Chapter 129

    This "Chasing Dream with Childlike Heart" is a very special work in Lu Chen's dream world.

    It didn't have much attention at the beginning. Many people didn't know the song, but then suddenly became popular because of an animation film. It spread everywhere on the Internet and touched the tears of countless people, so it won young people. The popularity of people has become a classic rock and roll.

    Under the interpretation of the original singer, this song uses the stimulating lyrics and the sly voice performance. Its quite eccentric vocal, almost hysterical emotional expression makes the work have a strange Charm. The more people listen, the more they move.

    However, Lu Chen did not imitate this singing because it did not match his voice characteristics.

    He temporarily replaced the song as a competition, and invited the Music Director Gu Rui and the accompaniment band of the "Singing China" Program group to help re-arrange the song.

    Therefore, in terms of style, there is no small change compared with the original.

    But the lyrics have not changed, the melody has not changed, and the emotions are still strong!

    When Lu Chen sang this song, he first accumulated the emotion of one's own. The front is the suppression of patience, the pain is the pursuit, the loneliness of introspection and sobriety, and the confrontation between sensibility and rationality.


The fascinating glory of the future is always calling me.

Even if you only have painful companions, you must go forward.

I want to sail in the bluest sea there,

No matter whether one's own can be returned.

    Unhappy after the failure,

That is the performance of the coward,

Please hold your fists as long as you are still alive!

    Before the dawn of the sky,

We must be more brave.

    Waiting for the most dazzling moments at sunrise.


    However, when that complex emotion accumulated in his culmination, it suddenly broke out!


I'm free running, facing cold eyes and ridicule.

    How can you feel the vastness of life without suffering?

    Destiny, it can't make us beg for mercy,

Even the blood is full of arms.

    Keep running, with the pride of the child,

The shining of life does not persist in the end, how can you see it,

It’s not as good as indulging in burning,

For the good of the heart,

Don't compromise until you get older!


    There was no noise in the large venues. Only Lu Chen’s singing and the band’s performances reverberated in the space, repeatedly hitting the eardrums of everyone again and again.

    No one thought that Lu Chen’s work was actually a rock and roll work. And still so special…

    Such a blood!

    In the basement of the old house in the fourth ring of Beijing, Chen Xiang stared at the screen with his eyes fixed and shuddered.

    He feels inside one's own body, as if something is roaring and wanting to rush out.

    Lu Chen’s song reminded Chen Xiang of the one’s own, which had just arrived in Beijing.

    At that time, he had a dream. However, in the face of reality, the head is broken, because the academic qualifications are not good, job hunting has repeatedly hit the wall, in order to survive and work everywhere.

    He used the flyers on the street, washed the dishes in the restaurant, and ran through the express delivery to pull the business. I don't know how many times it was ignored and cold-eyed. How many times do you want to give up and return to your hometown.

    But Chen Xiang persisted. Life made him learn to be strong and let him understand the importance of knowledge.

    He works hard to make money. While studying hard, finally found a job suitable for one's own professional, and at the same time, really settled in Beijing, so that the little dream spark in my heart did not go out.

    After so many, Chen Xiang thought that one's own was brave and strong, but now that he heard this "Chasing Dream with Childlike Heart", his emotions instantly collapsed!

    "I'm free running, facing cold eyes and ridicule, how can you feel the vastness of life without suffering?"

    "Destiny, it can't make us beg for mercy…"

    Chen Xiang clenched his fist and clenched his fist before he listened to the song.

    Then he picked up the instant noodles that had been soaked on the table, and rolled up the noodles with a plastic fork and slowly ate.

    Unconsciously, tears are full.

    After a long time, the stadium suddenly burst into violent applause, and a huge wave of climax was erupted in an instant.

    Many people stood up and applauded for Lu Chen.

    Lu Chen was deeply embarrassed to them, and his eyes were also a little tearful.

    Then came the judges, Tan Hong and Lin Zhijie first stood up, Chen Feier and Yan Zhen were only half a step behind.

    There are also live bands. When Lu Chen thanked them, these musicians who have always been very proud of them are singularly tribute to him, as if they were completing a grand ceremony.

    After a few minutes, the live broadcast scene was calm.

    The four judges re-settled, Tan Hong said: "This song, I don't want to comment too much, although it is still not rough enough, but I give 10 points!"

    Said, Tan Hong forcibly press the scoring device, big screen instantly appeared the golden number "10".

    Lu Chen smiled and thanked: "Thank you Tan Teacher…"

    "Do not!"

    Tan Hong shook his head seriously and said: "I want to thank you for being right. Let me hear a good song that is worth moving and worth listening to. I saw the hope of the future of Musical World in you!"

    In the reality draft program, it is common for judges to praise the players. Sometimes, in order to highlight the effect of the program or the need for hype, it is even very numb, so that people can hear goose bumps.

