Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 589


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The air is surging and rippling.

A powerful imposing manner was released suddenly, sweeping inside and outside the house for hundreds of miles.

But quickly, it converged in seconds and disappeared without a trace.

Even so, Miracle Mercenary Group is all around, and everyone has short-term breathing difficulties, face deathly pale, and panic.


In the open space behind the building, the Abyss Dark Bull roared and rose into the air, coming to the mid-air outside Tang Mubai’s room, with a pair of eyes staring straight at the fire-breathing Cang.

“It’s okay.”

Tang Mubai rushed into the abyss and waved his hand, indicating that it does not need to be nervous.


Abyss roar called, flicked his tail, turned and left, and returned to the clearing.

In the house.

Stop the angry Cang, gritted his teeth and shouted, “What a hidden Sword Sect, I dare to forcibly kidnap people!”


He turned around and went straight to the door.

“Wait for me.” Tang Mubai followed closely, came outside the house, said hello to Fang Shuixian who ran into the yard, and rose into the air.


Cang directly broke through the air and flew towards Canghe City.

Tang Mubai confessed to Fang Shuixian and followed.

Hiding the Sword Sect to steal Jiang Xiaoyan, Tang Mubai originally planned to come and ask for an explanation, but he was delayed. Now that Cang also goes with him, he will undoubtedly have the upper hand.

In the Nirvana Realm world, only Supreme Elder has this capability in Sword Sect.

And, not every Supreme Elder is.

A powerhouse in the Nirvana Realm world, ask Sect to talk about it, no matter which power it is, you have to be more cautious!

When necessary, you have to bow your head and give some blood!


The mountain gate that hides Sword Sect, like other Peak forces, is also located in Heaven Beyond the Heaven.

It’s just that it is different from other Sects.

The entrance to Heaven Beyond the Heaven where Sword Sect is located is not in the wilderness, in the sea, in the mountains, but in the domain.

Ninety domains!

It is on a mountain on the outskirts of the west of the Ninety Regions Union City.

The mountain and the surrounding area, at first, belong to Sword Sect.

In fact, the entire Ninety Domain is where Sword Sect is hidden.

In the Ninety Domains, Sword Sect will know about any wind and grass.

For this reason, Cang and Tang Mubai took the most recent air-to-sky battleship to the Ninety Territory and went straight to the outside of Lianfang City from the air when Sword Sect immediately received the message.

On the mountainside as the entrance, above a mountain villa, Outer Sect Steward, who hides Sword Sect, immediately flew into the air after seeing the two Tang Mubai from a distance, and greeted, “I don’t know the two…”

“ang ~!”

A dragon roar that seemed to be real, suddenly sounded.

Cang suddenly shot and punched to release the terrifying power. Under the urging of astral energy, the strikes came out and detonated the void.

In an instant, it turned into countless fist prints that seemed to be real, overlapping.

One punch after another, layer after layer.

grandiose, endless.

In a moment, there was a deafening noise that drowned Outer Sect Steward who spoke.


Outer Sect Steward yelled, and in a hurry, released a lively fiery red sword energy.


A loud noise.

The sharp sword energy displayed by Outer Sect Steward was completely dissipated by the fist imprints in an instant.

The superimposed power of terrifying, the condensed fist marks, did not disappear. Follow-up punches, continued to strike forward, and all his brain hit Outer Sect Steward.


For a moment, a mournful scream came from Outer Sect Steward’s mouth.

His body soaring into the air shook violently, and was hit by layers of fist prints that flew up into the air.

The person is in the air, opening his mouth and spit out three big mouthfuls of congestion. The position of the chest is even more obvious. I don’t know how many ribs were broken.


With the muffled sound, the body fell from the air, fiercely fell on the roof of the villa, smashed through the beams, and strikes on the floor planks inside the house.

The powerful stamina impact smashed the board on the spot, and a huge hole was knocked out in the sound of “hong long”.

Make Outer Sect Steward’s body fall from the top floor of the villa to the 2nd floor.

And this is more than that!

After falling to the 2nd floor, with strong stamina, the Outer Sect Steward smashed the 2nd floor plank again, smashed a large hole, and fell to the 1st floor.

The ground on the 1st floor is the strongest, which can stop the downward trend.

Even so, at the impact site, a human-shaped pit several inches deep was smashed.

Outer Sect Steward fell into the pit, his face flushed and his breathing was short. The eyes widened, bulging out. With an open mouth, blood can’t stop flowing out.

At this point, the power of a punch is exhausted!

“Dog stuff, go aside.”

in midair, Cang coldly shouted, glanced at the other people running out of the villa with cold eyes, ignored it, just body flashed, and fell to the backyard of the villa.


A burst of rays of light flashed.

I saw an array on the ground in the backyard of the villa.

In the center of the array, an aperture appears.


Cang stepped up and walked into the aperture.


Tang Mubai fell from the sky, followed behind, and entered the aperture.

The field of vision in front of me was dark and bright, and a huge space appeared in my eyes.

Hide the Sword Sect headquarters!

Heaven Beyond the Heaven!


Without waiting for Tang Mubai to take a closer look at the surrounding environment, a dozen silhouettes flew up suddenly to the north of the space.

“How dare to break into my hiding Sword Sect, courting death!”


Void tremor.

Among the dozen or so silhouettes that flew, a middle-aged man headed by was not yet close to Tang Mubai and Cang, so he attacked, his imposing manner was soaring and terrifying, shrouded all around his body, suddenly released pressure , Like a big mountain, pressing down towards Tang Mubai and Cang fiercely in the air. Then, an invisible claw mark fell off.

“Get out!”

Cang roared.

The invisible power exploded, and also confronted with divine might to offset Via.

Then, the whole body hovered vigorously, astral energy roared like a dragon, facing the middle-aged man, swiftly shot out.

bang! bang! bang!

The terrifying fist strikes came out, as if the air was squeezed to the critical point, and there was a sudden explosion with a “bang”.

This power at first superimposes crazily. When it reaches the highest level, the power burst out in an instant, triggering the sky.

“pu! ”


“pa! !!!”


Four beeps, one after the other, the connection sounds.

The terrifying fist power and the burst of terrifying power directly caused the invisible claw prints released by the middle-aged man in the lead, which didn’t hold it for half a second, and it went into nothing with a blast.

The strong rebounding force generated by the explosion pushed the middle-aged man headed towards it, backing. He walked in disorder in the air, and then exited to several dozen meters. He stepped on the air and made a muffled sound of “peng~ peng~ peng~”. He lost his balance and couldn’t control it. He fell to the ground with the sound of “putong” and sat on a butt.

In the whole process, within ten seconds before and after, the middle-aged man who was headed was knocked back, fell to the ground, and sat on the ground.

The specific engagement time was less than three seconds, and the middle-aged man headed by the middle-aged man fell below in the first round.

“Zu Qingcang! It’s you!”

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