Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 583

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Tang Mubai’s eyes were cold.

Brush ~

The afterimage flashed, and the whole person disappeared in place.


“Not good !”

On a hill 1000 meters away, a burly man saw that Tang Mubai had disappeared suddenly and his heart jumped.

In horror, he turned around and wanted to escape, but as soon as he turned around, he stiffened in place and did not dare to move.

Tang Mubai!

Just in front of him beyond ten meters, Tang Mubai was about half a meter above the ground, floating quietly in the air.

Just looking at him indifferently, expressionless.

In the blink of an eye, it spans 1000 meters.

Such a speed is too exaggerated and incredible.

The burly man opened his mouth, his face stiffened, and he managed to squeeze a smile.

“Well, hello, what’s the matter…”


Nether tremor.

A huge translucent palm print, dropping from the sky, covers the burly man.


The burly man moved his stature, exploded backwards, and ran away with great speed.

Although he was huge, he was very flexible. Two of them couldn’t breathe, so they went into the forest and disappeared.

The palm prints taken by Tang Mubai. Strikes made a loud noise at the place where the burly man was standing, smashing into a big hole and splashing mud.

As for the burly man himself…


Tang Mubai took out the dragon’s head bow, condensed the arrow of astral energy, looked through the distance slightly, passed through each and everyone obstacle, and locked the burly man.

Then, he shot straight through the air, hitting the front and back of the burly man who had escaped.


The burly man exploded, blood mist and minced meat all over the floor.

【Vitality +492】

The recovery prompt flashed.

Tang Mubai put away the dragon’s head bow and turned to leave.

The head of the burly man suddenly changed in a pile of minced meat, turning into a furry leopard head.


That’s right, this burly man who hid on the hill 1000 meters away and watched Tang Mubai fighting fiercely with the people was a Half-Beastman with a leopard head. His strength was not low, Lord level.

For Half-Beastman, Tang Mubai wanted to kill it all, so naturally he was too lazy to talk nonsense with it.

The Moon Demon Palace team headed by Luo Langtian, in order to repay him for not saving Xiao Futu, they ambushed halfway and were killed by Tang Mubai.

Once the incident spread, Tang Mubai could only take the people in the Miracle Mercenary Group and hide in the Miracle 1 base.

Powerful and expert Sects like Moon Demon Palace.

Tang Mubai does not want to meet force with force with them.

If you see death without saving, you will at best end up evil. If you really want to fight thoroughly, you can only hide.

To this end, Tang Mubai ruthless.

In order to prevent 10000 one, the bodies of Luo Langtian and the others were found and the temperature was burned to ashes.

Dead men tell no tales, dead men tell no tales.

Moon Demon wanted to doubt him, but couldn’t find him.

The reason is simple, Tang Mubai’s external realm is the breakthrough Innate realm.

No matter how strong the power is, it is impossible to kill the power.

Many people can do it if they leapfrog. Can skipping grades to kill the enemy, especially when the gap is very large. Those who do can be counted on one’s fingers.

Of course, Moon Demon Gongzhen wants him to settle accounts, and the reasons can be made up.

It is very difficult to dissolve this kind of relationship that has already been guilty.

Tang Mubai has been mentally prepared long ago.


There were no accidents in the subsequent journey.

After returning to the 38th Territory, Tang Mubai stayed in the room, ready to check the nine revolutions divine medicine stored in the demon space and what it was.

No, Fang Shuixian hurried to find the door as soon as he sat down.

“Leader, it’s not good, something went wrong.”

“Something went wrong?” Tang Mubai walked out of the bedroom, wondering, “What’s the matter?”

“A lot of things happened during your absence.” Fang Shuixian said quickly, “First of all, Old Xu was gone.”

“En? Grandpa Xu is missing?” Tang Mubai raised his eyebrows. “What is missing?”

“I just disappeared.” Fang Shuixian explained, “Five days ago, Old Xu never showed up after going out in the morning. There were none in the restaurant, slaughterhouse, military workshop, and base 5.”

“…Did he leave any message?” Tang Mubai asked.

“No.” Fang Shuixian took a deep breath, “Nothing. I asked people to search everywhere, even the Martial Pacifying Department went there. As a result, the whole city searched all over the city, but there was no trace. Canghe City, Central There was a notice on River City, but there is no news so far.”

“Do you have rice grains for help?” Tang Mubai asked about the power of rice grains.

“Rice?” Fang Shuixian was taken aback, “Can the rice help?”

The rice grains either stay in the room all day or stay with Yang Kai.

The strength is basically the same as the ordinary person. What ability does she have? Can i help?

“It seems that you haven’t looked for her.” Tang Mubai grinned up when he saw it. “Rice can help a lot, but you don’t need to look for her. I can just go. It happens that I have something to find her.”

Mainly Yang Kai. After the daoist leather material arrived last time, Yang Kai started the robot “dressing” action. I don’t know how it is now.

As for Xu Dalu, Tang Mubai is not very nervous or anxious.

Because the system did not prompt, “Shengxintong” did not have any bad feelings.

This shows that Xu Dalu is doing well now, at least it is safe.

And that is enough.

“What else is going on?” The brain flashed quickly, and Tang Mubai asked.

“Ah, oh oh.” Fang Shuixian came back to his senses, replied, “The second thing is about A Bao.”

“Abao disappeared too?” Tang Mubai frowned.

“No.” Fang Shuixian didn’t know what he thought of, corner of the mouth twitched, didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, “A Bao not only didn’t disappear, but made a big disaster.”

“Well, what did it do?” Tang Mubai hearing this, came interested.

“It swallowed special alloys in a warehouse in the Admiral’s Mansion.” Fang Shuixian said in shock and helplessness. “This little thing doesn’t look big, but this appetite is too big, so I swallow it clean in one bite. The point is, that Gu Yuer took it to the warehouse.”

“Eh…” Tang Mubai’s eyes widened slightly, “You mean, Bao doesn’t know where the warehouse for storing special alloys is. Gu Yuer found it and took it there?”

“Yes.” Fang Shuixian nodded, “Abao and Gu Yu’er are very good. The past few days have been staying together. In that warehouse, Gu Yuer used to be with her grandfather, passing by outside, knowing the place, remembering In the brain. She said A Bao wanted to eat some metal, so she took A Bao to the warehouse. How could she think of…”

After that, she didn’t say anything, just spread her hands with a wry smile.

Tang Mubai was also speechless.

With Gu Yu’er’s Innate Ability, and A Bao had a good relationship, it was with no difficulty.

The problem is that the little girl doesn’t know how serious it is and becomes A Bao’s “accomplice”!

“Don’t worry.”

Tang Mubai took a deep breath, “A warehouse of special alloys, just pay back.”

“That’s not necessary,” Fang Shuixian said, “The admiral said that it was okay, she said that she should invite Abao to have a meal.”

Tang Mubai, “…”


“there’s one more thing.”

Fang Shuixian said again, “Jiang Xiaoyan was taken away.”


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