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The acquaintance Tang Mubai met before was not someone else but Qin Sheng.

In Foreign Domain, the white light that contained the box of “Seven Orifices Linglong Pill” was snatched from a group of powerhouses. It was grapes.

This is also the first time Tang Mubai knows that the big white cat, Grape, has such a fast speed that it is not weaker than his teleportation.

Not surprisingly, this should be the ability that grapes possess after becoming Spirit Beast.

Qin Sheng drove it to snatch the “Seven Aperture Linglong Pill”. Tang Mubai did help in the process. It was through the space artistic conception of Great Perfection, which caused space distortion for a while.

It was this meeting that allowed Grape to seize the opportunity to take away the “Seven Orifices Linglong Pill”.

Qin Sheng came here specially for this, thanks Tang Mubai.

In fact, if Duanmu Hidden Dragon seized the opportunity at that time, Tang Mubai would have done him well.

It’s a pity…

“You are so easy, you have helped me so much.” Qin Sheng said resolutely, “I, Qin Sheng, have nothing else, just this brute force is not bad, Brother Tang, if I need me in the future, must speak Let me tell you, no matter where you are, Qin Sheng will come and let it be sent!”

“Okay.” Tang Mubai hearing this, nodded replied, “Then I will write it down first, and trouble Qin Old Brother if necessary.”

“I will always wait.”

Qin Sheng smiled, took out a jade pendant engraved with lines, and handed it to Tang Mubai, “This is to contact Treasure Item, Brother Tang must keep it.”

“Okay.” Tang Mubai took the jade pendant and felt a little, nodded.

Seven or eight Formations are carved into this jade pendant, which is not weaker than the Sacred Heart Order.

“Let’s do this first, I have something to work on, so goodbye.”

Chong Tang Mubai hugged cup one fist in the other hand, Qin Sheng greeted the grape flash people.

“Go slow.” Tang Mubai replied, “Grapes, goodbye.”

“meow ~” Grape yelled to Tang Mubai before twisting his hips and chasing Qin Sheng.

a man and a cat, quickly disappeared on the street.

Tang Mubai watched them leave the direction, with a slight expectation.

Without him, Qin Sheng got the “Seven Orifices Linglong Pill”, next time I meet, it will be the Destiny Realm world!

Speaking of which, Tang Mubai and Qin Sheng have met several times, and the latter has a higher realm each time.

Of course, Tang Mubai is not bad, Grandmaster, Innate, Tongshen, Destiny!

Within one year, across four great realms, this kind of breakthrough speed, if others know, they don’t know how to be jealous, maybe they want to kill Tang Mubai.


Tang Mubai was in a good mood to get Qin Sheng’s favor in one move.

Leaving the small park, I first found a place to have dinner, and then followed Su Lingxi’s breath, slowly looking for it.

As night fell, the streets and alleys of Xiadu were lit up.

Following the breath of Su Lingxi, Tang Mubai went all the way.

“I don’t know what happened to Sect Master.”

While walking, Tang Mubai muttered.

Li Taibai went to the Federation to find someone to trade the “Nine-Dragon Wall”, but the afternoon passed and nothing happened.

With the energy of the “Nine-Dragon Wall”, Tang Mubai does not believe in the federation.

The reason why there hasn’t been any movement so far is that the conditions have not been negotiated!

At this point, the more Tang Mubai thinks about it, the greater the chance.

As he was walking, there was a sudden noise on the road ahead.

Tang Mubai walked over slowly under curiosity.

I saw more than 20 pedestrians passing by, crowded in a circle, facing pointing fingers in a circle on the edge of the street. From time to time, there will be one or two sighs.

But the loudest sound is the one after another cutting through the air, the whip that hits the flesh, and the roared like ominous beast.


“Two little bastards, let’s run, keep running! Can’t you run, see how Laozi killed you! What? I won’t go back to death? Laozi killed you!”

The thunderous anger stunned the crowd.

“Hey, poor, why haven’t the people from the Martial Pacifying Department come yet?”

“Hehe, I’ve been here long ago, but I saw it from a distance and avoided it.”

“Really, it seems that this guy has a very deep background.”

“How about it?”

The crowd of onlookers pointing fingers.

Some people couldn’t help but stood up and said, “I said, it’s enough, a big Lord who beats two children so cruelly, is it still not a human?”

“get lost! This is Laozi’s housework, what do you care about? It’s the fucking thing to let Laozi go away!”

Listening to the arrogant scolding, Tang Mubai squeezed into the crowd calmly. What he saw was a burly robust man with a pair of triangular eyes and a pair of triangular eyes with his face covered in flesh and naked upper body, waving a long whip. , Fiercely beat two “teenagers” in torn clothes.

