Chapter XX is popular

    "Lu Chen Teacher!"

    When Lu Chen walked in the background direction, a strong figure flew over and blocked his way!

    Fortunately, Lu Chen’s reaction was fast enough to stop in an instant, otherwise he would directly hit the other side.

    "you are?"

    Stopping him is a young girl in her early twenties. She wears a red down jacket with a 72H grass Music Logo. It looks ordinary, but the ponytail is very youthful and lively. A few freckles are all cute.

    A badge with an anti-counterfeiting sign was hung on her chest, followed by a videographer.

    The ponytail girl is obviously very excited, her eyes are wide and full of excitement. She raises her microphone and points to Lu Chen. She even asks: "Lu Chen Teacher Hello, I am the trend network entertainment channel. Reporter, what works did you prepare for this Music Festival? Do you have a plan for a new album this year? Is there a blue sequel to life and death? Can you talk about your relationship with Chen Feier? …"

    "stop and stop!"

    Lu Chen was a little bit stunned by her series of problems, and quickly made a stop gesture.

    Lu Chen smiled bitterly: "Can you ask one by one?" is one of Domestic's large portals and a local Internet giant in Beijing. It is currently listed on NASDAQ in United States, and its influence is still quite large.

    Therefore, Lu Chen had to give a few faces, even if the other party looked completely squatting.

    Celebrity artists are very knowledgeable about dealing with the media, and he is still learning.

    The ponytail face turned red, and she took a deep breath. I was embarrassed to say: "I like your song very much, and the drama series you took, I am also your loyal fans."

    She also knows that one's own has just been a bit sloppy, so I have to explain a few words to avoid annoying Lu Chen.

    Celebrity will hate entertainment, but for a part-time loyal fans, they are always willing to give face.

    This little trick was taught by her Senior, but she is really a fan of Lu Chen.

    Front section time Lu Chen and Chen Feier announced that their love affair has been raging. When the media sizzled, the two played a trick of human evaporation, avoiding interviews and letting the topic cool down quickly.

    But this does not mean that there is no selling point for this topic. For the new ponytail, today, we can catch Lu Chen at the scene of the 72H Grass Music Festival. It is simply a big pie falling from the sky.

    She has a feeling of being dizzy, so she used to be excited and didn't pay attention to her senses.

    If you scare off Lu Chen, then the news of the hand will be lost!

    Her explanation is really effective. Lu Chen smiled and said: "Look at the fans, what do you want to ask?"

    At this time, Wang Jing interjected: "Lu Chen, we are advanced to practice musical instruments."

    Lu Chen nodded and said: "Okay, I will pass when I wait."

    The 72H Grass Music Festival can be played without the accompaniment, all the live accompaniment, Singer can participate in the performance or bring the organizer to arrange.

    In addition, items such as drums, keyboard synthesizers, etc., which are not easy to move, unless there is a special need or obsessive-compulsive disorder, the participating bands mostly use the equipment provided by the organizer, otherwise each band will bring one's own A full set of guys, do not talk about moving back and forth, the replacement of the field is also a very waste of time.

    As for guitars, Bass, and other easy-to-carry instruments, most of them are self-provided.

    The organizer provides multiple sets of the same equipment for the band members who come in advance to get familiar with the practice, so as not to affect the normal level of play.

    The Nirvana band is no exception. Even if the site is in Beijing, they don't have the instrument to use one's own. They bring a few guitars and Bass, so you definitely need to find the hand before going to stage.

    Wang Jing and others have just left, and the small reporter from the trend network entertainment channel can't wait to ask: "Lu Chen Teacher, are you attending the 72HMusic Festival for the first time?"

    Lu Chen replied: "Yes, I actually wanted to come to Beijing a long time ago. I didn't expect one's own to be able to participate in person. It was a very fresh and exciting experience for me."

    “So, have you prepared any new work for this Music Festival?”

    There are many new-style Singers and bands participating in the 72H Grass Music Festival. There are many excellent singers. Unless they are tribute, they are not willing to cover other people's works.

    At the Music Festival, original works are also the most popular and sought after, including many delegates sent by Entertainment Manager Corporation, and are also happy to see more updated good works.

    At present, the popular Musical World of Domestic really needs a new original Strength, because many popular Music lovers, including those who are ordinary, have already become tired of the same songs.

