103th Chapter Li Bai

    Li Mubai’s expression is a bit strange.

    Generally speaking, under such a situation, with the temperament of the Li Jiasan, first of all, he will definitely not be beaten by his teeth and swallowed in one's own stomach, and will not step on the scalp and step into Sajiahao's cover. In all likelihood, I went directly to the latter to do the first, even if it was a night party, and did not give the opportunity to face-smacking.

    However, Li Mubai did not become angry and angry, nor did he have any resentment.

    He looked on the stage of the Casa Hao, his face smiled smile look, calmly asked: "Casa Hao, you mean let me sing original?" ”

    He doesn't have a microphone, but the Music on the scene has stopped, so everyone in the bar can hear it clearly.

    This Li Jiasan seems to be quite calm.

    "of course!"

    Sajiahao is hard to think of a good idea to fight Li Mubai, where will he let the opponent easily escape?

    He said without hesitation: "Who doesn't know who Li Shao's Music talent is in the circle, if you sing someone else's saliva song, would you like to give it to our Fanny sister? Everyone said yes, right? ”

    Do not push Li Mubai to the corner, not let him out of the ugly, Sajiahao is not comfortable in his heart.

    Such a good face-smacking opportunity is too rare!


    There are a lot of Sajiahao's friends and friends in the crowd, who have intentionally responded to him very loudly.

    "Old Sa, you are too kind to do this…"

    Li Mubai smiled and shook his head and said: "I have such a big hatred with you?" You make me very embarrassed! ”

    Pretentious !

    Seeing that Li Mubai was still pretending to be there, Sajiahao was suddenly named fire–you dare pretentious?

    It happened that at this time, the corner of his eyes swept to Fanny, who looked like a frowning eye and let the Sasha suddenly understand. He dared to feel that Li Mubai was waiting for Fanny to come out!

    Sure enough, Fanny said: "Small Sa is counted, everyone is happy at night, there is no need to fight."

    "Since Fanny Sister, you said it…"

    Sajiahao immediately sighed and pretended, "Li Mubai, since you can't do it, then forget it."

    Of course, he has to give Fenni a face, and he has let go of Li Mubai on the surface, actually stepping on the latter!

    Fanny smiled slightly, and Chen Qian snorted and grinned.

    Li Mubai is simply too incompetent!

    "Man, you can't say anything without saying anything!"

    What everyone didn't think was that Li Mubai didn't take the opportunity to step down. Instead, he smiled scornfully and said: "I really prepared an original work. Since everyone wants to listen, then I will give it a ugly one!"

    Li Mubai really wants one's own to play?

    He was irritated by Sajiahao and lost his mind? It is estimated that it is really shameful!

    Many guests are speechless and feel that one's own snoring has been committed.

    Fanny's brow that had just stretched out was re-wrinkled, and her pretty face showed a disappointing look.

    I haven't seen it for two years. How is Li Mubai still like a child?

    She, including other people on the scene, did not notice the look of the faces of the four members brought by Li Mubai.

    Their looks are very weird, a look that laughs and doesn't dare to laugh.

    Sajiahao was a big joy and immediately said: "That everyone welcomes, our Li Shao is playing in person!"

    His first "squeaky" applause, as if he wanted to take a picture on Li Mubai's face.

    Regardless of reluctance, everyone followed the palm of their hands.

    Li Mubai took his band members and played with them!

    Lost bars are definitely not the biggest nightclub in Sanlitun, but when it comes to interior decoration and facilities, it says one's own is second, so no one dares to be first.

    The instruments and equipment that a popular band needs can be found here, and they are all high-end goods.

    Li Mubai's team unceremoniously occupied the position of the original musicians. He was one's own holding an electric guitar and stood in front of the microphone.

    And Sajiahao, who just stepped down, suddenly felt a little unconfident.

    He gave Li Mubai a set, Li Mubai also set, but now I don't know how, I feel like the one's own – this grandson is too much like a big tail wolf.

    There must be a conspiracy!

    Sa Shao was still very clever. He immediately thought of a question: "Li Mubai, wouldn't you buy a song?"

    With their own body, the pockets are casually touched and touched, and they can easily get out the money to buy the first good song. Previously, Li Mubai played the game. In order to pretentious, it is quite normal to spend money to buy songs.

    If this is the case, then his Sajiahao will be a fool!