Two “boys” fell on the ground, hugged each other, and huddled in the corner, one of them protecting the other. Between each other, their long hair was very messy, covered with all kinds of dirty things. The body exudes an unpleasant smell, and it seems that I haven’t taken a bath in three years.

The two let the triangular eyes burly and robust man lash without making any sound. Because I lowered my head, I couldn’t see what they looked like. The onlookers can only show sympathy and have no intention to intervene.

Tang Mubai saw in his eyes, but he didn’t plan to shoot immediately. Observe carefully to make a decision.

After all, Xia is a federal center, so it doesn’t hurt to be cautious.

Dare to beat people wantonly on the street, this burly man with triangular eyes is definitely not an ordinary person.

Tang Mubai heard what other people were talking about just now.

triangular eyes The burly man has a background!


“Two little bastards, Laozi will kill you! Kill you!”

The triangular eyes full of fleshy faces The burly robust man snarled his voice, still roaring and roaring, his eyes were wide open, his gaze was cold and severe, the star of the mouth was flying around, the long whip in his hand was raised high and heavy fall.

Each one hit the two “young people”, and the boy who was guarding them trembled. It can be said that every time he suffered a whip, his thin body suffered a crime, but he still didn’t say anything. With the slightest noise, he clenched his teeth firmly and protected the young man under him in his arms.

The young man blinked his eyes on his back, and he was already full of lash marks. The worn clothes were all shattered. Every time the long whip fell, it took a burst of blood and threw it in the air, splashing on the face of the burly robust man with triangular eyes, making him Increasingly ferocious.

The onlookers turned their heads and couldn’t bear to watch this scene.

They are not rich and powerful people, nor are they Martial Arts powerhouse. They sympathize with these two young people at most.

What the Martial Pacifying Department doesn’t care about, can they take care of it?

Furthermore, there are so many poor people in the world, who can take care of them all?

But there are always people who look down on it, especially the elderly. An old lady with white hair, leaning on crutches, squeezed to the front with the help of a beautiful woman in fashionable dress, her eyes were tearful, and she tremblingly said, “Broken child, you…you are doing evil. ……”

“Dead old woman, let Laozi go!” The triangular eyes burly robust man turned his head and roared, “Laozi beats his own person, mind your own business! If you don’t want to die, shut up Laozi!”

“Making evil…” The old lady sighed and shook her head.

“What do you guys say? Are you still not a man?” Beautiful women can’t see it, frowns saying, “It’s a man, go to the Foreign Domain to kill Inhuman creatures. What kind of ability is bullying the weak here?”

“Fuck you…why, is Laozi a man, do you want to check it?”

triangular eyes burly robust man suddenly smiled, his eyes full of silver evil glanced back and forth on the beautiful woman.

The facial features of the beautiful woman are very delicate, coupled with the dressing, and at the same time beautiful, with a hint of heroism, let people see a different sense of conquest.

“Bah! Disgusting! Shameless! No man is a good thing!” The beautiful woman spat disdainfully at the feet of the burly robust man with triangular eyes, and backed a few steps, showing contempt in beautiful eyes.

“Hey, beauty, you can’t overturn a jar of water just because he is alone, OK?”

When a man heard this, he couldn’t help shouting.

“Am I wrong?” The beautiful woman disdainfully retorted.

hearing this, Tang Mubai shook his head and laughed.

At this moment, a little girl suddenly ran in from the crowd and rushed in front of the burly and robust man with triangular eyes.

“Brat, what run? Roll aside for Laozi…huh?” When the triangular eyes burly robust man saw the little girl rushing over, he roared first.

But when I saw the cute and sweet face of the little girl clearly, there was a 720 degree change. The eyes were full of silver light, and the tongue came out and licked the lips, the face full of flesh I just forced an ugly smile, squeezed my voice, “softly” said, “Little Sister, what’s your name, can Uncle take you to buy sweets?”

shameless! Beasts!

The onlookers were all shocked and angry.

This burly man with triangular eyes is too regardless of the law and of natural morality, it’s not a human being!

When did Xia Du have such a scumbag?

“Little Sister, don’t go there.”

Amidst the noise, the beautiful woman has quick eyes and hands, and pulled the little girl over, while staring at the triangular eyes burly robust man warily, showing disgust.

“Small bitch!” The triangular eyes burly robust man yelled, “don’t be fool enough to reject a face-saving offer! Now let Laozi get out of here, and then I’ll mess with Laozi, Believing or not Laozi is here Fuck you!”

