The 347th chapter is fried

    "The Ordinary Road" advertisement The day before the landing of the major media, at 8pm on April 24th, the ranking of the Chinese original Music list in the last week of April was announced on time.

    The seven songs on Chen Feier's new album are on the list at the same time, including "Flower Woman" by Lu Chen, "Your Eyes", "Looking at You Over the Sea", "Hello Tomorrow", "Meet" and Six works of "The Sea of ​​People".

    The album's title song "Flower Woman" airborne list directly ascend the summit, another well-received "cross the ocean to see you" ranked third.

    The "Flower Woman" album sold millions of sales in just over a week. The album's work on the original sound list is very normal, but just came up with the title song and airborne, which is still in the industry. No small vibration.

    It is foreseeable that all of the ten songs on her album appear on the original sound list as a matter of time, and in addition to the title song, there are still more room for improvement in the ranking of several other works.

    "Love Song Days" has to become "hegemony"!

    This made people in the circle have to re-examine the man standing behind the queen – Lu Chen's Strength.

    Lu Chen’s first album, "You at the Same Table", once had all the works at the same time in the list, and the songs he wrote for the band, MSN, etc. are all on the list, and they occupy the top of the list as usual, now plus On Chen Feier's new album.

    This kind of talent strength is really powerless.

    So there was a Voice in the circle, and the call for changing the list on the original sound list.

    The core of changing is to limit the emergence of the “Big Bang” situation. The same album can only have three works at the same time, and the three works with the best data results, so that other original Singer can have enough space.

    In fact, this call is not the first time. Lu Chen and Chen Feier are not the first Singer to be featured in the whole series. The previous album of Musical World has achieved the same achievement.

    Only in recent years, Domestic's original Strength is weak, and several songs on the same album have been on the list. However, the whole album has not appeared on the list, and this call naturally disappears.

    The miraculous rise of Lu Chen in the popular Musical World inevitably touched many people's nerves.

    His limelight is too big.

    And this call passed through some people's mouth and was quickly introduced into Lu Chen's ear.

    Lu Chen set a smile.

    The original sound list is a list of honors belonging to the popular Musical World. It is a means of encouraging originality. The song list is positive for improving the influence of Singer, the author, and increasing sales.

    The whole list is of course a good thing, and the changing rules are nothing remarkable. The original sound list is very important and not as important as it is imagined. His current position in Musical World does not need to be reflected in the list.

    The recognition of fans is the most important.

    So some people want to change the rules, whether it is intentionally directed against him, he does not matter, big deal, then write three songs to others to make an album.

    It is said that things are rare, and it is not necessarily appropriate to put too many good songs on one album.

    However, Lu Chen attitude does not matter, but some people are very annoyed.

    "They must be blind!"

    Chen Feier said in a phone call to Lu Chen: "Some people will not see others, and they always want to do something."

    Specifically, those people did not say it, but the red is not much. This is especially true in the Entertainment Circle. There are always some people who see the unsatisfactory success of others, even if they can't directly intervene, and they can use some means to disgust and disgust.

    Like the sound of the wind released in this circle, it seems that it is coming to Chen Feier, in fact, the sword refers to Lu Chen!

    Chen Feier simply filled her indignation: "Isn't it on the list, what is the rule?"

    Lu Chen comforted her: "Don't care about others, we will do enough to do one's own."

    A lot of things in the Entertainment Circle can't be seriously considered, otherwise it will only trap one's own. Like this kind of rumor, the truth is simply not taken care of, and the best is ignored.

    Even if it is really changing the rules, how can it be?

    Of course, Chen Feier is not really concerned about the list of issues, she is not rare such an honor, the key is that others rumors about Lu Chen let her pissed off.

    "Can you get rid of it, or will I come to the flower city to find you?"

    Chen Feier is currently working on the new album of Huacheng Publicity in the provincial capital of Guangdong Province, as well as other endorsement activities.

    "Come to find me in Huacheng?"

    Chen Feier’s attention was immediately led away: “Really? Hee Hee, are you not busy? ”

    Although she knows that Lu Chen is happy at 哄one's own, she is still very happy.


    Lu Chen was annoyed: "The new drama is about to start shooting. I haven't gotten together yet!"

    This time, "Full House", the situation is much more complicated than when I first filmed "Blue Life and Death". There are many units involved, and there are many coordination problems in all aspects, especially in the Republic of Korea. The work must be prepared in advance, otherwise it is easy to bring adverse effects.

    Chen Feier said with a sigh: "You can't say that you have to come over to accompany me again?"

    Lu Chen gave one's own a slap.

    Chen Feier snorted twice and asked: "I heard that you are not planning to cooperate with Fang Huijie?"

    Lu Chen sighed: "I want to tell you about this."

    Chen Feier’s relationship with Fang Hui is also good. This time, because of the contract, there is a disagreement with this side. Lu Chen did not tell Chen Feier for the time being, lest she be distracted.

    Chen Feier estimated that he heard the wind, so he would ask.

    He will turn things around, and the local source told Chen Feier.

    After listening to Chen Feier, she said: "Sister Fang should not be the kind of greedy person, is it her manager?"

    Lu Chen said: "I don't know…"

    Although he inferred that this matter is in all likelihood, Fang Hui’s manager is doing ghosts, but he did not directly call Fang Hui to ask the truth—not appropriate, including Lu Xi’s.

    Because if you really want to think about Fang's own, then look for her question, then even friends have not done it.

    Lu Chen is an old man and does not want to go this step.

    Chen Feier understood: "I understand, then I will call Fang Huijie."

    This phone is not easy to play in the morning, Chen Fei children will be no problem.

    Therefore, Lu Chen thought about it, and did not dissuade him. If there is no truth about Manager, there must always be a break.

    As a result, he called Chen Feier at noon, and Fang Hui went to studio in the afternoon.

    Seeing Lu Chen, her first sentence is: "Lu Chen, I fired my manager!"


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