The 377th chapter Old Bai

    "Come on the snow, come back with red five!"

    In the Xicheng district of Jiangcheng, hidden in the dragon's Internet cafe deep in the street, Wang Pu took a ten-dollar bill with one's own ID card on the counter.

    His eyes looked around in the smoky room, and the old position where one's own sitting was still empty, suddenly relieved and whistled toward the bar girl.

    The little girl at the bar didn't breathe a sigh of Wang Pu, and gave him the cigarette drink and the brushed ID card.

    "You only have 15 dollars left in your card. Do you want to top up?"

    Wang Pu grabbed something and smiled and said: "Don't worry, when you run out, you don't have special treatment now."

    The little girl at the bar turned her eyes and turned her head and ignored him.

    Wang Pu did not care, sat down in one's own position and skillfully opened the computer.

    Jiangcheng greatly Xiaoxiao's Internet cafes have at least a few hundred. Feilong Internet cafes are among the most inconspicuous ones. The long history is backward. The Bailaitai machines have used goods for four or five years, almost to the point of elimination.

    The place is small, sitting in one's own position and putting a fart, it is estimated that half of the people in the Internet cafe can smell it, probably because of this reason, so although there is a no smoking sign, smoking is no one.

    The most important thing is that the price of the Feilong Internet cafe is very cheap. It costs only 2 yuan per hour, and from time to time, it will take a 100-100 campaign. Let the young people living in the bottom of the city like Wang Pu find one's here. The cheap pleasure of own.

    The old start of the machine was very slow, and Wang Pu was not in a hurry. He put the drink aside and then tore the cigarette case.

    "Old Wang, give me one."

    Suddenly there was a low husky Voice, which made people listen and shudder.


    Unprepared Wang Pu was shocked and turned to see the guy who was originally next door to smoke.

    This guy Wang Pu knows: "Great God, what do you want to scare people?"

    "Great God" is definitely a Legendary character in the Dragon Internet Cafe. People who come to Internet cafes don't know it. His age is similar to that of Wang Pu. The unkempt face is thin and thin, and it is always a lack of sleep.

    There are many stories about the Great God. The most famous is that he once fought for seven days and seven nights in a web game that just went online. The sleep time was less than one day, and the boss almost called the police, fearing that he would die in front of the computer.

    However, the vitality of the Great God is still tenacious. When Wang Pu came to the Dragon Internet cafe a few years ago, he saw what he looked like, and what it looks like now.

    In addition, the great god admire is that he never goes out to work, relying on the game to earn one's own to earn net fees and meals.

    For Wang Pu’s complaint, the great god has no guilty color and continues to reach out: “To smoke cigarettes…”

    "Served you!"

    Wang Pu simply pulled out a half-pack of cigarettes to the other party: "It’s half right, is your brother loyal?"

    Great God used to play a game with Wang Pu, so the two are still a little bit sympathetic.

    For the generosity of Wang Pu, the great god scorned: "Half-packed red five is also a loyalty? pull…"

    Wang Pu was so angry that he was going to take the smoke back, and the result was that he was very sloppy.

    There was another one in my mouth.


    Wang Pu retracted his hand, opened the browser with a mouse pad, and logged into one's own.


    The flight avatar jumped non-stop, and Wang Pu opened the scam, borrowed money, and harassed the blacklist first, returned information of several friends, and finally opened the group chat of [Old Bai Group].

    [Old Bai Group] is a group of thousands of people. The composition of hundreds of members is very complicated. From doctors to professors, as well as moving bricks, the only similarity is that like Wang Pu, it is a network novel. Lovers!

    And reading is very long.

    Wang Pu is 25 years old. He has been watching online novels for 10 years. When he was in junior high school, he began to rent pirated books. A book of 5 cents can be optimistic for a few days. Later, he read books on the Internet and read books. countless.

    For Wang Pu, watching online novels is the greatest happiness he can exchange for at the least cost. He is looking at genuine online, and he is proud to subscribe to the readers, but his subscription currency is large. Some of them are obtained through the various activities of the book station and the red packets issued by the local tyrants.

