Chapter 153, Qin Qing

    Rainy tea garden door.

    Chen Jianhao took a picture of Lu Chen’s shoulder and said with amazement: "I really can't see you."

    Lu Chen smiled bitterly: "Jian Hao Ge, in fact, I am me, did not become another person."

    Chen Jianhao shook his head with a smile.

    He knows that Lu Chen’s appearance is modest and polite, but he is very proud of his heart.

    Even if Lu Chen was a waiter in the grass, his pride has always been hidden in his bones. He has never been ruined by life. He has been working very hard and fighting silently.

    Until now, Lu Chenzhan’s amazing talents have emerged, and the pride that has already penetrated into the blood has naturally emerged.

    But this pride is not superficial arrogance, but strong self-confidence.

    It is this self-confidence that makes Lu Chen dare to show one's own work in front of Zhang Wentian.

    What Chen Jianhao can't see is the foundation of Lu Chen.

    Too deep!

    In the view of Chen Jianhao, this "Men's Self-improvement" is even better than the works of "In the Spring", "Chasing Dream with Childlike Heart" and "You at the same table".

    He thought about it and reminded him very seriously: "Small land, you created the theme song for Leader Zhang new film, and the filming thing, remember to keep it secret, don't take one's own initiative to go to publicity."

    “Leader Zhang doesn’t like to say that the whole world knows when things are not settled, and they don’t like others to borrow him to speculate.”

    Newcomers like Lu Chen, who just debuted, have a relationship with Zhang Wentian. If they are willing, even if they are small things, they can produce a basket of Eight Trigrams.

    Lu Chen's is not a trivial matter.

    Fortunately, he is an independent artist. Otherwise, once the signing company knows it, it is absolutely necessary to stir up speculation.

    Chen Jianhao knows that the current Entertainment Circle is inseparable from hype, but he hopes that Lu Chen will not be greedy for the small profits. It is important to have a long-term perspective and to have a good relationship with Zhang Wentian.

    There is support for this big Director. In the future, it will be much easier for Lu Chen to enter the film and television circle!

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "I understand, Jianhao brother, you can rest assured!"

    He knows that Chen Jianhao is really good for one's own.

    When I saw Lu Chen’s point, Chen Jianhao was pleased: “Now I can’t say that it’s just fine until the film is finished.”

    According to the habits of the film and television circle, when the film production is completed or will be completed, it is the beginning of large-scale publicity speculation. At that time, Lu Chen will have no problem with the Dongfeng, and the investor may still be happy.

    His words suddenly turned: "How do you think Qin Qing is a girl?"


    Lu Chen stunned, and did not know how to answer.

    Boss, I am not familiar with her!

    Chen Jianhao’s eyes are full of smiles. Half jokingly said: "You still have no girlfriend? If you don't plan to be a pure idol, you should find one. If you don't miss a good girl, don't miss it. ”

    Falling in Love in Entertainment Circle is a very complicated issue. If you follow the idol route, you have to go underground if you want to talk, otherwise it will most likely lead to a fall in popularity. Even abandoned by the company.

    The strength is better, the fans will be more tolerant, especially the male Singer, the acceptance will be relatively high.

    Lu Chen's appearance is more than enough to be an idol, but he obviously has no intention of buying a face.

    The identity of the champion of "Singing China" has made him enough to mix and match in the strength of the faction!

    Therefore, Chen Jianhao certainly has a joke, and it is not wrong.

    Lu Chen smiled bitterly: "I have no plans to find a girlfriend yet."

    It is very hard to seriously fall in love. There is so much time and energy in his eyes.

    If you don't seriously talk about it. Holding the fun of playing…

    Ok, my sister will kill him!

    Chen Jianhao smiled and said: "What I want to say is. Qin Qing is really good. Since you go to Jingyin to class, then try to be a friend with her. You are not as old as we are. ”


    His voice just fell, and a coughing sound came from behind them.

    Chen Jianhao and Lu Chen couldn't help but look around and saw the piano standing in a few steps away.

    Her look is light, cold and cold.

    The Jingyin girl has just changed a set of elegant dresses, still a long hair shawl, and the temperament is more and more quiet.

    Rao is Chen Jianhao's face is extremely thick, and can not help but feel embarrassed.

    He played haha ​​and quickly said: "Qin Qing is coming, then go."

    After saying that he directly smeared the soles of his feet, he did not have the loyalty to leave Lu Chen alone to face this very special girl.

    Qin Qing is not ashamed, but there is more indifference between the brows and the refusal of thousands of miles away.

    She said faintly: "Let's go."

    Lu Chen originally wanted to explain two sentences, but when I saw the other person's expression, I would not say much: "Okay."

    Driving on the bus, Lu Chen carried Qin Qing to Beijing Music Academy.

    Qin Qing was sitting in the co-pilot position. On the road, she suddenly said: "Chen Shushu is just joking, you should not be on your mind."

