Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 611


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There was a loud noise in the void.

Tang Mubai’s body suddenly flew backwards as if it had encountered a burst missile. It hit the rock wall on the right side of the canyon and smashed a hole ten meters deep.

“roar! I want to eat you! I want to eat you!!!”

The two-headed giant growled.

The tall body lying in the deep pit, a dead body, stood up straight, and then laughed frantically.

“dong dong dong” quickly ran to the rock wall hit by Tang Mubai, stretched out his huge palm, from top to bottom, slapped Tang Mubai in the pothole, fiercely’s pat fell on the ground.


Just for a moment, Tang Mubai felt dizzy in his brain, and his skeleton rang “ka beng, ka beng”.

The fierce impact made the whole body stiff involuntarily.

If it weren’t for the “Dari Divine Physique” Lightning Four Revolutions, and Divine Physique’s powerful physical strength, Tang Mubai might have been smashed into flesh.

This is so, Tang Mubai’s head is also dizzy.

However, in this situation, Tang Mubai forced himself to calm down and cast “Taiji Universe” to teleport and disappear to the ground.

“en? Damn human brat, you can’t run!!”

The two-headed giant surprised and angry shouted.

The terrible Via was released suddenly, covering the entire canyon.

The weird force that limited the space was launched, forcing Tang Mubai to be unable to leave the ground too high, but to be able to climb to level with the two-headed giant, that was enough.

“Who said I was going to run?”

Tang Mubai floating in the low altitude, shouting loudly.

The rays of light flashed in the palm of the palm, and the burning Bone Blade zoomed in and appeared out of thin air.

Faced with the terrifying power of the two-headed giant, Tang Mubai finally took out the Yan Bone Blade.

“hua! ——”

The Yan Bone Blade slashed out sharply, and a huge blade of light burst into the air in an instant. Accurately hit the two-headed giant who couldn’t dodge.

Suddenly, there was only a muffled sound, and the two-headed giant’s tall body was thrown into the air and flew away.

“hong long! !”

There was a loud noise on a sunny day.

The terrible impact, heaven-shaking, earth-shattering.

In the smoke and dust, the huge figure of the two-headed giant sank deep into a huge human-shaped pit.

It’s chest, blood spurts wildly!

A two-meter-long blood-red wound, from left to right, is slanted and exposed to the air.

Tang Mubai “Destroy Palm” and “Heavenly Dragon Claw” were launched together, and did not knock off half of the hairy two-headed giant’s abnormal body.

At this moment, with the help of the Yan Bone Blade and pure Yang astral energy, with the help of the Jin Rui attribute of “Bao Dao”, it successfully broke open.

But it just broke open, and didn’t kill it all.

“ao ~!!! Aow~!!!”

The two-headed giant roared up to the sky.

The pain from the knife cutting in his chest made it completely mad.


The two fists hit both sides of the pothole, and with a strong leap, the tall and tall two-headed giant rose from the human-shaped pothole again.

Four bloodshot eyes, shook Tang Mubai glaring at in midair, and shouted, “human brat! I must break your corpse into pieces!!!”

“roar! ——”

The two-headed giant roars like thunder.

The sky-shaking sound waves spread out to form a naked eye visible sound wave after another, and exploded the air.


In the sound of the explosion, the two-headed giant suddenly threw a huge fist, making a hunting sound in the air, and rushed towards Tang Mubai.


Tang Mubai raised the knife, hacked it out quickly.

The blade light that seemed to be able to tear everything apart, burst out again, piercing through the void and facing the two-headed giant.


“Bang pa!”

The blade mang fists against the fist.

The attacks of two different powers and the same power stirred the void, causing ripples.

Before this, Fist Gang may be tough.

But at this moment, under the incision of the fiery golden sharp knife, it disintegrated every inch. Then, the unstoppable blade light left one after another deep wound on the two-headed giant.

The fierce wound, like a child’s mouth, is constantly moving, prompting the blood to flow continuously.

In less than ten seconds, most of the two-headed giant’s body was dyed red.

Take advantage of your illness and kill you!

Tang Mubai did not pause, handed the flame Bone Blade, teleported and sprinted, and came to the back of the two-headed giant.

“get lost! Damn ants, get out of here!”

The two-headed giant found Tang Mubai silhouette, surprised and angry roared again and again, with two huge palms, quickly flapping in the air, trying to fly Tang Mubai.

As a result, not only was it not hit, but instead, with this movement, the blood from the wound on his body immediately went on and on, and bursts of tearing pain spread throughout the body.

The painful two-headed giant can bear, but Tang Mubai in the teleport stimulates it to be extremely manic.

Because Tang Mubai is so fast!

Furthermore, there is no pattern at all, and there is no way to start.

