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73rd Chapter drinking

    Gao He is a typical Qilu Dahan. His height is 1.95 meters. He is the main center of the basketball team of the computing department. He is straightforward and generous, and his temper is very easy to get along with. It is a mature face, and he can be said that he is an uncle.

    Gao he sleeps in the lower berth of the Lu Chen.

    On the way to the dormitory building, Lu Chen asked: "Sister-in-law?" Are you back yet? ”

    Gao He’s girlfriend, Wang Xiaoling, is the same Chinese department. She is very petite and exquisite. The two are often referred to as “beauty and beast” together. When she was a freshman, she took a hand with Gao He.

    Gao He is a look at the look and said: "Divided."

    Lu Chen was shocked: "What happened?"

    Wang Xiaoling and Gao He can fall in love, Lu Chen is half a matchmaker, knowing that their relationship has been good.

    Although in the university, the graduation season is the breakup season, but Lu Chen thought they could continue.

    Gao He smiled bitterly: "I found a job in Jicheng, Wang Xiaoling wants to stay in Hangzhou, you know the current housing price in Hangzhou, the money to buy a bathroom is enough for me to buy a suite at home, and my parents also need me to take care of ."

    Lu Chen silently.

    Hangzhou’s economic development in the last decade has been extremely fast, bringing prosperity and high prices. In particular, housing prices have been rising, and the growth rate has always been among the highest in the country.

    Ordinary working-class people want to buy a suite here, which is basically a luxury.

    Gao He’s family is ordinary, and he is also the only son in the family. The love in the university is still beyond the reality.

    He can only take a shot of Gao He’s shoulder and express his comfort.

    Gao He looked very open and said: "I am fine, I have already prepared for it. The third child, how are you mixing in Beijing?" Have you found a new girlfriend? ”

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Yes, my luck is good, I earned some money. As for my girlfriend, I don't want to."

    Gao He knows the sketch of Lu Chen’s family and is happy for him: “Are you planning to develop in Beijing for a long time?”

    Lu Chen nodded: "Yes, I will come to Beijing to find me when I have time, and Jicheng is very close to Beijing."

    Gao He smiled and said: "When you become a local tyrant, I must bring a team to play local tyrants!"

    Lu Chen Hahaha.

    During the joke, the two came to the university dormitory.

    The door of the 405 bedroom was half covered, and Gao He guessed: "It must be that the old K and the fourth are back!"

    He pushed open the door and shouted: "Police rounds!"

    There are already two people in the dormitory, one is playing cell phone in bed, one is sitting at the table and playing game.

    The two were shocked by the roar of Gao He's beast.

    Lu Chen followed in: "Robbery, please hand in your bank card, transportation card, meal card…"

    Playing cell phone is the old K, the real name is Wan Hongzhi, Xiangbei people, he ranks the second child in the four roommates, but completely unable to accept the title of "second child", so he changed to the old K – playing card rank second.

    The old perimeter of the computer game is the locals of Hangzhou. The thin Xiao Xiao's appearance is not good. After being scared, she wants to cry without tears: "Boss, BOSS is violent, it is violent!"

    He is playing a group with BOSS. He just missed the rhythm and broke the BOSS into a violent state.

    Then the group is gone!

    Gao He, Lu Chen and Wan Hongzhi Hahaha.

    Zhou Rui was stunned by the people who ran the group. One grievance could only be vented to three friends: "You wait!"

    Lu Chen just wanted to talk, and the cell phone in his pocket rang.

    He picked it up and called Cao Xiuzhu: "Lu Chen, have you returned to school yet?"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "I just came back, what instructions did the squad leader have?"

    Cao Xiuzhu said: "When you come back, will you prepare the Program for you?" The graduation party for tomorrow night has already been arranged, don't give me the chain! ”

    Lu Chen said: "I can rest assured that no one can hang our big squad leader!"

    Cao Xiuzhu smiled and said: "You go to Beijing to study poverty, then that's fine."

    Hanging up the phone, Gao He curiously asked: "What is the squad leader looking for you?"

    Lu Chen explained: "Tomorrow evening graduation party, let me go to stage to perform a Program."

    Wan Hongzhi said with emotion: "Before it was a New Year's party, now it is a graduation party, time is really fast!"

