Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 646


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“This is…”


“It’s not just Thaumaturgy! There is a problem with the flame of this little girl!”

“Hey, the toxicity of the grimace mushroom has been completely suppressed and resolved.”

“Yes, the flame of the little girl is very special, mixed with some kind of power. It is this kind of power that restrains the grimace mushroom!”


Zhu Chaolang, Tian Zhuangzhi, and Zhou Chang were first to join the group, floating in the air outside the manor, looking at the situation in the manor, and discussing in a low voice.

Not only them, but Wu Kongxiao, Su Lingxi, Wu Liancheng, Wu Huanhuan and the others also saw it.

Wu Kongxiao, in anger, startedled first, then overjoyed, “Hurry up, Lian Cheng, let your girl wipe out these grimace mushrooms!”

“Smile, are you okay?” Wu Liancheng ignored Wu Kongxiao, but looked at Wu Xiaoxiao and asked nervously.

Wu Huanhuan is the same, showing concern.

Su Lingxi next to her is also worried. It’s just that she is worried about the mushrooms, not Wu Xiaoxiao…

It can be said that Su Lingxi didn’t expect her dreams. Wu Xiaoxiao, this little girl, will become a hindrance to her in her actions tonight.

Grimace mushrooms are easy to destroy, but if they are destroyed by force, whether it is burned or cut by a knife, it will release more intense poisonous smoke.

Wu Kongxiao did not destroy it again, because of this, he did not dare to release more poisonous smoke.

Wu Xiaoxiao was good, the flame Thaumaturgy released, actually smashed the grimace mushroom directly, and no poisonous smoke was produced!

What does this mean?

Thaumaturgy, the flame representing Wu Xiaoxiao, just restrained the grimace mushroom!

If all the grimace mushrooms are eliminated by Wu Xiaoxiao, Su Lingxi’s actions will undoubtedly suffer a major blow.

Thinking of this, she quickly said, “Huahuan, laughter and release Thaumaturgy like this is expensive? If it is too big, I think it’s better to let her stop. Anyway, the poison energy of Grimace Mushroom has no effect on Martial Domain. “

“Yes, the ability to laugh is not unlimited. If you put it a few times, you will fall into a drowsiness.” Wu Huan hurriedly nodded, and at the same time, shouted at Wu Xiaoxiao, “Smile, don’t do it, Come here!”

“It’s okay, I can do it!” Wu grinned, stretched out his hand in the air and continued to click.


One after another, a scorching flame, amid a series of wind-breaking sounds, quickly emerged, hitting the grimace mushrooms scattered on the ground.

Bang~bang! Bang~

As long as the grimace mushrooms that were hit, there was no chance that they shattered and collapsed on the spot.


Wu Kongxiao looked in his eyes and laughed loudly.

Wu Liancheng and Wu Huanhuan were worried and yelled, making Wu Xiaoxiao stop.

Su Lingxi, who was next to them, had a painful face and opened her mouth. She had no choice but to accept the scene, watching Wu Xiaoxiao playing a balloon, destroying one grimace mushroom after another.

Outside the manor…

“Ha, it’s interesting. This little girl is interesting. She treats killing ghost mushrooms as a game.”

“Wu Kongxiao is in Wu Family, life should not be broken. This little girl happened to be on the scene, restraining the poison energy. If there is no little girl, I don’t know how many people will die.”

“I’m even more curious, who targeted Wu Kongxiao, Master of Nine Mountains, Sect Master of Heavenly Puppet? They seem to have no connection? Master Master of Nine Mountains and Sect Master of Heavenly Puppet have always looked down on each other, and often used them. “

“Then only the old heaven knows.”

Zhu Chaolang, Tian Zhuangzhi, and Zhou Chang first joined the group and discussed in a low voice.

At Tang Mubai behind them, seeing Wu Xiaoxiao “playing a balloon”, he raised his eyebrows.

The ability of little girl is indeed very strong, immune to poison energy, and at the same time, it can be restrained.

Su Lingxi wants to kill Master of the Nine Mountains, Sect Master of Heavenly Puppet Gate, and Wu Kongxiao, so she seems to have to find other methods. Of course, it is unlikely that Wu Kongxiao’s three would be killed by the grimace mushroom alone. However, with grimace mushrooms, it can impose more restrictions on them.

Now that this restriction is gone, what will Su Lingxi do?


“hahaha, good, good, very good!”

Wu Kongxiao’s laughter resounded in the manor.

Master of Nine Mountains, Sect Master of Heavenly Puppet Gate, saw Wu Xiaoxiao’s movements, the corners of his mouth also showed a smile.

The ghost face mushrooms are wiped out cleanly, and their actions will undoubtedly be much more convenient.

It is also easier to find the murderer behind the scenes.

However, Wu Xiaoxiao is a child after all. The “ballooning” is refreshing, but it consumes a lot of money. When the ghost face mushroom was almost half wiped out by her, she suddenly shook her body and fell to the ground.


Wu Liancheng exclaimed, ran over quickly, picked up Wu Xiaoxiao and then backed away.

