Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 588


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It’s just that Tang Mubai killed two psychic experts in an instant.

The realm martial artist who was chasing Xu Dalu, left Xu Dalu and ran away.

Yes, he didn’t even mean to fight the Tang Mubai stone giant Avatar, so he chose to run.

same realm, two have died in the hands of the Tang Mubai stone giant Avatar.

As the third realm martial artist who escaped, I didn’t even know that I had encountered a tricky enemy.

Knowing that I can’t do anything, I insisted on staying. That was courting death.

No one wanted to die, naturally, he chose to escape.

It’s a pity–


The sky-splitting sound starts.

Tang Mubai, the stone giant Avatar, holds a dragon’s head bow and uses an alloy long spear as an arrow to cast “Divine Arrow” and shoot out from the air.

The escaped realm martial artist has a keen perception and sensed in advance, his body shook, flashing to the right to avoid it.

But there were more than one arrow, and Tang Mubai’s stone giant Avatar shot five at once.

When the next three shoot out, they also run the “Sacred Heart Channel” realm martial artist who predicts the escape and the direction to escape.

Therefore, this realm martial artist who flees escaped the three arrows in the front but not the two arrows in the back.

“puchi ~” and “puchi ~” two abnormal noises, alloy long spear runs through the front and back.

But he didn’t die immediately!

Stiff in place, blood was gushing from the two wounds, and the corners of the mouth were full of blood bubbles.

There are bloodshot eyes in the widened eyes.

Looking towards the front, the body’s breath is sometimes high and sometimes weak. It seems that there is a strong vitality, holding it stubbornly, not letting him die immediately.


Tang Mubai teleported over and stood in front of him, looking down from a high altitude.


“…” The strange realm martial artist, trembling, wanted to raise his head, looking towards Tang Mubai.


The Tang Mubai stone giant Avatar first stretched out his hand and pressed it on the top of his head, using the “soul search” ability of “Reincarnation” to search for the soul.

This realm martial artist from the giant spiritual weapon group has such a weird aura and absolutely has a problem.

Either it is a special Treasure Item, or a secret technique, or a unique martial arts.

Through the “Soul Search”, this secret, Tang Mubai quickly obtained.

“Evergreen March”!

The reason why this martial artist of the psychic realm didn’t die immediately was due to a martial arts called “Evergreen March”.

This martial arts is Wood Attribute, five revolutions, cultivation can produce vitality and prolong lifespan.

When injured, it can also heal the injury, even if you are breathing, you can hang for several days.

This is the characteristic of Wood Attribute martial arts and the reason why Wood Attribute martial arts is scarce.

Tang Mubai has always wanted to get one, but unfortunately I didn’t have a chance, didn’t expect, this time I was lucky, and unexpectedly got “Evergreen March”!


Slightly force the palm of your hand to twist off the tightly supported martial artist’s neck.

[vitality +1024]

The recycling prompt flashed.

Tang Mubai dropped the corpse, met Xu Dalu who was approaching, and greeted him to go to the war fortress.

The corpses of three psychic experts stay in wasteland, and within a long time, they will be eaten away by other Inhuman creatures.

There is no need for Tang Mubai to destroy the corpse and evidence.

Now that the war fortress is in hand, driving away the war fortress is the key.

However, this is not a big problem.

The deity of Tang Mubai immediately went to the Miracle No. 1 base, found Yang Kai, and took the robot that had been “worn” into the system space.

The Avatar of the stone giant is released here, take it together, and enter the war fortress.

In the scene of becoming a living person, Xu Dalu’s eyes turned steadily, but said nothing.

The mysterious of Tang Mubai, Xu Dalu has long known about it.

Absolute loyalty, even if Tang Mubai suddenly gave birth to a child, he will quickly accept it.

Tang Mubai pulled the robot over to start the war fortress.

The latter is too big and requires a dozen people to start up.

As for how to turn it on, after Tang Mubai, the stone giant Avatar, entered the war fortress, he searched for the souls of the severely wounded members of the giant spiritual weapon regiment and knew the process.

After that, Tang Mubai told Xiaowu No.2, artificial intelligence in the phone of the steps.

Through the control and scheduling of artificial intelligence, command more than a dozen robots to start war fortress.

Follow-up maintenance, with the learning ability of artificial intelligence, will soon be completed.

Tang Mubai didn’t care anymore, just gave an order to drive the war fortress to the Dragon Burial Abyss.

The war fortress got it by accident. After driving back to Red Leaves City, it was too much trouble. It was too conspicuous when driving in the wilderness.

Instead of this, it is better to go to Bury Longyuan in advance.

Anyway, Yang Kai’s robot can get it through the system space, regardless of distance.

Of course, the war fortress went to the Dragon Burial Abyss, Xu Dalu did not follow, and returned to the 38th Territory alone.

At the speed of Xu Dalu, Tang Mubai is not very worried either.

The war fortress was driving on the wilderness. When passing a large domain, stopped and watched Xu Dalu enter the inside of the domain wall, and then proceeded.

Without Xu Dalu by his side, Tang Mubai controls the appearance of the stone giant Avatar and becomes “Hong Grandmaster”.

The deity in Red Leaves City remains unchanged. As for Xu Dalu’s surprise when he comes back, Tang Mubai has some excuses.

However, Xu Dalu is still on the way, Cang Xian returned.

Well, at least the other party said he was Cang!

At this moment.

Standing in front of Tang Mubai, he tried his best to explain it, not the previous brat appearance, but dashing eyebrows, star-eyed, dangling nose, slender body, a natural half-curled black hair fluttering, breath like a deep, A handsome and unrestrained temperament, a 30-year-old young man of up and down.

“I’m really Cang, I taught you your “Pointing Star Technique”, don’t you forget it?” Cang stared, and said loudly.

Tang Mubai, “…It’s not unbelief, it’s incredible.”

“Hey, when you enter the Nirvana Realm world, you can understand the profound mystery.” Cang grinned.

“Nirvana?” Tang Mubai’s eyes flickered.

“Why, don’t you believe that I am Nirvana?” Cang Lingse said, “Tell you guy, I was Nirvana as early as a hundred years ago. Fortunately, it was Nirvana. I was conspired by someone last time and was seriously injured. It can be cured in the form of a child.”

hearing this, Tang Mubai laughed and said nothing.

He had long guessed that Cang’s realm was very high and the background was quite extraordinary.

What is puzzled is how can a brat be hit hard.

Now I understand that the Nirvana Realm world has the magical ability of “recover one’s youthful vigor”!

“Nirvana was a hundred years ago, how old are you now?” Tang Mubai asked curiously.

Cang, “…This has nothing to do with you.”

He rolled the eyes and turned away from the subject, “What about Xiaoyan, let her come, now I have recovered my strength and I can prove that I can accept her as a disciple.”


Tang Mubai fell silent.

“What’s the matter?” Cang felt a sudden, “No…”

“Xiaoyan was snatched away.” Tang Mubai gritted his teeth and replied. “A few days ago the person hiding the Sword Sect passed by Red Leaves City and found Xiaoyan’s innate talent and forcibly took her away!”


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