    Years are ruthless, and the days in the ivory tower are always flying fast, and many good things can only be left in memory.

    The 405 bedroom was in a short silence.

    Gao He asked: "Old K, fourth, what are your plans after graduation?"

    Wan Hongzhi said: "One of the Senior Brothers I know started an IT company in Huhai, so I helped me in the past. I thought of learning more and over there, and if there is a chance, I might immigrate."

    Among the four people, Wan Hongzhi has the best academic performance. It has always been his ideal to go abroad through the technique of immigration.

    As for Zhou Rui: "I went to the game department of Feiteng Company after graduation and signed the contract."

    Although he wanted to say calmly, he couldn’t conceal the smug taste.

    Gao He wants to swear: "Shit, Feiteng!"

    Lu Chen smiled: "Congratulations!"

    Feiteng is the Internet company of Domestic ranked top three, the famous Yibao and Yifubao are under its umbrella. The other game department is very powerful, self-made and acting too many hot online games.

    The key is that Feiteng is a local company in Hangzhou, and the treatment has always been one of the best in the industry.

    Zhou Rui is a native of Hangzhou. He is able to work in Feiteng. Of course, it is worth celebrating.

    Wan Hongzhi called: "You must treat you at night!"

    Zhou Rui said: "I have no problem with the guests, whoever is not drunk, who pays!"

    Gao He shot his chest: "Let me find me, don't get drunk!"

    Lu Chen stood up: "Go, go to the old pub!"

    The old pub is an old-fashioned pub. It is separated from Jianghai University by a civic square. It is said to have a history of hundreds of years. It is famous for its cheap food and good quality. Many students like to go there to play a tooth festival.

    Because the business of the old pub is very good, there is definitely no place to go late. The four people in the 405 bedroom rushed past the meal, and finally occupied a table by the window.

    I ordered a few special dishes, then beer, 2 yuan a bottle of Jiangchao beer in a box and a box of ground.

    Do not use any wine glasses, open the cover and blow directly to the bottle.

    After blowing two bottles, start to blow water, chat and talk about life, and talk about the youth of the dog day.

    Lu Chen drank a bottle and bottle. He talked a lot less. He often listened to roommates talking about girls in the next class, talking about the new counselor, Teacher, and talking about the girls who could not get it. , talk about the expectations of the future.

    Alcohol drowns the body a little bit, but it makes his mood more relaxed than ever before.

    It is a pity that there is no banquet in the world.

    After graduating, everyone will have to go to the north and the north to go to the land, and then the party will be at a certain wedding.

    At that time, I remembered this Era and would not have the same feeling.

    1 box of 12 bottles of beer, four people in the 405 bedroom, four bowls, 5 points to 8 points, Zhou Rui and Wan Hongzhi both spit two times in the bathroom.

    Can't really drink, Zhou Rui struggled to buy a single, and then was helped by Gao He to walk out of the old pub.

    Lu Chen and Wan Hongzhi are barely able to go one's own, but they can't walk straight.

    Then they supported each other and four people walked into the public square.

    Although it is not a weekend weekend, the Civic Square is still very lively, where Uncle Aunt dances in the square, and the children are skating on the skating, and the pair of lovers are wandering together.

    In the wind of the summer night, who is singing Love Song?

    The pedestrians in twos and threes are surrounded by a wandering Singer, listening to him playing a song of the past.

    "Dog day!"

    Gao He screamed: "It’s too hard to sing, it’s not as good as the third year, the third child is going to take him P!"

    He has the best amount of alcohol, four boxes of beer dried a box and a half, but also a little drunk.

    Zhou Rui said: "Sing, be sure to sing! Sing two more bottles! ”

    Lu Chen’s wine was on the head and said: “Sing and sing!”

    He opened Wan Hongzhi and strode forward and asked the stray Singer: "Friends, can you borrow your guitar and venue?" I sang a song to my brother! ”

    The wandering Singer handed the guitar to Lu Chen very quickly: "No problem."


    Lu Chen took the guitar and tried to audition the steel string with his fingers.

    The guitar is a very ordinary guitar, the tone is basically accurate, and the self-powered speaker with a microphone is connected.

    Very standard street playing equipment.


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