Chapter 158 chapter first love

    Su Shi also could not save Li Mubai's life.

    Li Murong's meaning is very clear, he one's own has no intention to invest in Lu Chen's crowdfunding network, but let Li Mubai and Lu Chen join hands to cooperate, so as not to ruin the reputation of Li's family throughout the day.

    Speaking of it, it is also Li Mubai's own's own hit the door, otherwise Li Murong really can't find a suitable opportunity.

    You are not loyal to help a friend? OK, then do something seriously!

    Li Murong belongs to the kind of person who is extremely determined. Since he has made up his mind, it is useless for Li Mubai to ask for help, not to mention that Su Shi also supports her husband's thoughts.

    This makes Lu Chen a little guilty.

    Li Mubai was dragged into the water by one's own, but he also thought that Li Murong's approach was no problem.

    Li Mubai is very good in character, there is no such arrogance and extravagance as the rich family, but in this way, doing nothing at home to squander money, people will also be abolished in the long run.

    As a friend, Lu Chen is very happy to be able to co-organize the crowdfunding network with Li Mubai.

    Because he came up with this idea, first of all, for one's own service, no intention and no energy and strength to become bigger and stronger.

    Li Mubai is different. Look at the style of his older brother. If you support behind the scenes, you can get another IDPhoto as long as you get the creative protection certificate!

    IDPhoto is a well-known photo sharing site in United States. The founder is a technique otaku named Rodney. He built this personal website at home in 2010 and has always been a one's own independent maintenance operation.

    By 2013, IDPhoto's users surged to 30 million, and then it was acquired by Windows Corporation for $1 billion, becoming the Legendary in the IT world!

    Lu Chen is familiar with the story of IDPhoto. The inspiration of crowdfunding network is not unrelated to this Legendary. Although there is no expectation to become Rodney, it is not a dream to get a bucket of gold with crowdfunding.

    In addition to making an application for creative protection to Chuangbao. Lu Chen also asked Lu Xi to submit the same registration documents to the FSK of the United States and the OKI of the European Union, and is currently awaiting review.

    FSK is the United States version of the Commercial Creative Copyright Protection Office, whose scope of protection covers Japanese and Korean.

    Li Murong ignored the mourning of his younger brother. He said to Lu Chen: "This is the decision!"

    "I am still saying that the specific shares of the two of your friends one's own to solve the problem, it is best to set up a new company specializes in operational management, I will let Mu Shi to help you."

    Li Murong specifically explained: "Mu Shi is the sister of Mu Bai, who just graduated from Wharton this year."

    Wharton Business School?

    Lu Chen’s mind could not help but reveal Su Shi’s smile. Isn’t she going to study at Wharton?

    Li Murong continued: "As far as creative protection is concerned, I will solve it. You don't need to worry about anything. Choose a time, let the website go online, if I can't even do it…"

    He did not say anything later, Lu Chen also fully understood the meaning.

    If even Li Murong can't make it, don't expect to get the crucial card.

    And if he can get the license, then there is no problem with the crowdfunding network operation first – who will pay attention to a small website just launched? On the Internet, websites that are opened and closed every day don't know how many!

    The most important thing is that Li Murong is very confident about this. It is estimated that the difficulty of passing is not great.

    Lu Chen said sincerely: "Thank you, Big Brother Lee!"

    The solution proposed by Li Murong is undoubtedly the most suitable for Lu Chen, so that he can be a shopkeeper, do not need to worry about the crowdfunding network, can focus on the career of the career.

    Li Murong smiled faintly: "I want to thank you for being right, let my brother be able to do something serious."

    Lu Chen is dumb.

    At this time, Su Shi softly asked: "Are your things finished?"

    Li Murong looked at one's own wife in surprise and nodded: "The talk is over."

    Su Xiaoran smiled. Said: "Then I have something to ask Lu Chen. Lu Chen, don't you mind? ”

    Lu Chen said quickly: "Don't mind, you said."

    Su said blinking. Asked: "Lu Chen, do you have a girlfriend now?"

    Li Murong suddenly dumbfounded, he thought that one's own wife is what is important to ask Lu Chen.

    But Su Shi clearly believes that this issue is very important, she is very serious.

    this problem…

    Lu Chen felt a little embarrassed, but still calmly replied: "There is no."

    Su Shi asked: "Why not? Like a handsome and talented boy like you, there must be a lot of girls taking the initiative to pursue it? Is the request too high? Or is it because one's own is an artist? ”

    There was a slight smile in her eyes.

    Lu Chen is under great pressure.

    To be honest, even if he faced Li Murong just now, his pressure is not so great!

