Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 647


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Suddenly there was a loud noise, echoing the night.

“courting death!”


Master of Nine Mountains and Sect Master of Heavenly Puppet Gate, the two roars resounded through the manor.

They were hit by various hidden weapons, but they didn’t fall down immediately.

Even if the Master of Nine Mountains bursts in his chest and the Sect Master of the Heavenly Puppet Gate has a blood hole in his abdomen, there are still many spikes in their faces, their eyes are red, and their vision is blocked.

But destiny is destiny, the actualized martial arts domain is not completely broken, only a few more small holes, and soon recondensed and filled, once again wrapped the Nine Mountains Master and the Heavenly Puppet Gate Sect Master to avoid being caught again sneak attack.

The complexion on the faces of the two of them changed quickly, and their breathing became rapid.

This is a sign of poisoning. Every hidden weapon used in a sneak attack has smeared and entrained toxins! Moreover, it is still a very terrifying toxin. At this moment, the Master of the Nine Mountains and the Sect Master of the Heavenly Puppet Gate are madly shuttled within the body, destroying their internal organs and flesh and blood skeletons!

The Master of Nine Mountains and the Sect Master of Heavenly Puppet Gate, although they did not fall down, they could not move a few times. They were forced to forcefully rely on a strong will, restrained blood, spirit strength, and vigorous vitality. Hold on.

Sneak attack their people, but they scattered immediately, flying to every corner.

When the Master of the Nine Mountains and Sect Master divine sense scanned them, they had already left the manor.


Master of Nine Mountains and Sect Master of Heavenly Puppet Gate, each raised their heads and roars. The pain on their bodies, full of anger, and escaped killers made them unable to move and daring to move almost without hesitation. Target Wu Family people!

“Wu Kongxiao! It’s you, it’s all you!” Master Roar of Nine Mountains.

“I’ll kill you! Wu Family will die!” Sect Master of Heavenly Puppet Gate roared, “If you want my life, you all people must be buried!”

whiz whiz whiz ~

Strength rages, astral energy dances.

Master of Nine Mountains and Sect Master of Heavenly Puppet Gate, roared, attacked and rushed to Wu Family.

Including Wu Liancheng and other people, they are also within their attack range.

The other people lying on the ground were also affected and slaughtered wantonly.

It can be said that the Master of the Nine Mountains and Sect Master, who knew that they had been poisoned too deeply, were already crazy, just as they shouted, they wanted to take other people to bury them!

The two attacked indiscriminately and madly. The Wu Family, Wu Liancheng and the others, and the people lying on the ground were all their targets.

One time–

“bang bang bang!”

The muffled noise in the manor is endless, and the flesh and blood are thrown out, flying everywhere.

The shocking thing is that Wu Family was attacked, and Wu Kongxiao did not stop!

He just stood there, watching the Wu Family being slaughtered by the Master of Nine Mountains and the Sect Master of Heavenly Puppet Gate, and there was ice cold aura all over his body.

Wu Liancheng saw in his eyes, with a chill in his heart. He used his martial arts to resist the attacks of the Master of the Nine Mountains and the Sect Master of the Heavenly Puppet Gate. He decisively took Wu Huanhuan, Wu Xiaoxiao and the others to evacuate and moved to the entrance of the manor. Walking in the air is to prevent being treated equally and attacked.

You may be attacked even if you walk through the gate, but it is better than staying in the manor.

Master of Nine Mountains, Sect Master of Heavenly Puppet Gate, including Wu Kongxiao are all crazy!


“bang!” “bang~”

After a stern sky-splitting sound, two muffled sounds suddenly sounded.

Roaring roar, the wanton killing of Master of Nine Mountains and Sect Master of Heavenly Puppet Gate, suddenly stopped, the upper body and lower body of the two separated, even divided into several pieces, and fell to the ground.

The sky and the ground, inside and outside the manor, there is dead silence in time!

The moving entire group of Wu Liancheng, Zhu Chaolang, Duanmu Hidden Dragon, Tian Zhuangzhi and the others outside, and even Wu Kongxiao, all stood still in an instant, with expressions on their faces.


