Chapter 311 Negotiations

    Park Jung-ho is very low-key.

    The representative of the Republic of Korea SPG Entertainment in China only took an assistant and went directly to visit.

    At the age of forty, his long and thin looks are awe-inspiring, and a pair of narrow eyes are hidden behind the black-rimmed glasses. It seems that there is a flash of light between the swaying, giving the impression that it is smart and strong.

    A very bad person to talk to!

    Combined with the news that was heard from Chen Feier last night, Lu Chen made an intuitive judgment in his heart.

    Of course, on the surface, he is very kind and enthusiastic: "Hello Mr. Park, welcome to my studio."

    Park Jung-ho took hold of Lu Chen’s hand and a faint smile on his serious face: “The name of Mr. Lu Chen’s long time, please take your time to worry!”

    His Chinese is quite right, except for a bit dull, he really can't hear that he is a Republic of Korea.

    Lu Xi smiled and said: "Mr. Park is too polite, please talk inside."

    "Who is this?"

    Park Zhenghao was a little surprised, and his eyes fell on Lu Xi’s body.

    Lu Chen said: "This is my manager, and my sister Lu Xi."

    "It turned out to be Miss Lu Xi!"

    Park Jung-ho was stunned, and he waved his hand to the assistant next to him, who immediately handed a beautifully wrapped box.

    “The first time I met, Xiaoxiao’s gift was not respectful. Please ask Miss Lu Xi to accept the face.”

    Lu Xi was awkward, but he still took the gift: "Thank you!"

    The two sides sat down in the reception room, and Xiaomei gave the guests a cup of tea.

    Park Zhenghao did not rush to talk about business, but chatted with Lu Chen and Lu Xi.

    This is actually a kind of negotiation skill. Through the chat, people can relax their vigilance, and then judge the other person's temperament and even hobbies, and then apply the negotiation strategy in a targeted manner.

    Don't look at Park Sung-ho when he came in. He said that the anecdote in the Entertainment Circle is also the head of the road, and he also praised Lu Chen's original talent, and thought that Lu Chen had just won the best of the Asian Chinese Song List. Newcomers and best composers are deserved.

    [Asian Chinese Gold Songs] Awards party Park Zhenghao also participated, and saw Lu Chen to go on stage to receive the award.

    Through this exchange, the two sides are familiar and familiar, and the atmosphere of the conversation is relaxed and enthusiastic.

    Although Lu Chen always has a vigilant attitude towards Park Jung-ho, he has to admit that the middle-aged Republic of Korea is a bit of a skill, and his manners are impeccable.

    After finishing the Atlas ceremony of the Golden Melody, Park Zhenghao followed the story of "Blue Life and Death."

    “This is the best drama series I have seen this year!”

    The representative of the Republic of Korea SPG Entertainment Company did not succumb to the words: "No matter the plot, picture, or soundtrack is first class, I hope that the show can be introduced to the Republic of Korea, as seen by our Domestic audience. ”

    "I am here for this!"

    Having said that, Park Jung-ho is extremely confident: "Our SPG Entertainment has a good relationship with KBS and MBC."

    Republic of Korea Broadcasting and Television Station KBS and Republic of Korea Culture Broadcasting and Television Station MBC is the No. 1 and No. 2 TV station of Republic of Korea. No matter which TV station screen can appear on Blue TV, it is great. success.

    Unlike Domestic, Republic of Korea's viewers like to watch the Variety Program and the drama series program, and their young people are used to watching the two major programs on TV, unlike Domestic's two big market segments of the Internet and the screen.

    The Republic of Korea's national drama is also the phenomenal drama series, and the Viewership Ratings can reach more than 50%. This is simply unimaginable in today's Domestic, and it is almost the same as it was twenty or thirty years ago.

    To be honest, Park Jung-ho’s attitude made Lu Chen and Lu Xi both surprised.

    The so-called suspicion is the buyer, in the negotiations, deliberately lowering the evaluation of the other "goods" is the most common situation, very few people greatly praised.

    But when it comes to specific terms, both of them find that one's own is too naive.

    The copyright introduction fee for Park Chung-ho's "Blue Life and Death" is 800 million won. It sounds like a big number, but in fact it is less than 5 million in the currency of Domestic.

    As an introduction drama, SPG Entertainment is an intermediary, and they will definitely make a profit when they sell it to the TV station. Considering the difficulty of entering the Republic of Korea market, the price is really good.

    In the past, there was a large-scale film and television company in Domtic that invested 45 million historical dramas, which were sold to South Korea for 500 million won. Later, it was revealed that the rebate for the middleman was 200 million for Gundam.

    "Blue Life and Death" has only 20 episodes. Even if it is a big red and purple, it can definitely be sold to the Republic of Korea.

    But this is conditional!

    Park Jung-ho is also eyeing Lu Chen’s new drama this year, and has put forward the investment requirements, and his appetite is not small.

    It is reasonable to say that investing is a good thing, but it must also be divided into situations.

    The ultra-high Viewership Ratings of "Blue Life and Death" and the influence in the Domestic TV drama market have made Lu Chen's new drama become the scent of countless people, rushing to the door to send a lot of money, fundamentally Not an investor.

    There is a "blue" drama, the new drama as long as it is not too bad, only Lu Chen, the protagonist, profit is inevitable, do not have to worry about losing money.

    And once you can get into it, you have the right to speak to the actors, which is a big benefit.

    SPG Entertainment also has training artists in Domestic, and also participated in the production of many TV dramas and variety programs. I deeply understand the doorway. Today, Park Zhenghao came to Luchen studio to discuss the introduction of "Blue Life and Death". Not in the wine!

    For the request put forward by Park Jung-ho, Lu Chen and Lu Xi looked at each other.

    Such conditions cannot be promised!

    With the success of the previous "Blue" drama, today's Lu Chen is full of enthusiasm, he does not mind introducing investors in the new drama, but SPG Entertainment is not a good choice.

    Lu Chen is very clear that compared to a large company like SPG Entertainment, even a foreign company, one's own studio is at a distinct disadvantage. Once the other party's investment is introduced, it is likely to be constrained.

    Most importantly, his current development is first of all based on Domestic. It is a good thing to open the Republic of Korea market, but if you lose one's own interest, it is stupid.

    After thinking about it, Lu Chen said to Park Zhenghao: "Mr. Park, I can't promise this condition!"

    Lu Chen’s straightforward refusal made Park Jung-ho’s horror.

    He is full of confidence and believes that he will be able to convince Lu Chen – SPG Investment + the temptation to introduce Republic of Korea…

    Who can resist?

    As a result, I never thought that Lu Chen refused to be so simple.


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