Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 581

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It’s a wretched youth!

He stared at Tang Mubai with a sneer, and confronted him directly.

Bang! bang!

The deafening noise echoed in the air.

Round after round of fist shadows and palm prints were born like lightning and collided with each other.

Pa pa pa !

The air was blasted with a series of explosions.

The collision of fist shadows and palm prints, and the terrifying and destructive power derived from them, burst the air on the spot. Sweeping across the sky with an imposing manner unmatched. Stir out several hundred meters far away, not dissipating for a long time.

At a certain moment–

“Dominating the world!”

The strongest move of “Extinguish Palm”, Tang Mubai blasted out and moved towards the wretched youth.

The wretched youth complexion changed.

He saw where the palm print passed, and the space shattered for a moment.

It’s not an exaggeration, but it’s really broken, although it will soon recover.

But how powerful is the palmprint that can break the space, you can imagine!

The wretched young man was shocked by this, and hurriedly started to resist.



“bang! !!”

There was a violent explosion.

The attack of the wretched young man was easily resolved. He felt a powerful terrifying force, rushing straight to the heart and lungs, his throat was sweet, and he opened his mouth to spit out a big congestion.


The wretched young man flew up in the air, leaped over everyone, and flew out several hundred meters away, before falling to the ground, hitting the forest, “ka-cha”, “ka-cha” and “ka-cha” burst out in succession. The sound of cracking trees was just about to stop.


The wretched young man who had a half-step realm was defeated so quickly.

Luo Langtian, beard brawny, and other Moon Demon palace disciplines, all stayed calm.

Brush ~

The Tang Mubai body flashed and disappeared here.

“Taiji Universe Skill”!

Tang Mubai teleported directly in the air, without showing his figure.

At the same time, take out the dragon head bow and aim at Luo Langtian——


The arrow of astral energy pierced the air, and when Luo Langtian came back to his senses, he hit his chest and detonated his body.


The brawny beard’s eyes widened suddenly, his pupils were covered with bloodshot eyes, his eyes breathed out and he was extremely angry.

“Surnamed Tang, you dare to kill Holy Son, I want your life!!”

Xiu! xiu! xiu!

Tang Mubai continued to teleport, shooting arrows in the air.

The target, the other Moon Demon Palace disciplines, is still one stone.

Luo Langtian was still aware of the crisis anyway, and these disciplines did not feel at all, and his consciousness had disappeared.

Even the wretched young man who was beaten out, Tang Mubai shot an arrow in the air and sent him home.

The whole process took less than 3 minutes, and only the beard man was left in the air.

Beard, a brawny man, is also the realm powerhouse in this team.

Luo Langtian is just a high status, Moon Demon Palace Holy Son, just became the leader.

His real realm is only Innate 5 orifice, divine sense has not been condensed yet.

Only the beard man, Tang Mubai could not see how many years he stepped into Tongshen.


Keep teleporting while shooting arrows.

The power of “Divine Arrow” is used to its extreme, breaking through 3 layers of space and locking the beard man.

But in the end, the beard brawny man who was so angry and imposing manner was induced to avoid him in advance.

And release a strange energy wave, covering a radius of 100 meters.

When Tang Mubai teleported, he suddenly became slow, revealing his figure.


Tang Mubai raised his eyebrows and put away the dragon head bow.

The martial arts supported by the brawny beard, the ability is peculiar, the role of “Taiji Qiankun Jue” is limited, the bow and arrow can not be used much.

“Despicable kid, you continue to hide!”


The air exploded suddenly.

A huge scarlet palm print penetrated the air and attacked Tang Mubai.

The terrorist force exploded the air on the spot and made a heavy noise.

Where the palm print passes, the space seems to be distorted, turning into a quagmire, and ripples like one after another water wave appear.

“Oh ~”

Tang Mubai was vigilant in his heart, and his hands were not slow. “Heavenly King Fist”, “Heavenly Dragon Claw” and “Heavenly Dragon Claw”, all of their brains are used, and they strike out without stopping.

“Zhenri King Boxing” has large power, but also large consumption.

Before knowing the true details of the other party, Tang Mubai had to keep his blood.

This wave of crazy strikes is not weak and continuous. Just like a sea wave, wave after wave.

Blast the air, meet force with force and huge palm prints, slammed together!

Next moment ——

“Bang bang bang!!”

2 violent terrifying forces, the impact produced a huge tremor. The shock wave that burst out from this caused ripples in the entire Martial Domain.

“Boom~!” “Boom~!”

