Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 582

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“Spirit Physique?”

Beard is not an ordinary person after all.

After the shock, I thought of a possibility.

The constitution of Tang Mubai has undergone a transformation, from an ordinary human body to a Spirit Physique!

Only Spirit Physique has such a powerful force.

“Spirit Physique?”

The bright light glittering in the eyes of the brawny beard is uncertain.

Tang Mubai’s strength was beyond his expectations.

Such a person is even more deadly!

“weng! ”

His figure suddenly shook, stepping into the void, slightly rising a few meters. Sen Leng’s face was solemn. His eyes narrowed abruptly, and the hands wearing the black Iron Fist came out, forming a complicated handprint in the void like lightning.

Pa pa pa !

The fingerprints condense quickly, changing and shifting. The weird force drew the Heaven and Earth energy and Power of Heaven and Earth in the air outside the Martial Territory, all tumbling sharply and violently. Immediately afterwards, a shocking and majestic trend was released from the brawny beard like the roar of the sea.

Boom ~! !! !!

There was a loud noise.

The air is turbulent.

On the top of the brawny beard’s head, suddenly, a huge ominous beast illusory shadow appeared. A terrifying breath of savage, violent, fierce, and terrifying exudes.

Pu! pu! pu!

The energy in the void was mobilized. Like a sharp arrow, it shoots at 4 locations.

“Tang Mubai, die!”

The brawny beard stepped into the void, engulfing his vigor, shouting loudly like thunder.

And above his head, the incomparable gigantic illusory shadow, faintly discernible, releases the invisible pressure from it, making people want to kneel down immediately.

The brawny beard is like a god, looking at four sides.

Hum ~ hum ~ hum ~

Space vibrates.

Tang Mubai didn’t move, looking at the surging vigor of in midair that covered the sky and the sun, his eyes flashed with rays of light.

The “Pressure Control” Divine Ability was launched to counter the strong pressure with strong pressure.

The invisible contest spurred ripples in the Martial Domain.


The brawny beard looked in his eyes, surprised and angry drank low, his eyes flashed a touch of sorrow. When the voice fell, he slammed his fingertips, and slapped Tang Mubai’s location with a hard palm.

“Huh!” “Huh!” “Huh!”

The hurricane roared.

The beard brawny palm covered it. Suddenly, the energy generated by the condensing of the massive Heaven and Earth energy was immediately activated. The “crash-bang” swept across the void, sending out a stormy sea-like horrible imposing The manner, dropping from the sky, entering the Martial Domain, sweeping towards Tang Mubai.


Nether tremor.

Countless energies stirred the airflow, tumbling in the Martial Domain, raging outside the Martial Domain, wherever it passed, the air was like boiling hot water, boiling violently.

Pa pa pa !

The muffled sound is endless.

One after another powerful force, passed out, spread to the sky and the ground, within a few tenths of a second, pulled and plowed a clear ravine on the ground. This force was so fierce that it even cut out cracks and quickly spread all around.

“The combination of Wuyu and Power of Heaven and Earth?”

Tang Mubai did not dodge or flee. Instead, he stood in place, his eyes flickering, waiting for the moment of energetic engulfing, “Dari Divine Physique” turned fully on, the whole body bloomed with golden light, and he got rid of most of the restrictions imposed by the martial arts, and the whole person stood up for time. Big bird, soaring into the air.


The figure is shaking.


The silhouette flashes, and the strong wind blows.

Tang Mubai stepped on his steps and moved in the air. At a certain moment, suddenly facing the strong wind frenzy center, he punched out.

“”Jinri King Boxing”!”

Tang Mubai yelled, astral energy roared, condensed in the palm of his hand, the imposing manner was developed to the maximum, and the fist strength burst out.


Void shakes.

Tang Mubai’s body surface emits circles of golden light, and under the overlap, it looks like a War God, destroying heaven extinguishing earth.


The air trembled.

The offensive of the brawny beard was disintegrated. But soon, another powerful force that was even more wicked and mysterious than before, rushed out from him within the body.

The Heaven and Earth energy in the air, driven by this force, immediately became boiling.

A heart-palpitating force erupted and rushed towards Tang Mubai.


Tang Mubai, covered in an imposing manner, is like a scorching sun and thunder, with rays of light blooming in the air.

2nd punch!

It’s just that, compared to the 50000 cards consumed by First Fist, hundreds of thousands of cards were used for the second punch.

and so……


Tang Mubai slammed both fists fiercely, and the condense fist on the surface of the fist, under the explosion, the horror fist power, followed by waves, overlapped and covered the past, blooming a beam of incomparable brilliance A fist print light group as large as 100 meters flew out from Tang Mubai’s fist.


