Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 585


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[Whether to consume 14,000 years of lifespan to upgrade “Mu Xingtai” to the Third Layer? 】


[Whether it consumes 77,000 years of lifespan to upgrade “Muxing Terrace” to the 6th floor? 】


[Whether to consume 113,000 years of lifespan to upgrade “Muxing Terrace” to the 8th floor? 】



Upgrade “Mu Xingtai” to the 8th floor in one breath.

After stopping, Tang Mubai immediately turned on, sitting in the middle of the valley on the surface of Miracle 1 Base.

The magical world monster dragon guardian above his head, all around the birds are silent.

Along with the performance of “Mu Xingtai”, Tang Mubai’s mind was immediately immersed in an extremely mysterious and abstruse, a mysterious feeling that cannot be described in words.

Obviously, Divine Ability was not turned on, but any movement in the extreme distance could be heard.

Including birds flapping their wings, leaves swaying with the wind, insects moving on the ground…

Whether it is a large animal or a small Insect, the slight sound released by all movements can be clearly heard in the ears.

In addition, the flowing clouds in the sky, the water vapor in the air, the wafting wind… can also feel their changes.

At this moment, everything seems to be under the surveillance of Tang Mubai.

The weird thing is that no matter what it is, Tang Mubai wants to get in close and close contact, but it is blocked by an invisible force.

He wanted to break open forcibly, but he couldn’t do it. That invisible force seemed to separate the two worlds. No matter how close Tang Mubai got, it just couldn’t penetrate.

Until a gust of mountain wind accidentally came to Tang Mubai from the other side, stroking Tang Mubai’s skin, leaving a gentle, delicate, refreshing and violent touch.

The sense of touch gradually increased, from the outside to the inside, and then from the inside to the outside, sweeping Tang Mubai’s body up and down, making him suddenly understand what wind is.

It’s blowing, gave birth to a clear insight, instantly rise in the mind.


Tang Mubai’s body shook slightly, and the invisible breath was released from within the body, interfering with all around.

hu~ hu~ hu~

The wind rang in my ears.

Tang Mubai eyes opened and saw that there were more than a dozen small whirlwinds around him, constantly sweeping and circling by himself.

These whirlwinds seem to dissipate at any time. Whether they exist or not is only between Tang Mubai’s thoughts.

The artistic conception of wind?

The artistic conception of wind!

Tang Mubai finally comprehended the artistic conception of wind with the help of “Muxing Terrace”.

Initiated, he can consume lifespan and increase.

[Whether to consume 1,000 years of lifespan to enhance the artistic conception of wind to Small Accomplishment? 】


[Whether to consume 10,000 years of lifespan to enhance the artistic conception of wind to Great Accomplishment? 】


【Whether it consumes 100,000 years of lifespan to enhance the artistic conception of wind to perfection? 】


The little Perfection, the artistic conception of the wind, has been stuck in the “Flying Sky Dance Technique” on the 7th floor, and this moment can also be improved.

【Whether to consume 60,000 lifespan and upgrade “Flying Sky Dance Technique” to the 8th floor? 】


[Whether to consume 1.2 million years of lifespan to upgrade “Flying Sky Dance Technique” to Ninth Layer? 】



Lifespan is not enough!

Lifespan over millions of years is not enough to continue to improve.

Tang Mubai can only bear it temporarily.

As for the “Flying Sky Dance Technique” on the 8th floor, how high can it fly?

Tang Mubai doesn’t know.

Stop improving and looking at the remaining lifespan, Tang Mubai thought of a quick way to improve his physique, which is the “Dari Divine Physique”.

In less than three seconds, Tang Mubai turned into a ball of light, bathed in boundless radiance.

shua~ shua~ shua~ ~


The blood is surging like an angry dragon roaring, and Divine Physique is shining like a scorching sun.

The earth under my feet is spinning, and the sun above my head remains unchanged.

Tang Mubai stands in the void, constantly absorbing sunlight.

Slowly, he forgot the passage of time, only to control spirit strength, condensing qi and blood, and grow Divine Physique.

“Dari Divine Physique” was originally at the Two Revolutions level and began to transform to Three Revolutions.

Three Revolutions is followed by Four Revolutions, and Four Revolutions is followed by five revolutions.

When Divine Physique came to six revolutions, the rays of light released by Tang Mubai were bright and dazzling lasing ten thousand li.

Like a little sun, hanging high above the sky.

On the ground, all the creatures have seen it!

“ao ~”



“What is that? How does the sky appear a sun?”

“Natural phenomenon, is there something wrong with it?”

“Two days are in the air! There is definitely a problem!”

“Quickly, check out which major events have occurred recently!”


Dongzhou, Western Region, Nanzhou, Beizhou, Yunzhou, Wuzhou, Big and Small Yanzhou…

All over the world, everyone looked at the second “sun” in the sky, shocked, shocked, curious, confused, afraid…

Inhuman creatures are included. The more powerful they are, the more fearful they are.

It can be said that the more sensitive the perception, the more you can realize the horror of this second “sun”.

Especially this No. 2 “sun”. As time goes by, the scope grows and the rays of light become brighter and brighter, giving all powerful lives the perception and threatening.

When an extraordinary life couldn’t help but want to rush to the sky and attack, the second “sun” suddenly went out and disappeared.


Run away?

On the ground, all beings are curious, confused, and nervous.

The disappearance of the natural phenomenon means that things have passed, or did disasters begin to come?

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