Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 584

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“Who said you?”

Tang Mubai’s voice raised slightly, “Who was taken away?”

“Jiang Xiaoyan!”

Fang Shuixian took a deep breath, replied, “3 days ago, two people suddenly came to the door. One of the old women said to accept Jiang Xiaoyan as a disciple, but Jiang Xiaoyan refused, but I did not agree. As a result, they directly grabbed someone and caught Xiao Yan, without waiting for the’Null Guardian’ next door to rush over, she took Xiao Yan into the air and flew away. I didn’t even have a trace of chasing him.”


Tang Mubai drank low, his face was ugly, “Are they who?”

“Hide Sword Sect!”

Fang Shuixian quickly said, “They said that they came from the’hidden Sword Sect’, and they wanted to accept the old woman who had a little face as a disciple. She was still an Elder.

“Elder? What an Elder.” Tang Mubai took a deep breath, forcing himself to calm down.

Hidden Sword Sect, one of the 6 Sword Sects.

Jiang Xiaoyan’s sword dao innate talent, Tang Mubai knows that in the eyes of a real sword dao expert, it is very prominent and can be seen almost at a glance.

In addition to Jiang Xiaoyan’s age, the potential for the future is unlimited. Accepting her as a disciple or accepting her as a subordinate is undoubtedly a great help.

If it is a normal income, like Mi Wu and Fang Lin, Ouyang Xiongfeng and He Zhongtan personally come to the door, make a promise, and accept it at the door, Tang Mubai will basically agree.

It’s good to hide Sword Sect, Jiang Xiaoyan refused to agree, just grab it!

Tang Mubai doesn’t believe that they don’t know where it is or whose site it is.

For others, Tang Mubai’s strength and identity are a shock.

However, in the eyes of Zang Sword Sect, even though Tang Mubai is very famous, he still doesn’t care about it.

Tang Mubai is mentally prepared for this.

6 Big Sword Sect, some friends with Tang Mubai, naturally also unhappy with Tang Mubai.

The previous Pure Yang Sword Palace was the same, this time the Tibetan Sword Sect was the same.

Jiang Xiaoyan is from Tang Mubai, so it’s useless.

Even if he was there at the time, Tang Mubai believed that they would not be able to kill him, and would still take action to forcibly steal Jiang Xiaoyan.

This kind of contempt and disdain from in the bones can’t disappear if Tang Mubai joins the Inner Sect.

The identity of the Sacred Heart Gate Inner Sect can only guarantee that Tang Mubai will not be just and honorable.

Being despised, suppressed, humiliated… Tang Mubai still cannot avoid it.

He was also impossible because of these things, so he asked someone in the Sacred Heart Gate Inner Sect to help and solve them.

Not to mention that everyone is scattered all over the East Continent, and the journey is long. Even if you invite, the other party may not come.

After all, it is not a major event of life or death.

Being humiliated and despised, Tang Mubai will be despised if he can’t handle it.

Relying on mountains will fall, everyone will run.

If you want to be admired by others, you have to be jealous and in awe. In the end, you have to rely on yourself.

If Tang Mubai is a master…no, Destiny Realm realm, Nirvana Realm realm.

The people of Pure Yang Sword Palace headed by Wu Zhicai dare to humiliate him?

When in Medicine King Valley, Xin Zhaolang dare to slander him? Xin Liang dare to shoot at him?

On the way back, Luo Langtian dare to ambush him?

In the resident, those who hide Sword Sect dare to forcibly take Jiang Xiaoyan away?

No one dares!


Take a deep breath and calm your mood.

Tang Mubai calms Fang Shuixian without worrying.

Although Jiang Xiaoyan was snatched away, since the other party was an innate talent who saw Zhong Jiang Xiaoyan, it means that Jiang Xiaoyan is not in danger for the time being.

The most important thing right now is to figure out where Xu Dalu has gone.