The vigor raged, and the residual energy generated by the explosion fluctuated, pushing Tang Mubai’s body back and forth, and the beard brawny could not resist for a while, and moved a few steps back.

“hmph! ”

The brawny beard stabilized his figure and looked at Tang Mubai with bloodshot eyes, “Death, Laozi wants you to die!”

In the roar, a pair of thick palms suddenly became extremely red. As if the iron tongs were hot red, carrying the terrifying pressure like a mountain collapse, the Imperial court was so hot, and continued to call Tang Mubai.


The void exploded.

The flaming giant palm is in the air, and the terrifying force generated by the chopping directly blows the air.

Suddenly the energetic engulfed, raging air currents. It burst into a fierce whirlwind, impudent hovering in the martial arts domain.

Wherever it passed, the airflow was forcibly cut into ripples visible to naked eye.

The power of a palm is like the collapse of the sky.

Tang Mubai’s Essence, Qi, and Spirit are elevated to the extreme in an instant. The terrifying power hit his face, and he sensed the threat in a moment.

It is so close, so cold.

With the dark, cold, terrifying breath of Nine Nether Hell, the stimulating Tang Mubai, the heartbeat almost stopped beating in an instant.

This moment.

Tang Mubai’s brain plunged into a brief blank, it seemed that the whole world, suddenly, entered a silent state.

All the voices disappeared.

The sky, the ground, all around, there is no sound. The brawny beard, who was approaching in front of him, opened and closed his mouth from time to time, but made no sound.

At this moment of the world, the whole world seems to have stopped moving.

Only in the sky above the head, the rays of light are bright and dazzling.

“Huh!” “Huh!” “Huh!”

In the roar of energy, a scarlet giant dragon paw print of baring fangs and brandishing claws, roaring out from the red palm prints from the attack.

“Ao ~ !!!”

The loud dragon roar, heaven-shaking, earth-shattering.

Then, the scarlet giant dragon’s paw print opened a bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl that did not exist but could be felt, and pounced towards Tang Mubai.

“Heavenly Dragon Claw ~”

Tang Mubai, who was awakened from shock, attacked head on.

He found that among several martial arts, the power of “Heavenly Dragon Claw” was the strongest except for the last move of “Jianri King Fist” and “Destroyer Palm”.

It seems that it is Yang Attribute. After the activation of “Dari Divine Physique”, the power has been blessed several times.


The sound of breaking air echoed.

The astral energy erupts, drives the airflow, condenses and derives spiral oscillations, forming a fiery red dragon claw mark, colliding with the claw marks of the giant dragon and the strikes beard in the imposing manner of press forward.


“bang! !!”

There was a loud noise.

Two different attributes, terrifying powers of power, touched each other in midair, exploded with terrifying power, turned into countless air arrows, and shot in the void.

The invisible gang wind hunted and screamed, and set off a strong wind in the martial arts.

“Bang bang pa! ——”

The dull explosion sounded endlessly.

The fiery red dragon claw mark under the eruption of the horror power, the Dragon Claw Hand played by the beard brawny, the devastating strikes, they were all shaken apart without holding them for 5 seconds.

The remaining shock waves, strikes on the huge body of Beard. He didn’t even retreat when he was hit, so he was impacted and flew high in the air, drawing a beautiful parabola in midair, and slamming heavily on the Martial Domain.


There was a dull noise.

The brawny beard floats in the air. The fiend energy on the body, like clothes, was completely shattered by the terrifying power. With disheveled hair and a dusty face in embarrassment, there is no such thing as the imposing manner of the previous moment.

“it is good!”

Tang Mubai clenched his fists, his eyes shot exciting rays of light.

The power of “Heavenly Dragon Claw” is indeed at least 5 times stronger than before.

After the activation of “Dari Divine Physique”, the martial arts of Yang Attribute increased greatly.

Just consuming 10000 cards of vitality and blood can hurt the beard brawny!

Tang Mubai was excited here, but the brawny beard on the opposite side completely went away.

“Ah!!! Boy, I want you to die! I want you to die!!!”

beard brawny roar towards the sky.

In the brain, there is only a single thought.

Kill Tang Mubai!

Under the monstrous anger, the terrifying breath of God, burst out. To bear the brunt, Tang Mubai felt the pressure in the air suddenly increase.

In this regard.

Tang Mubai was coldly snorted, spurred by his will, ignoring his outbreak, urging “Heavenly Dragon Claw” and continuing to attack.

On the opposite side, after the brawny beard roared, seeing Tang Mubai had no effect, he couldn’t help being both shocked and angry, but he didn’t care about other things, and launched a confrontation.