    Only recently, Wang Pu found that the happiness of one's own is getting harder and harder. It is not a question of money. He has a lot of subscription coins in the accounts of several big websites.

    But books that can see and appetite are getting less and less!

    This is the greatest sorrow of the "Old Bai" readers like Wang Pu. The readings are more, and the requirements are naturally higher. For those novels with rough writing, excessive YY, and serious routines, the acceptance of the novels is not enough. Some are books of this kind.

    Wang Pu is also helpless. He even thought about one's own to write a book. After writing thousands of words, it was found that writing a book was not easy.

    There are a lot of ideas in the head, but the text content that is tapped through the keyboard is very awkward. One's own looks very shameful, so I can only give up.

    The problem of the book shortage cannot be solved.

    "Everyone recommends a few books, it is best to have a new book, and the old books have basically been seen!"

    Wang Pu shouted in the group: "No books read!"

    "10,000 tons of copper balls!"

    "I am the same. I have been revisiting old books recently, or those old ones that are wonderfully written. What are the ghosts now!"

    "The Eight Wild Monsters is good, highly recommended."

    "I just saw it, and Xianxia is still OK, I am raising it!"

    "I am watching "Moonkeepers at Midnight", it is terrible…"

    The group of friends said with a slap in the face, recommended more than a dozen books, but Wang Pu was very disappointed, because these books are not what he has seen, that is, the type he does not like.

    Wang Pu likes fantasy novels, Xianxia, ​​and historical online novels.

    Just as he was ready to put up the chat box and prepare for one's own to find it on the website, a group member of the ID "Old Bookworm" said: "I am watching "Jiang Hu", very interesting, recommend it to everyone. ."

    He also attached an address link.

    Wang Pu clicked on the website and opened the new book recommended by the old bookworm.

    Smile Jiang Jiang?

    This book name is ok, at least not the god of the devil, the dragon, Aotian, I hope to have a surprise!

    [Old Bai group] There are a lot of people, and there are a lot of people who have the same address as Wang Pu.

    Everyone is a book shortage!

    Soon there was someone in the group ridicule: "I am dizzy, martial arts? Isn't that an antique? ”

    "Khan, only 70,000 words, how can the seedlings endure?"

    "They haven't signed yet, and the data is too bleak. Is it really a good book?"

    "Old bookworm, you will not be self-pushing?"

    "Self-push +1!"

    To be honest, Wang Pu also suspects that the "old bookworm" is self-pushing or friendship. The book he pushed is not only signed, but the number of words is not good enough. If it is really a good book, then it is not the editor of Inspur Reading. What?

    Hundreds of clicks, dozens of collections, such a big station in the wave of reading, really can not rush!

    Wang Pu mixed the author group and still knows a little about the network circle.

    And this martial arts theme…Really non-mainstream.

    The works in Inspur Book are divided into fantasy, Xianxia, ​​city, history, online games, athletics, military, science fiction, Supernatural, etc. There are also a custom type.

    The so-called custom type is to allow the author to define one's own one's own works, such as fantasy, sadomasochism, super science, etc., basically all of them are small texts and brains.

    The "Swordsman Jiang Hu" recommended by "Old Bookworm" is divided into custom types. The author's definition is martial arts.

    The martial arts, in Wang Pu's impression is really an old-fashioned novel theme, he vaguely remembers one's own childhood as if he had read a book about the Excalibur, which seems to be written by a writer from Xiangjiang.

    This kind of book will be the grain that Old Bai likes?

    In his heart, he subconsciously gave a negative score to this "Jiang Hu".

    “Old Bookworm” explained in the group: “I’m not self-pushing, I’m personally grazing, you’re one’s own.”

    Wang Pu thinks that there is no book to look at anyway. Even if he contributes a few clicks to others, it does not matter. Just support the newcomer, so he clicked on the first chapter.


The first is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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