Chapter 368 Aftermath

    Beijing, late at night.

    With a heavy pace, Wan Xiaoquan returned to his home at the Fifth Ring.

    This 70-square-meter two-bedroom apartment is not only the place where Wan Xiaoquan is now living, but also his only valuable property. He was originally rented to others, and after he was released, he was the only home of one's own.

    Wan Xiaoquan originally had a large house decorated in the third ring. When he was divorced, he split his property to his ex-wife.

    For his ex-wife, Wan Xiaoquan owes a lot to himself.

    And this home is very simple, even the decent furniture is not, the floor is covered with cheap laminate flooring, under the light of the ceiling lights flooding the cold light, as if to silently ridicule him.

    Just closed the door, a strong sense of vomiting from the stomach, so that the former Director could not help but flew to the bathroom, rushed to the toilet to spit.

    I spit out all the vegetables I ate at night, and spit out the stomach and sour water. He finally got comfortable, rushed to the toilet and washed his face, and swayed to one's own to make a cup of thick tea.

    After a few pieces of stomach medicine were swallowed by the tea, Wan Xiaoquan sat on the dirty gray sofa and his face twitched slightly.

    It’s been a time since he was released from prison, and he hasn’t found a suitable job.

    Originally, with Wan Xiaoquan’s qualifications and fame in the film and television circle, investors who want to find him to cooperate with him are everywhere, but what happened to the last film of new film not only made him jail, but also destroyed his future. .

    No one will ask Wan Xiaoquan to be Director at this time.

    Because his reputation in the circle is broken, and the number is still hung on it, everyone is afraid to avoid it!

    It’s hard to find a film and television company with a human relationship. It’s just a little bit of deposits in the bank to treat the leader’s leader.

    As a result, the money went out, and the wine drank, but did not get a clear response.

    Wan Xiaoquan knew that there was no drama.

    But what can he do without filming? Going to the construction site to move bricks?

    Wan Xiaoquan’s lips have a bitter smile and deep regret.

    If he is not so impulsive, if he can follow the advice of a friend, if he can…

    It’s useless to say anything now!

    Wan Xiaoquan really didn't want to trouble one's own already retired Teacher. Although he relied on Zhang Wentian's face, he could find a job in a certain place and linger in the strange eyes of others.

    His only self-esteem does not allow him to do such a thing.

    Sitting on the sofa for a long time, Wan Xiaoquan returned to the bedroom of one's own, lying on the bed but no sleep.

    The stomach twitches and hurts.

    For a moment, he sat back again and simply got out of bed and opened the computer.

    Long nights, rely on this to send Era insomnia!

    Wan Xiaoquan slowly browsed the information on the Internet, especially the film and television. He looked very careful.

    In the Inspur blog, he saw the name of Lu Chen.

    Just on the front page of the blog!

    Wan Xiaoquan remembers Lu Chen. The only time he saw Lu Chen was in Zhang Wentian's home. The tall, handsome and courteous young man left a deep impression on him.

    Wan Xiaoquan only knows that Lu Chen is a Singer, or an actor. He just took a very popular drama series.

    So now that I see Lu Chen’s headline name on the Inspur blog, he is inevitably curious and clicks on it.

    He quickly learned about what happened in Lu Chen, and he also saw the millions of videos that were forwarded.

    During this few minutes of video, Wan Xiaoquan watched it for more than half an hour. Repeatedly, the progress bar dragged and dropped, and the focus was on Lu Chen.

    His eyes are getting brighter and brighter, as if they have discovered a gem!

    Unlike other people's concerns, Wan Xiaoquan feels no sense of Lu Chen's superb skills and fighting ability in the video. He sees an imposing manner, or a gas field, that Lu Chen has.

    Calm, confident and powerful!

    If this gas field appears on an artist, it means that it has the potential to become a superstar.

    Real superstar, all have the same or similar temperament!

    Wan Xiaoquan did not think that such a young Lu Chen actually had such a temperament.

    The various thoughts in his mind are like the weeds growing wildly after the rain!

    Wan Xiaoquan suddenly remembered that when Zhang Wentian’s family met Lu Chen, Lu Chen once gave him a business card.

    Where did this business card go?

    Wan Xiaoquan instinctively groped his pocket and pulled out his wallet. The result was not at all.

    He could not help but anxiously, looked through the drawers and bedside tables, and even went to the tea machine outside the living room to find a bag.

    A strong instinct is telling the former Director that he has made too many mistakes and can't make it again this time!

    Be sure to find this business card.


    Republic of Korea, Jeju Island.

    In spite of the unexpected twists and turns, the "full house" drama crew did not have much influence on the shooting of this tourist resort. The next morning, the remaining scenes were successfully filmed.

    In the afternoon, the drama crew left Jeju Island for Seoul and continued shooting at the Republic of Korea.

    The impact of the Wanghaitai incident did not disappear with the departure of the "full house" drama crew, but a new hot spot appeared on the Internet.

    Japanese, who is in conflict with Lu Chen, came to photograph the artist's publicity, and the artist, that is, the object of many bodyguards, is the Kitagawa Kosuke of Japan!

    Kitagawa is the Celebrity idol that has risen rapidly in Japan in recent years. His age is one year younger than Lu Chen. Since his debut, he has been on the way, singing and acting all around. Not only does he have a lot of fans in Domestic, but also in Republic. Of Korea also has a certain influence.

    He came to Jeju Island to shoot a photo, mainly for the endorsement of a Republic of Korea clothing brand.

    As a result, the video of Beichuan Haosi and Lu Chen was transmitted to Cyworld, the largest community website of Republic of Korea. Someone immediately recognized the Celebrity, which led to a heated discussion among the Republic of Korea netizens, especially the Beichuan Haosi fans. attention.

    Interestingly, there are also many Republic of Korea fans in Cyworld!

    However, Lu Chen's fans occupied the full advantage in the debate, not only because Beichuan Haosi was Japanese, but also because his performance in front of Lu Chen was a bit unbearable, and the appearance of the wolf was embarrassing.

    Republic of Korea People and Japanese have the same national commonality, so the foreigners fear the strong, so Lu Chen’s fans on the Republic of Korea network have grown exponentially.

    As a result, it was soon reported that the Republic of Korea clothing brand intended to abandon Beichuan Haosi, but let Lu Chen come to the endorsement.

    Regardless of whether the news was true or not, Lu Chen was once again on the Republic of Korea side, and the news and rumors flowed into the Domestic, which had a lot of positive influence on his image.

    However, there are no good things in the world, and there are also negative consequences. The fans of Kitagawa's Japan fans must definitely regard Lu Chen as a hatred!


The second is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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