Chapter 387 gives you

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    "We sincerely wish that lovers will eventually become servants. We sincerely wish good people a safe life. We eagerly call for the spring of love, and we sincerely hope for a better tomorrow!"

    Xie relatives, 跪parents, and husband and wife vowed that the simple and grand wedding ceremony was coming to an end. The wedding ceremonies led the guests to send the final blessings to the newcomers, and also pushed the wedding atmosphere to the climax. .

    Ben came to this time, the wedding ceremonies should announce that everyone can eat, and there is a cloud of what happened to the game Lottery, but she suddenly turned around and said: "Before the banquet officially started, there was a very special guest, a few I want to say to the bride and groom."

    "This distinguished guest is a good friend of the groom, and I think everyone must know him, he is…"

    The wedding ceremonial voice suddenly plucked the octave, it was a heartbreaking: "Mr. Lu Chen!"

    "I have Mr. Lu Chen!"


The warm applause sounded again, and many of the guests stood up and looked into the direction of the main wedding mat.

    Many guests already know that Gao He and Wang Xiao/Ling wedding invited superstar Lu Chen to participate, and this superstar is still a good friend of the groom.

    If it is not at the wedding scene, I am afraid that many people will vie for a photo with Lu Chen and sign it. Now I hear that Lu Chen is going to stage, and all the guests' attention is attracted.

    Even including the customer service personnel present!

    Under the gaze of countless pairs of eyes, Lu Chen calmly walked into the performing stage of the banquet hall.

    He took the microphone from the hand of the wedding ceremonies and smiled and said: "Hello everyone, I am Lu Chen, I am also a classmate and a good friend of the bride and groom. On this happy day, I am here to send to the two newcomers. The most sincere blessing, I wish them a good year and a good life!"

    Everyone laughed and clap, and some people whistled.

    More people hold up the cell phone and take Lu Chen into the scene, shoot or video, and then send it to one's own blog or circle of friends.

    Gao He, who just sat back to the main wedding seat, stood up again and gave a fist to Lu Chen to thank him.

    Thanks, brother!

    Lu Chenchong waved his hand and continued: "In addition, I have to give them a special gift, that is, a song I wrote for this special day!"

    Lu Chen actually wants to sing for the bride and groom here!

    Everyone was excited, and the palm of the hand was shot in the sky, and the sound of the sound was one after another.

    Usually I want to listen to the Celebrity scene of Lu Chen's coffee table. At least I have to pay hundreds of dollars, not to mention the distance is so close. It is really an opportunity to ask for it.

    Especially some young girls, even more excited to face flushing.

    Therefore, at this moment, the customer service personnel have begun to send hot dishes to the table, but not many people care about eating and drinking, even if everyone is now hungry.

    Lu Chen took the microphone and sat in front of the piano on the right side of the performing stage in the banquet hall.

    This piano is an ordinary joint venture brand, and the maintenance is not very good, but as an impromptu singing accompaniment, it is more than enough.

    He first inserted the microphone into the shelf placed on the piano, then pulled out one's own cell phone to open it, placed it in front of the microphone stand, and sent a video call request to Chen Feier.

    Chen Feier was quickly connected. The picture shows that she is in Tian Tian’s home: "Hey, are you looking for me?"

    Lu Chen said: "Yes, I am at the wedding scene, I am going to sing a song, let you listen to it."

    "Oh! I have to listen too! ”

    Tian Tian’s head appeared in the video scene, and her face’s excitement: “You’re so busy there!”

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Listen together!"

    He said to the microphone: "The name of this song is called, for you!"

    As soon as the voice fell, Lu Chen slammed the black and white keys to play the prelude.

    As the sound of the piano sounded, his expression became focused and serious, with a faint smile on his face.

    This song is for the bride and groom.

    "He will be your groom,

From now on, he is the companion of your life.

Everything about him will be closely related to you.

Both the blessings and the evils must be the same.

    She will be your bride,

She is someone else who is entrusted with your heart,

You have to take care of your life,

Both bitterness and joy must be shared.

    Must be a special fate,

Only then can you become a family,

How much he loves you,

How much more do you return him?

Looking for happiness.


    Lu Chen sang, and the bright eyes slowly swept across the faces of the bride and groom.

    This "Give You" is undoubtedly a work that is very suitable for singing at the wedding. The beautiful melody of the melody is moving, with warm blessings and pledges, people will feel the good feelings.

    Although it is an impromptu singing, Lu Chen still incorporates real emotions into this song. He certainly sings to the groom and the bride, why not sing to one's own and beloved!


It is no longer a person,

It is all about us who want to think about everything from time to time.

    You paid a few points,

Love is a bit full!

    Must be a special fate,


    The banquet hall became very quiet, no jealousy and noisy, and even the customer service personnel who had served the dishes slowed down.

    In this day, here, I heard such a song, their Luck.

    Wang Xiao/Ling has burst into tears.

    She fell in love with Gao He at the university and had a sincere love. This relationship did not fall into a routine because of graduation. The most important thing is her persistence and hard work.

    She believes in love and is willing to sacrifice for love. Today she is fearful and sad, and happy and joyful. Lu Chen’s song easily evokes her heart and let her shed without knowing whether it is sour or sweet. Tears.

    The glittering tears washed away the makeup until a warm big hand held her hand tightly.

    Wang Xiao/Ling looked up and saw Gao He, who had a firm look, and a fluttering heart fell to the ground.

    Very practical!

    The couple were close to each other and quietly listened to the song from Lu Chen’s blessing.

    This special day, this special gift, the two will never forget this life!

    On the other end of the cell phone, Chen Feier stared at Lu Chen on the screen and listened to it.

    What is her Luck!


Note: "To you" lyrics: Eleven / composition: Zhang Yu

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