Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 613


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Behind the big man, three martial artists in dark red suits quickly ran out of a wood house at the foot of a barren mountain.

One of them yelled while running, “Da Kui, you can see clearly, Formation really disappeared?”

“Haha, Da Kui, you didn’t go home last night and you were tired and transitioning on your mother-in-law. Are you dazzled now?” Another martial artist said with a big smile.

“Hey, Da Kui, Formation is said to have existed for over 10,000 years. Are you sure it has disappeared? Report false information and be punished carefully!”

The last martial artist taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune said.

“Roll the calf!”

The beard guy turned his head and smiled and cursed, “You three bastard, open your eyes and take a closer look. Is Laozi playing with you?”

“Ha, that’s hard to say, it’s getting dark right now, you…for a moment…” I couldn’t say anything afterwards.

The three martial artists who ran over looked up at the location where Formation was originally located. The bosses with open mouths were all shocked.

Under the sky full of sunset clouds, a translucent film connecting to heaven penetrating the earth, starting from the nearest mountain top of the original Formation, disappeared and faded.

The speed is amazing.

Standing on the ground and looking at it, it looked like a girl wearing a gauze, now she undressed her clothes, revealing the perfect body inside.

In the field of vision, behind the former Formation peak, a number of high or low mountains emerge out of thin air. Standing on the ground, you can’t see the end at a glance!

Formation is broken, and the truth is revealed.

“Really…really disappeared!”

A martial artist screamed, “Quick! Go report to Sect Master!”

At the end of the call, his voice became hoarse.

The other two martial artists are also full of excitement, their bodies trembling constantly because of the excitement.

20 years.

They stayed in this place where birds don’t shit for 20 years!

Now, I can finally leave!

On the periphery of “Holy Land”, there are various heavenly materials, earthly treasures, which can make people stronger.

The feather people, tree people, giants, and shark people living in a lake near “Holy Land”, the four great aliens, were ordered to guard “Holy Land” while also enjoying the convenience of “Holy Land”.

Although with the passage of time, the four great aliens have long lost the initial harmony and friendship, but have become fighting each other.

But in the face of the benefits of “Holy Land”, they are tacitly unanimous.

This has caused those mercenaries who accidentally broke into Formation to be constantly attacked.

At the beginning, the Formation set up by the powerhouse of the mythical realm could only enter but not exit.

And once you come in, your strength will be limited.

On the contrary, the four different Human Races are not only unlimited, but will strengthen.

This is why Tang Mubai couldn’t fly too high when he was fighting a two-headed giant.

Over 10,000 years, the original four different Human Races, because of internal friction, now only Yuren still maintain a certain battle strength. They have taken the big head for the benefits of “Holy Land”.

However, this battle strength is nothing compared to the various forces crowded in from the outside world.

After all, they don’t even have the Destiny Realm world, let alone Nirvana.

Without the backing of the powerhouse, the benefits of “Holy Land” can no longer occupy the bulk.

Tuta old man sighed with sorrow.

Tang Mubai said nothing.

Old Guy’s words sounded like he was sad and confused about the future, but in reality, he was trying to draw Tang Mubai in disguise and wanted Tang Mubai to help!

Because of Tang Mubai’s strength and age, it means that there must be Great Influence behind him.

Drawing in Tang Mubai and forming an alliance with Great Influence behind Tang Mubai, their Human Race will be able to take advantage of the exposure of “Holy Land” and attract the peeping of various people.

This is the root cause of Tuta being a patriarch, but lowering his posture and laughing with Tang Mubai.

Otherwise, I would have started a long time ago and had a fight with Tang Mubai.

After all, if it weren’t for Tang Mubai, Formation could still last for three years.

Tuta is cunning.

Tang Mubai also not to be trifled with. At the moment, he coughed slightly and changed the subject calmly, “so that’s how it is. By the way, what’s the use of Winnie taking the head of the two-headed giant?” ?”


Tuta blinked and almost choked.

This rhythm is wrong!

I said that many, the benefits are so great, don’t you have the slightest interest?

Tuta looked straight at Tang Mubai.

Tang Mubai looked at Tuta with a puzzled face.

On the side, Vinnie couldn’t understand the language of Human Race, still sighing.

There was silence on the roof of the tree.

Half loudly.

Tuta gave a wry smile, retracted his gaze, shook his head and said, “That’s to get the ‘Holy Helmet’.”

“Kidney…Holy helmet bone?”

Tang Mubai was surprised.

“It’s the skull of a two-headed giant!”

Tuta explained, “The holy helmet bone is ground into powder, which not only has the effect of stopping bleeding, but also can be used to domesticate the strange animals in the’Holy Land’.”

After finishing speaking, Tuta stood up a little emotionally, shaking his head and sighing. Finally, the wings stirred and left the roof.

Back view is bleak, silent, unspeakable “sorrow”.

“If you can’t win, is it pitiful to modify?”

Tang Mubai chuckled in his heart.

I didn’t take seriously the departure of Tuta.

Tang Mubai believes there are many heavenly materials and earthly treasures outside “Holy Land”.

Great Saint can reach mature form in a short time. Not surprisingly, it’s just what I ate there.

But this does not mean that Tang Mubai has to form an alliance with the Yuren.

As Tuta said, Formation disappeared and “Holy Land” was exposed. This place will inevitably become a battleground and become chaotic.

Tang Mubai doesn’t mind taking advantage of this opportunity, but is not interested in staying here for a long time!

