Chapter 112 Twelve Black

    Beijing Satellite TV, Program Department.

    The contract paper that was just printed was still warm, and Lu Chen signed the name of one's own on it with a pen.

    This is this copyright transfer contract.

    He transferred some of the copyright and usage rights of the song "Singing and Singing" to Beijing Satellite TV.

    Today is Monday. In the morning, Lu Chen contacted the "Singing China" Program group Music Director Gu Rui, and then in the afternoon with his sister Lu Xi rushed to the TV station, the contract was officially finalized.

    As Lu Chen’s manager, Lu Xi’s speed to enter one’s own role is very fast, and the negotiation process is basically all under her control. Lu Chen just sits and smiles.

    Keeping smiles is enough.

    In the Entertainment Circle, the image of the Celebrity idol is very important, and involves a lot of contracts. If all of them are negotiated by one's own, they will be killed if they are not exhausted, so a manager is an indispensable standard. .

    The reliability and professionalism of the manager largely determines the future of a Celebrity.

    In the Entertainment Circle, there is no shortage of examples of using the wrong manager, which leads to the destruction of the future.

    Lu Chen asked one's own sister to be a manager. First of all, the relatives are undoubtedly the most reliable. Even if Lu Xi and his relationship are not as close as Lu Xue, the outsider must be firmly on his side.

    Secondly, Lu Xi has a manager qualification certificate, and her mind is smart enough.

    When the manager first wants to be Evildoer, the weak person can't do the job. Although Lu Xi is not a real Evildoer, her strong and shrewdness guarantees that Lu Chen can get a reasonable return.

    Even if she was the first entertainment artist, the performance was still excellent.

    At the time of yesterday, Lu Xi was studying the information related to entertainment manager and Beijing Satellite TV.

    Before coming to the negotiations. She even drafted the contract in advance.

    The time limit for transferring to Beijing Satellite TV is 10 years. The latter can use this song in the program production and publicity promotion of "Singing China". The transfer fee is a nominal 1 yuan.

    As a corresponding return, "Singing and Singing" will be performed by Lu Chen's own, Beijing Satellite TV can not authorize others to cover, and Beijing Satellite TV's "Eleventh" National Day party will also invite him to sing this song!

    Since the establishment of the TV station, Beijing Satellite TV has held a celebration party every year on the 11th National Day of the National Day. Although it is not as grand as the CCTV National Day party, the Viewership Ratings in Domestic are not low.

    Therefore, if you want to appear at this party, you can't have less strength and connections.

    Also in other words Lu Chen is retaining most of one's own rights. I got a good chance to show my face.

    It is not easy to win this contract. To know that Beijing Satellite TV is relative to Lu Chen, it is absolutely superb level, and there is no possibility of a reciprocal relationship between the two sides.

    A song is dispensable for Beijing Satellite TV, and Beijing Satellite TV is the most important platform for Lu Chen's debut. Even if the former asks Lu Chen to transfer the copyright unconditionally, he does not have much choice.

    But Lu Xi used her sincerity and persistence. Convince the representatives of the Program group based on Gu Rui.

    Of course, this contract does not exceed the bottom line of Beijing Satellite TV, and it is a satisfactory win-win contract between the two parties.

    “Happy cooperation!”

    After signing the contract, Lu Chen and Gu Rui shook hands with force: "Thank you for the ancient Director."

    Gu Rui holds his hand and smiles: "The future world is young people like you. Lu Chen, you have a very good manager, I am looking forward to more cooperation in the future."

    Gu Rui was quite appreciative of Lu Xi. I was surprised to know that she was Lu’s sister.

    This is not very similar to the younger brother.

    These words of Gu Rui actually contain the sound outside the string. But now Lu Chen can't hear it.

    "Thank you!"

    Leaving Beijing Satellite TV, Lu Chen and Lu Xi returned to the rented single apartment.

    The dinner at night is made by my sister. The materials were purchased at a nearby supermarket and are fresh and clean.

    In terms of cooking, Lu Xi got the true biography of Lu Chen Mother Fang, a few home-cooked dishes cooked in color and flavor, so Lu Chen was full of praise.

    Very good feeling back to one's own home.

    Halfway through, he suddenly said: "Sister, when I pay off my family's debt, I will buy a big house in Beijing, let my mother retire to live here, Lu Xue also came to Beijing to study." ."

    "This way our family will be able to reunite!"

    When I was working in KFC, Lu Chen had the same thoughts when he was lying in bed after being tired. But he never thought that dreams could become reality.

    The heavy debt in the house made him think that one's own has been like this in his life.

    Now, the debt has not been paid off, and it is not out of reach to realize the dream!

    Lu Xi’s look was stiff, and she slowly swallowed the food in her mouth and said, “Let’s eat.”

    Voice has an unprecedented gentleness.

