Chapter 370 Prize

    Although Li Jie did not say it clearly, both Lu Chen and Chen Feier knew that she was invited to dinner at night, not just to pick up the dust.

    Zhang Junzhi’s Xiaohu group will debut!

    Xiaohu Group is a men's team established under the proposal of Lu Chen. Its members include Zhang Junzhi, Hu Yiran and Yue Yang, three teenagers, who are mainly in the market after the age of 17 and below.

    As for the so-called poor world, the sister Li has a lot to offer in the construction of the Xiaohu group. She not only finds two matching teenagers for the son of one's own, but also spares no expense to send the three to Beijing's most famous star. The Yuan Art Museum conducts all-round training.

    The three young men also competed quite a bit. The training courses that were originally expected to take a year to complete, they reached the requirements of debut with half a year of hard work, and successfully completed the business at the Xingyuan Art Museum.

    For any artist, debut is undoubtedly a major event in life. Although Zhang Junzhi has already emerged in the Entertainment Circle through a "Blue Life and Death", but for Li Jie, now can be regarded as Zhang Junzhi's true debut.

    She could not tolerate a little embarrassment of Xiaohu’s debut in the public, so she knew that this was not very appropriate, and she could not wait to invite Lu Chen, who had just returned to China.

    There is no Xiaohu group without Lu Chen, and there is no Lu Chen, the debut of the Xiaohu group has no glory!

    "Lu Teacher is good!"

    “Teacher Chen is good!”

    At 6 o'clock in the evening, at the Golden Rose Hall of the Dorsett Grand Hotel, three handsome young singularly numultaneously greeted Lu Chen and Chen Feier who had just arrived in the box.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Hello, I haven't seen you for a long time."

    The last time he saw the Xiaohu group was still in the Xingyuan Art Museum six months ago. He had not seen it for half a year. The three teenagers were still young, but they already had a unique temperament belonging to the artist, and their words and deeds showed a "star" flavor.

    The ability of the Star Art Museum to train new artists is recognized by the industry as powerful!

    Chen Feier was intentionally slamming her face: "Why do you call me Teacher, am I old?"

    For the "unreasonable trouble" of the singer, the three teenagers are looking at each other in dismay – is the teacher called wrong?

    Or Zhang Junzhi is clever, and quickly changed his mouth: "Feier sister!"

    Hu Yiran and Yue Yang quickly followed.

    "be good!"

    Chen Feier smiled and bent: "Give you a present."

    Knowing that all three members of the Xiaohu group were present, she specially prepared three gifts, souvenirs brought back by the Republic of Korea.

    "Thank you, Philippine sister."

    I have already asked, and I have already sent the meeting. Then it is natural to talk about business.

    Li Jie is not so urgent, she first greeted the two men, and then braved the morning: "Lu Chen, this time you are glory for the country in the Republic of Korea, now everyone talks about your thumbs up, then Call a cow!"

    Zhang Junzhi nodded again and again: "Yes, my classmates have watched the video and said that they want to learn Wu!"

    Hu Yiran and Yue Yang both looked at Lu Chen with their eyes open.

    In their hearts, Lu Chen is undoubtedly a true idol. He can create and sing, and can shoot Kungfu, and he can be powerful.

    Which teenager has not had a Hero dream in his heart?

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Lie, don't take me any more, Jun Zhi, when did they debut?"

    Li Jie smiled and said: "On the 28th, Jingshi's second set of "New Star Show" is ready to participate in the "Singing China" in June!"

    Lu Chen understood it as soon as he heard it.

    The artist's debut is a very broad concept. The first release of a single, a film and television drama, a program of the variety show, and even a notice, as long as it is the first public appearance, publicity, can be classified as a debut.

    But different entertainers, different entertainment Manager Corporation, are completely different for the strategy of debut.

    Ordinary new artists and talented newcomers are totally two concepts.

    Li Jie is only a Darling son of Zhang Junzhi. She has opened a Manager Corporation. In the circle of Beijing, there are a wide network of contacts. Naturally, we must be exhausted and at all costs!

    Beijing TV Station The second set of Variety Channel's "New Star Show" is a high-level variety program of Viewership Ratings. It is mainly to introduce new artists in the Entertainment Circle, with the dual nature of interviews and performances.

    This program is broadcast on Saturday's golden time. A Monday episode, usually a "new star show", is a young artist who has already emerged in the circle. It is not easy to program.

    A new combination like Xiaohu Group, even if Captain Zhang Junzhi is famous, if Li Jie does not have a public relations in place, it is estimated that even if it can be on, there may not be a suitable schedule.

    In the "New Star Show" official debut, and the pressure is not low, and then on the "singing China", Li Jie to the Xiaohu group of the famous route is clear.

    As for Lu Chen, he can stand for the Xiaohu Group on the "New Star Show".

    Li Jie is not afraid of this, nor is she afraid of owing the people of Lu Chen, or even playing the idea of ​​Chen Feier.

    In the second quarter of this year, "Singing China", Chen Feier is still one of the four big judges!

    "Singing China" in the first quarter of last year's Viewership Ratings was good, even over the Shonan Satellite TV's "The Strongest Singer", the first successful production of the reality show Program, but also let the taste of the sweetness of Beijing vision.

    So this year's "Singing China", publicity is only higher than last year!

    The original Beijing Satellite TV was to invite Lu Chen as a judge of the sea election. At that time, it was a very good face for Lu Chen, but now this identity is out of date, and it is not worthy of the morning coffee.

    If it is not the four major judges are pre-signed contracts, it is entirely possible that Lu Chen and Chen Feier appear in the judges at the same time.

    For the request of Li Jie, Lu Chen did not hesitate to agree.

    Li Jie has been helping the two to manage the Chen Fei charity fund, and she has achieved great success. The Foundation has established partnerships with several top three hospitals to help those who need leukemia and donate money. Can be used reasonably and effectively.

    At this point, Lu Chen is also duty-bound.

    This dinner was enjoyed by the guests.

    Back to the home of Zichengyuan, Lu Chen closed the door and held Chen Feier in his arms.

    Chen Feier winks like a silk, eats and laughs: "First take a shower…"

    Lu Chen smiled and shook his head and asked: "Do you know what day is today?"

    Chen Feier suddenly screamed: "What day?"

    Lu Chen sighed: "What date is today?"

    Chen Feier: "May…number 20? ”

    She finally woke up: "520, online Valentine's Day!"


    Lu Chen said with a smile: "There are prizes!"

    He turned out to be a magic jewelry box, purple velvet.

    Chen Fei's pretty face is faint, and her eyes are full of intoxicating charm.

    Infinite love.

—————(To be continued~^~)

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