Ask for support on the birthday!

    Just after 12 o'clock, today is the birthday of the author.

    Time is too fast, the blink of an eye is the 41-year-old birthday, and I feel that one's own is getting old.

    From the 1st on the shelf to the present, the book has updated a total of 150,000 VIP content. Compared with those who are very diligent, the number of updates by the author is not worth boasting, but it is a breakthrough for the author, one's own.

    The author's codeword Speed ​​is not fast, and the plot concept often thinks a lot. In order to ensure the quality, the Speed ​​is further reduced. The code chapter often takes several hours or even half a day, which is difficult to meet the reading needs of readers.

    However, the author wants to say that for this book, I have really paid a lot. Sometimes I am thinking about plots while walking on the road or dreaming. The code of my hands is broken and stiff. Today I have to go to do physical therapy and stick to it. I am afraid I can't catch up with the update.

    Because the author is a full-time code word, relying on subscription to eat, the previous book has been very miserable, most of the readers ran to see pirated copies, the remuneration is so small that even if they can't even eat enough, they can only give up.

    The score of this new book is not bad. The subscription is much better than before. Only the author has enough motivation to write it down. He has the determination to write the outline and write millions of words.

    Therefore, on the occasion of birthday, I also ask readers for a lot of support, genuine subscription, can let the author have a mouthful of food, sincere thanks, by the way, ask for a monthly pass, and also ask a friend who has a monthly pass to give a pair, let this The ranking of the book should not fall any more.

    Thank you all heartily!

    The author will work hard and hard to write this book better and more exciting!


(To be continued~^~)

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