Chapter 71—Reunion

    Lu Chen’s backpack is very common. I bought dozens of dollars on the Internet. It’s just like this one backpack, which is filled with a hundred dollar bills. All of them are sealed with bank seals. They are extremely stunned. .

    When he pulled the zipper, the living room was silent.

    Lin Ru no longer called, and his eyes looked straight at the banknotes full of backpacks.

    Fang Wenkang’s face was stunned, and a pair of chins were shocked and ridiculous.

    Lu Chen’s tutoring from a small school is very good. Fang’s teachings have always been stricter, that is, he did not control it after he went to Hangzhou to study at the university. Therefore, even when he was at the best time in Lujia’s family, he did not do it. It’s a ridiculous thing to have a rich family.

    However, at this moment, Lu Chen would like to take out the money in the backpack and slam it on the faces of the two!

    He didn't mean to pay back the money at all, but he knew the character of one's own mother.

    "Let's say, how much do you still want?"

    Lin Ru swallowed his throat and swallowed a fake smile on his face. He even stopped thinking about Lu Chen’s slap in the face of one’s own son and asked: “Xiao Chen, where did you come so much?”

    The money in this backpack is at least hundreds of thousands, and millions are possible!

    Lujia had money in the past, but it is not easy to get so much money at once.

    What's more, the current Lu family is even worse than ordinary people.

    She was flashed at the sight of a hundred dollar bills, and she was very curious and greedy!

    Lu Chen said faintly: "If you grab the bank, you can also grab it. Are you not the best?"

    After eating Lu Chen's two ridicules, Lin Ru's face was thick and felt embarrassed, and his face sank instantly.

    "You really have a good time, then let us return our money first…"

    "Without our money!"

    What everyone didn't think was that Fang Yuan, who had been silent all the time, suddenly broke out.

    His face rose red, and suddenly grabbed the shareholding agreement in Linru’s hand, then smashed it three or two times and shouted loudly: “The Lu family did not owe us, and did not owe you Lin Ru!”

    Lin Ru was so shocked that he could not speak.

    She never dreamed of a dream, one's own, this honest and weak husband will do such a fierce move, and one's own tears the face, even the shareholding agreement will be torn.

    Without this agreement, how did she knock out money from Lujia?

    Fang Yuanzhong ignored her, and the middle-aged man with a sly face was very embarrassed and said: "Oh, my brother is sorry for you, we will not bother you anymore."

    After that, he turned his head and walked toward the door.

    Lin Ru woke up and shouted: "Fang Yuanzhong!"

    She really eats raw one's own husband's heart!

    Fang Yuanzhong did not care about her, and left the Lujia without returning.

    This time, Lin Ru and Fang Wenkang are completely dumbfounded.

    Lu Chen was also a bit surprised, but not too surprised, because he knew that one's own this monk is still okay, but his character is too weak, and he is usually like a grandson by his aunt Lin Ru, who has no position at home.

    If Fang Wei did not want to make his older brother too embarrassed, why did he agree to Lin Ru’s shameless request?

    The current outbreak in Fang Yuanzhong should be that the conscience is still there, and the family has not been completely annihilated.

    He pulled the zipper of the backpack back again, and he was not salty and rude to Lin Ru: "Auntie, since we are all gone, we will not leave you for lunch, I am sorry!"

    Fang Wenkang called: "Want to drive us away? Pay off the money first! ”

    He can't wait to grab the backpack in Lu Chen's hand.

    Lu Chen sneered: "I don't know what you are talking about?" Are you still dreaming? ”

    The agreement that was originally invalid was torn away. Fang Yuanzhong was gone. He ate the brain fragments and returned the money to the other party.

    Lin Ru is also very reluctant, just seeing Lu Chen's look, she knows that it is self-deprecating to entangle herself. Maybe Fang Wenkang will be jealous, so she took one's own son and left Lujia.

    This debt, first have to find Fang Yuanzhong!

    After driving away two disgusts, Lu Chen felt that the air in the room was much fresher.

