Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 586


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In space.

Tang Mubai stopped the operation of “Jianri King Fist”, controlled his body shape, and fell to the ground.

The location chosen is naturally Dongzhou, 38th Territory.

This is high in the sky, and Tang Mubai finds the location so that when he falls, he does not have to land elsewhere.

As for why it didn’t continue to absorb sunlight…

Spirit strength is not enough!

Without eating or drinking, Tang Mubai can persist in half a month.

But not breathing, for at most half a day.

There is no breathing in space, and it relies on spirit strength to provide body functions.

The spirit strength is exhausted and the replenishment process takes time.

Even if Tang Mubai has the spirit root of Milon in his hand, he has to return to the ground.

In space, the danger is too great.

In addition, regarding the transformation of the body, Tang Mubai found that it seemed to have reached the limit.

Even if it is still absorbing sunlight in space in the future, it cannot proceed as quickly as before, and promote the continuous tempering of “Dari Divine Physique” and become stronger and stronger.

seven revolutions!

It is the current level of “Dari Divine Physique”.

According to Tang Mubai’s estimation, if you want to “big day Divine Physique” to eight revolutions, you have to stay in space for a month and absorb sunlight without stopping.

As for nine revolutions, it takes a year.

For such a long time, the spirit strength is seriously insufficient, and Tang Mubai has to be fully prepared to go to heaven again.

Of course, seven revolutions are not weak anymore.

Tang Mubai doesn’t even know how strong he is now.

This is the power of pure body, the power of Divine Physique.

Correspondingly, the amount of condensed Qi and blood is also very exaggerated, exceeding 1,000,000 cards, reaching more than three million cards!

Half of the sunlight absorbed by “Zhenriwangquan” quenches the body, and half is transformed into blood.

These more than three million calories of blood are also fortunately stored in Divine Physique.

Otherwise, even the body of heaven and man will be overwhelmed.

Tang Mubai is curious that the last time the system was upgraded, 500,000 cards of Qi and blood touched the conditions.

Now he has more than 3 million calories of vitality and blood, and the system has no response.

This makes him a little confused, is it possible that, the upgrade conditions after 500,000 cards require 5,000,000 cards?

If this is true, it would be too much.

Directly jump from 500,000 cards to 5,000,000 cards, a difference of ten times.

Tang Mubai is quite curious about this.


After landing on the 38th Territory, quickly return to the domain and return to the Red Leaves City and Miracle Mercenary Group.

Along the way, Tang Mubai’s mouth twitched due to the noise he heard.

In my heart, I was also a little shocked.

“Dari Divine Physique” seven revolutions, the rays of light released are actually like a sun.

All major cities and everyone were excited and fearful before.

No one knows that the number two “sun” is Tang Mubai.

Tang Mubai will not expose himself, show himself out of the ordinary, and show off everywhere.

Anyway, Divine Physique seven revolutions will show up when it breaks out.

This is a powerful killing move, which must be used at critical times.

Before this, low-key is the main thing.

Go back to the station, sit on the bed in the room, take out the spirit root of Milon, absorb the internal energy, and replenish the spirit strength.

In terms of thinking, continue to expand and connect with another “Tang Mubai”.

That is the Avatar of the Stone Giant!


The stone giant Avatar has found Xu Dalu.

The latter chased the car out of the 38th Territory because he heard the news of “war fortress”.

A new war fortress that is about to be born will be obtained by the “giant spiritual weapon group”.

The giant spiritual weapon regiment, like the Crazy Owl Corps, belongs to one of the eight largest regiments in the world.

The strength is comparable to a small sect, and there are many internal experts, able to cross the tide of beasts.

Tang Mubai before, when eating, once mentioned, looking for a chance to get a war fortress.

Xu Dalu listened in my heart and didn’t have a chance to be that’s all. Since I heard it, I would give up. There was no time to leave a message, and he chased the opponent directly, out of the domain, and ran wild in the wilderness.

Tang Mubai, the stone giant Avatar, and Xu Dalu at this moment are located in a rift valley covered with yellow sand.

Slightly far to the west, there is a volcanic belt with black smoke and dust everywhere.

Up ahead on the right, a group of people are walking around in a cave that slopes downward.

This place belongs to the south of wasteland.

Tang Mubai stone giants Avatar and Xu Dalu did not enter the cave and were waiting for the opportunity.

The gate of the cave is half open, and the guard at the gate is in Innate.

With the power of Tang Mubai and Xu Dalu, sneaking in is not difficult.

But once exposed, battles will occur, and battles can easily spread to the war fortress that is about to be manufactured.

Tang Mubai’s goal is to get a good war fortress, not a bunch of machines.

So, the two of them stayed outside and waited for the war fortress to come out.

This wait is three days.

Three days later, the earth vibrated suddenly and kept shaking.

“It’s out.”

Xu Dalu, who was resting, woke up suddenly and looked at the half-open cave entrance, which was completely open now.

Not only the entrance of the cave, but also the mountain is split into a wide gap, for a huge machine to drive out from the inside.

The dark golden shell reflects one after another luster in the sun.

The body of Gundam 100 meters is full of buildings, connected to each other to form a whole.

In every corner, turning, or facing the sky, or forward, or behind, there are towers of forts and barrels.

The tires that are in contact with the ground are all made of super alloy, without the use of tracks, and are driven entirely by an internal array, supplemented by mechanical power, to drive a huge body like a city to move forward on the ground.


Dull and no deafening noise, it didn’t go far.

Xu Dalu’s eyes widened when he saw such a huge metal machine for the first time.

Tang Mubai, the stone giant Avatar, was not surprised.

As soon as the war fortress appeared, he would run the “ear orifice” Divine Ability, paired with the “Sacred Heart Pass” to carefully sense the number of people in the fortress and the location of the activity.

In fact, if the war fortress is not too big, the Tang Mubai stone giant Avatar can be directly locked into the system space through mental thoughts.

The fort has entered the system space, and the people inside will soon be suffocated to death.

You don’t need Tang Mubai Avatar to start solving one by one.

Unfortunately, this small city is like a huge monster, Tang Mubai wants to wrap it up, mental power is far from enough.

So when it came out and drove out a few miles in the wilderness, Tang Mubai’s stone giant Avatar took out the dragon head bow and matched it with the alloy long spear provided by Tang Mubai in time and put it into the system space. Air shooting.

Although the Avatar of the Stone Giant has no blood, the power of a giant is as powerful as “Divine Arrow”.

“Whoo~” “Whoo~” “Whoo~”

The arrow acted by the alloy long spear immediately detonates the air and sinks into the void.

There are as many as fifty, and they go straight to the inside of the war fortress.

Because it suddenly appeared from the void and hit the target.

In the fortress, there were more than 40 members of the giant spiritual weapon regiment, most of whom died on the spot.

The rest of the younger half fell down again, severely injured and afraid to move.

There were only three people, blocking the air sneak attack of the Tang Mubai stone giant Avatar.

“Who is it!!!”

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