Chapter 70 Home

    June 5, Friday, clear.

    Near noon, Lu Chen out of the Binhai high-speed railway station.

    The dazzling sunlight shone on the face, let his eyes involuntarily narrowed up, the mood is flying.

    Thanks to the modern and developed high-speed railway system, Lu Chen returned from Beijing to the hometown of one's own, which is located in a small town on the east coast of Zhejiang.

    Binhai City is a county-level city with a population of more than 1 million. The regional administration belongs to the Hangwen area. It is more than 200 kilometers away from the provincial capital Hangzhou. Lu Chen was born here and grew up here until he was admitted to Jianghai University.

    Originally, he wanted to go home on the 1st, because on the 9th, he would go back to Jianghai University to attend the graduation ceremony. As a result, because of the new song for Na and the band, it was delayed for a few days in Beijing.

    Several songs of the band have entered the formal production process. As the songwriter, Lu Chen took the opportunity to participate in the process of arrangement and production, and put forward a lot of one's own suggestions.

    Arranging is Lu Chen's biggest weakness, so this opportunity is very rare for him, he can learn a lot, and if new song can succeed, it will be a good start for him to enter the mainstream mainstream of Music.

    On the other hand, Lu Chen will also launch one's own album, and it is beneficial to know the production process in advance, not to mention that he has a good personal relationship with Na Sister and Qin Hanyang.

    Out of the train station, he took the taxi to the Dongping District in the city.

    Dongping District is one of the earliest Districts in Binhai City. It is also the seat of the staff of the Municipal Finance Bureau, the State Taxation Bureau and the Local Taxation Bureau. Lu Chen’s mother Fang Wei and her sister Lu Xue lived there.

    Fang Wei was an accountant in the State Taxation Bureau of Binhai City. After the Lu family accident, the original house car was sold. She moved to the staff quarter of Dongping District to save money.

    When I got off at the entrance of the District, Lu Chen didn't go home immediately, but went to a bank not far from District.

    In the VIP customer window of the sales department, he pulled out one's own bank card and ID card.

    "Hello, I am withdrawing money, I made an appointment yesterday."

    After 5 minutes, Lu Chen left the bank with a heavy backpack and returned to Dongping District.

    The dormitory where Fang Fang lived was in Room 201 of Building 7.

    Although Lu Chen lived in a small amount of time, this small family also brought him a lot of warm memories. As he saw his home getting closer and closer, his footsteps became extraordinarily light.

    However, when Lu Chen walked to the front of the 7th building, he suddenly noticed that the car parked next to the green belt was very familiar. He looked at the license plate number carefully, and there was a bad feeling in his heart!

    Wrinkled, Lu Chen stepped up the stairs and quickly came to the door of Room 201.

    The door was hidden, so the voice in the living room was clearly introduced into his ear!

    "We have no way, and this money has been owed for so long…"

    "If it is not for my family to buy a house, there is really no way, otherwise we will not come to the door."

    "Everyone is a relative, you can't always let us…"

    Lu Chen couldn’t listen to it after listening to a few words. He pushed open the door!


    The security door hits the wall and makes a loud noise.

    This dormitory is a 1 bedroom and 1 living room. The room type is very old. The living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom all add up to 30 square meters. Xiaoxiao's living room can barely accommodate the next sofa and a small one. The desk is therefore very rudimentary and cramped.

    When Lu Chenxi came in, his mother Fang Yan stood faceless in front of the desk, and a middle-aged woman with a rich appearance was screaming at her and pointing her hands.

    Sitting on the sofa, a middle-aged man with a look of ignorance, smoking his head.

    On his right side is a young man in his 20s, wearing T-shirt jeans, cut a messy hairstyle, and a shiny silver earring on his left ear, a look of unruly look.

    The sound of hitting the door made everyone look at Lu Chen.

    "Little morning?"

    Fang Hao was surprised and happy, and quickly came over: "When did you come back?"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Mom, I just came back."

    He turned his face and his expression instantly became cold and cold: "Hey, aunt, are you all there?"

    The middle-aged man sitting on the sofa is Lu Chen’s big Fang Fangyuan. The one who just sprayed Fang’s is the aunt Lin Ru, and the young man with earrings is Lu Chen’s cousin Fang Wenkang. !

