Chapter 30 is heating up

    "May be waiting for you,"

"May be waiting for you,"


    The repeated endings gradually disappeared as the guitar sounds, and a "Cinderella" was finished.

    The bar near the full bar was silent for a moment, then the applause sounded in every position, although there was no sensation to knock over the roof, but it was lasting and warm!

    Once again, this song of Love Song is played. Lu Chen is impeccable in fingering and singing. What really improves is the feelings that are incorporated in the song. It is more real and deep, and it resonates with everyone.

    Appreciation and applause, he deserved!

    "How do you feel?"

    The reserved seat on the upper level of the Forgetful Grass Bar is also the six people sitting in the VIP area, and Chen Jianhao is among them.

    He smiled and asked: "Ordinary boss, can this little guy still enter your eyes?"

    Although it is a very modest tone, how to listen to it has a kind of smug meaning.

    Chen Jianhao is certainly not the kind of superficial person. He is joking about a middle-aged man in his 40s.

    Chang Wei, the owner of the Blue Lotus Bar.

    Chang Wei looks very thin, but it is not the kind of thin and weak, but lean and lean.

    He cut short hair, his eyes were stunned, and he was dressed very tasteful. There was no other jewelry except the bunch of Little Ye rosewood bracelets hanging on his left wrist.

    In the circle of Houhai, Chang Wei is undoubtedly the top person. His network is deep, and the three religions are all related. In the past ten years, Lan Lan has been operating very well and has become the No.1.

    The most admirable is Chang Wei’s vision. When the Haitian block was already very valuable, he did not hesitate to spend a lot of money to buy the land ownership of the bar. Up to now, the land price has turned over ten times!

    For more than a decade, many famous Singers have emerged from Blue Lotus, and some have become industry big coffee.

    Chang Wei’s support can be said to be indispensable, but he never puts these things in his mouth.

    Chang Wei and Chen Jianhao have known each other for ten years. The relationship between the two is enough to make a playful and innocent joke, but for the latter's jokes, he still nodded very seriously and said, "Not bad."

    Chen Jianhao knows that for Chang Wei, the word "good" is already a very high evaluation. One time, a famous Singer ran to the blue lotus to sing, and also won the full house. Chang Wei's evaluation is just "okay."

    The city is not happy with his city – this time is really happy.

    "It's really good!"

    A middle-aged woman sitting on the left side of Chang Wei agreed: "The two songs are very distinctive. The typical nostalgic folk style has not heard such a song for a long time. It is really nostalgic."

    The woman is also almost forty years old, her face is round and rich, her skin is white and well maintained, but the crow's feet in her eyes expose her true age, and the temperament is very good.

    “Chang Ge and Sister Chen both said it was good, it must be wrong!”

    Another man who smiled and blinked and said: "Su Director, you and Jianhao boss are so familiar, and quickly put him down to sign this guy, let him heartache!"

    The object of his joke is Su Liangmei.

    It’s just that he didn’t know that Su Xiao’s eyebrow had eaten in Lu Chen two days ago. Now tell her this, it’s just that the pot doesn’t open the pot, it’s close to face-smacking!

    Su light eyebrows screamed and said: "Jian Hao Ge is a very proud man, we can't afford it."

    This man with a little fascinated eyes is a friend of Chang Wei and a character in the circle. If she doesn’t know how to make a joke, she will turn her face. Then I don’t want to mix it in this line.

    Therefore, Su Xiaomei can only bear, but her grievances are really deep.

    Which of you is not a person, you will understand when you listen to Su Guangmei’s complaints.

    Mimi eyes man immediately realized that one's own just said something wrong, and quickly added a sentence: "No? Even if you are light rain media, he can't see it? ”

    He is really surprised that he has the intention to please the other side to make up for his own.

    Although Light Rain Media is a rising star in the industry, it hasn't had much time in Beijing. However, both the background and the strength are strong. It is recruiting a group of outstanding talents and is preparing for a big show.