Master of Nine Mountains, Sect Master of Heavenly Puppet Gate, actually died?

It was not poisoned to death, but killed?

What method the secret mastermind uses, no one will see it for a while.

In the first second, Master of Nine Mountains and Sect Master of Heavenly Puppet Gate still vented their roar, and the next second, they received their lunch.

No one noticed at all, when and what they were.

Although he died from a sneak attack, the Master of the Nine Mountains and the Sect Master of the Heavenly Puppet Gate belonged to the Destiny Realm world. The dignified powerhouse died in front of everyone. No matter who it was, there was some shock. .

The one who was most shocked was Su Lingxi!

She didn’t know that she still had such a back hand, and directly killed the Master of Nine Mountains and Sect Master of Heavenly Puppet Gate.

The group of people she found are really good at assassinations, hidden weapon, dark arrow, poison dart, poison stinger, poison water, poison energy, all Mastery, but they are so simple and powerful, and Su Lingxi dares to strike Sure, no one among those people can do it!

They didn’t do it, who did it?

Now the Master of the Nine Mountains and the Sect Master of the Heavenly Puppet Gate are dead, leaving Wu Kongxiao alone. Leaving the manor is more conducive to his actions.

Thinking of this, Wu Kongxiao sprinted, leaped into the air, and flew towards the outside of the manor.

Under no air restrictions, Wu Kongxiao can only fly within 30 metres of a low altitude.

When leaving the manor–

“whiz whiz whiz ~”

Sure enough, “Exterminate divine arrow” appeared again, intercepting and attacking Wu Kongxiao.

Wu Kongxiao did not hold up the martial arts, but through martial arts, one after another flew and repelled.

Destiny is not Innate.

As long as you stay awake and vigilant, ordinary assassinations are almost useless.

So, Su Lingxi’s comrades’ plan to intercept Wu Kongxiao failed, and they watched Wu Kongxiao fly low all the way, rushed out of the manor, and ran into the city.

Yes, Wu Kongxiao’s manor is located on the outskirts of the city.

Enter the city to get rid of the assassination, which will help him find the secret mastermind.

The defense in Xiadu City is very strict, and the private fight in the corner has little effect, but if you start on the street, the experts of the Federation will arrive within ten seconds!

Wu Kongxiao, who was injured, is just grabbing time now.

In his run, Zhu Chaolang, Tian Zhuangzhi, and the others immediately followed.

Tang Mubai didn’t move. He looked from a distance through the “eye orifice” Divine Ability to see how Su Lingxi and her accomplices continue.

Did you give up chasing Wu Kongxiao? Still chasing you?

The answer will be revealed soon–


A strong wind suddenly came from behind Wu Kongxiao.

Along with it, there was a cold murderous intention that rushed in quickly. The invisible but cold and severe imposing manner, dropping from the sky. In an instant, Wu Kongxiao was enveloped.

Wu Kongxiao’s heart burned with anger, fighting his injuries and restraining suppression, condensing his imposing manner, and exploded.

At the same time, turning around abruptly, facing the back, punched out.

This fist, Wu Kongxiao instilled the astral energy formed by the condensed blood of one third. With a punch, the air broke. A near-real long knife bloomed with rays of light, and lightning attacked a burly black clothed person behind him.

“shua ~”

The burly black clothed person also waved his claws, blasting the air to release shock waves, which were transmitted in the air. And in an instant, a terrifying sonic attack was formed, and Wu Kongxiao’s eardrums that impacted suddenly trembled, and his brain buzzed.

While losing his mind, Wu Kongxiao almost instinctively took out a battle saber and slashed fiercely behind him.

shua~ shua~ shua~!

Blade Qi is raging, and the wind is hunting.

The burly black clothed person in the sneak attack had to go backwards three steps.

After stopping, he shook his body and disappeared from the same place.

When I show up again–


The air exploded suddenly.

An icy hand paw print, tearing the darkness, penetrating the air, appeared in the void above Wu Kongxiao’s right.

