Chapter 192 does not believe

    Parkour Parkour is the ultimate sport in the world. It uses the environment of daily life as a place of exercise and relies on its own physical energy to quickly and effectively control any known and unknown environment.

    The parkour was first born in France and entered the Domestic category around 2000. After more than a decade of development, it has become one of the most popular sports for young people, and has also set up a national parkour competition. The bonus is very high.

    Senqi is an emerging fashion sports brand. The market location is a young man who likes sports. Therefore, the elements of parkour are incorporated into this advertisement film in order to achieve the publicity effect that resonates with the target audience.

    Silver horse advertisement invited Lu Chen to endorse Senqi, parkour scene also used a professional substitute, it should be said that all aspects are considered very thoughtful, no one thought that the first day of shooting was a problem.

    In fact, for the parkour sports, injuries are commonplace, especially in situations where there is no perfect equipment protection. It is easy for Wang Coach Wang Hai to be a professional and can not exempt accidents.

    But for Director, it’s really bad.

    This advertisement piece is rushing to be filmed. Silver Horse advertisement and Senqi have a contractual agreement. If the screen is not put on the specified time, the company's reputation and interests will be greatly lost.

    Otherwise, they will not rush to start shooting on the second day of the National Day.

    The injury of Coach Wang made the next shooting work very troublesome. Although it is not difficult to find a professional parkour athlete in Jinling or the surrounding area, it is not easy to ask for a taller body and a similar Lu Chen.

    Parkour sports are more suitable for young people with small size and flexible movements.

    Lu Chen is a tall man of 180+!

    Wang Hai struggled to stand up. He pulled his head and looked shameful: "Director, I am really sorry."

    He is professional. But this mistake was very low-level, purely careless.

    Coach Wang is not the first time to do a substitute job. It was the first time that I just started shooting and I had a problem.

    One's own Nothing is wrong, it is not good to delay the shooting of others.

    Director smiled bitterly: "Forget it, this can't blame you, who can guarantee that nothing will happen?"

    "I asked the assistant to send you to the hospital. It is best to take a film and look at the bones. The medical expenses are out."

    It is very important to mix the word of mouth. Unless it is a big-character figure, it is inseparable, especially like a stuntman. People earn money for life. It is definitely responsible for the occurrence of work-related injuries.

    The director of the advertisement, Director, has been mixed in the circle for many years and knows how to do things.

    Wang Hai quickly waved his hand and said: "Without the trouble, I will hurt the muscles. I can recover the medicated oil for two days without going to the hospital."

    His character is true and straight.

    Some assistant took the medicinal oil and wiped it.

    Zhong Director sighed helplessly and asked: "Do you know. Can you come over and help? ”

    "Director …"

    Wang Hai has not answered yet. Lu Chen, who just came over, said: "Let me try it!"

    The Clock Director is very speechless: "Mr. Lu Chen, if you are injured, it will be more troublesome!"

    If there is a problem with the substitute, then you can change another substitute. If the actor has a problem, can you change it?

    so funny!

    His heart even produced an inexplicable irritating fire, and did not want to explain more with Lu Chen.

    Lu Chen smiled lightly: "Zhongdao. I am always exercising. I think I can still do it with simple parkour. Let's take the first scene of the jump box. If there is no problem, how about taking the second one? ”

    He stepped up: "It’s better to wait than this!"

    This sentence poked the director's dead hole, the scene of the film studio is not used in white, today can not continue to shoot, tomorrow will continue to shoot, the cost of time and energy, the rent has to pay.

    Then try it!

    The clock Director bit his teeth and said: "Yes, you must pay attention to safety, you must not be stubborn!"

    The first scene is to skip the carton full of flowers, and there is not much to say about the danger.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "I know."

    Since the decision was made, the clock Director no longer hesitated, and immediately let the staff of the team begin to prepare.

    "Be prepared for the camera, put the machine in place!"

    "You guys don't stand here to watch the fun and isolate the tourists here!"

    "Makeup artist, give Lu Chen makeup…"

    Ten minutes later, wearing the Senqi sportswear, the footsteps Senqi running shoes, and the back of the Senqi sports bag, it can be said that the fully armed Lu Chen stood on the sidewalk and made several warm-up actions.

    On the doorstep of the flower shop ten meters away from the front of him, three large corrugated boxes were stacked, and the rose that was pressed in the area was beautiful and still with the morning dew.

    On the left side of Lu Chen, the photographer controlled a high-definition digital video camera to point the scene at him.

    The photography assistant is ready to push the track at the side.

    "Attention to all units!"

    "Street chase, the first first shot."


    With the order of the Director, Lu Chen immediately stepped on the footsteps of I'm free.

