The space where Medicine King Valley is located, and the exit channel connected to the outside world, are guarded every second, and Formation is on guard.

If someone enters in Demon Race, it is impossible to cause a reaction unless someone assists it!

Who will this person be?

Also, the people in Demon Race mixed into the Valley of the King of Medicine. They were good at first, so why did they kill Lin Xuanzhang, Xin Zhaolang, and Ye Jingxiao?

There are too many doubts that make people confused.

Therefore, although Yaowanggu was joyous everywhere because of Yunyuan’s longevity, in the dark, many people kept their minds and watched all around.

In this atmosphere, representatives of all influence finally arrived.

Among them are Canglanzong and 10000 Sword Villa.

These two power representatives, the leader, Tang Mubai happened to know.

It’s Ouyang Xiongfeng who has had a fate! Zhong Xian!

At the beginning, Tang Mubai thought they were just Innate realm, but in fact they are all psychic.

Ouyang Xiongfeng is still Miwu’s Master.

That’s right, Mi Wu also came, and followed Ouyang Xiongfeng to attend the birthday banquet to gain insight.

At 10000 Sword Villa, apart from Zhong Xian, who is the leader, Tang Mubai also knows Tang Mubai in the discipline.

Qin Changkong, the previous Thang Long list expert, in Secret Realm, Tang Mubai saved him once.

Although the relationship is not as close as Yuan Bushuo, Ye Tiansheng and the others, it is worse than Xiang Yuannian.


“Leader, didn’t expect you to be here too, really good!”

Compared to Ouyang Xiongfeng, Mi Wu was particularly excited to see Tang Mubai.

What is rare is that his stuttering is gone, and he can speak very smoothly.

“Yes, I didn’t expect, you will come to participate.” Tang Mubai also sighed.

Mi Wu’s current qi and blood fluctuates, and the distance from 10000 calories is not much different.

Join Great Influence, the advantage is big, as long as there is innate talent, a lot of resources are provided.

In this situation, Fang Lin was the same, but he didn’t come that’s all.

Not every force will come to attend the banquet.

It can only be said that most of the Great Influence in Dongzhou have sent representatives.

This is already amazing.

Yaowanggu produces medicine pill, and it has a good relationship with all parties, so there are not that many enemies.

Ouyang Xiongfeng and Zhong Xian were not the last.

On the day of Yun Yuan’s birthday banquet, the person who arrived at the time point was the last one.

These representatives, the leaders, Tang Mubai knows magically.

That is the powerhouse of Destiny Realm that I encountered as a stone giant at sea before.

The other party’s son, the boy riding a flying fish. Come this time too.

Tang Mubai inquired, only to know their identities.

Promise Island!

This time I came to participate in the birthday banquet. The leader was the Island Lord himself, the Destiny Realm powerhouse Tang Mubai had seen, named Zhao Wuchen.

As for the young man riding a flying fish, his name is Zhao Xian.

The father and son were present in person, giving Yun Yuan a lot of face.


“Hey, that’s Zhao Wuchen’s wife. She almost died. It was Yun Yuan who made the shot himself. It took 1000 years of treasure medicine to save her life.” Ouyang Xiongfeng stood aside and whispered to Tang Mubai.

“So, since then, Valley Lord Yun and Zhao Island Lord have forged a deep relationship?” Tang Mubai asked.

“Fart.” Ouyang Xiongfeng sneered. “A deep relationship is so easy to forge. It’s just that each one gets what they need. After all, the alliance between Wuji Island and Yaowanggu will benefit both of them very much. For example, a kind of spiritual medicine abounds on Wuji Island, which is lacking in Yaowanggu.”

“Okay.” Tang Mubai smacked.

“Ouyang old man, what you said is too absolute.” Zhong Xian shook his head, speechless saying, “Aside from other things, Zhao Wuchen father and son is really grateful to Valley Lord Yun.”

“So what? Do you dare to guarantee that others are also sincere?” Ouyang Xiongfeng asked.

Zhong Xian was speechless.

I simply ignored him, looked towards Tang Mubai, and invited him, “Alliance Lord Tang, 1 month later, we will have a’Sword Sacrifice’ ceremony at 10000 Sword Villa. I hope you can participate in that time.”

“Sword Sacrifice Ceremony?” Tang Mubai wondered.

“That’s the Divine Weapon in 10000 Sword Villa is about to be born, the baptism before that’s all.” Ouyang Xiongfeng said sourly.

“Divine Weapon? Seven revolutions Divine Weapon?” Tang Mubai heard this, slightly startled.

“Yes.” Qin Changkong said with a smile, “Whenever Divine Weapon is born in our 10000 Sword Villa, we will pay a memorial ceremony.”

“Good.” Tang Mubai nodded.

He is indeed interested in participating in such things.

Divine Weapon, even seven revolutions, is very rare.

Divine Weapon was born in 10000 Sword Villa. Those who invited to the ceremony were all close people.

This is a recognition.

After all, Divine Weapon everyone wants.

Unlike medicine pill, as long as there are materials, it can be refined.

The rarity of Divine Weapon is destined to be special.

Yaowanggu can invite that many forces to participate in Yunyuan’s birthday, and 10000 Sword Villa is less.


After Yun Yuan’s birthday.

Tang Mubai left Medicine King Valley immediately.

Before separating from Miwu, he gave him the refined “Miracle Order” and told him the specific usage.

Fang Lin’s piece will be refined after returning, and it won’t be too late.



ten thousand li clear sky, 4 eagles.

Tang Mubai spatial flight, facing the cool morning breeze, flying in the sky.

Behind him, a big black eagle with its wings extended for 50 meters, flapped its wings and soared. Flying at a moderate pace in the area outside Tang Mubai two hundred meters, spreading wings and chirping.

