Chapter 138

    The young people nowadays are really awful!

    Looking at the sisters and brothers in front of me, Lin Zhijie feels that one's own is really a bit old.

    Thinking can't keep up with the rhythm of young people.

    Lu Chen, 22, just graduated from college, is not a Music major. He officially debuted through a good drafter of Viewership Ratings and became a rising star in the popular Musical World.

    And he didn't take the fame route that most newcomers have to go. Don't sign any Manager Corporation and directly build one's own studio. Now it's the first album. The rise of Speed ​​is amazing!

    Lu Xi, Lu Chen’s sister, who is also his manager and studio manager, is also young and dazzling.

    Although in Lin Zhijie's view, both Lu Chen and Lu Xi have not mature enough, but the spirit of self-confidence and self-improvement shared by both of them deeply touched the old Jiang Hu in the circle.

    Tan Hong likes to bring new people. Lin Zhijie is not bad, so he helped.

    Nowadays, the popular Musical World of Domestic is too aggressive and capable of rising stars!

    Lin Zhijie shook his head and said: "Don't thank me, I am also helping the company to pull the business. The key is to see you one's own, whether the CD album can be successfully released, quality is the key…"

    Having said that, he suddenly remembered that Lu Chen really had no problem in this regard!

    From the preliminary contest of "Singing the Chinese" to the final, Lu Chen sang all the original works.

    "You at the same table" "Flying higher" "Youth Jinshi" "Love in the dust"…There is also the "Chasing Dream with Childlike Heart" which is currently hot on the Internet. It is not from his hand. The first capital is excellent, even classic!

    After careful calculation, it is not a problem to make a complete album.

    As for the quality of the song…

    There is still a lot to say. He played a few 10 points for Lu Chen as a judges!

    Lin Zhijie immediately swallowed the words back and asked: "Where is your album ready to be made?"

    The Flying Stone Music Director found that one's own was slow enough. Lu Chen's album can be taken over in his own company to produce a publicity release!

    With the quality of these songs, Lu Chen's talent, coupled with the strong strength of Fei Shi Records, may create a miracle of Xiaoxiao, reappearing the glory of the record industry.

    For the decline of the recording industry, Lin Zhijie has always been worried.

    The appearance of this opportunity made him suddenly excited!

    Where can Lu Chen guess Lin Zhijie's thoughts and answer without hesitation: "The current production in Nirvana studio has already recorded seven songs, and it should be completed in one week at most."

    If it wasn't for the delay of the "Singing China" National Tour PK, his debut album must have been completed.

    But the effort of this time is nothing at all. Equivalent to the publicity in advance.

    Lin Zhijie was disappointed in the moment – how can you make one's own debut album and sloppyly make it to others?

    Nirvana studio? What the hell?

    I have never heard of it!

    He stood up and said, "Go, take me to the studio, I have to listen!"

    He made a secret decision. If this level of Nirvana studio production is not good, then he should not talk about what face. Be sure to take Lu Chen's business and re-do it.

    Not to say that making money, now the record is a loss, Lin Zhijie does not want to see these good songs being ruined, otherwise his conscience will feel uneasy!

    In the current environment of Domestic, a great original is rare, don't say the whole album.

    Lu Chen and Lu Xi look at each other in dismay and don't understand why Lin Zhijie is so excited.

    But the face of the flying stone Music Director is definitely to be given. Lu Chen quickly said: "Okay. Then I will take you in the past, Nirvana studio is also in the park. very close. ”

    Lin Zhijie waved his hand: "Go!"

    He is a little bit eager to listen to Lu Chen's album, even if it is still a semi-finished product.

    Lu Xi bought the order, and then the group left the Lanting Cafe and rushed to Nirvana studio.

    On the road, Lu Chen called Wang Jing to let her prepare.

    When we arrived at Nirvana studio, all members came out to meet!

    Wang Jing, Wang Hui and Wang Changsheng, together with the other three members of the Nirvana Band, are very grand.

    Seeing Lu Chen and others come over, Wang Jing took the first step forward and bowed to Lin Zhijie: "Lin Teacher Hello!"

    Lin Zhijie was shocked by her, and she said, "Okay, are you?"

    He has taken a lot of apprentices in his career for more than 20 years, but he is not in front of him.

    Wang Jing explained: "Three years ago, you once had an open class in Jingyin. I have heard it twice and benefited a lot."


    Lin Zhijie suddenly realized: "It turned out to be like this. I said when I have such a beautiful female student!"

    Wang Jing couldn't help but smile.