    Originally the king, it is the 72H grass Music section with a strong non-mainstream nature, but it has the most important reason for such a big influence.

    Lu Chen just started from the original, especially the campus folklore that he set off, which has caused great influence in the circle. The endless stream of original works has brought him a high reputation.

    If Lu Chen fry cold food on 72H, it will definitely disappoint many people.

    Lu Chen certainly won't let everyone down: "Yes, I have prepared two new songs, all of which are public for the first time!"

    Mawei said with a smile: "That's great, I look forward to your new work. Is there a plan for a new album this year?"

Lu Chen said without thinking: "This year I will definitely launch my second album!"

    This is a sure thing. Once the new studio on the side of the art park is finished and the studio is ready for use, he will start making the second album.

    Whether he is going to shoot TV, movies or anything else, Music is always the foundation he insists on!

    "Lu Chen!"Mr. Lu Chen! ""Lu Chen Teacher! ”

    Lu Chen just answered the second question of playing ponytails. Suddenly there were six or seven reporters running over. They took their respective photographers to surround the morning group, a microphone and a voice recorder. His mouth.

    When I came to interview the 72H Grass Music Festival, it was not only the ponytail of the trend network, but many entertainment-related media sent reporters to dig out news clues around the scene.

    The interview with Lu Chen here caused their attention, so the bees smelled honey and swarmed. In the blink of an eye, there were more than ten or twenty people gathered, and Lu Chen was too difficult to walk.

    Li Feiyu saw the situation is not good, and quickly guarded in front of Lu Chen, the security guards on the scene also rushed to help maintain order.

    However, this did not affect the enthusiasm of the reporters. They shouted and asked Lu Chen all kinds of questions.

    The result was just beginning to take the lead, but because the small-powered ponytail was pushed out of the crowd, she was so angry that she couldn't help but rush to grab the news and grab the news. The news really depends on the fight!

    Especially for interviewing hot people, the occupancy card is very important. Compared with the old fritters of and Entertainment Weekly, the girl is really too tender.

    She is depressed and she is actually more upset than her.

    "Oh, oh, one day is a good thing…"

    On the east side of the Music Festival live stage, on the grass not far from the backstage area, a large independent area was separated by a warning band, with hundreds of tents standing on it, and the open space between the tent and the tent, in twos and threes. Sitting on a lot of Singer with a guitar.

    This location is specially allocated to Singer and the band who came from outside to participate in the performance, on the one hand to save their expenses, on the other hand, to give them an exchange, so you can see a few or a bunch of Singer gathered together Talk to the heavens and talk about the mountains, drink wine and talk about the music and say Music.

    Due to the close proximity, Lu Chen was eagerly interviewed by a large number of media reporters, and it inevitably fell into the eyes of many foreign Singers.

    Some people glance at it and stop paying attention to it. They are immersed in one's own music world, and some see such scenes with curiosity or envious eyes, and some performances are disdainful or even disdainful.

    A group of about 20 Singer people are looking in the direction of Lu Chen. A long-haired young man with a thin skin and dark skin screams: "The world has to look at the face!"

    His words immediately got the approval of others: "Yeah, it is cheap to be handsome, who told us that we have not been able to give a good baby, we can only work hard by one's own!"

    "Hey, on strength, can he compare with our brother?" Those soft birds are countless birds, the real Singer is going to sing rock and roll! ”

    "Unfortunately, the fans now go to the face, and the entertainment companies are rushing to sign something new emerging artist."

    "Haha, we are old wax!"

    "The performance at night, just a child, revealing their hands!"

    "When the child was red,"

    The "Gangzi Ge" in their mouth is the lead singer Shi Gang of the band on Wednesday.

    The band was founded on the beginning of the new century on Wednesday, with 5 members, the first is a pure rock and roll band.

    The band became famous at the 72H Grass Music Festival. The "Dadi", which was created by Shi Gang and sung at the Music Festival, was once a sensation and was turned into a national counterattack.

    On Wednesday, the band was signed by Gem Records, and two very well-selling albums were produced. The style changed from pure rock and roll to pure and light, incorporating more Music elements.

    However, this band did not have a long time, the subsequent works lacked highlights, and also had a dispute with the gem record. After the contract was terminated, Shi Gang took people to the south.

    But every session of the 72H Grass Music Festival, the band will definitely participate as soon as they are invited.

    This year, Shi Gang and Wednesday's band came with carefully prepared works.


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