Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 640


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The Qiqiao Linglong Pill, Tang Mubai himself cannot use it.

But this kind of seven revolutions Divine Pill is of great value. Used to trade with people, or as a price, can definitely achieve the effect of twice the results for half the effort.

Don’t mention anything else, just Duanmu Hidden Dragon, if Tang Mubai helped him get the Qiqiao Linglong Pill, then Duanmu Hidden Dragon would owe Tang Mubai a big favor!

Of course, if you have an idea in your heart, it doesn’t mean you have to act immediately.

Everything depends on the timing.

Tang Mubai does not forcefully grab the Qiqiao Linglong Pill, but if he has a chance to get it, he will naturally not want it for nothing!


In the lane.

“Asshole! Get out of me! Ahhhh!!!”

Fu Zhongdao pulled out the long sword and slammed Zhu Chaolang straight, sword energy swept through the sky, bringing countless strong winds.

Unfortunately, due to various restrictions, 10% of the previous power can only be used at 20 to 30%.

The sword energy is still dense, but the destructive power is really limited.

“hehe, rich Young Master’s good ability. Unfortunately, there is no chance for growth.” Facing few ray of astral energy, most of them are strong sword energy attacks, Zhu Chaolang at a moderate pace, raised his hand and slapped his hand. Hit.


With a muffled sound, the sword energy pierced by the Fuzhong Road all shifted and poured on the walls on both sides, leaving one after another superficial trace.

Fuzhongdao staggered and almost fell. After standing firm, he screamed and continued to rush towards Zhu Chaolang who was blocking his way.

Both parties are elites in their respective forces. Each is in the state of Innate, but the blood and spirit strength are suppressed, and the bursting power will also make the air in the muddy roadway become muddy. general.

peng peng pa!

Zhu Chaolang shot out wantonly with a pair of big hands, which brought a long burst of energy and was invincible. No one can survive three moves in his hands.

Fu Zhong Dao went crazy to crazy, but Zhu Chaolang was still suppressed. All the way is cut off. The bodyguard next to him was even the Fengyun Pavilion who was dominated by numbers. In just a few minutes, he was completely slaughtered.


Seeing his own death, Fu Zhongdao went crazy. Long sword in his hand, stabs indiscriminately.

“Hey, poor baby.”

When Zhu Chaolang saw this, he sighed his head. Then, while Fuzhongdao was swaying from side to side, one cheated forward and slapped Fuzhongdao’s chest with a palm.

Bang pa!

There was a dull sound, and Fu Zhongdao’s chest was punched with a blood hole on the spot, and he couldn’t die again.

However, what is strange is that the blood flowing on Fu Zhongdao’s body was forcibly sucked by Zhu Chaolang’s palm within a few tenths of a second.

“This palm technique is so vicious!”

Tang Mubai saw it in his eyes and whispered frowns saying.

“This is one of Fengyun Pavilion’s Absolute Art, Blood Devil’s Palm.”

Duanmu Hidden Dragon replied in a low voice beside him, “Zhu Chaolang, the cultivation base of the realm of the gods, is derived from human blood most of the time!”

“Cultivation with human blood, isn’t this Fengyun Pavilion similar to the demonic path?” Tang Mubai frowned.

“Hey, the Great Xia military department has been discussing how to eradicate Fengyun Pavilion. Brother Tang, if you are interested, can sign up at any time.” Duanmu Hidden Dragon said with a smile.

“This… forget it.” Tang Mubai laughed blankly.


In the middle of the lane.

Zhu Chaolang coldly smiled, knelt down, and took out the box containing Qiqiao Linglong Pill from Fu Zhongdao, his face couldn’t hide his joy.

This is a seven-orifice exquisite pill, for people like them in the realm of the gods, it has a great temptation. If you can advance to Destiny, your status in Sect will rise instantly, and you can compete for the position of Sect Master!

“hu~” Zhu Chaolang took a deep breath to stabilize his mind.

At this moment, a black shadow suddenly dropped from the sky.

“Be careful, there is someone up there!” A Fengyun Pavilion clerk found the target and hurriedly shouted loudly.


The blade light landed, and Zhu Chaolang almost instinctively went to the right and fell quickly.


The dazzling blade light cut into the air, leaving a deep mark on the ground.

Zhu Chaolang turned his head and looked towards sneak attack, next moment, low shouted, “Tian Zhuangzhi! It’s you!!”

“It’s him!” Duanmu Hidden Dragon eyes shined.

“Who is this again?” Tang Mubai asked.

“Tian Zhuangzhi, Vice Palace Lord of Astral Palace, Peak cultivation base.” Duanmu Hidden Dragon replied, “Astral Palace is also the top power in the first domain. Its headquarters is in Mountain Beyond the Mountain, but nobody knows Location. Their sphere of influence is mainly in the northeast of Dongzhou. They are also participating now, and it is a bit lively now.”

He is smiling.

Tang Mubai didn’t say anything about this, just looking thoughtful.

Abruptly, his gaze swept back to the right, a building outside several hundred meters.

The “eye orifice” Divine Ability opens, and a silhouette is locked.

“didn’t expect he is here too.”

The corners of Tang Mubai’s mouth rise, secretly said in one’s heart.

Meeting Su Lingxi does not count, even this Old Acquaintance also appeared!


High in the sky, a silver light suddenly flashed past.

“hahaha, Brother Chaolang, I trust you have been well since we last met.”

Sneak attacker wears a black robe, stands on the wall, laughed heartily. His voice was hoarse, and he laughed loudly, as if the tone was broken, and it was very oozing.

“Tian Old Demon, do you also want Qiqiao Linglong Pill?”

Zhu Chaolang squinted his eyes and spoke coldly. The breath on the body slowly condenses and rises.

“Hehe, Brother Chaolang, are you nonsense? Today in Baoxiang Auction House, which one did not come for Qiqiao Linglong Dan? Brother Chaolang, you are also a character, so I won’t deceive you , As long as you hand over the Seven Orifices Linglong Pill, I will leave immediately, and our Astral Palace will be rewarded in the future!”

Tian Zhuangzhi sincerely persuaded him, his voice hoarse and harsh.

“There is no need to make a big report.” Zhu Chaolang coldly said, “I just ask you one question, do you represent the Star Palace and declare war with our Fengyun Pavilion?”

“Declare war? No, no, no, Brother Chaolang, you think too much.” Tian Zhuangzhi shook his head, “I’m here for Qiqiao Linglong Pill, you just have to give it to me…”

“Give it to you? Are you dreaming, or am I dreaming?” Zhu Chaolang interrupted coldly, “nonsense, if you want Qiqiao Linglong Pill, you can get it yourself! Everyone charge ahead for me!”



All the Fengyun Pavilion men rushed towards the exit of the tunnel.

“hmph, want to go? It’s not that easy!” Tian Zhuangzhi saw it, and stopped pretending to smile. Neered and shouted, “Give me to die!”


The air blew up.

Tian Zhuangzhi swung a black iron hook in an imposing manner. A majestic breath came out through the iron hook, raging in the air. Tian Zhuang’s ambitions set off, like a night killer, reaping his life.

After a few sprints, several Fengyun Pavilion Men were killed. In other words, almost no one can stop his shock!

Faced with Tian Zhuangzhi’s fierce attack, Zhu Chaolang had to stop using his palm as a weapon and took out a long sword to confront Ueda Zhuangzhi.

A sword stabbed, like a poisonous snake that eats people, dancing in the air.


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