    But who is Tan Hong? His position and strength in the circle made him not have to do such a thing that was not worthy, so his praise for Lu Chen was entirely from the heart.

    Tan Hong likes this song with the new rock and roll spirit, which is more than all the works in front of Lu Chen.

    He scored 10 points for Lu Chen because the highest score was only 10 points.

    Lin Zhijie also gave Lu Chen 10 points.

    The Music Director of the Flying Stone record said: "If you live twenty years ago, it would be better."

    Twenty years ago, it was the golden age of the recording industry. It was also the era when the heroes and the Heavenly King came out!

    Lin Zhijie thinks that is the best time for popular Music.

    It is the most suitable time for Lu Chen!

    Tan Hong laughed haha.

    Chen Feier said: "Lu Chen, do you know? Originally, I was going to give you 10 points, but Big Brother Tan has given you 10 points. Then I will give you 9 points. ”

    There was a soft snoring in the stadium, and many people could not understand Chen Feier.

    Why did Tan Hong give 10 points. She is going to give 9 points?

    Tan Hong’s laughter turned into a bitter smile, and he couldn’t help but shook his head – the willful little Junior Sister!

    He knows this because Chen Feier likes Xi Jia very much. He gave Xi Jia 9 points just now, so he has to retaliate back.

    But Tan Hong can't object, and scoring is the right of judges.

    Seeing the helpless expression on Tan Hong’s face, Chen Fei’s lips twitched a beautiful arc.

    She gently pressed the scorer.

    On the big screen, a big number appears immediately.


    Chen Feier’s rating for Lu Chen is not 9 but 10 points, and the instantaneous peak turn!

    She grinned and said: "I am joking, Lu Chen. Your song is really good and worthy of perfect score! ”

    It's hard to imagine that such a beautiful woman like a swan, like a white fox, is already over 30 years old!

    Lin Zhijie smiled and said: "You have 10 points for the Senior Brother sister, then I will give 10 points."

    He gave a thumbs up at Lu Chen: "Good song!"

    As Tan Hong said, this song does not require much evaluation, and it is enough to give a perfect score.

    Yu Zhen also gave 10 points.

    She said: "This song made me feel Strong. Strenth, which is struggling, is well deserved! ”

    All four judges gave 10 points, and Lu Chen's judges total score was 40 points.

    In one fell swoop than the opponent Xi Jia's 38 points!

    Xi Jia stood in the waiting area and applauded with the audience. She had regrets on her face, but she was not sad.

    Although she knew that one's own had already lost.

    40 full of judges points. It has not appeared in the PK stage of the tour. Lu Chen was the first to get it.

    Only him.

    Lost to Lu Chen, Xi Jia did not feel embarrassed.

    Thank you after Lu Chen. Host to go on stage, and also invited Xi Jia back.

    He wants to announce the final result.

    The first is Xi Jia.

    Judges Total score: 38 points, on-site audience votes: 4875 votes, the total audience vote: 428,530 votes,

Comprehensive score: 97.52 points!

    Then Lu Chen.

    Judges Total score: 40 points, on-site audience votes: 4623 votes, the total audience vote: 725,506 votes,

Comprehensive score: 98.79 points!

    As a result, there was no suspense. Lu Chen defeated Xi Jia and won the sixth national top 10 position.

    His overall score is ranked first.

    Although Lu Chen lost more than 200 votes to Xi Jia on the court, but his judges scored 2 points higher, the off-court voting was completely crushing the latter, and the advantage was very obvious.

    "Congratulations you!"

    When the final result was announced, Xi Jia still showed a deep disappointment.

    However, she did not mess up the square, but she was very graceful to congratulate Lu Chen.

    "Thank you!"

    Lu Chen and her shook hands, do not know how to comfort is correct, after all, he is the winner.

    Say the other party's performance is also good? It may be that people are being hypocritical, false, or arrogant.

    Simply express gratitude – will not be said to be a big name?

    It’s a bit scared.

    Fortunately, Chen Feier ran to the stage at this time, holding Xi Jia in his arms, and also solved for Lu Chen.

    The sweet Singer King whispered a few words in Xi Jia's ear, and the latter's face suddenly changed.

    Surprised or surprised!

    Lu Chen couldn't help but be curious, but he was too embarrassed to ask, and went back to the background to rest.

    Tan Hong was as curious as Lu Chen. When Chen Feier came back, he asked: "What did you say to Xi Jia?"

    Chen Feier’s style is white and the Senior Brother glances at him. “This is a woman’s secret!”

    Tan Hong smiled bitterly.

    For more than a decade, his colleague Junior Sister seems to have not changed.

    But PK will continue.

    Only the latter game has nothing to do with Lu Chen.

    Now, he only needs to enjoy the taste of victory!


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