    "small…Xiaochen is back! ”

    Fang Yuanzhong stood up awkwardly and said, "Come back."

    Lin Ruxian was stunned and then dismissively said: "What is good? Have the ability to bring money back, and pay back the debt owed to our family! ”

    Fang Wenkang sat on the arm of the sofa and looked at Lu Chen with a sly look.

    Fang Hao’s face was full of anger, and she was about to speak, and she was stopped behind by Lu Chen.

    Lu Chen asked faintly: "Aunt, I can't understand you when you say this. When did our family owe you money?"

    Lin Ru seems to have heard the anecdote of the fantasy story, his face is distorted: "What do you say? You Lujia did not owe us money? This white paper is written on it! ”

    She took out a few sheets of paper and shook it in the morning, and cried, "Do you still want to pay?"

    Lu Chenqiang endured anger and asked: "If I remember correctly, is this a shareholding agreement?"

    When the Lujia business flourished, Lin Ru looked at the eyes of the party and went to Fang Fangzhong to ask for a party. He just entered a stake in the factory opened by Lu Jiaxin. In addition to fishing for the red, he also wanted his son Fang Wenkang to work in the factory. .

    The new factory was still making money at the beginning, and the dividends were not given to the family members. However, after the outbreak of the international financial crisis, Lu Qingsheng’s business was hit hard. The bank’s recovery of loans finally caused the capital chain to break, and the company went bankrupt.

    Although Lu Qingsheng’s person died, he left his family with an amazing debt. In addition to the bank loan being offset by fixed assets, there are still millions of friends and relatives.

    These debts have all been resisted, and it is only natural to owe debts. There is nothing to say.

    However, the Fangjia signed a shareholding agreement. The dividends that were previously taken have exceeded the share capital. After the factory was closed down, it was still necessary to find a party to retreat and repay the money. There is no reason at all.

    Lu Chen knew that one's own mother had paid some money to Lin Ru. The relationship between Lu Jia and Fang Jia became very cold. I can't think of their family actually running home to force their debts.

    It is the best!

    How can Lu Chen not be angry: "If you want money, then you can go to court to sue, now let me roll!"

    It is impossible for the court to support such "debt".

    How is Lin Ru not clear?

    She was stunned by Lu Chen’s words, and the fat flesh on her face was pumped, and she suddenly grabbed Fang Yuanzhong’s screaming: “Someone’s name, you said something, you look at your nephew and bully your wife. Ah, you are dead!"

    Fang Yuanzhong frowned, letting Lin Ruqi hit, he looked helplessly at Fang Wei: "Little Xiao…"

    "How do you talk to my mom?"

    That Fang Wenkang jumped up and rushed to Lu Chen: "Floating your mother, looking for it!"

    In the living room, the chicken flies and jumps, and there is chaos!

    Lu Chen saw Fang Wenkang grab his hand and grabbed it on one's own chest. He dropped his backpack and did not dodge. He suddenly touched his left hand and grabbed it.


    The next moment, a heavy slap fan is on Fang Wenkang's face!

    Fang Wenkang was caught off guard and was directly beaten. Lin Ru also stopped crying and was shocked.

    Lu Chen masked the frost, the left hand forced Fang Wenkang out, Shen Sheng said: "Fang Wenkang, you want to die, I will fulfill you!"

    This kid used to walk like a dog in front of him, and now he turned his face and dared to insult his mother.

    Lu Chen killed Fang Wenkang's heart, and this slap is too light!

    Fang Wenkang was almost pushed to the ground and he was licking his red and swollen face. It took a moment to wake up.

    Then he made a pig-like roar: "Mom, he wants to kill me!"

    Lin Ru was so angry that his nose was screaming and screamed: "The surname…"

    I don't know how, Lu Chen, who has a cold face, let her subconsciously feel a little fear, so she wants to instruct Fang Yuanzhong to come to teach Lu Chen, one's own does not dare to do it.


    Fang Hao shouted.

    She was disheartened and said to the other side: "Big brother, I will call you a big brother again. After this money, I will find a way to return it to you. Let's go."

    The sorrow is no more than the death of the heart, Fang Yuanzhong did not dare to look at Fang Hao’s eyes, his lips swayed and could not speak.

    "No need to be later!"

    Lu Chen picked up the backpack on the ground and yanked the zipper: "Now!"


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