As for A Bao and Gu Yu’er, they stayed in the room after learning about the accident and did not dare to go out again.

Tang Mubai will not have time to see them for a while.

First, go to Miracle No. 1 base and call the rice grains back.

It is worth mentioning that Yang Kai is very fast, “wearing” the robot and has completed one third.

If you have half a month, you can do it all.

Tang Mubai is not in a hurry about this. He wants to improve his strength, and he can’t be advanced by leaps and bounds in one or two months.

It is not in line with Tang Mubai’s plan to rely on the absorption of Milon spirit root to grow step by step.

What he wants is faster!


Shout back to the rice grains, turn on the computer, and use the artificial intelligence “Xiao Wu” to search the whole city for the trace of Xu Dalu.

After a while, he found Xu Dalu’s whereabouts five days ago.

Surveillance video showed that it was unexpected that Xu Dalu was not kidnapped or kidnapped, but he followed a car himself, got out of the domain wall, and disappeared into the wilderness.

Xu Dalu is following who!

Seeing this, when Tang Mubai was relaxed, he couldn’t help but laugh Xu Dalu did not leave a note or the like.

Perhaps it was urgent, so he didn’t have time to leave a reminder, so he immediately followed out.

Then, into the wilderness, there is no trace.

With Xu Dalu’s strength, he can observe from a distance and escape without any problems.

But this kind of thing is not afraid of 10000, but 10000.

Tang Mubai immediately took control of the stone giant Avatar, chasing the direction where Xu Dalu disappeared, and turned on the “Sacred Heart Pass” to chase after him.

Then, he went to the outside world to find the army of bone demons and collected 2 silver bone demons as new retinue.

The role of these two silver bone demons is to recover vitality.

Within a few days, the army of bone demons killed Inhuman creatures, and the vitality contributed was exchanged for lifespan, which increased by 3 4 100,000 years, plus the remaining before, again more than one million years.

It can be said that lifespan is what Tang Mubai lacks most now.

And there are a lot of lifespan, which undoubtedly gave him the opportunity to overtake, take shortcuts, and remind his strength!

Several martial arts, artistic conception, and Divine Ability have reached the level that cannot be prompted.

Except for “Taiji Qiankun Jue” and “Star Plucking Hand”!

The former is speed, the fastest teleport, mixed with spatial artistic conception.

It is currently the 7th floor, and it also teleports as it goes up.

This helps Tang Mubai, but it does not achieve the purpose of deterring others.

To this end, he set his goal on “Star Plucking Hand”.

Brush ~

[Whether to consume 8100 years of lifespan to upgrade “Star Plucking Hand” to Ninth Layer? 】


[“Star Plucking Hand” has been 9-Layer Perfection, will it consume 1000 years of lifespan and continue to deduct it? 】


Hum ~ hum ~

Tang Mubai trembled, and his brain fell into a short blank.

The consciousness suddenly entered the Boundless Starry Sky, and there were countless stars twinkling in front of him, intertwined and independent, blooming endless starlight.


As if splitting heaven and earth apart, a loud bang exploded in my mind.

The moment his consciousness regained consciousness, Tang Mubai immediately sensed an extra mass of information in his brain.

“Muxing Terrace”!

After the performance of “Star Plucking Hand”, I got a martial arts called “Muxing Terrace”…

Do not!

To be precise, “Mu Xingtai” is not martial arts, but a magic method that allows Tang Mubai to enter a sudden enlightenment state.

As long as it is a martial artist, no one does not yearn for sudden enlightenment.

But since ancient times, those who can suddenly enlightenment are all people with great opportunity and great perception.

Or, with the help of the cherished Heaven and Earth Spirit Object.

For example, the “sudden enlightenment spiritual liquid” that Tang Mubai took away from the Tianshu treasury before is one of them.

“Mu Xingtai” can make people suddenly enlightenment.

This helped Tang Mubai more than let him own a martial arts!

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