There was a strange noise in the air.

At the extreme speed, like a meteor, plunged into the attack of the brawny beard.



“hong long! !”

A huge tremor spread loudly, Wuyu tremors violently, cracks appeared, and Heaven and Earth outside seemed to tremble.

The terrifying sonic attack swept 4 squares.

Not yet dissipated, an energy wave filled with blood energy, whizzing around in midair, was born quickly.


But it is a beard brawny man, stepping into the void. There are circles of black rays of light all over the body.

The previous attack was torn apart by the force of Tang Mubai’s fist attack, turned into a sky full of light, and fluttered.

Tang Mubai is the same.

Still maintaining the original posture, his body rises in an imposing manner, “Da Ri Divine Physique” is majestic, strong, and domineering, hiding the sky and covering the earth.

“Good, good, good!”

Beard The brawny man’s chest was up and down, and his eyes were cold and deep, staring at Tang Mubai.

“You can hold on for so long in my hands, Tang Mubai, you are proud!”

The brawny beard roared.

The black air entangled the palm of his hand, facing Tang Mubai, with a violent wave——

Hong long long !

The sound of rolling thunder suddenly gathered.

With a palm out, Heaven and Earth changes color.

The remaining Heaven and Earth energy outside the Martial Domain, under the agitation of this palm, suddenly became crazy and boiling.

“bang bang bang!”

The energy surged and entered the Martial Domain, the beard brawny man with long hair fluttered, standing in the air, his eyes like electricity, piercing Tang Mubai directly.


Facing the palm force rush, Tang Mubai maintained the control of the strong pressure and twisted it into one strand to cover the palm force fluctuations.

When they collided with each other, the void instantly exploded, making a dull sound.


The brawny man with a solemn face, sneered. A surging imposing manner was suddenly released from the top of the head, straight into the sky.

“hong long long !”

Thunder bursts, outside the Martial Domain, the Heaven and Earth energy, Power of Heaven and Earth 1000 meters away are stirred, and dragged to the Martial Domain all around, boiling and roaring.

A terrifying imposing manner penetrated into the Martial Domain, and a huge vortex with a diameter of 100 meters appeared in the sky above the brawny beard.

From a distance, this constantly rotating vortex connects the inside and outside of the Martial Domain, covering the sky and the sun, as if to cover the entire sky all at once.


The air is turbulent.

The brawny beard shoots divine light with strong murderous intention and pierces Tang Mubai directly.

In the loud roar, the palm prints entwined with black energy suddenly rushed out——


The air exploded and the Martial Domain shook.

Wherever the palm print passes, a large air current is like water waves, rippling.


In the face of this surging attack of killing intent, Tang Mubai mobilized the spirit strength and performed the strongest move of “Destroying Palm”.

hong long long ~!

The palm prints hit the palm prints, causing Wuyu to tremble.

“Come back!”

Tang Mubai shouted, the spirit strength in the spiritual field continued to output, and the power of “dominating the world” mixed with the “big day” Divine Physique exploded.

“weng! ” “weng! ” “weng! ”

Void shook under the rush of this force.

beard complexion changed, dare not hesitate. The spirit field, which consumes half of the spirit strength, follows the output and converts it into black astral energy, wraps both hands on the surface of the fist, and then hits Tang Mubai frantically.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! ~~~

Like the sound of thunder, it passed in and out of Martial Domain.

Bang! bang! bang!

Tang Mubai’s left-hand Perfection Realm’s “Destroy Palm” is the strongest move. The right hand is the same as Perfection Realm’s “Heavenly Dragon Claw”. Two powerful forces are released together and burst the air.

Then, in the thunder of thunder, in a press forward imposing manner, he slammed into the beard brawny.

“dong! !!”

There was a loud noise.

The three energies of different attributes touched in mid-air, and a large burst of energy fluctuated, penetrated the martial domain, impacted the clouds in the outer sky, and then dissipated cleanly. The remaining aftermath is more like a wave, blasting away from the sky.

Xiu! xiu! xiu!

Strength 4 shots.

“Daily Divine Physique” urged “Destroyer Palm” and “Heavenly Dragon Claw”, the power wrapped together, hit the beard brawny man with a sweet throat, and he was about to open his mouth to spray blood. He gritted his teeth, resisted the rolling chest and abdomen, and grabbed his hands in the void.

“Puchi ~!” “puchi ~!” “puchi ~!”

One black paw print after another, suddenly appeared in midair.