    He smiled at each other and said: "Mother, what do we eat at noon? My stomach is going to be hungry! ”

    Fang Yan sighed and said: "Xiao Chen, don't blame you, you can't help him."

    Lu Chen nodded: "Hey, I recognize it, as for the two…They dare to come, you will call the police directly! ”

    Fang Xiao smiled and said: "I know."

    Lu Chen knows that one's own mother is outside, and if she is not in the distance, she will not let Lin Ru bully.

    He handed the backpack in his hand to Fang Wei: "Mom, there is one million here. I will accompany you to pay back the money in the afternoon."

    Fang Hao used cash to pay back the money, and he personally went to the homes of friends and relatives. In this way, she said to everyone that the Lu family will not evade debt, and the people are in debt!

    Lu Qingsheng was very credible when he was alive, so there are so many people who are willing to lend him money. Now that others are no longer there, Fang Hao will not discredit him and Lu’s face.

    Many relatives and friends have come up with a lifetime of savings, this debt represents a heavy responsibility!

    Fang Hao took the backpack and asked incredulously: "Where did you come so much?"

    Previously, Lu Chen had sent 300,000 yuan to come over, which had already surprised her. I did not expect to bring another one million today!

    Really not robbing the bank?

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "I will slowly tell you that it is exactly what I earned!"

    One million are all earned by Lu Chen from [Whale TV], 650,000 signed gold + 200,000 PK bonus + 150,000 rewards, and there are 150,000 in his bank account.

    A few days ago, Lu Chen wrote the first new song to the band, and 150,000 was a discount for special treatment.

    As he said, the door of the room was pushed open.

    "We are back!"

    Along with the crisp shout, a young white-skirt woman and a yellow-shirted girl walked in and out.

    There are many plastic bags in the hand of the former, and the bag contains fresh fruits and vegetables.


    Seeing Lu Chen standing in the living room, the girl in yellow shirt blinked first and then yelled at him.

    Lu Chen smiled and opened his arms and held the other person in his arms.

    This yellow-shirt girl is Lu Chen’s sister Lu Xue, and the white-skirt woman is his sister Lu Xi.

    Lu Chen and Lu Xue have a very good relationship. He loves one's own sister very much. After a year of reunion, the heart is naturally a special surprise: "Fat!"

    "Which is fat!"

    Lu Xue wrinkled his nose and jumped from Lu Chen. "Mom, my brother bullied me!"

    Fang Hao touched Lu Xue’s head and asked Lu Xi, who was indifferent: “Xiao Xi, how come you?”

    Among the three brothers and sisters, her sister Lu Xi is like Lu Qingsheng in appearance and temper. Lu Xue and Fang Wei are simply a model, and Lu Chen combines the advantages of both parties, tall and handsome.

    Lu Xi’s character is a bit stubborn. She used to be not very good with Lu Chen. She said faintly: “It’s Xiao Xue who called me and said that they are coming again?”

    Lu Xue spit out his tongue and asked about it: "Why are you old and the old demon?"

    She called Lin Ru to call the old demon. After the other party came over, Fang Hao sent her out to buy food to hide.

    Lu Xue worried that one's own mother was suffering, so she called Lu Xi.

    The two sisters came back at the same time, but I didn’t expect Lu Chen to be there.

    "That is your aunt!"

    Fang Hao did not smack her bombs and said: "Children are not rude, they are gone."

    "That's great!"

    Lu Xue slammed his hand and said: "It is good that our family is reunited."

    She extended a small hand to Lu Chen: "Brother, what gift did you buy for me?" Not good, I don't want it! ”

    Lu Chen laughed and laughed. He opened the suitcase and took the laptop he bought in Beijing.

    Lu Xuexi looked out: "Is it for my computer?"

    Lu Xi frowned and said: "Little Xue will take the college entrance examination next year. What do you buy for her computer? Even if you can make money now, you have to save money. There are still many debts owed by our family! ”

    Lu Chen said: "Sister, the debt in the family, I will be able to finish it for up to two years!"

    Lu Xixiao laughed: "You can blow it!"


Going to Chenzhou tomorrow, the day after the update is normal, there is no way for the Chinese New Year, please forgive me.

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