“Are you here to do it?” The beautiful woman stepped forward and fought back with contempt, “I want to see how big your egg is!”


The crowd of onlookers smiled suddenly, and they were all convinced by the sturdiness of this woman.

Being beautiful is beautiful, but this temper, if you marry home, you don’t have a certain means, and you don’t get angry every day?

“You…you are courting death!”

triangular eyes burly robust man flushed decisively in embarrassment, the long whip in his hand was immediately raised high, and swiftly pulled down towards the beautiful woman.

If this note is drawn, the pretty woman’s pretty face will be ruined.

However, the beautiful woman’s eyes didn’t blink, but the air around her was distorted.

She raised her hand, ready to grab the whip.

No, at this moment, a scream suddenly sounded.

I saw the triangular eyes burly robust man wielding the long whip, screaming again and again while holding his arm, and the bloody long whip, at this time, had turned into a pile of ashes, lying quietly on the ground.

It was the little girl she had previously held in her hands. She rushed to the burly man in triangular eyes at some time, with clusters of dazzling flames on her body, and the hot high temperature bloomed on the spot.

In this scene, the beautiful woman’s eyes shined and looked towards the little girl again, full of joy.

“Fire Spirit Physique?”

Tang Mubai in the crowd was also slightly surprised.

“No, it’s not Fire Spirit Physique, this little girl’s Spiritual Qi breath is mixed with other breath!”

Tang Mubai raised his eyebrows and thought to himself.

The little girl just released a flame and fell on the burly man with triangular eyes, not martial arts, but Thaumaturgy.

Fire Fiend!

But it is not pure Fire Fiend, the other energy in it is very special.

“Asshole! Damn little bastard!”

Tang Mubai is thinking.

The wounded triangular eyes are burly robust man, also called jumping again, looking towards the little girl’s gaze, full of spite, “Laozi killed you, killed you!”

It’s just that, yelling from the mouth, but there is no movement in the hands, and the body goes backwards instead.

triangular eyes The burly big man is not even a Martial Master. Facing the little girl’s special Thaumaturgy, he is already afraid of him, but he keeps clamoring to keep his face.

No one else cares about him. At this time, all of them stared at the little girl with amazement.

“Who is this little girl? It’s so amazing!”

“It’s Thaumaturgy, right? The smell of Fire Fiend just now permeates!”

“Why do I seem to have seen her somewhere? Well, by the way, she is Wu Xiaoxiao! Little Princess of Wu Family!”

“Yes, it is Wu Xiaoxiao! Didn’t expect her to be cultivated so early.”

“Little Princess of Wu Family, really amazing!”


The crowd of onlookers exploded. One by one kept exclaiming about the little girl’s identity or strength.

Tang Mubai heard it and quickly learned the identity of the little girl.

Little Princess of Wu Family in Xiadu!

Wu Family, like the rich family, is Xiadu’s Aristocratic Family.

“This Wu Family, Fire Spirit Physique appeared, is it possible that their bloodline is very special?” Tang Mubai muttered in a low voice, his eyes twinkling, looking towards the little girl, looking thoughtful.


In the field.

“Bad guy! You are a bad guy!” Wu Xiaoxiao pursed his pink mouth and looked at the triangular eyes burly robust man, and said softly.

“little bastard, you are courting death! I’m going to kill you!” The triangular eyes burly robust man tried his best to make himself as hideous as he could, fiercely staring at Wu with a smile.

If this is an average child, he would already cry. But Wu Xiaoxiao is not only not afraid, but a little finger…


Another hot flame was born out of thin air.

triangular eyes The burly robust man jumped in shock, never daring to stay, holding his injured arm, rushed away from the crowd in embarrassment.

“Chuck…” Wu Xiaoxiao looked in his eyes and smiled triumphantly. Pride is full of pride on her face.

The triangular eyes burly robust man ran away. She immediately walked to the two “young people” and asked concerned, “big brother, you guys…”


Tenderly shouted suddenly.

Wu Xiaoxiao was excited, his body shook suddenly. The next second, with a strange cry, he rushed into the crowd and ran away. The speed is amazing, almost a sprint, and disappeared in the crowd.

Behind her, a beautiful girl with long hair and fluttering, aged 15-16 years old, panting with rage crowded out the crowd, chasing and shouting, “Laugh! Don’t run!”

“I don’t, I don’t, I don’t.” Wu Xiaoxiao’s soft voice echoed in the air.

Until the two disappeared completely. The crowd onlookers suddenly realized.

Tang Mubai narrowed his eyes even more.

He smelled Su Lingxi from this beautiful girl who appeared after the little girl!

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