Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 644


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The other party knows Su Lingxi!

There is no doubt about this.

The key is not only to know each other, but also to be very close and hug and sleep together.

Otherwise, the breath of others will not remain on the body.


Su Lingxi and this beautiful girl are Lala?

Tang Mubai has a strange face.

Speaking of which, Su Lingxi is beautiful, but when she lived in the Miracle Mercenary Group before, she and the man did not communicate much.

Including Tang Mubai, also because of his special status, he only chatted occasionally.

If Su Lingxi is really lala, she can understand it.

It’s a pity that the two big beauties are together.

Tang Mubai thought weirdly, out of the crowd, and continued to follow Su Lingxi’s breath.

The two “teenagers” in the corner don’t need him to come forward. The beautiful woman has already stepped forward to communicate.

As for the burly and robust man with triangular eyes who escaped, the end is not much better.


Following the breath, Tang Mubai slowly found Su Lingxi.

Learning from the last lesson, this time, Tang Mubai did not approach, but looked far away.

The “eye orifice” Divine Ability is turned on, looking at Su Lingxi from a distance, and entering the micro-perspective state from time to time.

From a distance, Tang Mubai saw more things immediately.

There are at least ten people around Su Lingxi.

Some of them were black clothed over their bodies, and some pretended to be ordinary persons.

A group of people’s unspoken activities are near a manor.

Su Lingxi in the center, waiting in a casual shop.

Half an hour later, the beautiful girl who ran after Wu Xiaoxiao appeared.

When the two met, they hugged each other, hehe haha, talking and laughing.

Tang Mubai moved his ears, listening to them chatting.

Sure enough, the beautiful girl is also a Wu Family, named Wu Huanhuan.

She came to meet Su Lingxi, she had said before, to attend a banquet.

That banquet, not surprisingly, was Su Lingxi’s goal.

Name of the banquet, the first birthday banquet of the grandson of Wu Family.

It’s just that this Wu Family grandson is not from Wu Huanhuan’s side.

Although both parties are surnamed Wu, they have already produced five servers since the grandfather generation.

Xiadu Wu Family refers to Wu Huanhuan.

And Su Lingxi’s goal tonight, Wu Family banquet, the protagonist is a vice-president of Qingtianyuan, Wu Kongxiao.

This Wu Kongxiao belongs to the Wu Family’s collateral family, but, with strong strength, Destiny Realm world, after joining the Federation, once sat on the position of Deputy Dean of the Supreme Academy.

For this reason, Wu Family, where Wu Huanhuan belongs, will send representatives to attend the grandson’s birthday party for Wu Kongxiao’s grandson.

The direct leader of Wu Family is Wu Huanhuan’s father, Wu Liancheng.

Su Lingxi was able to attend this birthday party, but it was because of Wu Huanhuan’s relationship.

Tang Mubai looked from a distance and saw that Su Lingxi and Wu Huanhuan had enough affection before they left the shop together, joined the rest of Wu Family, and entered Wu Kongxiao’s manor.

In the Wu Family team, Wu Xiaoxiao is also there.

Through conversation, Tang Mubai learned that Wu Xiaoxiao was running around before because she also wanted to attend the banquet but was rejected.

As a result, after such a fight, Wu Family compromised.

Wu Liancheng, Wu Huanhuan, Wu Xiaoxiao, and the other two Wu Family youths are the representatives of the Wu Family.

Wu Kongxiao, as the deputy dean of the Great Sky Academy, is a powerhouse in the Destiny Realm world and has a wide range of contacts.

His grandson’s birthday party, Xia Du and all influence basically sent representatives to congratulate him.

Among them, Zhou Family and Zhou Changxian whom Tang Mubai has met. Star Palace, Tian Zhuangzhi. Fengyun Pavilion, Zhu Chaolang.

Duanmu Hidden Dragon, who is familiar with Tang Mubai, also represents the Duanmu Family.

These people grouped together in the afternoon for the “Seven Orifices Linglong Pill” and gathered in Wu Kongxiao’s manor at night, but they were talking and laughing like old friends who hadn’t seen them for many years.

Tang Mubai really admires it.

He scanned Su Lingxi’s target, Master of Nine Mountains, and Sect Master of Heavenly Puppet Gate among more and more people.

Although Tang Mubai didn’t know them, he chased Su Lingxi’s gaze and quickly found out.

Master Jiuyue is a thin old man with a cold breath, sitting alone in a corner, drinking himself.

The Sky Puppet Gate Sect Master is different, walking around and talking happily with people.

Although he is not tall, he is even a little fat, and he looks kind.

But Tang Mubai clearly noticed that everyone who talked to him was extra vigilant.

Sky puppet gate, sky puppet gate.

This Sect person, the manipulator is a puppet. The best at turning other people and things into puppets in their hands. A little careless, I don’t know when I was recruited.

For this reason, facing the kindness of Sect Master, no one else approached.

The whole process, Tang Mubai looked interesting.

The first birthday party for the grandson of Wu Kongxiao’s grandson, after the beginning, it was first communication. All influence representatives who entered the manor talked and laughed with each other.

The little child ran around, and his sweet voice rang from time to time.

Among them, Wu Xiaoxiao was the happiest, running around.

Wu Huanhuan followed in front, and didn’t bother to deal with it behind. Together with Su Lingxi, they gathered among a bunch of young women.


“putong ~”

A Wu Family attendant who served tea and water, walked, suddenly fell to the ground.

“hu~ huh! hu~”

In less than three seconds after falling down, the attendant snored, shaking the sky.

“What’s the matter?”

“This guy is so good, why fell asleep here?”

“Brother Wu, come and take a look.”


The people around, discuss spiritedly.

Some of them called to Wu Kongxiao’s son not far away.

However, don’t wait for Wu Family to come…

“putong ~” “putong ~” “putong!”

One by one, they fell to the ground quickly, falling asleep quickly.

The ordinary person fell down at the same speed, and within ten seconds, all lay down.

The martial artist was a little slower, one by one, they swayed from side to side, staggering, and couldn’t hold on, before they fell to the ground.



Outside the manor, at the top of a building more then 300 meters away, Tang Mubai watched this scene from the sky, his eyes narrowed.

After waiting for more than an hour, Su Lingxi finally launched an attack!

poison energy ……

No, it can’t be regarded as poison. Su Lingxi is not a brutal and evil person, and takes the lives of others in order to get revenge.

She used a powerful sleeping pill and spread it in the air as a gas.

The weaker the constitution, the sooner the person who absorbs this medicine will fall into a drowsiness.

Even martial artists can’t hold on for long. They have turned on Body Protecting Astral Energy and Innate shields.


After discovering that the situation was not right, other people in the manor, especially the master, Grandmaster, and Innate, immediately turned on Body Protecting Astral Energy to protect themselves.

The same goes for Wu Huanhuan, urging Su Lingxi to protect herself.

“What should I do with Xiaoxiao?” Su Lingxi turned on Body Protecting Astral Energy. At the same time, she looked at Wu Xiaoxiao, who was not in a drowsiness, and said nervously.

“Don’t worry about her.”

Wu Huanhuan did not lift her head to replied, “This little poison energy can’t help her!”


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