The 300th chapter ceremony

    Looking back at the popular Music of 2015, there are very few things worthy of a book.

    The mainstream of the market is still occupied by fast songs and saliva songs. Although the well-known Singers have released a lot of new albums, but few of them can lead the trend or cause a sensation, New Generation artists debut through the endless stream of the program. It is still the old road that has been stepped on by countless people.

    This has made the author feel worried. Where is the popular Music of Domestic, where is it going to fall into the abyss in plagiarism, imitation, and follow-up, or is it difficult to move forward, explore, and struggle?

    However, the appearance of a young singer has brought a fresh wind to the popular and long-lasting Musical World. It is a nostalgic folk song, and the vicissitudes of the blood and rock are light. His original works are eye-catching. Bright, as if infinite endless melody inspiration, such as the dawn of dawn, bring hope and light!

    The name of this young singer, presumably many people should guess it. On the eve of the 2016 Asia Asian Gold List Awards ceremony, the author sincerely hopes to give more to those young people with real talents. Support and honor, so the future of popular Musical World is hopeful…

    The above content is from a well-known blogger Donghu Sanren of Inspur blog. His main post is the editor of a fashion magazine, a part-time writer, film critic and sound critics. He has a high professionalism and has more than 2 million blog fans. The article is very popular among bloggers.

    Donghu Sanren has a unique insight into Domestic's popular Music, and every year on the eve of the Asias Gold Awards Awards, he will post a review blog post to talk about one's own.

    In addition, it must be pointed out that Donghu Sanren is also a member of the [Asia Chinese Songs] judges group.

    His blog post caused quite a lot of repercussions in the circle.

    The young singer specially pointed out by Donghu Sanren in the blog post is undoubtedly Lu Chen. In the popular Musical World in 2015, there is no more dazzling newcomer than Lu Chen. His edge surpasses many well-known Seniors. He also brings From the campus folk rumors, all the works of the first album are on the same list as the original sound.

    The Donghu Sanren’s public praise for Lu Chen makes people wonder about it. Everyone knows that Lu Chen has won four important nominations for the [Asian Chinese Gold Song List], so will he create another miracle?

    For example, won multiple awards?

    Lu Chen’s fans are of course relishing this, saying that Lu Chen is a deserved name and the award is unquestionable.

    However, the fans of his competitive opponents have different opinions, so the two sides fought in the blogs, post bars, forums, etc., but they pre-fired the atmosphere of the Asias Gold Awards Awards ceremony on the Internet. More people's attention.

    On the evening of February 18th, the National Grand Theatre.

    The magnificent landmark is located on the south side of Chang ' an street, the total area of 18 hectares, the total construction area of more than 200,000 square meters, total investment reached 3.5 billion, the main building by the external enclosure steel shell and the internal 5,000 seats in the main hall, 2,200 seats Music hall, 1000 seats for theatre halls, public halls and supporting rooms.

    Most notably, the National Grand Theatre's architectural roof is semi-elliptical, covered with titanium with soft tones and luster, and two triangular-shaped glass curtain wall cuts on the front and rear sides. The entire building floats above the artificial water surface. It is necessary to enter the performance hall from a 100-meter underwater passage.

    The whole theater is novel, avant-garde and unique in conception. It is a combination of tradition and modernity, romance and reality. So it is called – the city in the theater, the city in the theater!

    The 2016 Asia Chinese Gold Melody Awards Awards Ceremony is held in the main hall of the National Centre for the Performing Arts!

    The sky has just darkened, and the leisure square outside the National Centre for the Performing Arts is full of people. A long red carpet extends from the center of the square to the entrance of the underwater passage, while the latter is blocked by a huge signature wall.

    The two sides of the red carpet are separated by a security fence. The media reporters holding long guns and short guns are squatting inside. The outside is full-armed security personnel. Thousands of onlookers can only try their best to raise the height. Otherwise, in addition to being squeezed in the front row, those behind will look at the head.

    On the east side of the leisure plaza, adjacent to the parking lot, there is a separate area where the idlers are not allowed to enter, and the invited guests such as celebrities in the Celebrity circle are all present, waiting for the beginning of the red carpet ceremony.

    Compared with the recent [China Chinese Music List] Awards Ceremony held by Shonan Satellite TV in Shacheng, CCTV and the two giants of CCTV jointly launched the [Asian Chinese Gold Songs List], which is far superior in scale and style, and is only rented. The handwriting of the National Centre for the Performing Arts is enough to eclipse all the same types of evening parties!

    And CCTV's 3 sets of variety channels and 15 sets of Music channels, synchronized live broadcast this grand ceremony.

    Lu Chen is also among the Celebrity guests who are about to walk the red carpet.