The force of terror, tearing the air on the spot, made a harsh noise.

Where the paw print passes, the space seems to be distorted, turning into a quagmire, and there are ripples like one after another water wave.

“Damn it!”

Wu Kongxiao was angry in his heart and faced a sneak attack. At the moment, the battle saber was thrown out as a dart, and the trick was released.

bang! bang! bang!

The air was shattered again and again, and with the spirit strength as the energy of the trick, a bloody long knife was transformed into a bloody long knife, rubbing the air to make a sound.

The power erupted from this is endless. Just like a sea wave, wave after wave.

Blast the air, tear the darkness, penetrate the nothingness, meet force with force and huge claw marks, fiercely collide!

next moment ——

“boom~ boom~ ~!!!”

Two fierce terrifying forces, the collision produced a huge tremor. This burst of shock waves destroyed all nearby buildings at once.

“Boom~!” “Boom~!”

The vigor is raging, and a lot of rubble is thrown away and flew in the air.

In the smoke and dust, the residual energy generated by the explosion fluctuated, pushing Wu Kongxiao’s body back and forth. The burly black clothed person could not resist for a while, and moved back.

bang bang bang!

Heavy footsteps rang out in the night.

The burly black clothed person first stabilized his figure, looking at Wu Kongxiao who was panting, his murderous intention flickered in his eyes.

“You…who are you?”

Wu Kongxiao breathed slowly, and asked, “Have I offended you in any way?”

The burly black clothed person does not answer, with a strong body, standing in the dark, exuding endless cold murderous intention like a devil. There were cruel rays of light flashing in the exposed eyes without the slightest emotional fluctuation.

next moment, suddenly his figure shook, and a pair of thick palms suddenly became extremely red. It was as if iron tongs were hot red, carrying the terrifying pressure like a mountain collapse, and the imperial court was hot, calling Wu Kongxiao.


The void exploded.

The flaming giant palm is in the air, and the terrifying force generated by the chopping directly blows up the air.

In an instant, the energetic energy that swept through, raged the air current. It burst into a fierce whirlwind, impudent hovering around them.

Wherever it passes, the airflow in the sky is forcibly cut into strips of ripples visible by naked eye.

“Huh!” “Huh!” “Huh!”

The wind is roaring, and the sky is full of sand.

In the virtual, a white bone fire claw roared out of the red palm print from the attack.

“Go to hell!”

Wu Kongxiao roared, mobilized Power of Heaven and Earth, once again condensed and derives a blood-colored long knife, in a press forward imposing manner, strikes against the burly black clothed person, colliding with the bone fire claws.

In an instant–

“bang! !!!”

The dull noise spread far away.

Two powers with different attributes and the same ability touched each other in midair, bursting out terrifying vigor, turning them into countless air arrows, blasting in the sky.

The invisible wind is hunting, and the buildings that have already collapsed and the rubble produced are suddenly thrown into the air by the strong wind.

“Boom bang pa! ——”

The dull explosion sounded endlessly.

After the terrifying Blade Qi was cut, the bone fire claws shot by the burly black clothed person were all shaken apart without holding them for three seconds.

The remaining fluctuations, strikes on the huge body of the burly black clothed person. He didn’t even retreat, so he was hit and flew high in the air, drawing a beautiful parabola in midair, and smashing it heavily on the ground covered with rubble.


The earth shook.

The burly black clothed person fell back to the ground heavily, with fiend energy and murderous intention on his body, all shattered by stirring force like clothes.

But when Wu Kongxiao wanted to take a closer look at his face, the burly black clothed person disappeared.

There is nothing but ruins at the scene.

Obviously, this burly black clothed person in the realm of God-shaking realm failed to assassinate and just fled away!

This made Wu Kongxiao very angry and raised his head to roar.

Zhu Chaolang, Tian Zhuangzhi, and the others who caught up, saw this scene and were silent.

Tang Mubai, who looked far away, narrowed his eyes.


At this moment, a cold light burst out of the ground abruptly and hit Wu Kongxiao who was roaring!

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