    She is a very refreshing girl, she cuts her short hair and does not apply powder, and her temper is a bit cold.

    But she is very beautiful, and her eyes and mouth have no obvious embarrassment. If I dress up well, put on the skirt and go out to walk around, I don’t know how many men’s hearts can be taken away.

    Lu Chen came to Nirvana studio number is not too small, really did not see Wang Jing laughed a few times.

    When she laughed, the surrounding space seemed to be bright.

    Wang Changsheng said respectfully: "Lin Director, you can come to our studio, it is our pleasure."

    Lin Zhijie is very famous in the circle. He has just served as the judges of "Singing China". Of course, Wang Changsheng knows him, and his heart is very happy.

    The industry's big coffee visits Nirvana studio, and in the future, he has a light on his face!

    Lin Zhijie was used to various scenes and responded very well: "You are too polite, let's talk inside."

    He came to listen to the song, not to socialize.

    In fact, this time in the heart of Lin Zhijie, has been greatly blaming Lu Chen.

    This studio is a small workshop at first glance. Whether it is the reception desk or the office inside, it is very small and uncomfortable. What kind of good works can you make such a poor condition?

    His impression changed when he came to the studio.

    Looking at Lin Zhijie's professional vision, this small studio is very professionally arranged, and the equipment investment is not too bad. Nirvana studio should spend most of its money on this, so it will be so bad outside.

    This kind of business attitude is still worthy of recognition.

    However, for the quality of the album, Lin Zhijie is still suspicious.

    After all, in addition to Wang Changsheng, the other members of Nirvana studio are young people of almost the same age.

    Since there is no special audition room in the studio, Lin Zhijie has to listen to the headphones directly to listen to the high-quality sound that has been recorded.

    The specific operation was completed by Wang Hui.

    Lin Zhijie’s listening is a full half hour of time.

    Because of his special status, everyone is waiting in the studio.

    Lu Chen and Lu Xi are fine, Wang Changsheng and Wang Hui, and Wang Jing are all nervous and a little hopeful.

    Lin Zhijie is a true expert. His professionalism is unquestionable. He came to Niepan Studio to listen to Lu Chen's debut album. The evaluation level will undoubtedly affect the reputation of studio in the industry.

    If Lin Zhijie said that it is not good, no, then Nirvana studio will not be closed immediately, and the future will be very difficult. Because the reputation is poor, there are not many customers willing to send business.

    And if he can like a few words, the situation is completely reversed!

    In this awkward wait, Lin Zhijie finally listened to all the seven recorded works.

    He took off the monitor and it looked a bit complicated.

    For the current production of works, Lin Zhijie is not very satisfied, he has heard a lot of questions.

    For example, the arrangement is not perfect enough, the instrumental accompaniment lacks sufficient layering and detail performance, and the later processing techniques are slightly immature, and the mood and emotion of the song are not fully expressed…

    However, it is undeniable that Nirvana Studio is very serious and very careful in making this album. For the conditions and equipment here, it is very good to rely on the strength of several young people. It really can't be too demanding.

    Therefore, Lin Zhijie could not help but feel contradictory. On the one hand, he hoped that Lu Chen’s debut album was perfect. On the other hand, he did not want to say or could not bear to fight these diligent young people.

    attitude decides everything!

    Most importantly, this is Lu Chen's own choice.

    Lin Zhijie thought for a moment and said: "There are some problems, but the whole is still OK."

    He pointed out the shortcomings of the situation directly.

    Switching to someone else's perhaps will not be so true, say good things, hello, hello, everyone, it doesn't matter with one's own.

    But Lin Zhijie is not like this. He doesn't like the kind of hypocritical communication.

    What do you say, blunt!

    For Wang Jing, Wang Hui and others, this is undoubtedly an excellent learning opportunity for them. Even if it is a studio to spend money, please don’t ask Lin Zhijie to come and give guidance.

    Therefore, everyone listens very carefully, the more critical the words are, the more they are in mind!

    Knowing the shortcomings can make corrections.

    Lin Zhijie talked about the rise and forgot the principle of one's own. He thoroughly analyzed several songs.

    Lu Xi did not understand, the more she listened, the more she didn’t, she couldn’t help but look at Lu Chen.

    There are so many problems with the new album, can you still do it?

    Lu Chen gave her a positive look.

    Any one album, no company is made by no company, it can't be truly perfect.

    The strength of Nirvana studio is not strong enough, but Wang Jing Wang Hui's work attitude makes him have nothing to say, even if there is a certain flaw, it will not have much impact on the overall quality.

    The production cost of 100,000 yuan is already worth the money!


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