“How, how?” Su Lingxi approached nervously, helping to check Wu Xiaoxiao.

“It’s too much consumption, I slept over.” Wu Huanhuan checked and put out a breath.

“Fortunately, I just fell asleep.” Su Lingxi also took a deep breath, no longer nervous.

Wu Liancheng carefully hugged Wu Xiaoxiao and sat aside.

Wu Kongxiao’s smile disappeared.

The remaining half of the Grimace Mushrooms can still corrode their astral energy, making them afraid to leave the Martial Domain. However, the support of the Martial Domain will be consumed.

In Xiadu City, various prohibitions are everywhere. Qi and blood, spirit strength, and mental power are suppressed, unable to explode as usual. The suffocated blood and spirit strength, facing the consumption of martial arts, even if it is energizing, Destiny will not last long.


Think of Wu Kongxiao here, and decisively ordered Wu Family to evacuate the manor.

There is no need to take care of the Wu Family members. The scope of Wu Family’s coverage only needs to take care of himself, and the time for persistence is undoubtedly longer.

The only question is whether the murderer behind the scenes will do anything to Wu Family.

But if you haven’t tried it, how can you know?

So, Wu Kongxiao gave the order.

However, none of the Wu Family wanted to leave and dared to leave.

The experience of Master of Nine Mountains and Sect Master of Heavenly Puppet Gate scared them all.

These two are destiny experts, but they didn’t stop the attack. They are now poisoned and forced to stay in the manor for healing.

In case, if the murderer also attacked them behind the scenes, then they went out, wouldn’t it be 100% dead!

No one wants to die. Wu Family who has enjoyed various conveniences and benefits do not want to die.

Therefore, no one acted, one by one bowed their heads, afraid to look at Wu Kongxiao.

Wu Kong screamed furiously, his face was full of anger, but he didn’t push him.

Wu Family dare not go out, he can’t kill it!

“Liancheng, you go!”

Wu Kongxiao shouted at Wu Liancheng, let Wu Liancheng and Wu Huanhuan and the others leave.

“It’s okay, we stay here, maybe we can help.” Wu Huanhuan replied first.

Joke, now the murderer behind the scenes is targeting the Master of the Nine Mountains and the Sect Master of the Heavenly Puppet Gate, but who can guarantee that the other party will not attack them too?

Wu Liancheng and Wu Huanhuan are in Wu Family, fundamentally speaking, they are the same as Wu Kongxiao!

Wu Kongxiao told them to leave, half of it was kind, and half of it was probably temptation.

Test whether Wu Liancheng, Wu Huanhuan and the others will attack if the murderer is behind the scenes.

Wu Huanhuan realized this point almost instantly, and immediately started to respond.

Sure enough.

Faced with her reply, Wu Kongxiao’s face suddenly sank.

On the contrary, Su Lingxi secretly put out a breath.

She didn’t want to go out, only to stay in the manor can she continue to act!

Stayed quietly, Su Lingxi reached into her pocket and entered the message on a Treasure Item.


“sou! ”“sou!” “sou! ”

Over the manor, there was a sudden sound of breaking wind.

Under the night, the “divine arrow” that appeared before came again, this time, even more, almost hundreds of “divine arrow” together, dropping from the sky, covering Xiangjiuyue The location of the two people, the Sect Master and the Sky Puppet Gate.


Master Jiuyue growled and controlled his body to move on the ground, avoiding the attack of the “divine arrow”.

Sect Master of Heavenly Puppet Gate is almost the same, gloomy face is pang, constantly avoiding.

The weird thing is, where they move, the follow-up “divine arrow” also moves where.

This situation surprised the two of them suddenly.

Outside the manor, Zhu Chaolang, Tian Zhuangzhi, Zhou Changxian, Duanmu Hidden Dragon, and the others also woke up suddenly with weird faces.

“The murderer is in the manor!”

“Yes, they have internal responses. The situation in the manor is always in the eyes.”

“Ha, it’s fun this time, Wu Kongxiao wants to find the murderer, he is in trouble.”


A group of people are quite taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune.

Tang Mubai is also looking thoughtful.

The murderer has internal responses, which he knew early on.

This person should not be someone else, but Su Lingxi himself.

She stays in the manor, pays attention to the dynamics at all times, and then transmits the information to people outside.

Only then has the Archer outside the manor, which can accurately lock the moving positions of the Master of Nine Mountains and the Sect Master of Heavenly Puppet Gate.

However, in this way, the exposure of Su Lingxi is also fast.

Using Wu Kongxiao’s very ruthless, years of experience in confronting the enemy, she can be picked out in five minutes at most!

Tang Mubai does not believe that Su Lingxi did this and does not know the consequences.

I still do it now, there is only one explanation.

She still has something to do!


“Damn, damn, damn bastard!”

Wu Kongxiao was really angry at this time, roaring again and again.

A pair of bloodshot eyes, like a hungry wolf, scanned everyone in the room.