    Li Mubai replied incomparably: "If I want to spend money, or let others spend money to buy songs for me, I will tell you the last name!" In turn, if I didn't spend money to buy a song, you and Xiaoye's last name, can you agree? ”

    Of course, this song is not bought, it is a gift from others!

    There was a smirk around the surroundings.

    Sajiahao really did not dare to agree.

    Although Li Mubai is fun and aggressive, he is also a spoiled master in the circle. He has never seen him talking when he is not talking, and the credibility is a lever!

    Li Mubai said that Sajiahao had nothing to say, and then said to the microphone: "I am very happy tonight, because Fanny has returned from overseas to develop in Domestic, she came back very suddenly, so I am not ready for anything. The gift is given, and it is not necessary to send Fanny."

    As he spoke, his gaze looked at Fanny, who was standing under the stage.

    Fanny smiled.

    "So I want to send a song…"

    Li Mubai continued: "This song was originally written for me one's own. I practiced for a long time. For the first time, I will give it to everyone to sing. Don't be disgusted!"

    Applause and laughter sounded again, and even Chen Qian gave face.

    "The name of the song, called Li Bai!"

    His voice just fell, and the rhythmic prelude sounded abruptly.

    Li Mubai stood very relaxed and relaxed, and he slammed his guitar with his head down.

    "Most people want me to learn to see,

A secular vision.

    I have studied the secular vision seriously.

Secular to dawn.

    A foreign movie didn’t understand a word,

It’s a joke after watching the ending.

    You see how smart I am, how obedient,

More treacherous.

    I drank a few bowls of rice wine and left to imitate.

Who is the painting and the one who accidentally spit out?

    You are a dear one each day,

How unpopular it looks like.

    You should practice Calligraphy and go out again.

Only someone will buy it with enthusiasm!


    When Li Mubai casually and even brought a lazy voice into the ears of people in the place, the young people in the top circles of Beijing are all moving, even amazed and unbelievable.

    They all have superiority and do not learn the skills of the generations, but the basic experience of the eye is too poor. In terms of Music alone, there are few perhaps with appreciation ability, but the sound of a song can still be heard. .

    Li Mubai's "Li Bai" is at least excellent in melody, and the song title and lyrics are also very interesting.

    The most important thing is that the singer he sang is simply the wind/sudden in the bones, with a little bit of jealousy and a little debauchery, delicate and elegant, and it was completely different.

    And still have the passion of young people!


If you can come back,

I want to choose Li Bai,

How good it was thousands of years ago,

Not so many people guess.

    If you can come back,

I want to choose Li Bai,

At least I can write poems,

Teasing girl!

    If you can come back,

I want to choose Li Bai,

Creation can also be so high-end,

Worried by so many people,

If you can come back!


    Many people have listened to it. The chorus has just ended. Applause, laughter, and whistles immediately rang.


    Sajiahao stepped back and wanted to hide one's own in the crowd.

    He felt the fire on his face.

    Chen Qian listened to it, and after a moment he murmured: "Jazz, R&B, Soul? What else? ”

    What she heard was the style of the song, which made people happy and pleasant, so they were surprised.

    Li Mubai, a guy who doesn't learn anything, when does he have such talent?

    She would rather believe that the sow is on the tree!

    Fanny, who is next to Chen Qian, didn't think so much, she didn't understand.

    She just feels that Li Mubai, who is standing on the stage at the moment, is no doubt mature compared to the younger brother two years ago. It is also a real manly smell.

    If I can come back, I want to choose Li Bai? interesting!

    Her eyes flashed inexplicably.

    Until a song ended, the audience applauded.

    Sajiahao finally shamelessly urinated, and if he stayed again, the face could not cover it – too swollen!

    There is no doubt that what happened this evening will inevitably become a hot topic in the circle.

    Li Mubai got a beautiful talk, and his Sajiahao is a background joke!

    But Li Mubai did not go to laugh at the losers because his attention was all on Fanny.

    He stared at the other side and smiled. He said in a round of applause: "This first Li Bai first gave it to everyone. The second song below is really for Finnie, although I didn't write it, but I think it is best. She is."

    "The name of this song is called Beauty!"

    At the same time, Li Mubai also said in his heart: Thank you, Lu Chen!


Note: "Li Bai" word / song: Li Ronghao.

    PS: The word changing a word, Li Bai is a character before the millennium, and the lyrics were not appropriate for hundreds of years.

    PS1: The second one is sent, and the recommendation ticket is supported!

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