    Here he saw a lot of "acquaintances", most of the faces are familiar, and there are several people who really know, such as Tan Hong, Liao Jia, Qin Hanyang…There are even three beautiful girls from MSN.

    MSN won the nomination for the best newcomer in the Golden Melody. In fact, the time they debuted was too late. The nomination was mainly the result of the great public relations of Fei Shi Records. Of course, MSN's debut album sold well and was barely qualified.

    They are all insiders, no matter who they don't know, and no matter which household they come from, everyone is graciously greeting each other and socializing, and by the way, they are waiting for the boring Era.

    Looking at it, it’s really a star, and it’s a few million fans on the wave blog!

    Lu Chen, who is mixed in the crowd, has undoubtedly become one of the focuses.

    The first is that his height is much higher than the average, plus a hand-cut suit and high-faced value, handsome and full of the girl star frequently pay attention, people can not ignore his existence.

    Followed by the huge popularity of "Blue Life and Death" to Lu Chen, few people present did not know him.

    And Lu Chen, who debuted in mid-2015, is more aware of the talents in Music. Like him, he is a newcomer with a combination of value, strength and popularity. It is difficult to be unobtrusive!

    Of course, the Celebrity artists present at the scene are more self-respecting. Even if they intend to talk to Lu Chen for a few words, they will not come together. Even so, Lu Chen has been introduced by Tan Hong and Liao Jia to meet many people.

    The two older brothers regarded Lu Chen as a younger brother, and he was very concerned about him. As a result, Lu Chen’s network has expanded a bit, and he can talk and laugh in front of those who can’t be seen before.

    Until the appearance of Chen Feier.

    "Ah, my brother and sister are here!"

    Liao A, who had no cover, directly smiled and said: "Come and come, Lu Chen will give it to you!"

    The relationship between Lu Chen and Chen Feier is actually quite a lot known to the insiders. The speed of the message in the Entertainment Circle is extremely fast. Many things are simply unstoppable.

    However, the two have no formal public relations, and unless they have ulterior motives, no one will speak out.

    This is the default rule in the circle, and the same is true for one's own.

    In addition, Liao Jia, such a big and stubborn stubborn, dared to take a joke in front of the public.

    Still can't be true with him.

    Chen Feier stunned Liao Jia with a sigh of relief, ignored him, but chatted with Tan Hong.

    The relationship between Tan Hong and Chen Feier is well known in the circle. The former is the latter's Teacher and is also a trustworthy brother. Without the care of Tan Hong, Chen Feier's career will not develop. It is so smooth.

    However, unlike Chen Feier, who is in transition, Tan Hong, who is far from retirement age, has gradually faded out of Entertainment Circle and music, putting more energy and time on family and other careers.

    That is to say, he can see him on the important occasions such as [Asia Chinese Gold Song List] or [Chinese Music List] Awards Ceremony.

    Tan Hong chatted with Chen Feier a few words and pulled Lu Chen over.

    Time passed quickly, and at 7 o'clock in the blink of an eye, the ceremony of walking the red carpet officially began!

    In accordance with the order of the masters, the Celebrity guests set up a pair of red carpets representing their identity and honor in pairs, enjoying the attention of thousands of people and the baptism of flash.

    The [Asian Chinese Gold Songs] organizing committee arranged Lu Chen and Chen Feier to walk together on the red carpet.

    Chen Feier wore a gorgeous white dress tonight. After she was dressed up, she was not able to make her face. She was able to hold Lu Chen’s arm in a generous manner. The two men walked side by side with great tacit understanding.

    When the large flash of light illuminates, there is a tearful cry in the crowd: "Enxi! Junxi! ”

    Lu Chen and Chenfi son to smile, at the same time stop the footsteps, turn around pose, convenient media reporters and live fans photographed.

    The entertainment on the red carpet is like a gust of effort to press the shutter to take the group photo of the two into the scene.

    The presence of reporters can say that all well-informed, entertainment Circle in the handsome and beautiful girls and a dime, they have seen really not too much, but this evening appeared in front of the public Lu Chen and Chenfi son, said Paradise are too tacky, the annual best CP is well-deserved!

    A tall and handsome, a beautiful charm, pass the gossip is hot drama of the male and female protagonist, such a combination is simply the perfect material, put on the entertainment section can definitely make the eyeball and click.

    Regrettably, unlike Celebrity artists who can't wait to climb on the red carpet, Lu Chen and Chen Feier just stayed for a few seconds and continued to move, so that reporters who didn't capture the wonderful scene were sorry.

    The two walked to the end of the red carpet and then left one's own name on the signature wall.

    Finally, along the underwater passage into the National Centre for the Performing Arts.

    In the main hall, which can accommodate 5,000 spectators, the guest audience has already sat in one's own position.

    A grand ceremony is about to be staged!


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