Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 645


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Su Lingxi was taken aback, next moment reacted and looked at Wu Xiaoxiao in amazement.

Outside the manor.

“Is immune to poison energy?”

Tang Mubai stared at Wu Xiaoxiao from the air, looking thoughtful.

The little girl turned her head around now, scratching her head in confusion.

Obviously, I was very confused about everyone suddenly lying on the ground and sleeping.


“Who! Come out for me!”

In the manor, after a brief panic, Wu Kongxiao with a green face finally got angry and rose into the air, floating in the air, scanning the ground.

“The other party’s intention is very clear, and it is us.” Sect Master said with an angry face.

“Is it against you or us? It’s still early.” Master Jiuyue said slowly.

“Don’t quarrel, the two of you.” Wu Liancheng interjected, “What is the purpose of the poisoner behind the scenes, put it aside for now. For safety, let’s leave here first.”

“What are you afraid of!”

Zhu Chaolang said with disdain, “If you dare to poison, you have to get this guy out. I don’t believe it. With that many of us here, there will be no way to get a rat who hides his head and shows his tail!”

“Then you stay here, wait slowly, I’ll leave first.” Tian Zhuangzhi coldly shouted, too lazy to look at Zhu Chaolang before turning to leave.

But at this moment–


One after another The sound of breaking wind, abruptly came from all directions.

“Be careful!”

The people who thought it was a hidden weapon rushed to dodge, avoiding the corner.

“It’s not a hidden weapon, but a grimace mushroom!”

Duanmu Hidden Dragon suddenly exclaimed, his eyes fell on the black mushrooms on the ground.

“Damn it, so many grimace mushrooms, don’t let me know who got into Xiadu!” Wu Kongxiao sipped, his body flashing quickly, and rushed to the nearest grimace mushroom, using martial arts, palm astral energy Hovering, condense a ball of flames, covering the fall, hitting the grimace mushroom.

This black mushroom with a big mouth and an ugly face that looked like a grimace upturned to the sky. It was lit on the spot, making a miserable and miserable noise.

One after another black smoke, which was produced in a timely manner, bear the brunt of it, and poured down on Wu Kongxiao.

The Innate shield that Wu Kongxiao had originally propped up corroded and melted with the terror speed visible to naked eye. A martial area full of Blade Qi moving unhindered was born behind the Innate shield to block the black smoke.

When the others saw this, they backed away.

Grimace mushroom, a poisonous spiritual medicine.

No one touches it, and it can release a terrifying breath by itself. This kind of breath can corrode astral energy. Whether it is Body Protecting Astral Energy or Innate shield, it can corrode.

However, Xia Du was originally set up with several restrictions, Formation, martial artist’s vitality, blood, and spirit strength, all restricted, and it would not last long to consume.

Only various weapons domains can be immune.

However, Wuyu can only support the external release only if it is promoted to Tongshen.

Grandmaster and Innate are simply not capable of this. If they don’t want to die, they can only escape.

shua~ shua~ shua~ ~

For a while, the people still standing in the manor ran outside one after another.

At this time, no one cares about Wu Kongxiao and his grandson.

One by one, use the Lightweight Art body technique and rush to the outside of the manor.

among which is included Master of Nine Mountains, Sect Master, Zhu Chaolang, Tian Zhuangzhi, Zhou Changxian.


“xiu!” “xiu!” “xiu!”

Outside the manor, in a dark corner, arrows suddenly shot out and went straight to the Master of Nine Mountains and Sect Master of Heavenly Puppet Gate.

Zhu Chaolang, Tian Zhuangzhi, Duanmu Hidden Dragon, and the others are ignored.

All the arrows only shot towards Master Nine Mountains and Sect Master of Heavenly Puppet Gate. The poisonous arrows contained Power of Heaven and Earth. They penetrated the air and rushed in front of them in the blink of an eye, hitting the Martial Domain. Hearing only two strange noises of “chill, chick”, the arrow penetrated the martial domain and pierced into the bodies of the Master of Nine Mountains and the Sect Master of Heavenly Puppet Gate.

The two groaned separately, falling down their bodies flying at a low altitude, and fell back to the manor.

The whole process, other people saw in their eyes, but they were shocked and suddenly realized.

The goal of the secret mastermind is not them, but the master of the Nine Mountains, the Sect Master of the Heavenly Puppet Gate!

This is undoubtedly good news. The people who rushed out of the manor did not rush to leave, avoiding the diffuse range of poison energy, stopping all around the manor, looking at Wu Kongxiao and the others in the manor, with different expressions.

“Unexpectedly, the target is the Master of Nine Mountains and the Sect Master of Heavenly Puppet Gate.”

“May also include Wu Kongxiao, the vice president!”

“How to say?”

“Is it necessary to say? All fools can see it! If there is no hatred with Wu Kongxiao, how can the secret mastermind do it in his manor? It is also specially selected for his grandson’s birthday party!”


People discussed in low voices, some taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune, some frowned and thought.

In the distance.

Tang Mubai listened to their conversation, slightly surprised, but soon after.

Yes, Wu Kongxiao is probably also Su Lingxi’s target!

Recalling the previous life experience about Wu Kongxiao, the deputy dean of Qingtianyuan, before joining the Federation, was the famous Loose Cultivator in Dongzhou!

Whether it is a person or in action, it shows the side of uncompromising means, cruel bloodthirsty, seeking revenge for the slightest grievance.

It is not surprising that such a person participated in the destruction of the Spirit Realm family.

For this, Tang Mubai couldn’t help but look at Wu Kongxiao a few more times.

Su Lingxi first released the sleeping medicinal gas, and then dropped hundreds of grimace mushrooms, and arranged for her accomplices to guard outside the manor, shoot arrows in the air, and prevent the Master of the Nine Mountains and the Sect Master from leaving. Obviously, he had prepared beforehand Preparation for an emergency.

Those archery guys, each Archery is quite good.

Although it does not have the ability of Tang Mubai shatter space, it is very powerful in turning, projecting, speeding, and piercing.

Especially these arrows have been specially crafted to penetrate the Martial Realm!

Even though some military domains are very special, they are strong in nature, and their defenses are amazing.

But it is a pity that the martial arts of the Master of Nine Mountains and the Sect Master of Heavenly Puppet Gate do not possess this characteristic.

They didn’t evade in a hurry, and each shot an arrow. Although they didn’t penetrate into the flesh and blood, they scratched the epidermis and were already hit. At this time, their faces were extremely ugly, with black blood overflowing from the corners of their mouths.


The arrow is poisonous!

The toxin is flowing within the body, the Master of the Nine Mountains and the Sect Master of the Heavenly Puppet Gate. At this moment, he has to sit on the ground, his movement suppresses the flow of toxins.

“Come out! Come out!”

Wu Kongxiao watched this scene, and his anger burned more vigorously.

The poison energy released by the Grimace Mushroom constantly corrodes the astral energy. Everyone in the Wu Family is under the protection of Wu Kongxiao’s martial domain.

Wu Huanhuan took Su Lingxi and hid in Wu Liancheng’s Martial Domain.

Wu Xiaoxiao was also together, but she suddenly thought of something. Before entering the Martial Domain, she pointed her finger—


A scorching flame was born out of thin air quickly, rushing to a grimace mushroom not far away, and hit the target.


The grimace mushroom was ignited, making a sound like a ghost howling, burning to ashes.

When Wu Kongxiao burned, he produced one after another black smoke, but there was no half of it!

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