Chapter 75—Do not forget 2015

    On June 9, 2015, the 2011 graduation ceremony of Jianghai University was held in the Great Hall of He Liang.

    The Heliang Great Auditorium was donated by the richest man in Australia and the patriotic businessman He Liangwei. The overall style is Chinese-style, with large-scale facilities and advanced facilities. The upper and lower seats can accommodate 6,500 spectators.

    He Liangwei is a well-known gambling king. He owns a seven-star Aojing Hotel and three luxury casinos. His business scope covers Bo/Cai, real estate, logistics, entertainment and other industries with assets exceeding 50 billion.

    The gambling king was born in poverty. When he finished school, he ran to the street as a hawker selling fish eggs. Then he worked hard and smart mind to become the man of the city in a step by step, and achieved the Legendary in a modern metropolis.

    However, what is most talked about is not his struggle experience, but the boundless blessing of the gambling king.

    He Liangwei's appearance is not good, but he has a seven-room wife. In addition to the original grandmother, the other six include four Miss Aussie and two Miss Xiangjiang, who have a total of 19 children, which is a real life winner.

    He Liangwei, who entered his later years, is very keen on the charity cause. He donates more than 1 billion donations each year to Domestic, mainly for aiding education and medical care. His hospitals, libraries, auditoriums, experimental buildings, gymnasiums, etc. Hundreds.

    The He Liang Great Hall of Jianghai University was completed two years ago and is in the forefront of the same building in the University of Mexico.

    At 9 o'clock in the morning, the auditorium was already packed.

    Lu Chen and Gao He were sitting in the back seat of the lower floor, and they were all surrounded by classmates.

    Because the senior school year has a half-year social practice period, many well-familiar students have not met for a long time. Everyone here reunited with the natural joy, talking and laughing and greetings.

    But think about it, after going through today, you have to go your own way, and you will inevitably feel sad and nostalgic.

    Lu Chen applied for social practice six months in advance, and counted a year away from school. Many students ran to talk to him a few words, asked about his current situation and future plans, and invited him to start a business together.

    Lu Chen’s popularity relationship in the university is still very good. Although it can’t be said that everyone likes it, there are not many who are willing to become friends with him.

    Of course, some people just look at him and he is not pleasing to the eye.

    For example, the thin-skinned young man who just came over has a sly look on his face, and his tone of speech is very low.

    "Lu Chen, how are you mixing in Beijing? Beijing drift is not easy? Is the money earned enough to eat? ”

    "Zhang Jinping, you can't talk no one when you are dumb!"

    Lu Chen has not answered yet, Gao He is angry.

    He stood up and glared at the other side: "Is itchy?"

    The thin high youth stepped back and said awkwardly: "Gaohe, you don't want the dog to bite Lu Dongbin. I asked Lu Chen to help him. I will be joining the company next month. Everyone can be in Beijing. Take care of it."

    EasyNet is the top 10 portal of Domestic and is listed on NASDAQ in United States. It is a good employment choice for computer graduates of Jianghai University.

    Therefore, this thin and tall young man named Zhang Jinping said that he was undisguised and proud.

    "Yiwang company? Isn't that a famous pig farm? ”

    Zhou Rui Yin Yang said strangely: "Well, that is really suitable for you!"

    The owner of Yiwang Company spent huge sums of money two years ago and opened a modern green ring maintenance farm. It is said that it has lost tens of millions, so netizens called the Yinet a pig farm and had other instructions.

    Gao He and Wan Hongzhi both laughed.

    Lu Chen also laughed and said: "Zhang Jinping, you are kind to my heart, you still go back to one's own seat."

    Zhang Jinping is also a computer department. He only works in different classes with Lu Chen. This guy once pursued Wang Ying. The result was bursting out by Lu Chen and became one of many losers.

    Later, Lu Chen’s family changed, and he broke up with Wang Ying. Zhang Jinping was the most devastating. However, the sneer of Lu Chen’s lack of stone was always a cocky slut.

