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The iron hook stabs out, and the long sword shoots.

The two forces collided fiercely, and for a while, a terrifying wave broke out and swept through the tunnel.

The garbage on the ground was all lifted up, and two energies of different colors collided violently, causing the air to explode.

Tian Zhuangzhi and Zhu Chaolang are both in the realm of the gods. In the environment where the spirit strength and blood are restricted, they fight, and the imposing manner is as terrible, waving wanton, bursts of air, like a cyclone in the lane Crazy sweeping.

After more than ten rounds, Tian Zhuangzhi prevailed with the sharpness of the black iron hook. The iron hook was like a poisonous thorn, and he attacked frequently, and Zhu Chaolang retreated step by step.




A creak of silver and iron stirred in the air. The pleasant voice made others stare.

Zhu Chaolang persisted for a while, but couldn’t hold it anymore, and suddenly shouted, “Pasqueflower! I know you are here! If you want Qiqiao Linglong Pill, then come out and help me kill Tian Zhuangzhi! “

“hahaha…well, let’s join hands to get rid of Tian Zhuangzhi!”

There was a big laugh.

The Pasque Weng brought the people from the White Horse King City and appeared from a nearby building.

sou! sou! sou!

The sound of breaking wind sounded one after another.

A dozen silhouettes, dropping from the sky, fall on the walls on both sides of the lane.

One of the burly silhouettes has the strongest energy and blood, and his eyes wide open to scan the audience, his eyes falling on Tian Zhuangzhi.


Tian Zhuangzhi greeted the people’s wanton gaze, gritted his teeth, his face was livid, and roared, “Are you Baima King City becoming a branch of Fengyun Pavilion?”

“Hehe, Tian Vice Palace Lord, don’t have to instigate separation. What’s going on with our White Horse City and Fengyun Pavilion, it has nothing to do with your Constellation Palace.”

The white-headed man chuckled, “It’s you, if you’re smart, it’s best to go obediently. Otherwise, if we two join hands, you have only one way to go, and that’s death!”

Tian Zhuangzhi was silent.

The undulating chest shows that he is struggling inside. Hesitated for a while, gritted his teeth and said bitterly, “Okay! I’m going! You two I remember! Today’s shame, I will find it back sooner or later!”

The voice fell, his body jumped, rose into the air, and galloped away. In the blink of an eye, it disappeared.


“Is this going?”

Tang Mubai raised his eyebrows.

I thought it was a life-and-death duel, but Tian Zhuangzhi escaped without a fight.

But think about it, in an environment where qi and blood, spirit strength, and mental power are all restricted, facing the union of two gods, there is really only one way to go, and that is death!

“Hey, Tian Zhuangzhi won’t leave.” Duanmu Hidden Dragon chuckled, “The show has just begun, how can he be willing to leave?”

Tang Mubai was taken aback, and then suddenly realized, nodded said with a smile, “Yes, he is back again!”

In the sense of divine sense, a powerful breath rushed from the Northwest direction to the laneway.

You don’t need to guess this breath, you also know who it is.

Tian Zhuangzhi!


“haha, now Tian Zhuangzhi is gone, do you and me have a duel in another place?” Pasqueweng looked towards Zhu Chaolang said with a big smile.

In Xiadu City, no matter who it is, the strength is limited. If you want to break out, you break out does not raise.

“That is natural.”

Zhu Chaolang put away the long sword, loudly shouts. After that, he waved to Fengyun Pavilion and rushed to the exit of the lane.

Behind him, the Pasque Weng followed closely with the people from the White Horse King City.

“Let’s go too.” Duanmu Hidden Dragon whispered, beckoning Tang Mubai, and following the two groups of people.

A large group of people, quickly disappeared.

In the lane, Fuzhong Road and the bodies of a group of bodyguards were left, and they could never speak.


sou! sou! sou!

The periphery of the first domain domain wall.

A large number of people broke away from the restriction and rushed in the jungle.


“Zhu Chaolang, go to hell!”

The pulsatilla, who was flying fast among the trees, suddenly roared and rushed towards Zhu Chaolang who launched a sneak attack at the same time.


The air bursts.

The two imposing manners are all released. As soon as Dou fought, the airflow in the jungle that was muddled, instantly became chaotic.

“pa pa pa ~!!!”

Palm bumps, fists and kicks. A series of fast moves to dodge, leaving one after another afterimage on the jungle, destroying big trees. The strong astral energy aftermath stimulates the ground even more, bursting out dazzling sparks from time to time.

bang! bang! bang!

There are loud noises.

The two men fought more and more fiercely, with their surging vigor, mixed with fierce shock waves, in the dense forest, they shot wildly, and wherever they passed, a tree shattered.

The countless pieces of broken pieces of wood that were broken apart, under the energetic sweep, were like celestial flowers scattered in the sky.

“peng peng pa!”

In the fierce fight, at first it became white-hot. The Pasque Weng and Zhu Chaolang fought from the ground to the air, and then from the air to the ground. They fought for more than ten minutes. One of the two people in the fight suddenly spurt a mouthful of blood, the body falls straight.


cold light flashed, the other party shot with lightning and took an empty box from the silhouette that fell down.

Then, turned around and ran.

“Where to go!”

There was a thunderous roar in the air.

A burly silhouette, flying steeply into the air, dropping from the sky, blocking the way to escape the silhouette.

“Zhou Changxian! Ha, Zhou Family members are here too!”

The Duanmu Hidden Dragon hidden in the dark, cheered.

“More than one person came.” Tang Mubai glanced at the Duanmu Hidden Dragon weirdly. I don’t know if it was an illusion, he found that Duanmu Hidden Dragon’s voice was full of panic.

In fact, Duanmu Hidden Dragon is indeed flustered.

The Qiqiao Linglong Pill is what he wants most.

However, now that more and more powerhouses appear, Duanmu Hidden Dragon has to get nervous.

Tang Mubai didn’t remind him even though he noticed his strangeness. Duanmu Hidden Dragon seeks to seize the Seven Aperture Linglong Pill, so what about the others?

Who will succeed in this melee depends on which side God is on.

While thoughts flowed, Tang Mubai chuckled lightly.

Retracted his gaze and looked towards the pasqueflower in the fight and Zhou Changxian who was blocking the way.

Yes, the battle between Pasque Weng and Zhu Chaolang was won by Pasque Weng!

However, although the Pasque Weng won, he was also hit in the body by Zhu Chaolang and suffered serious injuries. Therefore, in the fight with Zhou Changxian, he persisted a few times. Zhou Chang took the opportunity to snatch the box with the Qiqiao Linglong Pill in his hand as soon as he got it.


Zhou Chang ran away first and went to Yuankong.

However, without leaving the boundary of the forest, two figures sprang up on the ground. Around Zhou Changxian, there was a fierce “crackle” fight.

The box in Zhou Changxian’s hand changed hands in an instant.

Only this time, the two martial artists who grabbed the box had not had time to take over, and suddenly rushed down a white light in the sky……

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