    Ever since he experienced that strange and long dream, he basically came out to exercise every morning, running + practicing martial arts, and persisting in the wind and rain.

    Therefore, running has become one of the daily habits of Lu Chen's deep bone marrow. When he took the step, the movement was very smooth and smooth, without the slightest discomfort, and the breath rushed to the front of the carton.

    At the next moment, Lu Chen’s left foot was heavily stepped on the ground, and the elastic soles gave back to the thick Strength. His right leg lifted up at the same time and I’m free. The whole person vacated, instantly from more than one meter. The high flower box jumped over.

    Then land firmly!

    In order to ensure the safety of Lu Chen, Director deliberately arranged to reduce the height of the carton.

    It turns out that there is obviously no need for this. Lu Chen’s jumping ability is very good, even surpassing Wang Hai!

    "it is good!"

    The clock Director couldn't help but shouted, and was very happy.

    Just skipping the paper box on the ground, there must be a lot of people who can do it, even easily.

    However, Lu Chen started, ran, assisted, jumped to the ground, all the movements in one go, smooth as if moving clouds and flowing water, even giving people a pleasing feeling, it is very unusual.

    As Lu Chen said, he is always exercising, otherwise it is impossible to jump so beautiful!

    The worry in the heart of Director's heart disappeared almost instantly.

    Applause was heard around, and members of the filming team were cheering for Lu Chen’s performance.

    There are very few Celebrity, and he has such excellent athletic ability.

    Although it is simply running and jumping, it is also very good to see the qualities and abilities of personal sports.

    However, things are not so simple. When the Clock Director looks back at the picture taken, he can't help but smile.

    He found that one's own actually made a minor mistake.

    The original arrangement was to let the substitute jump, so the camera was always shot from the side. Now Lu Chen is in front of him, and the side shot is meaningless or even defective.

    In addition, Lu Chen ran Speed ​​a bit fast, the camera did not catch up well, so the picture could not be shot.

    The Clock Director can only come over to Lu Chen, explaining that he will be retaken after the situation.

    Lu Chen nodded and said no problem.

    Lu Chen's attitude makes Zhong Director very good. People like him who respects Director and take seriously work are really not many. Many young people who are new to the circle are very impetuous and very self-righteous.

    The advertisement film, like the Clock Director, is often won by some Celebrity artists who like to play big names.

    For the second remake, the Clock Director arranges the front and side double positions, and increases the number of people pushing the track to increase the Speed.

    This time the shooting was completed smoothly, Lu Chen's performance is still impeccable!

    But the second game is troublesome.

    Lu Chen needs to quickly run on the sidewalk, step on the steps, then support the railings, borrowing over the flower rafts that are almost 2 meters wide, and finally falling on the grass. The difficulty is not what ordinary people can do.

    Just now, Wang Hai was twisted to the feet when doing this action!

    Zhong Director is very worried about the recurrence of tragedy. After all, Lu Chen is not a professional parkour athlete. Even the fans do not count, let him complete this action is a big challenge.

    He thought about it and said to Lu Chen: "Do you want to use this post-synthesis!"

    The post-synthesis is done with the help of the green screen technique, and with the difficulty and thrilling action of WIA.

    Trouble is definitely very troublesome, and the effect is definitely not as good as the real shot, but it is always better than Lu Chen.

    There is a special green screen studio in the film and television city.

    Lu Chen certainly knows the meaning of post-synthesis, and smiles inexplicably: "That is too much trouble, bell guide, let me try it first, can shoot directly, can't believe another way."

    The clock Director thought about it and agreed to it.

    Mainly the performance of Lu Chen in front gave him a lot of confidence, otherwise it would definitely not agree.

    Although it is an exercise, the clock Director will arrange all the photographers to take a real shot.

    In the face of the close-up scene, Lu Chen did not have the slightest tension. He continued to run along the sidewalk I'm free, and rushed to the steps leading to the small square in the blink of an eye, suddenly jumping high!

    At this moment, everyone's heart is raised!

    But I saw Lu Chen people in the air, the right hand firmly pressed at the top of the railing, with the strength of the arm of the trend I'm free flying over the flower raft more than 2 meters wide, as if the eagle glides through the air, and then toward the grass landing.

    In the next moment, Lu Chen’s body dissipated with inertia. He held his body with his left hand to stabilize his figure. Then he threw himself up like a spring full of Strength, and swayed freely to the square. Among them.

    Everyone is stunned!

    Wang Hai stood up in disbelief and stunned, ignoring the pain of his ankle.

    Lu Chen has just completed a series of actions, not to mention ordinary people, even professional parkour athletes can not do better than him!

    Did he really never play parkour before?

    Wang Hai does not believe it!


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