    Such a new company can be described as a promising future. Recently, Light Rain Media and the Blue Lotus Bar jointly held the Music Night. I don't know how many people want to squeeze their heads to reveal their faces.

    Everyone else is rushing, Lu Chen actually refused the invitation of Su Liangmei, it is incredible!

    The evaluation of Lu Chen in his heart immediately dropped greatly – Singing is good, people are handsome, and his mind is not good!

    Chen Jianhao was a little embarrassed and coughed two times and said: "The character of Xiaolu is a bit sloppy, and I don't want to be bound by the contract. Young people, the idea is always different from our old guys."

    Chang Wei glanced at Su Xiaomei and said quietly: "If the song is good, then let him be one."

    No one disagreed, even Su Xiaomei did not have it, just a small matter.

    "Lu Ge!"

    This morning, Lu Chen just finished singing and was stopped by a waiter before he entered the background.

    Lu Chen stunned and immediately smiled: "Brother Zhang, what?"

    Lu Chen, a waiter who has forgotten the grass, did not know him because he was one of them. However, the waiter named Zhang was not familiar with the situation. There was no friendship between the two, just work and understanding.

    In the past, his attitude toward Lu Chen was not so enthusiastic, and even with a little bit of pleasing.

    "Don't dare to be a brother…"

    Zhang’s waiter shook his head and said: “Lu Ge, you are signing Singer now, call me Little Zhang.”

    Signing Singer is not so respectful to him. It is the original colleague Xiaogao. It is said that because of the offense, Lu Chen was opened by the boss, and even the sea can't be mixed!

    Lu Chen was helpless and said: "Brother Zhang, you have something to say, don't be so polite."

    Zhang surnamed the waiter and smiled, then pointed his finger at the back and said: "The guests on the 27th table want to talk to you, both are college girls, there are two very beautiful!"

    He blinked his eyes and looked awkward if he missed it.

    Lu Chen laughed and said, "Okay, I put the guitar on, I thank you."

    He is very clear that the other party must have taken someone else's tip and will be so diligent to find one's own.

    However, this is nothing at all. It is better to be better than being human beings. He has been a waiter for such a long time. Knowing the hardship and tiredness of this work, it is really not easy to earn some money.

    Zhang’s waiter was simply flattered: “Great, let me talk to the guests, thank you Lu Ge!”

    He ran away, and Lu Chen saved the guitar in the background and came to the 27th table.

    Zhang’s waiter did not flick him. There were five girls on the 27th table. At first glance, he knew that he was a college student who was running around in the university town. Two of them were beautiful.


    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Welcome to forget the grass."

    When the four people sat five, he wouldn’t squeeze in, ready to talk a few words and leave.

    The five girls are very shy. They look at me and I see you. Finally, there is a bold stand up and said: "Hello, we are seeing your video in the forum, so come over to listen to the song, you sing that's nice…"


    Lu Chen was amazed: "What forum?"

    "Beihai City Forum!"

    The girl said with some excitement: "You are already red inside. The video that was shot on you is 100,000 clicks in the Freedom World section. Unfortunately, the content is only a short paragraph, so we ran over to see the scene at night."

    She and Lu Chen had a conversation, and the courage of several other girls had grown up, he said slyly.

    "I heard that someone came over last night, but unfortunately did not see you, I thought the place was wrong!"

    "Our luck is good, seeing real people."

    "Oh, listening to the scene is the most comfortable, the sound quality of the video is too bad."

    "You guy, will you go to stage to sing?"

    This is the original!

    Lu Chen nodded. He didn't know that someone had sneaked a video of one's own and was sent to the forum.

    This guy doesn't know the rules of forgetting the grass? Should be spanked!


    At the same time, the girl's building in Beijing Normal University is located in Hall 415.

    Xiaomi, who was sitting at the desk and looking through the notes, suddenly couldn’t help but make a loud sneeze.

    She licked her nose and licked her ass.

    A little inexplicable feeling.


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