As soon as Dou appeared, he tore the air directly, and grabbed Tang Mubai with lightning speed.


Tang Mubai felt a cold, evil, and cold terrifying spirit, assaults the senses.

The terrifying aura that seemed to emanated from the pile of dead people made the scalp numb.

“This should be your killing move, right?”

Tang Mubai mobilizes blood.

150,000 cards!

The power of “Zhenriwang Fist” was released, the ears were muffled, and under heavy coverage, ten thousand zhang golden rays of light lased, and the eerie, dead, and cold black paw prints collided frontally…

“hong long! !!”

The whole Wuyu trembled.

At this moment, most of the Martial Domain that had cracks appeared.

The brawny beard controlled the penetration, leaving the martial domain, spreading out, stirring up the air current in the outside air, like boiling hot oil, “crash-bang” swept and rolled.

hu ~ hu ~ hu ~

Energetic madly stirred the sky and the ground.

Tang Mubai checked the spirit strength and the remaining content of Qi and blood, and the corners of his mouth rose.

“If you want me to die, you are not qualified!”

Tang Mubai’s eyes flowed, extremely cold, and while screaming, he waved out again without waiting for the beard’s strong man to react.


With 200,000 calories of energy and blood exploding, the power released by “Jingri King Fist” overlapped, and wherever it passed, the air was like glass, splitting one after another fragment.

The golden dazzling shadow of the fist, carrying the monstrous power, tears through the void, and at a speed comparable to the transmission of sound, goes straight to the surprised and angry beard brawny who has not stabilized his figure!

“Peng peng pa!”

Bang ~! !! !!

Golden fist shadow passed by, powerful force, set off countless air currents, grandiose, rolling in. The sound of “Rumble” resounded over a radius of 1000 meters.

“no no!”

The brawny man growled.

Looking at the fist shadows that are constantly expanding in the pupils, the eyes are filled with fear, but they dare not keep it anymore.

There is no dodge, or that is, he can’t dodge, he was locked by the fist imprint, staying in place, grabbed by the right hand, and quickly drawn a weird image into the void with the few remaining spirit strength.



A mouthful of blood essence came out of the mouth, all sprinkled on the weird image.

In less than half a second, circles of weird and evil rays of light exuded on the weird image.

“Tang Mubai, you forced me!”

Beard, the brawny man husky with a cold shout, sounded in the air.

The moment the voice fell, his hands waved in the void, one after another black energy spurted out of the palm, pouring into the bloody image.

“xiu!” “xiu!” “xiu!”

Energetic flying.

With the continuous injection of black energy and the stimulus of blood essence, the volume of the bloody image swelled rapidly, and in the blink of an eye, it became several times larger. Then, in a violent tremor, a huge black light burst out with a terrible horror, “hong long” burst out with a loud noise.

“Pu! ——”

The black light pierced through the sky, tore through the void, and collided head-on with the golden shadow of Tang Mubai.


The sound of thunder bursting resounded in the sky.

2 terrifying power, bursting out of a strong storm, finally smashed the martial arts, returned to the outside, hiding the sky and covering the earth in the sky released.

I saw that huge black light entangled the golden boxing shadow tightly.

“Peng peng pa pa!”

Countless bursts of energetic sound echoed high in the sky.

black light is extremely brave, entangles the golden fist shadow and continuously swallows it, and it is about to succeed…

“bang bang bang!”

A series of explosive noises came out suddenly.

Tang Mubai unleashes a “fire and wind” condensed spiral shock wave, attacking the black light.

The “giant dragon” formed by wind and fire has a “big mouth” with its mouth open.


“gu lu ~!”

With a sound of swallowing, black light disappeared.

Engulfed the black light “wind and fire giant dragon”, wrapped around half of the golden fist shadow, and continued to move forward, rushing all the way, strikes on the beard brawny in shock.


The brawny beard opened his mouth and spouted a mouthful of blood, his body flew backwards straight, and fell to the ground.


The wind broke.

An arrow of astral energy pierced the space, penetrated the body and mind and was hit hard. The beard brawny man’s chest exploded on the spot, turned into pieces of meat, mixed with blood, and thrown into the air.

【Vitality +1453】

The recovery prompt flashed.

Tang Mubai put out a breath, the tense mind can finally relax.

Beard is a strong man with too many cards.

The realm itself is psychic. Although it is not Peak, it is not much worse.

Such a powerhouse is easy to defeat but very difficult to kill.

Tang Mubai used all the means, 500,000 calories of blood and spirit strength all consumed more than half of it to succeed.

“If there are such experts in the Moon Demon Palace… well, there are people nearby!?”

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