Chapter 405

    "In front of this young man, Xiangjiang's popular Music creator should be ashamed! 》

    The long title, with a strong critique, when this long blog appeared on the Hong Kong Island blog, immediately attracted the attention of many people outside the circle, and they were forwarded and evaluated.

    Because the blogger of the blog post is a famous singer on the Hong Kong Island blog – Nanhai madman.

    The true identity of the Nanhai madman is unknown, quite mysterious, but what is certain is that he must be the insider of the popular Musical World in Xiangjiang, familiar with the insider and rules of the circle, and the local Singer's comments are very sharp.

    What made him famous was his poison tongue, the attack on the popular Musical World in Xiangjiang, the sniper against the popular Singer, and the unrelenting ruthlessness. Even Singer had been suicide by him.

    Such a person must be countless enemies, so in the special social environment of Xiangjiang, it is natural and necessary to maintain identity mystery.

    But the South China Sea madman's poison tongue is not the kind of insulting personal attack. He is targeting the problem of Music. The attack is the abnormal phenomenon of Musical World, and Singer's professional quality problems can be described as targeted.

    Because of this, the Nanhai madman has 500,000+ fans on the Hong Kong Island blog. Many fans often want to see his comments before purchasing the Singer album. If the evaluation is too bad, they will definitely not buy it.

    However, if the new album can get a thumbs up from the Nanhai madman's blog, it can often drive a lot of sales and attract fans who trust the Nanhai madman.

    Nanhai madman's evaluation criteria are different, with a thumbs up for recognition and praise, two thumbs for full recommendation not to be missed, and a star of worship that represents the highest honor.

    In the past ten years since he opened the blog, there have been no more than 10 albums with two thumbs. The worship star has only appeared twice, and the corresponding two albums have sold more than one million, which is very popular in Hong Kong.

    So for this madman, many of Singer's singers in Xiangjiang love and hate and fear.

    Everyone wants to see the Nanhai madman thumbs up to one's own work, but he is afraid that the thumb will be upside down – that means ruthless contempt and ridicule!

    In this blog post, the South China Sea madman sent a third star of worship to a person and a song, and used this as a topic to severely attack the creative people of Xiangjiang Pop Music!

    This person and this song, Lu Chen, and his "Love in Life" sung in LaDolceVita97!

    The blog post reposted the most popular piece of video from the popular “Music” section of the Hong Kong Island Forum. The Nanhai madman analyzed the highlights of this “Best in Life” and considered it to be one of the best Cantonese works of the decade. Is a masterpiece that can make a classic.

    What made him feel so sad that this Cantonese-language masterpiece was actually from the hands of a Chinese musician who had just arrived in Hong Kong, and was a young man who had only debuted for more than a year and had a non-Music professional background.

    In front of this talented young man, Xiangjiang's popular Music creator should be ashamed, because when the old generation of songwriters have retired or passed away, they have not been able to pass on to the essence of the artist's skills and character style, and they are eager to make a fuss.

    There is no such thing as a true love for Music. It is impossible to create good works. Many of the creators of Xiangjiang are accustomed to “takenism”. The plagiarism is like the trend of Japanese and Korean in Europe and America. It is even more popular directly abroad. The golden song re-filled the words and sang, seriously stifling the efforts and dreams of those who seriously pursued the original.

    The irony is that many people in the industry are aware of this. The popular Music of Xiangjiang will be finished sooner or later, or become the prevailing place of the cottage Music. However, no one is trying to change this. The status of songwriters is increasingly low in the popular Musical World, creating a vicious circle.

    Many new so-called idols, Singer, sang bad songs when they left the studio, and sang in concerts. The so-called new style of Music has become popular, causing the current magical dance in the popular Musical World.

    However, under such a bad situation, many people in the circle are still immersed in the glory of the past, and they have been in the golden age of the 1980s and 1990s. They have forgotten that the new century has passed for more than a decade.

    If you don't catch up with the pace of the times, you will inevitably be abandoned by the times!

    Lu Chen used this original Cantonese masterpiece "Love in Life" to tell everyone that the talents and strengths of the New Generation Music people in the Mainland have an attitude towards popular Music.

    This song is like a slap in the face of those who ridicule and despise the popular music in the mainland, let them know that the current popular Chinese Musical World has no place to be proud of.

    They should be ashamed and should wake up!

    The South China Sea madman's blog post is very long, and it sprinkles thousands of words. In addition to praise and praise for "Love in Life", it severely attacks the chaos of Xiangjiang Musical World and points the finger at the creators.

    Xiangjiang's entertainment industry is very developed. The prosperity of decades has created a large number of professionals. Although it has now fallen, the number of creators and singers of popular music is still numerous.

    Hong Kong Island Blog is undoubtedly the most important public opinion position of's new media. Most people in Entertainment Circle have one's own blogs and fans. Updating and browsing blogs has become one of their daily routines.

    The Nanhai madman directly fanned his face, and few people who were poked to the painful place were willing to break the teeth and swallow the blood. Naturally, they launched a tit-for-tat counterattack on the blog, refuting the former's remarks.

    The identity of the madman in the South China Sea is not a lonely man on the Hong Kong Island blog. He has a large number of supportive fans, facing the raging counterattack, and counterattacking without any weakness.

    Both blog posts and comments have been brushed up, the firepower of the attack has become more and more fierce, and Lu Chen, who has been used as a powerful weapon by the South China Sea madman, together with "Love in Life", has undoubtedly suffered a large number of fires.

    Various doubts, derogatory, and ridiculous continually continue. Many people still have prejudice against the mainland. They believe that "the most love in life" cannot be from the original of Lu Chen, and must be copied or turned over from him.

    Only the evidence has not been found yet.

    This Flames of War quickly spread from the blog to the forum, and the two sides joined the masses of ordinary Internet users.

    So in Lu’s one’s own uninformed situation, he suddenly caught fire and ignited on the Xiangjiang network.

    At the same time, he was drawn to countless hatred by the Nanhai madman.

    It’s a laydown and a shot!


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