Peerlessness Begins from Longevity Chapter 649


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Determine what state a martial artist is in.

Under Innate, it can be seen through the fluctuation of Qi and blood.

The perception of martial artist, especially the perception of qi and blood, is very keen.

Unless there is a special spiritual object or Treasure Item that hides the fluctuations, otherwise, it can basically sense what state a martial artist is in.

Innate, mainly through the connection between heaven and earth, energy, and body.

In the process of Grandmaster’s promotion to Innate and building the body of heaven and man, one step is to resonate with the world.

This has led to a faintly discernable connection with the world around the body after the body of heaven and human being successfully shaped.

This kind of connection can be sensed by people with strong mental power, not necessarily by Innate.

By the time Innate, the connection between the body of heaven and human and between Heaven and Earth becomes stronger.

If you want to block, besides carrying the High Level Treasure Item with the corresponding function, there is another way.

The body is powerful enough, that is, Spirit Physique!

Spirit Physique Once awakened, the martial artist himself can control his physique, so that he can reach any level of contact with the world at any time.

Is it strong or weak.

It just happens that Tang Mubai’s body is not only Spirit Physique, but also Divine Physique in Spirit Physique.

“Dari Divine Physique” seven revolutions, Tang Mubai not only perfectly controlled more than 3 million calories of qi and blood, stably stored within the body, but also achieved physique and the whole body world, achieving Innate level contact frequency fluctuations.

In the eyes of other Innate and above, Tang Mubai is a newcomer who has just broken through Innate!

Tang Mubai was still Grandmaster six months ago, and now he is the Innate expert, which is already amazing.

No one would think that Tang Mubai deliberately hides his cultivation realm.

Because it was too exaggerated, Tang Mubai made a subconscious conclusion.


The old man laughed, very happy!

On the edge of the clearing, the young man, middle-aged man, also smiled and looked at Tang Mubai pityingly.

From the beginning to the end, Heaven’s Chosen, who never showed fear or fear of expression, was very angry.

Now, with the help of the Master’s hand to kill, it is also considered a relief.



A burst of red light flashed abruptly.

All flying skeletons suddenly disappeared out of thin air just like the fire snakes before them.

All the mist in the circle disappeared together.

The old man laid out the array and it was broken in the blink of an eye.

“How is this possible!”

The young man, middle-aged man was stunned.

The “Hundred Ghosts Devouring Heart” is aimed at the spirit, the soul.

Unusual Formation, you can crack it when you find the node.

In other words, the “Hundred Ghosts Eater of Hearts” has no nodes at all. Its foundation is the old man himself. To crack Formation, first break the old man’s divine sense barrier.


“Needless to say.” The old man stretched out his hand, before the young man asked, he said gloomily, “Tang Mubai, your martial arts of cultivation is good.”

“And then?” Tang Mubai asked indifferently.

breaking the formation uses an ability from “The Reincarnation”, supplemented by spirit strength, to forcefully defeat it.

The young man and middle-aged man can’t see it, but the old man senses it.

He was both angry and greedy about it.

The spiritual martial arts displayed by Tang Mubai is incredible!


old man took a deep breath, said solemnly, “There is no more!”


Abruptly, more than a dozen magic charms of different colors emerged from the old man’s side and lased at Tang Mubai.


Tang Mubai uses his hand as a knife, mixed with a sharp knife intent, and cuts it with a single knife.

“bang bang bang!”

In a series of dull and explosive sounds, more than a dozen magic charms detonated in the air, releasing shock waves and muddling the air.

“Tang Mubai, you have a lot of energy and blood…”


A flaming blade light suddenly bloomed, and lightning flashed across the air.

The old man who wanted to satirize a few words, the latter words stopped abruptly.

I saw a thin blood line between his brows.

old man eyes opened round as a ball, the boss opened his mouth, standing straight in place, motionless.

Until the blood line spreads from the center of the eyebrows to the chest and abdomen, finally, with a “bang”, the whole person divided into two and exploded.

In the strong smell of blood, the old man turned into a mass of dust and fell to the ground.


A seckill?

Tang Mubai holds the “burning sky” and blesses the intent of the sword. Through the “Swordsman”, the old man in the Destiny Realm world can be killed in a flash? !

Don’t talk about realizing the martial arts domain. You didn’t even leave a piece of ground meat or a section of intestines?

Tang Mubai is silent.

The young man, middle-aged man at the edge of the open space, was shocked.

With the help of the “burning sky” power, the speed of this blade cut out by Tang Mubai was too fast, and they didn’t even see how Tang Mubai did it. The old man was already dead and couldn’t die again.

Such a terrifying knife frightened the two guys.

Shocked for a while, came back to his senses and ran away decisively.

As for the three short and squat young men with a talisman on their bodies, they can no longer take care of them.

The young man, middle-aged man, swiftly walked, each chose a position, and rushed to the foot of the mountain like an escape.

Tang Mubai didn’t stop it in his eyes, but when they were about to run out of sight, he controlled “Burning Heaven” and the lightning caught up.

“puchi!” “puchi!”

Two abnormal noises, the young man, middle-aged man’s escaped body, suddenly froze, motionless in place.

A blood hole appeared in the middle of the necks of two people.

The blood hole is getting bigger and bigger, and finally, a lot of blood gushes out.

The young man and the middle-aged man finally fell straight forward and fell to the ground without a sound.

“hu~” “hu~”

Tang Mubai photographed two flaming palm prints in the air, falling on their corpses, igniting them.

Run away?

Don’t even dream about it!

They all came here, Tang Mubai was not so generous, and only punished them lightly.

Since you dare to take action against him, be prepared to be killed.

Open the palm of the right hand, the astral energy is swallowed, the rays of light flashed, and three flame palm prints were shot again, burning to ashes the corpses of the three short and fat young men who had died.

Cut the grass to remove the roots, and destroy the corpses to destroy the traces.

Tang Mubai doesn’t want to leave trouble, so naturally it must be resolved.

After getting everything done, “Burning Heaven” turned away and walked slowly on the mountain path.

The rays of light and dazzling in the night market in Xiadu City.

Tang Mubai looked down at the city and seemed to appreciate the night view.

When I came to the foot of the mountain, without warning, he suddenly turned around and grabbed the enlarged “burning sky” and pointed it at the void behind him, which was a fiercely smashed by “Big Sword”.


It was like thunder.

The fiery red blade light tears through the night, as if the essence of Blade Qi splits the space and slashes on a martial field full of magical charms.

Great Perfection’s sharp knife intent, the strongest knife of “Baodao”, and the power of “Burning Heaven” itself.

And the consumption of 500,000 cards of blood…

Just as soon as I touched it, it shattered the substantive spirit talisman martial arts domain, revealing a surprised and angry old man in the martial arts domain!