Leaving an afterimage in the air, the beard brawny, entrained in anger, rushed to Tang Mubai in the blink of an eye.


Tang Mubai dodged, and flexibly avoided the attack. After that, stepped repeatedly in the air, ascended in one step, and jumped to in midair at 15 meters. Condescendingly, moved towards the top of the brawny man’s head, the perfect “Heavenly Dragon Claw” was hit hard.

“Bang!” “bang! !” “bang! !!!”

The dull loud noise exploded in the night sky.

Carrying the enhanced dragon claw seal, superimposed on each other, circle after circle, one weight after another, speed to the pinnacle, accurately hit the beard brawny.

The horrible power that bursts out several times with blessings, the power generated is, for example, the beard brawny is a realm, and he also feels a palpitating heart. In the rush, his head tilted and his body moved to avoid it.

Tang Mubai’s dragon claw seal, so he went straight to the strikes of the Martial Domain, and made a loud noise, making a circle of ripples, almost piercing through.

But the blast of energy hit the beard brawny man back.


The brawny beard yelled in shame, struggling to stand firm. The fire-breathing eyes were instantly bloodshot.

In his martial arts, he actually lost!


Must die!

At this moment, all thoughts of revenge for Luo Langtian and not being able to explain after returning were all forgotten.

In the eyes of the brawny beard, there is only Tang Mubai at this time.

Amid the roar, his tall body ran swiftly, like the king of ominous beast leaping towards Tang Mubai.

At the same time, with both hands open, the bloody Fire Attribute astral energy was released. With dragon claw’s offensive, he played domineeringly.

Bang! bang!

The air 2 is muffled.

Tang Mubai eyelids twitched, his stature moved. Next moment, “Heavenly Dragon Claw” with the blessing of “Dari Divine Physique” is played again.

“hong long! ”

The dragon claw printed on the dragon claw giant hand, bursting out a strong shock wave.

The calm and powerful body was blocked by Tang Mubai desperately. And the brawny beard fought back with his body without scruples.


In a fierce shot, the beard brawny took a burst of murderous aura, one leaped into the air, and rushed towards Tang Mubai fiercely.


Tang Mubai left an afterimage in the same place, making the beard brawny jump into the air.

But Yu Jin fluctuated, the shocking body flew into the air, and a muffled sound of “Peng” hit the inner wall of the Martial Domain.

This blood-colored semi-transparent space limits the extreme speed, but it does not affect the movement of the flash.

to this end.

After standing firm, Tang Mubai continued to leap into the air and rushed to the beard brawny amidst surprised and angry.


Beard is a brawny man, raised his mouth to the sky and roared like a wild beast. Then, with a sudden stroke of his hands in the void, a pair of black Iron Fist sets of pitch-black as ink appeared on his hands.


The void quavered.

The brawny beard wore a black Iron Fist suit and punched the Tang Mubai who rushed over.


The air made a dull explosion sound, and the violent fists passed out like a roar of wind and thunder.

In just an instant, they penetrated the void and Tang Mubai’s attacks, colliding together.

“bang bang bang!”

The air kept contending.

The powerful force beat Tang Mubai back on the spot.

“Really strong body!”

The brawny beard raised his head and saw that Tang Mubai was unscathed, and he was surprised.

At the next moment, he loudly shouted, pinched the black Iron Fist suit, and made a harsh sound of “ka ka ka”.


Space tremors.

The beard’s right fist burst into stars, and the surging vitality immediately poured out, the phantom transformed into a sinister’s evil Dragon Boxing momentum, from his fist up ahead, roar appeared.

“ao !!!”

The dragon roar exploded, violent force, blasted the air.

Baring fangs and brandishing claws, like a real dragon, with a terrifying imposing manner, Tearing the Void, came straight to Tang Mubai.

The speed was too fast, and Tang Mubai was suddenly overwhelmed.


There was a thunder on the ground, and the air was muddied.

The fierce fist wind tore the clothes of Tang Mubai’s upper body. On that smooth jade skin, there was a little invisible trace left one after another.

Yes, only traces!

Not even a bit of bloodshot shot!

“This… how is this possible!”

The brawny beard looked shocked and glared at Tang Mubai’s body.

He never thought that Tang Mubai’s body was so powerful!

You know, the black Iron Fist suit he wears is a pseudo seven revolutions Treasure Item, and the fist technique he uses is seven revolutions martial arts.

Coupled with the cultivation base of the gods, the three superimposed, the burst of power, can kill any martial artist below the gods.

Tang Mubai is good, but the clothes are broken. There was not even a scar on his body.

Such a horrible body is terrifying!

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