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "I know, you should not rest assured."

    He is not a fool, how can he not hear the meaning of the other party!

    Qin Qing is telling Lu Chen that there is no possibility that one's own is with him. Don't create unnecessary thoughts.

    The problem is that Lu Chen has no idea about her at all.

    The girl who played the guqin very beautiful is very beautiful. To be precise, Lu Chen has never seen a girl who is more beautiful than her, and her temperament is better than her face. It is said that the goddess is not too much.

    Qin Qing’s family history should be very good. It can be seen from the attitudes of the two professors and Zhang Wentian to her. Non-rich is not an ordinary person.

    Such a girl must have countless pursuers, arrogant and arrogant.

    But what does this have to do with him?

    People in two different worlds, the perhaps intersect because of all kinds of coincidences, but after all, they are gradually drifting away.

    Qin Qing "hmm".

    Lu Chen is a bit speechless, listening to her tone does not seem to believe one's own.

    So he said bluntly: "I have not planned to fall in love in these few years, you can rest assured!"

    Qin Qing licked his head and said, "Are you pissed off? Still intentionally saying this, want to arouse my interest? ”

    Lu Chen sighed and tapped the steering wheel to park the car steadily on the side of the road.

    Qin Qing looked at him, and his look did not change at all.

    Lu Chen looked straight into her eyes and said sincerely: "Qin Qing Xuemei, first of all I did not pissed off."

    "I don't want to use these words to attract you. We just met, you don't know me, I can understand."

    "I went to Jingyin to listen to the class just for study. I am very grateful to accompany you to take the hearing. If this makes you misunderstand, then I am sorry, I will send you to the school first, I can only handle it one by one. It is."

    After listening to Qin Qing, he nodded and said, "I Believe you."

    Lu Chen dumbfounded: "Thank you."

    Qin Qing said: "Since I promised Professor Gao, I must accompany you to the Academic Affairs Office. Let's go."

    Lu Chen went back to the road without words.

    He did not notice the shallow smile of the girl's lips.

    After spending ten minutes on the road, I didn't encounter a traffic jam. The two arrived at Jingyin very smoothly.

    Jingyin is also the Beijing Music Academy, and the Central Music Academy and the Northern Music Academy are also called the Three Musical Courts.

    It was founded in 1980 and has a history of 35 years. Although it is not as old as the middle, it has been a talented person for decades. There are many famous composers, pianists and Singing families, in Domestic and even in Domestic. There is a respectable reputation around the world.

    Located on the banks of the North Sea, this Music Academy is ideally located next to the famous Beihai Park.

    The area of ​​Jingyin is very small, and the scale is not even comparable to that of several middle schools in Beijing. The total number of teachers and students in the school is more than 2,000. There is no way to compare with the schools in the university town where there are tens of thousands of people.

    Lu Chen had never been to Jingyin before, but he was famous for this high-level Music school.

    It is said that there are tens of thousands of students who come to Beijing to test the Jingyin every year. Most of them are trained from an early age. In the fields of piano, violin, national musical instruments, etc., they can use Lu Chen’s like this. The guy crushed into slag.

    However, most of these priders will be ruthlessly eliminated in the process of applying for Jingyin. Many of the candidates’ homes can be cultivated in a ruined place. After going to Beijing, they will spend a lot of money to ask the teacher in the college to give guidance. I was told that there was no hope at all.

    Therefore, it is not a general generation to be admitted to Jingyin, and genius is a common synonym in them.

    Even if you are listening, a side hearing is not easy.

    The environment inside Jingyin is very good. The campus is covered with green trees. Several buildings are hidden in the woods. There is also a small lake in the middle of the lake. The breeze is not good.

    Since there is no school yet, there are few students in Jingyin who are cold and clear.

    Lu Chen did not have a pass for Jingyin, but Qin Qing came forward with a few words to the gatekeeper and drove directly under the office building under her guidance.

    After getting out of the car, Qin Qing took Lu Chen to the Academic Affairs Office on the third floor.

    There is someone in the Office of the Office of Academic Affairs, and Lu Director who Lu Chen is looking for is not there.

    Fortunately, there was a Deputy Director Chen on duty, indicating that after he came to the scene, he was very happy to give Lu Chen a side hearing.

    The side hearing is valid for one year and expires.

    With the certificate in hand, Lu Chen is free to go to Jingyin and listen to the lectures of any professor tutor.

    You can also dine in the dining hall of Jingyin.

    Chen Deputy Director sent a schedule to Lu Chen, so Lu Chen was very grateful.

    After the hearing was completed, the two went downstairs.

    Lu Chen said to Qin Qing: "I really thank you this time, then I will go first."

    Qin Qing nodded: "Goodbye."

    When the car came out to the door, Lu Chen subconsciously glanced at the mirror.

    I have not seen this girl.


The second one is sent, and after half an hour, the author is one year old, and ask for comfort! (To be continued~^~)

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