After a while, Tang Mubai appeared behind him. After the two-headed giant sensed it, the huge palm just turned around to take a picture. Tang Mubai suddenly flashed to its side. Then, the Bone Blade in his hand slashed out, hitting the right shoulder, the flesh and blood of the split flew across, and the skeleton broke.

After a while, Tang Mubai appeared above his head, and the two-headed giant raised his hand to swing. Tang Mubai’s figure shook again, hitting its back, slashed out with a knife, and hit the back of the neck. The sharp blade awn brought a large piece of flesh and blood and threw it in the air.

“puchi!” “puchi!” “puchi!”

The sound of a sharp blade cutting flesh, one after another, reverberates under the sky.

The two-headed giant roared, roared, and cursed, but there was no way to stop it. Tang Mubai’s fast knife teleported to kill!

From a hysterical howl to a low voice begging for mercy.

No matter how the two-headed giant resisted, Tang Mubai just kept going. Knife after knife, knife after knife, the knife slashed.

Until the two-headed giant’s two hideous heads were cut and separated from the neck, Tang Mubai stopped chopping and returned to the ground, holding the Yan Bone Blade and panting slightly.

The overall battle strength of the two-headed giant is almost equivalent to Peak, and has a perverted physical defense comparable to seven revolutions Divine Weapon.

If it weren’t for the power of Yan Bone Blade and the power of “Blade Sword”, Tang Mubai would really do nothing for a while.


put out a breath, adjust the breath.

For a while, Tang Mubai regained his strength and prepared to leave.

I don’t want to, just at this moment–


A white silhouette suddenly dropped from the sky on the right side of the canyon……


white light blooms.

The silhouette that landed, during the jump, threw a chain from his body, penetrated the air, hooked one of the heads of the two-headed giant like a fishing.

Then, give a strong mention.

“Shua is here!”

The chain shook, drew the head of the two-headed giant, and flew in the air.

Silhouette with one hand, stepping in the void, to the forest on the left, running quickly.

In an instant, disappeared.

In the whole process, within three seconds, one of the heads of the two-headed giant was quickly snatched away by the white silhouette that appeared suddenly.

Tang Mubai couldn’t help laughing a little, “Grab the spoils of war?”

loudly shouts, Tang Mubai sucked in the air, took the remaining head of the two-headed giant, and entered the demon space.

Then, grabbed A Bao who was hiding in the far corner, with a little tip toe, and cast “Taiji Universe Secret Art”, chasing the escaped white silhouette, followed by lightning.

shua~ shua~ shua~ ~!

The wind howled.

Tang Mubai kept teleporting, following the air of white silhouette, chasing all the way.

Although Tang Mubai doesn’t know what the two-headed giant’s head is. But the other party didn’t say hello, so he snatched away from himself in front of one’s eyes.

Too supercilious!

Just like that, Tang Mubai refused to agree.

One person, one bear, chasing five mountains in this way, and into an endless and vast forest.

In the forest, things suddenly changed.

That was the white silhouette running in front, suddenly disappeared…


I can’t say no, I should say it is hidden!

white silhouette seems to have a secret technique to integrate oneself into the forest. The whole person and Heaven and Earth are combined into one.

The Qi machine that Tang Mubai has been following, although uninterrupted, has been enlarged countless times.

In other words, the entire forest, all!

With such a large area, I want to find people, purely delusional.

“Does it seem to have a hand.”

Tang Mubai chuckled, not irritable, let alone crazy.

Slightly squint, concentrate all your energy, and at a certain moment, suddenly release!


The air is rippling.

The Spiritual Fluctuation released is like a circle of invisible waves, centered on Tang Mubai’s body, spreading towards all directions.

“shua!” “shua!”

The mountain breeze howled, blowing the Buddha and the trees leaning and shaking in pieces.

“The Reincarnation Collection” Wandering!

Sweep together with divine sense, in-depth sensing, scanning all around, very subtle.

The invisible and colorless fluctuations spread out 500 metres, and Tang Mubai’s eyes suddenly brightened.


The soles of the feet step on the ground with great force, leaving a cracked footprint on the spot. With this rebound force, Tang Mubai shot out quickly.

puchi ~!

The speed is too fast and the air bursts.

In a daze, Tang Mubai stepped out 500 metres away and came to a small clearing.

Waiting here, Tang Mubai glanced away, staring coldly behind a rock, shouted, “Come out!”

Relying on Shenyou and divine sense scanning.

Tang Mubai clearly sensed an unknown life hidden behind the rock.

It is not an ominous beast, some are like human beings. The blood on the body is also very strong, but the breath fluctuation is suppressed to the freezing point.

If Tang Mubai hadn’t had a lot of methods, I really couldn’t find this “man” hiding in the dark to snatch the head of the two-headed giant.

“oh la la!—”

Sure enough.

After Tang Mubai’s shout fell, half a minute later, there was a sudden noise behind the rock, making a small sound.