Sit on the top of the tree, drunk a lot of fruit wine, Vinnie on the side suddenly sound transmission opened the mouth and said.

“Then…that, if…if you can help us, I…I can sleep with you.”


Tang Mubai raised his head, and just drank the Baiguo wine in his mouth before he had time to pour it into his throat, but he spouted all of it.

“cough cough, cough cough…”

Quickly bowed his head and coughed vigorously.

For a while, Tang Mubai raised his head, silent and weird looking towards Wei Ni.

The latter’s face was flushed, and the roots of his ears and pink neck were all flushed with it.

These feather people, whether they are white feathers, gray feathers, or black feathers. The appearance is no different from Human Race.

The only difference is that there are more wings on the back.

So, it is very aesthetically in line with Human Race.

Vini in front of me, in terms of appearance and figure, among the women Tang Mubai has seen, she ranks at least in the top three.

So, such a big beauty suddenly told herself to sleep with her. Tang Mubai was so nodded, and he agreed.

Fortunately, Baiguo was choked and stopped in time.

“…no more.”

Tang Mubai got up and didn’t know whether to cry or laugh and said, “You have to help, and you can find other people when you come. As for how to find it, it depends on what Tuta patriarch plans.”

After finishing speaking, I jumped up and flew up from the tree roof to the Central Zone of the jungle. At this moment, the fire was floating away as night fell.

Tuta rigorous schemes and deep foresight, cunning like a fox.

Arrange for Winnie to seduce herself, Tang Mubai will not be fooled easily.


Tang Mubai suddenly realized.

Vini said that as long as she helped them, she would sleep with herself. This was not her intention!

This is Tuta Old Guy’s strategy!

Vini is not a idiot, and Tang Mubai is not even an idiot. She is so narcissistic that a feathered woman can’t help but pounce on her when she sees herself.

The whole thing from beginning to end, it’s just a trick that’s all.

Well, this strategy has a nice name.

sexual entrapment!

After Tang Mubai awakened, he couldn’t help but take a deep breath.

Uncle, if you didn’t happen to drink and choked, maybe you were really fooled!

Thinking of this, Tang Mubai couldn’t help shaking his head.

I blame myself for too little experience.

Of course, through this incident, Tang Mubai has gained insight again.


Especially beautiful women, they will be delivered automatically for no reason. There will never be a good thing!

Thanks to this incident, Tang Mubai more determined the purpose of profit.

If there was a taste of profiting from somebody’s misfortune before, I felt sorry.

So at this moment, Tang Mubai has a clear conscience!


The northernmost part of Formation, on a plain about 30 li away, there is a lake, and in the center of the lake, there is a Mountain Beyond the Mountain.

At this moment, inside Mountain Beyond the Mountain, in a luxurious and spacious house.


With a muffled noise, a golden nanmu round table was suddenly broken by a palm.

“What you said…is true?”

In the bright splendorous and majestic hall, a middle-aged man with a sturdy figure, a hard face like a knife, a deep and imposing manner, a trembling voice, staring straight at the man standing in the middle of the hall Four big guys.

“It’s true…back to Sect Master!”

It was the beard man among the four who bowed his head and replied nervously and excitedly, “Formation has indeed disappeared. In order to verify the authenticity, the four of us deliberately entered the mountain before returning. , I inspected it. I found that the Formation that was originally everywhere and everywhere has completely disappeared!”

The big guy Beard finished, and on the left and right, the other three people were busy and nodded to agree.

“Yes Sect Master, Formation has indeed disappeared.”

“We went in and out three times before and after, and the Formation did not show up again.”

“The scope there is now ten times expanded! At a glance, it is bigger than ours!”

Three people, you and I will report quickly.

After speaking, trembling with fear lowered his head, waiting for the middle-aged man to order.

In the hall, besides four people, there is an old man and a young man.

After the four beard guys finished speaking, the old man did not speak, but remained silent. But the young man eyes shined and asked, “Then have you seen feather men with wings in the mountains?”


The four beard men are trembled.

For a while, one of them was nervously replied, “Back…back to Third Elder, due to time constraints, we just verified whether Formation disappeared, about Yu…”

“That’s it!”

The young man waved his hand and interrupted, “I see, there is nothing to do with you in the future, please go down.”

“Yes, Third Elder!”

The four beard big guys, hearing this one happy. He bowed his head back and walked quickly out of the hall.

Wait for the four people’s footsteps to go away.

The young man stood up abruptly, walking around excitedly in the central area of ​​the hall.

“Okay, very good! Formation disappeared, our chance is here! Boss, when do you think we should enter the mountain?”

The youth turned his head and looked towards the old man and the middle-aged man, excitedly said, “The area has expanded tenfold, and no one will notice it now, but at most the day after tomorrow, it will surely cause a sensation! When we want to do something, it is inevitable that we will be restrained! Old…”

“I know.”

The middle-aged man interrupted by the sound of the urn, and there was excitement and anger on his hard face.

“I know! The disappearance of Formation is our chance! 20 years later, we can finally take revenge for that year!”

While speaking, the middle-aged man’s voice became trembling, and bloodshot eyes slowly appeared.

“The person who killed me’inviting the moon’, whether it is Yuren or the dead, has to pay the price!”

The old man who remained silent, stood up right now, with a serious face, cold and severe saying, “The third child, you order to go down immediately, leave overnight and go to Yuren’s Lair! Be sure to get in front of others, Take down all Yuren!”

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