    After thinking about it, Lu Chen tells the truth: "Xunzi, in fact, I have no idea of ​​making a girlfriend for the time being. At the moment, I mainly focus on careers and want to earn more money to help my family, so…"

    Lu Chen is not a dull generation, how can he not hear that Su Shi has the meaning of doing media for him?

    But he really doesn't have that mind right now.

    Li Murong said: "Well, men are serious about their careers, and they are still afraid of having a girlfriend?"

    Su Shi gave him a sigh of relief and continued to ask: "Listen to your meaning, your home situation is not good?"

    After winning the title of "Singing China", Lu Chen's family has been exposed on the Internet for a long time, so he has nothing to hide, and Su Shi simply said it again.

    Su Shi heard the movement and sighed: "The aunt is really strong. If there is a chance, I want to visit."

    Li Murong also nodded: "I believe in keeping promises, and I don't want to be eyebrows. This character can make many people feel helpless!"

    Husbands are separated from the family, and they can still repay huge debts in a situation where their livelihoods are difficult. It is not something that ordinary people can do.

    Su Shi’s eyes softened: “Then you and your sister must have worked very hard?”

    Lu Chen said: "The past few years have been very hard, but this year is much better, I have made a lot of money."

    He looked at Li Mubai: "Thanks to the help of Mu Bai."

    Li Mubai smiled and proudly lifted his chest.

    Su Xiaoyue smiled and said: "I know that you have a good relationship. I also know that you wrote him a song called Li Bai, and let him impersonate to make a girl, right?"

    When Li Mubai suddenly got struck by lightning, he said with a voice: "How do you know what?"

    He also thought that this thing was only one's own and Lu Chen knew.

    Su Shi gave him a look – don't you insult everyone's IQ?

    Li Mubai once again stunned.

    Su Shi knocked Li Mubai a stick and asked Lu Chen: "I like your song very much. Did you write your first love girlfriend at the same table?"

    Her eyes sparkled with a moving light and she was very interested.

    Lu Chen smiled bitterly: "That's right."

    First love is unforgettable, pure love, pure love.

    Some people will fight for the first love, and some people will have to say goodbye, but everyone will always remember one's own first love, because it is the most sincere feeling, does not contain any distracting!

    When Lu Chen was singing "You at the same table", he often recalled one's own first love girlfriend.

    Su Shi smiled and said: "She is my fan, are you still in contact with her?"

    Lu Chen shook his head: "I haven't been in contact for a long time. When she was in high school, she moved to Xiangjiang with her family."

    Speaking of this, Lu Chen couldn't help but say: "In fact, she prefers Baodao and often says she wants to live in Taipei."


    Su Shi gently retelled the word, and there was a slight sadness in his eyes: "I haven’t been back for many years, but I often think of the rain in Taipei and the snow in Yangmingshan."

    Lu Chen’s heart moved and said: “Xunzi, this time I came to visit and did not bring any gifts, I will send you a song.”

    Su Shi suddenly brightened his eyes: "Okay, good!"

    The light that bloomed on her face instantly dazzled to make Li Murong, Li Mubai and Lu Chen all stunned.

    Li Murong responded quickly, and immediately took Su Shi’s hand and glanced at Li Mubai and Lu Chen.

    This is your nephew, don't think too much!

    Su Shiqi stood up and said: "I haven't sang for a long time…"

    "Lu Chen, I received this gift. Let's go to the piano room and listen to you singing it again? Can you play the piano? ”

    Lu Chen originally wanted to go back and write the lyrics and then let Li Mubai transfer. I didn't expect Su Shi to wait so far.

    Of course, he is not good at sweeping the other side, and nodded at the moment.

    After all, it is a noble family. In the villa where Li Mubai lives, there is not only a separate tea room, but also a large piano room.

    The piano room is next door to the tea room. It is very clean and tidy. I saw the floor of the cherry wood paved with an amazing black horizontal grand piano.

    Lu Chen easily identified the golden harp logo branded on the big flap – Steinway.

    Steinway is one of the most famous piano brands in the world, and the price is amazingly expensive, so a Steinway usually appears in the top orchestra and Music Academy.

    Millions of ones, Lu Chen's family can not afford to buy the best!

    Su Shi said to Lu Chen with a smile: "When I lived here with your older brother, I used to play the piano to him. This piano has not been touched for a long time."

    She walked to the front of the piano and stretched out her hand to slide over the keys.

    The beautiful sound of the piano floated like water.

    Su Shi’s face was filled with memories and joy, and seemed to remind me of many beautiful past events.

    Looking at one's own wife, Li Murong's firm face has also become soft.

    After a moment, Su Shi said: "Lu Chen, listen to you now!"

    Lu Chen nodded and stepped forward on the bench.

    He took a deep breath.


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