At this time, in the manor, except for the sleeping people all over the floor, only Wu Liancheng, Wu Huanhuan’s entire group, and Wu Family remained awake.

Wu Family people are Wu Kongxiao’s people. They eat him, live in him, and drink him. There is no reason to harm him.

On the contrary, Wu Liancheng’s entire group is not necessarily true!

“Uncle Seven, we are also victims!” Without waiting for Wu Kongxiao to speak, Wu Liancheng shouted first, “Besides, what good is it for us if it hurts you?”

“If it were us, then smiling just now wouldn’t destroy the grimace mushrooms.” Wu Huanhuan said.

Su Lingxi and the others did not speak, but the expression on her face showed no doubt, standing on the side of Wu Liancheng and Wu Huanhuan.

Wu Kongxiao was silent.

Half a moment, coldly shouted, “Whether you are or not, you are not allowed to leave until you find the secret mastermind…”


There was a muffled sound, and at this moment, it exploded suddenly.

Wu Kongxiao while speaking, the whole person suddenly flew forward from the back, being pushed by a terrifying force.

“hong long!”

With a loud noise, Wu Kongxiao smashed into the building, broke the wall, and fell into the ruins. The person was in the air, all his clothes on his back were torn apart, Wu Kongxiao’s face flushed even more, and blood spilled from the corner of his mouth. Falling in the ruins, it took a long time to rush out from the inside, a pair of bloodthirsty eyes, staring at the Wu Family.

And this sudden change shocked everyone inside and outside the manor.

Sneak attack Wu Kongxiao’s is actually Wu Family!

Standing behind Wu Kongxiao just now, among the more than 30 Wu Family members, some have used one Treasure Item of at least six revolutions!

Others only heard a muffled noise, and then, with a red light flashed in front of him, Wu Kongxiao flew out.

As for who moved the hand, no one saw it.

At this moment, without Wu Kongxiao’s martial domain enveloped, the poison energy of grimace mushrooms quickly spread over and attacked all Wu Family members.

The Wu Family who didn’t want to be poisoned suddenly yelled for help Wu Kongxiao.

However, Wu Kongxiao was still in the mood to pay attention, his eyes fixed on everyone.

The yelling Wu Family members attacked each other decisively when they saw it, fell to the ground and passed out.

The poison energy of the ghost face mushroom not only corrodes the astral energy, but also has a terrifying stimulating effect on people’s consciousness. It can cause people to produce various hallucinations. Most of these hallucinations are persecutory and cause various self-harm and suicide.

But there is one way to avoid it, and that is to fall asleep!

As long as you fall asleep, there will be no hallucinations.

To put it simply, the ghost face mushroom poison energy is aimed at waking consciousness, not the consciousness after falling asleep. This is very magical.

Tang Mubai is quite curious about where Su Lingxi found that many grimace mushrooms.

Grimace mushrooms have no effect on people who fall asleep.

Wu Family people fall asleep, then they become Su Lingxi’s prey, and they can do whatever they want.

As for the sneak attack Wu Kongxiao, no one else saw it, but Tang Mubai did.

A weak-looking young woman, who is Wu Kongxiao’s son’s 3rd or 4th, just stood ten steps behind Wu Kongxiao. Before anyone noticed, she used a small Treasure Item like a syringe and released it. Attack Thaumaturgy.

This red light Thaumaturgy uses Fire Fiend, Poison Fiend, and Yang Fiend.

Although Wu Kongxiao blocked it, his breath was disordered, his clothes were broken and his head covered. With Tang Mubai’s ability to sense, he could clearly feel that he was traumatized.

The young woman who did it was shivering coldly in front of Wu Kongxiao’s fierce gaze, shivering together with several other people holding up the Innate shield.


Tang Mubai was convinced by Su Lingxi.

No matter how this young woman was bought or changed, the young woman now has the skin on her face and is faked by someone else, which is enough to prove Su Lingxi’s ability.

Step by step, pressing Wu Kongxiao step by step.

The method Su Lingxi used is very simple, divorced!

Since someone betrayed in the Wu Family team, how many people are there?

Now these people are shiver coldly, or fall to the ground, but who guarantees that there is no hidden among them?

The purpose is to take advantage of Wu Kongxiao’s unpreparedness to sneak attack again?

Wu Kongxiao can’t guarantee it, and doesn’t want to guarantee it.

As for the others, let alone more.

Su Lingxi’s move reminded Wu Kongxiao that if he doesn’t want to be sneak attacked again, the best way is to kill Wu Family!





Two sharp wind breaking sounds suddenly sounded the moment Wu Kongxiao was about to speak.

Among the crowd who fell to the ground, five men and women near the Master of Nine Mountains and the Sect Master of the Heavenly Puppet Gate suddenly woke up and launched sneak attacks.

The dazzling white light, the flying spikes, the extinguishing soul short arrows…

Almost in a flash, several kinds of attacks flooded the Master of Nine Mountains and Sect Master in an orderly manner.

Because Wu Kongxiao was caught by a sneak attack, the two people in amazement had no time to guard, and hit the spot on the spot!

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