“Following all the way, still not doing it?”

Tang Mubai was observing the back while spatial flight, his mouth raised.

After leaving the area outside Yaowang Valley, he was found being followed.

These people think that concealment is good, but they don’t know that Tang Mubai has discovered it long ago.

The giant eagle at the back just showed up.

When the other party did not show up, Tang Mubai let him follow.


“xiu!” “xiu!” “xiu!”

Dozens of sharp arrows from the string suddenly shot out from the forests of the two mountains.

The arrow with the azure blue color shone dazzlingly in the sun.

“Poisonous Arrow?”

Tang Mubai was coldly snorted, with his hands stretched out, facing dozens of sharp arrows that came, he patted a palm in the front.

Slap~! Slap~! Slap~!

The air made a series of muffled noises.

Most of the sharp arrows shot at the speed were knocked down, scattered, and deviated from the direction.

The remaining half came straight to Tang Mubai’s door.

“hmph! ”

Tang Mubai coldly shouted.


Void trembles.

The surging and continuous sound wave attack was born out of thin air in an instant, and the small half sharp arrow that impacted, deviated from the primordial direction, and “pa pa pa” fell to the ground.

“You have the courage to sneak attack, don’t you have the courage to show up?”

“I saw grandfather, did you not come out to pay a visit?”

Tang Mubai’s voice was maximized and shouted loudly.


With an eagle roar, suddenly dropping from the sky.

A purple giant eagle with dazzling feathers, almost metal, flew from a distance with lightning, sharp claws, and leaped straight towards Tang Mubai.

“Give me a roll!”

Without raising his head, Tang Mubai waved at the giant eagle and blasted out three consecutive palms.



Bang!! !

After the three beeps, a louder popping sound suddenly appeared in the air.


Immediately afterwards, in midair, a bloody light rain began to patter. Dozens of pieces of minced meat and fluttering feathers were scattered in the air.

“hmph! ”

On the left, there is a large mountain with a height of more than 2 1000 meters. From the forest came shouted in a low voice, and the one silhouette shot out and came into the air.

Woo! Woo! Woo!

After silhouette came out, there were more than a dozen silhouettes, and the wind flew to them.

The leader is a young man with a cold and severe breath.

Tang Mubai didn’t know him before, but understood his name and identity in Medicine King Valley.

Moon Demon Palace currently serves as Holy Son, Luo Langtian.

Beside him, a strong beard man, gloomy and cold aura, wanders about. A wretched young man, with crafty gaze in his eyes, “jié jié jié” chuckled in a low voice.

The entire group appeared, and Tang Mubai’s path was immediately blocked.

“My dear grandson, you are finally willing to come out.”

Tang Mubai spoke coldly.

“Oh ~!”

Luo Langtian sneered, “Tang Mubai, I’ll give you a chance. Now I will abolish my cultivation base and automatically cut off a hand and a leg, and I will let you go! Otherwise…”

“How else?” Tang Mubai coldly shouted interrupted.

“Otherwise, you will stay here forever today!” Luo Langtian said coldly, “How about, do you do it or not?”

Tang Mubai didn’t say a word, just stretched out his hand and pointed, a burst of strength mixed with sharp cold glow, flew out of the sky in an instant, and hit Luo Lang Tian’s face.

“boy, you dare!”

Facing this sudden attack, Luo Langtian hadn’t reacted yet, and the brawny beard on the side roared sharply, raised his hand and slapped it with strength.

peng peng pa!

With 2 muffled sounds, Tang Mubai’s attack was disintegrated.

At this point, Luo Lang genius came back to his senses, ice-cold saying, “stubborn, since you are courting death, then go to die! Come on! Kill him!”

“Tweet~! Tweet~!”

A group of Moon Demon Palace disciples following Luo Langtian immediately whistled when they heard the order.

Next moment ——



More than a dozen huge fierce eagles of different colors galloped from the sky of the two large mountains on the left and right.

The speed is speed to the pinnacle, almost cold light flashed, just passing through the air.

Then, like one after another lightning, attacked Tang Mubai from different directions from front to back, left to right.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

The wind howled, the eagle hit the sky.

Abandon the dozen giant eagles that tweet and turn them into lightning knives, and attack them all.

“Fire and fire!”

Tang Mubai drink low.

“Weng weng weng ~!”

The energy erupted, and the void suddenly trembled again and again.

A terrifying force followed by abrupt dropping from the sky. Under this pressure, the air is twisted.

Woo! Woo! Woo!

“bang! !!”

The dull and suppressed explosion sound trembles the sky.

The power of wind and fire, visible from the naked eye circle after circle, continuously superimposed on each other, swept all around with Tang Mubai’s palm as the center.

Within a few tenths of a second, the evolution of the shock wave was completed.

After that, they rushed all the way, sweeping a dozen giant eagles that were flying fast like lightning.

With a large area coverage, more than a dozen giant eagles can no longer maintain their extreme speed.

“Li!” “Li!”

The scream of giant eagle screamed instantly. The voice appeared hurriedly and frightened, and the huge figure, one after another, appeared from the air.

At the next moment, Tang Mubai performed “Ji Dao Bawang Quan”, followed by the powerful fist strength, “boom~ boom~” detonated the scene.

In less than 3 seconds, all giant eagles were killed.


Tang Mubai flickered, and went straight to Luo Langtian.

call out!

A cold light shot out sharply through the air almost at the same time and came straight to Tang Mubai’s door.

“hmph! ”

Tang Mubai coldly shouted, waved his palm, and “Missing the Sky Palm” fell.


The silence is suppressed like the sound of muffled thunder, echoing in midair.

Covered by the surging palm force, the cold light that broke through the air immediately disappeared.

“If you want to move Holy Son, pass me first!”

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