Next moment, between the large trees behind the rock, a vigorous silhouette flashed across quickly.

To the depths of the forest, move like flying.

The head of the two-headed giant that was previously held in a chain is nowhere to be seen.

Obviously, the other party realized that Tang Mubai was so fast that he had to hide the head of the two-headed giant secretly.

Change into the battle with light equipment, speed up and escape!

It’s a pity…

“Want to run? Not so easy!”

Tang Mubai is coldly snorted, takes out the diamond-shaped crystal excavated from the tree man within the body, and operates the “Zhenri King Fist” to absorb internal energy, replenish the spirit and restore strength.

Finally, he chased behind again in one breath.

“hmph hum~!”

A Bao yelled, looking a little excited.

One person, one bear, once again opened up the chasing and running scene.

This time, Tang Mubai was mentally locked onto the escaped person. As long as the opponent does not commit suicide, Tang Mubai can follow the Spirit, Soul and Qi machine to catch up no matter how far he runs.

So, in the dense forest, the three silhouettes are arranged in sequence, running swiftly in the forest.

The ancient trees on both sides continuously retreated backwards, running up, whistled past.

The cool mountain breeze is blowing head-on.

The deeper you run, the worse the surrounding scenery becomes. Dark brown vines can be seen everywhere, intertwined vertically and horizontally, distributed in the dense jungle.

Even so, nothing can stop Tang Mubai’s silhouette from chasing after him.

After 3 minutes.

Tang Mubai chased the Spirit, Soul and Qi machine and ran deep into the jungle.

The surroundings became more and more silent, eerie and terrifying. The rays of light projected by the sun high in the sky are completely blocked by the canopy of towering ancient trees.

The entire jungle is extremely dark, and the cold air invading from the depths permeates people’s hearts, making people shiver uncontrollably.

Even so, Tang Mubai didn’t mean to stop.

The faster the opponent ran, the more curious he became and the more he chased. Boldness of execution stems from superb skill, Tang Mubai is not afraid of traps.

The “Taiji Universe Skill” unfolds at full speed, and the whole person is like a ghost in the air, disappearing and appearing from time to time, passing quickly without leaving a trace.

“Huh!” “Huh!”

cold and severe mountain breeze, whistling mountains and forests.

Tang Mubai is in hot pursuit.

After running for so long, the opponent can run faster and faster. Although his breathing became heavier and heavier, his breathing became louder. But the speed of escape just couldn’t slow down. It seems to know the fate of being caught by Tang Mubai as soon as he stops.

In this way, a lifeless run, an enthusiastic chase, three silhouettes staged a wonderful chase scene in the jungle.

Until a certain moment.

Tang Mubai suddenly lost the Spirit, Soul and Qi machine contact!

It is not an enlargement of the scope of the previous integration into Heaven and Earth, but a complete disappearance.

It’s as if the “person” who ran away suddenly disappeared.

Qi and blood, breath, qi machine.

All disappeared without a trace!

“How is it possible?”

Tang Mubai stopped and looked at the surrounding environment.

At the entrance, huge old trees rose from the ground and plunged straight into the sky.

The large branches, nestled together, form a piece, like a huge fishing net, covering the sky. It made the sun pitifully projected only a tiny bit of light beams, illuminating this dark and cold weird area.

Yes, weird!

The airflow in this area is very unstable.

It is as if there is an invisible and intangible vortex in the sky, stirring constantly.

Circle after circle, circle after circle…

Just like hypnosis, it stimulates Tang Mubai’s brain and starts to become heavy, his eyelids fight up and down, his body shakes, and he wants to sleep.


Tang Mubai woke up suddenly.

“Stuck in formation?”

If it weren’t for a strong will, Tang Mubai really fell asleep just now.

“Here is the layout of the difficult array, or High Level Formation, Interesting.”

Tang Mubai chuckled lightly, mental power was concentrated, with divine sense and wandering, scanning the breaking the formation point together.

shua~ shua~ shua~!

The streamer blinks.

one minute, two minutes, 3 minutes ……

Until half an hour later, Tang Mubai suddenly shot a beam of light in his eyes and exclaimed, “Found it!”

All the nodes of Formation are found.

It is much easier to find a node and break it.

Without any hesitation, Tang Mubai shook his body, rushed to the bottom of a towering tree ten steps away on the right, slapped out his palm, and blasted his torso.

Then, shaking his body again, he came to a low-lying place full of black green plants, and punched all the dirt away.

After that, the figure shook again, slid to a half-person-high rock and smashed it with one claw.





One node after another, continues to destroy.

At first sight, all nodes must be fixed.

In midair, a white light suddenly lit up.

“hua! ”

rays of light flashed like a blooming sunflower.

A hurried, frightened cry, followed by mental sound transmission, rang in Tang Mubai’s mind.

“Stop! Stop!”

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