    After a pause, she said: "Mom should not come over, she is used to living in the sea."

    The tone restored to its original appearance.

    Lu Chen nodded silently.

    After dinner, he went to the studio in the creative park.

    Jinchengyuan's single apartment, Lu Chen, gave Lu Xi a living. He lived in the studio for one's own, and the live broadcast equipment had already been transferred. The live broadcast at night was there.

    After signing the contract with [Whale TV], in addition to the rewards, Lu Chen can get a generous anchor salary every month. He also has the duty and responsibility for his work. He must ensure enough live broadcast time. .

    After the live broadcast ended, Lu Chen slept in the rest room.

    The next day, on the morning of Tuesday, July 28, he got out early and went out for a run.

    Morning exercise has become a good habit for Lu Chen. In the constant exercise, he can clearly feel the change of one's own body, healthier and more energetic, and full of energy.

    The location of the exercise was changed from the artificial riverside to the central garden of the creative park.

    At 9 o'clock, Lu Chen, who had eaten breakfast, returned to the studio.

    "Great morning, come over!"

    As a result, he just opened the door with the key and heard that Li Feiyu was calling: "There was an accident!"

    Lu Chen couldn't help but sink in his heart and ran over in the past: "What happened?"

    Li Feiyu is in the live broadcast room, the computer is turned on, and the screen shows the picture of the Inspur blog.

    Li Feiyu is currently an assistant to Lu Chen. In addition to helping him complete the live broadcast mission, he also helps him manage blogs, fish nests and flight groups, and strengthen communication and communication with fans.

    "Let's see!"

    Li Feiyu opened the comment section of the latest blog post of "Lu Chen FMX".

    The content of this blog post is ordinary, that is, a daily selfie photo of Lu Chen is accompanied by a few lines of text, but the number of comments has reached 30,000+, which is totally unreasonable.

    In the comment area, it is all a deaf message.

    "What shit creator, which is comparable to our Xiao Xiao!"

    "Oh, let us Xiaoxiao brother to hype?"

    "Do you also match Ling Xiaoxiao? Apologize quickly, otherwise don't blame us! ”

    "In the Spring is hard to hear, and this broken song will be heard by the fallen."

    "apologize! apologize! apologize! ”

    "The hype is shameless, Lu Chen rolls out the Entertainment Circle!"

    "Self-conduct is to be down-to-earth. Don't think about using the trick to get on the top. Is it interesting?"

    "roll! roll! roll…"

    There are a lot more ugly swear words that show up as polluting screens.

    Lu Chen’s cultivation is very good, and I can’t help but see the words of these swear words.

    "Is these guys crazy? Who is Ling Xiaoxiao? Do I know him? ”

    His first feeling was that one's own was blacked out, and he wanted to swear but he didn't know who he was.

    Li Feiyu said quickly: "You calm down first, I probably already understand."

    He called up a new web page, which is also the page of Inspur blog, but belongs to another blogger.

    This blogger is called a stray cat. It is a small V with 300,000+fans, and his latest blog post has reached 25,000+, with a temporary number of more than 50,000!

    The key is the content of this blog post.

    [The name is not the real "the strongest singer", the first instinct "In the Spring" author Lu Chen was eliminated insider! 】


    Lu Chen never imagined that his blog was attacked, and actually followed up one's own in the "strongest singer" sea election was eliminated, I really do not know how this small V got insider.

    It’s not true or not at all, at least Lu Chen associates someone.

    He immediately let Li Feiyu open this long blog post.

    The blog post of Inspur blog is divided into two types: short blog post limited to 50 words, direct display is complete, long blog post is not limited to words, but you need to click open to view the full text.

    It is this long blog post that makes Lu Chen fully understand the ins and outs of things.

    Let's not talk about how the insider is, just the last sentence of the blog post, which is enough to explain the reason for the black.

    "The strongest singer, Lu Chenxi Ling Xiaoxiao at least three streets!"

    This sentence is too hateful, Lu Chen did not know Ling Xiaoxiao, but was pulled by the stray cat as MT.

    He doesn't know whether he is crying or laughing.

    If you say that you are blaming stray cats, then the family has greatly appreciated him, and he is arrogantly arrogant, and by the way, Shonan Satellite TV has a slap in the face, giving him the opportunity to increase his reputation.

    To say no, that Ling Xiaoxiao is collateral damage?

    The identity of this person Lu Chen soon knows.

    The other party is a newcomer who stands out in the "strongest singer" Huhai singing area. The performance of the sea election and the preliminary and rematch sessions is excellent. The three original works have been well received by the industry, so they are being held by Shonan Satellite TV!

    Ling Xiaoxiao also opened a blog in Inspur, and his blog has more than 3 million fans.

    Among the people who like him, there are many boys and girls.

    They are the main force to attack Lu Chen!


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