    He probably thought that today is the last chance to fight Lu Chen, so he specially ran over to ridicule, and the result was directly killed by Gao He and Zhou Rui, and they also took their own insults!

    Lu Chen will not be serious with the other side. He did not put Zhang Jinping in his eyes when he was most lonely.

    What is it now?

    Zhang Jinping still wants to laugh at two sentences. It can be seen that Gao He’s bad eyes are finally left blankly.

    He was really stunned by Gao He.

    "What the hell!"

    Zhou Rui said slyly: "I heard that after the third child went to Beijing, he ran to chase Wang Ying. As a result, Wang Ying was too lazy to marry him. This time, he did not know who was leaving the back door and mixed it into the pig farm. Up…"

    Jianghai University is a key university of Domestic and has good exchanges with many well-known large companies. Each year, it recommends a group of outstanding graduates.

    Of course, those who can get the school's recommendation are not necessarily the best students.

    Wan Hongzhi pulled him away in silence, and Zhou Rui suddenly woke up and closed his mouth.

    In the face of Lu Chen, still do not mention Wang Ying.

    Lu Chen did not care, smiled and said: "Don't worry about him, the ceremony began."

    In the accompaniment of the majestic music, Jianghai University's 2011 graduation ceremony officially began. The former is a school leader's speech. The content is nothing more than a recollection of the past and the future.

    The leader finished, and then the representative of the outstanding graduates spoke.

    Everyone listened to sleepiness until they were awarded a diploma.

    Jianghai University implements the credit system, and graduates can graduate with enough credits.

    Lu Chen had been in the big and a big two or two years. When he was a junior, he worked hard to get the credits needed for graduation. Otherwise, he would have to give up his diploma to be able to go to Beijing to work in the senior year.

    Queuing to go on stage Since the principal received a heavy red certificate, Lu Chen can feel the weight.

    Although Lu Chen may not use this certificate in the future, it represents the past that one's own has.

    Those happy, sweet, sad, painful, hardworking past!

    I received a diploma and then changed to a bachelor's gown. Everyone ran to the big lawn to take a graduation photo.

    A group from the computer department, one classmate, one from the dormitory brothers…

    The constant buzzing sound, accompanied by laughter, constitutes the main theme in the university at this moment.

    Let go of the sadness of parting, remember our college life.

    Do not forget 2015!


    At 7 o'clock in the evening, the graduation party was also held in the Great Hall of He Liang.

    Compared with the graduation ceremony during the day, the number of students attending the graduation party is more. The 6,500-seat auditorium has poured into at least 8,000+ people. Many of them are standing on the aisles on both sides, and there are also crowded positions.

    Many people are not graduates of the 2011 session. They simply run to see the excitement and send them to the seniors.

    The big stage of the show is ready, and the huge LED background screen constantly replays the promotional film of Jianghai University. As the Music lights up, the two parties will go to stage first.

    "Respected leaders, distinguished friends…"

    "Dear dear friends who care about the development of Jianghai University…"

    "All the students of Jianghai University, good evening everyone!"

    “First, let us use the warmest applause to say to the Teachers who have paid countless efforts and sweat for us to grow up: Teacher, you – hard work!”

    Jiang Hai University's 2015 graduation party officially began with the lectures of male and female Hosts.

    The warm applause sounded in the auditorium, like the storm in the summer.

    "Dancing the youthful melody, flying the youthful notes, igniting the enthusiasm of boiling, burning your dream of flying!"

    "We are gathered together with a beautiful, full of joy, and we are embarrassed because we are about to leave!"

    "We are in this colorful and splendid season, all in the eye, emphasizing the new green. Dear Teacher, dear classmate, when we heard the summer humming, we ushered in the last moment of the breakup! ”

    "Tonight, nearly 10,000 teachers and students have come together and come here with a different mood…"

    When Host was showing his eloquence on the stage, Lu Chen quietly came to the back of the auditorium.


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