Chapter 327 Help

    At the request of thousands of fans, Lu Chen returned to the concert to sing a third song.

    But he did not come up with a new work, but sang a one's own folk song – "Junior Jin Shi".

    Because the mood of the audience has been smashed to the top of his two songs, if you sing the kind of high-spirited works, it is hard to say that it will cause unnecessary trouble.

    I know that at least 20,000 fans gathered in the wild mountain park. Although not all gathered in front of the big stage, it is still quite amazing. Once the fans are out of control and make irrational things, it is easy to become serious. as a result of.

    This is what no one wants to see.

    Attention to controlling the mood of the fans is also one of the requirements of the Music Festival Organizing Committee for Singer.

    The melody soothing style of nostalgic folk songs undoubtedly comforts the fans, calms them down, and restores their emotions to normal.

    In fact, this is very comfortable in listening, just like the comfort after the climax, there is a pleasure of relaxation.

    After singing this "Junior Jin Shi", Lu Chen left the Nirvana band in the applause of the audience, leaving the stage to the latecomers.

    The long night is long, the music carnival has just begun, but for Lu Chen, his performance is over.

    Of course, the dreams of the past have also been fully satisfied.

    "Sing well!"

    Back in the background, Liao Jia held a fist on Lu Chen’s shoulder and took a punch: "The song is good!"

    "I lost!"

    Lu Chen touched his nose and said: "Liao Jiage, actually…"

    "What is it?"

    Liao Jia’s eyes were as big as a bronze bell. He asked: “Do you want to say that I am the kind of person who talks nonsense?”

    Ok! Lu Chen served.

    Liao Jia turned to be angry and patted him on the shoulder and said: "Tomorrow, the Imperial Hotel, you are coming!"

    In the last sentence, he said to the members of the Nirvana band.

    Wang Jing and others have a feeling of being flattered, this is Liao Jia, the real idol-level brother!

    Then, the Singers in the background area, regardless of their knowledge, did come up and shook hands with Lu Chen.

    I witnessed Lu Chen’s strength and their attitudes changed a lot.

    Of course, everyone's excuse for getting close to Lu Chen is to thank Lu Chen for earning a big meal for them. The place where Liao A treats him is the five-star Imperial Hotel!

    The atmosphere in the backstage of a time is very harmonious.

    "Hello, Lu Chen!"

    At this time, a man in his thirties strode to Lu Chen and extended his hand to him.

    Lu Chen quickly reached out and shook his hand: "Hello, just brother."

    This man is the lead singer of the band on Wednesday, Shi Gang, he was surprised: "Do you know me?"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "It was Liao Jiage who told me."

    Liao A, who was chatting with others, turned around and said to Shi Gang: "Gangzi, drink together at night!"

    Shi Gang replied quickly: "Good Liao Ge."

    Regardless of the past or the present, Liao Jia is the object of his appreciation and worship.

    Liao Jia invited him to go out to drink, it was really too face, and the two had no such friendship.

    Liao Jia smiled and said: "You sang well at night."

    Shi Gang’s face is red, not shy but excited.

    After the mood calmed down, he asked Lu Chen: "Lu Chen, can you talk to you?"

    Lu Chen nodded and said: "Of course."

    The two sat down in the corner of the background, and others did not come to bother.

    Shi Gang smashed his hand and asked: "Lu Chen, I want to ask, is your studio signing?"

    Signing people?

    Lu Chen suddenly groaned: "What do you mean?"

    Shi Gang said calmly: "If you like, I want to bring the studio that the band signed to you on Wednesday."

    Lu Chen stunned, I did not expect Shi Gang actually want to go to one's own.

    On Wednesday, the band was not a nameless pawn. Although it was very early, it was quite heavy in the eyes of some fans, and the performance of this evening's work was excellent, and it was a big hit.

    Such mature and well-established bands believe that many Entertainment Manager Corporation are happy to sign.

    Lu Chen is regrettable: "Gangzi brother, I am really sorry, I have no idea of ​​signing people here."

    He just merged with Nirvana studio, already has a band, plus the focus of the work, so it is impossible to sign a band to come in, even if the other side has great potential for training.

    For Lu Chen’s rejection, Shi Gang did not feel surprised. He was nothing more than an idea to try.

    Today's Shi Gang is no longer the youth of Heritage and Art. The ups and downs of life have made him understand the importance of opportunity. Whether he is responsible for one's own or his brothers, he has to take responsibility. .

    This time, Shi Gang is going to bring the band back in Beijing on Wednesday, and then they will not leave.

    In his opinion, Lu Chen studio is a good choice.

    Shi Gang had an understanding of Lu Chen, and he was very clear about the latter's ability to create talents and build stars. If he could get the support of the Music talent, the band would have a lot to do on Wednesday.

    To say that Shi Gang was also called "Music Talent" in the past, but he was very far from Lu Chen!

    "That's a pity, I hope there will be opportunities for cooperation in the future."

    Shi Gang said very sincerely.

    Lu Chen’s heart moved and said: “Gangzi brother, I recommend a record company for you!”

    Shi Gang’s eyes lit up: “Which?”

    Lu Chen said: "Fei Shi record!"

    He feels that the style location of the Flying Stone record should be very suitable for the Wednesday band.

    Shi Gang certainly knows Fei Shi records, but he smiled bitterly: "Is it possible to see us on the Fei Shi record?"

    Fei Shi Records used to be the leader of the Domestic record industry. It once faded, and now it has regained its strength in the peak period. It is also one of the biggest crocodile in the industry.

    In contrast, the weight of the band on Wednesday is inevitably insufficient – people are more willing to train new people.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "I have a relationship with Fei Shi's Music Director Lin Zhijie Lin, I introduce you to know, don't try to know if there is any chance?"

    Shi Gang thanked: "Lu Chen, thank you!"

    In fact, he has nothing to do with Lu Chen, the two are still meeting for the first time, Lu Chen is willing to help introduce Lin Zhijie, really let him very grateful.

    The people in Entertainment Circle are as thin as paper, and it is rare to have a warm heart.

    Lu Chen simply called out the phone: "I will call Lin Big Brother now to see if he has time."

    The cell phone soon got through, and Lin Zhijie was really free at night.

    So Lu Chen simply called Liao Jia. On Wednesday, the band and their own Nirvana band went out to find a place to eat supper, and then gave Lin Zhijie a line.

    Leaving Wild Mountain Park, the 72H Grass Music Festival is already a past tense for Lu Chen.


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