Chapter 113

    Inspur Blog is the biggest blog site of Domestic, and it is one of the most important positions of the new media.

    At any point here, it is possible to be artificially enlarged to form a wildfire.

    In the Inspur blog, there are also a large number of marketing numbers and online speculators. Once a hot event is triggered, whether it involves its own interests, it will often involve it to help or fish.

    Lu Chen was eliminated by the "strongest singer". The initial fuse was undoubtedly the blog of the stray cat, but the real explosion of it was the third of the program of the Supreme Satellite TV "The Strongest Singer" Program. statement.

    The first announcement was issued at 11:02 on the evening of July 27. The content is very simple. It is a public statement on the blog post of the stray cat. It means that the so-called insider revealed by the other party is purely nonsense and not worthy. Rebut and warn some people not to maliciously speculate.

    Just after 20 minutes, at 11:22, the "strongest singer" official V once again released a new blog post, which was also a detailed rebuttal for the blog post of stray cats.

    A little one's own to hit one's own face.

    The Program group pointed out in the second blog post that the sea election process of "The Strongest Singer" is open and fair, there is no possibility of black-box operation, and it will not maliciously suppress new people.

    In fact, it is precisely the appearance of this live-action draft program, which made an indelible contribution to the original popularity of Domestic popular Music, which allows more and more outstanding creative talents to stand out!

    As for Lu Chen, who has participated in the "strongest singer" sea election, the Program team said that they also regretted missing this very good creator. "In the Spring" is a very good original work.

    However, Lu Chen did not sing this song in the "strongest singer" sea election, but chose another work. His performance at that time was not recognized by the judges. So they were eliminated.

    This is precisely the fairness and rigor of "The Strongest Singer", which is why the Program Viewership Ratings climbed higher. The reputation of the Program group is not to be discredited or filthy.

    The truth is as simple as that.

    The "strongest singer" Program group issued a solemn warning to the Inspur blog small V stray cat, asking the latter to eliminate the bad influence in the blog, apologize to the party, and retain the right to pursue the law!

    Shonan Satellite TV is the well-deserved leader in the Domestic Satellite TV station. The public relations marketing team is very strong. The response to adverse events is extremely fast. It is necessary to smother it in the bud.

    The Shonan Satellite TV in the Inspur blog is the official V of more than 10 million fans, and the two blog posts of its "The Most Strong Singer" official V have received a lot of praise, comments and forwarding.

    It includes a lot of Celebrity big coffee, industry celebrities and bloggers V!

    The media influence of Shonan Satellite TV is not at all comparable to that of a small V like a stray cat. The two blog posts were directly crushed, and the latter's blog was instantly smashed. The comment area was full of cynicism, and even Lu Chen and Beijing Satellite TV followed the gun.

    At 11:55, the "strongest singer" Program group issued the third blog post.

    This blog post praises Ling Xiaoxiao, who believes that both his talent and character are the leaders of the New Generation singer, and his original works are very much in line with his age temperament. Therefore, there will be strong popularity and loyal fans, wishing him a great shine in the upcoming National Finals.

    This is not a meaningful blog post at the same time Ling Xiao Xiao and Xiao Xiao after the aid group!

    Xiao Xiao's post-help group is Ling Xiaoxiao's rice silk group. He currently has 100,000+ members and is very active on the blog.

    Ling Xiaoxiao responded with a smile and "thank you" after 2 minutes.

    And his rice silks are not so understated. Under the organization of the team, they swarmed to the stray cats and Lu Chen’s blog, and the battle started from the early morning to the morning.

    Lu Chen directly sprayed a dog bloody head!

    Since the three blog post releases for Beijing Satellite TV are all after live broadcast in Lu Chen. So he doesn't know what's going on in the blog. Early exercise back or rely on Li Feiyu reminded, only to know that one's own was hacked.

    Li Feiyu is simply filled with indignation. I patted the table and said: "These brains are really not known. The stray cats are all right. They have the appearance and strength. You can completely smash this Xiaoxiao Xiao Sanjie Street!"

    Lu Chen was dumbfounded.

    Ling Xiaoxiao is a Shanghai-based person. He graduated from Huhai Media College Music Department at the age of 21. His appearance is fair and fair, and he is fashionable. It is the most popular type of new emerging artist in the Entertainment Circle, which is very popular.

    Therefore, in terms of appearance, he and Lu Chen are different. Lu Chen is tall and handsome and very healthy and sunny.

    It is difficult to directly compare the two. After all, there are many differences in the aesthetic taste of the public.

    If you talk about your height, there is no problem with Lu Chen’s Ling Xiaoxiao street. The latter is only 1 according to the net. 67 meters, wearing the increased shoes to reach 1. 72 meters, and Lu Chen took off 1 of the shoes. 82 meters elevation.

    As for the creative talent, Li Feiyu has more to say: "Look at this post, said that Ling Xiaoxiao's three songs are copying the Republic of Korea former male KDK, two albums released in 2003 and 2005. In the works, many passages clearly imitate the KDK songs. He also said that one's own is the leader in New Generation?"

    The "Greater China Music Library" is mainly for the original Music works of Domestic, but foreign works can also be registered by means of agency, and the copyright is also protected.

    However, due to the lack of domestic abuse of Music piracy, Domestic and Korean in Europe and the United States are willing to put their works in the "Greater China Music Library" for copyright registration, because the benefits involved are very limited, and copyright registration and survival The cost is also high, making the relevant parties lack the power to defend their rights.

    Therefore, this has formed a loophole, which has led many people in the industry to follow the trend of foreign countries. The thick-skinned face buys and sings the copyright. If you don’t want to be shameless, you can directly copy the imitation and make a face-lift. It’s the work of one’s own. It has been promoted and has formed a streamlined packaging marketing model.

    This model is short-lived, low-cost and quick-acting, and is regarded as a magic weapon by many entertainment media companies.

    Quick song, divine song, saliva song, rap rap…What is popular abroad, the first time of the trend affects Domestic.

    The result of the proliferation of the same magic weapon is to reinvent the original Strength of Domestic. In addition to a few top creators, most of the middle and lower lyricists are hard to mix and eat, and the result is a turn.

    For this phenomenon, Domestic also has many people of insight who are strongly appealing to reinvigorate the original Strength. Some even say that the Japanese and Korean Japanese and Korean copyright indulgence is an intentional act, a killing of local original slow/sex/poison. /medicine!

    This kind of saying that perhaps has the taste of conspiracy theory, but it is an indisputable fact that plagiarism mimics the Japanese and Korean styles of Europe and America. However, there are not many people who care about these in the idol's rice. The focus of their pursuit is Celebrity's face value, anecdote, Eight Trigrams, talented songs and dances are enough!

    Of course, there are also many media and Musicians who are resisting this phenomenon, and those who have experienced the endless years of the popular classics of the 1980s and 1990s, after the initial freshness, are very disgusted with the direction of the Entertainment Circle.

    "In the Spring" ascend the summit is enough to illustrate the problem.

    This is the era of change, the worst era of popular Music, and the best era!

    Lu Chen is just in this era!

    Li Feiyu said: "A lot of posts and blog posts that Ling Xiaoxiao plagiarized have been deleted. The energy of Shonan Satellite TV is big. In the morning, do we want to post a blog post to fight back?"

    He ran into the studio early in the morning. As a result, he turned on the computer and saw the news in the Fetion group. Only then did Lu Chen’s blog be attacked, and it was hard to find out the ins and outs of the matter. The heart was also very annoyed.

    "The strongest singer" will eliminate Lu Chen in the sea election, but he still has a slap in the face. The meaning of the third blog post can be seen as long as it is visible to the eye. It is simply unbearable!

    Li Feiyu has been sealed in the comment area and reported a lot of IDs, but it can't stand the opponent's offensive.

    There was a fire in his heart.


    Lu Chen thought for a moment and said calmly: "Don't worry, wait until I figure things out."

    Li Feiyu is annoyed, he is even more annoyed!

    Everyone else hit the door to get a face. If there is no temper, is it still a man's husband?

    Lu Chen did not practice Ninja Divine Art.

    However, since we have stepped into this circle, we must face the ups and downs in the circle. The temper and temper will not have any effect. Instead, it will easily fall into the wrong position and bring one's own into a more unfavorable situation.

    Therefore, counterattack is definitely a counterattack. How to counterattack is the key.

    It is necessary to know what he is facing, but this huge monster of Shonan Satellite TV has no hard time to rely on empty talk, and it is impossible to gain the upper hand in this public opinion battle.

    And the attitude of Beijing Satellite TV is also very important. Since Beijing Satellite TV has not responded yet, has he rushed to rush to the front and has not become a target for attracting firepower?

    Li Feiyu hesitated and asked: "Would you like to close the comment area first?"

    Turning off the comment area, it’s also a way of seeing no one else to think about it.

    "No need!"

    Lu Chen vetoed categorically: "Let them swear, the more fierce they are now, the more happy face-smacking will be!"

    He took the action machine and dialed a familiar number.

    Lu Chen speculates that 90% of this thing may be caused by this, and there is a premonition.

    Now is the time to say something.

    "I thought you would call me last night…"

    On the other side of the phone, Chen Jianhao’s Voice came from a smile. “I didn’t expect it to be so late, I was a little disappointed!”


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